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Auspicious Charming Nylon Milf Fucked
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There may be a few mistakes, hope you can see past theres and read the story for what it is Shelley was an only child and in all her 15 year she had been home taught by her mother, she had no real friends, she did pass the time of day with the kids in the neighbourhood but that was all, her only friend you could say she had was Emily, she taught computer, this was something Margaret couldn't fathom out, so she paid Emily to come once a week for this lesson.

Emily know how hard it must be for Shelley, and often wished she could do something for her, but she didn't know what, then one day while she was giving her the lesson Shelley asked, "Emily what does a penis look like"? Emily knew the answer but she found herself asking it any way "Haven't you seen one"? Shelley shook her head, now Emily know how she could help Shelley, she looked to the clock, they had another hour before Margaret would come in to end the lesson, leaning over Shelley, she closed the page down She was working on and opened the internet up, then typed in a web address, it opened up with pictures of men, she told Shelley to click on one of the pictures, doing this the page opened to a man naked as a jay bird with an erection, Shelley gasped, "Do all men have cocks like this one"?

"No these men are porn stars and have much bigger cock then most men, but they are all more or less the same, like our pussies are more or less the same" Shelley turned to Emily and asked what's a pussy"? not wanting to make Shelley feel more embarrassed than she obviously was she answered her "It's another name for our vaginas" putting her hand on her shoulder she said "You poor thing, haven't you seen another pussy either"? Shelley's head dropped, "No, I've only seen mine" Emily was as straight as a die, she had never had any thoughts about any other girls in her life, but this day she knew what she had to do "would you like to see mine"?

Shelley didn't know what to say and just sat there looking at the floor, Emily told Shelley to go and see where her mother was, not understanding why Shelley went down the stairs, on the pretence of getting a drink for them, back in her room she said her mother was in the garden weeding the boarders.

Standing in front of Shelley, Emily unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor, Emily just sat there, next Emily slipped her fingers into her panties and slowly pushed them down, Shelley gasped seeing the clean shave mound between her teachers legs, stepping out of them Emily took Shelley's hand and lead her to the bed, laying down she opened her legs wide, "Come on have a good look", Shelley knelt between Emily's legs and looked up at her pussy, after a minute or so Emily put her hand down there and opened her lips up, Shelley saw her clit poking it's head out, "See I'm like you but how we differ I cant say, except that maybe you've still got a mass of pubic hair down there" Shelley nodded, "will you let me see you"?


Shelley stood up and removed her skirt and knickers, as she lay down beside Emily she turned to her and said, "See, I'm clean shaved while your not, now if you feel for your clit, then mine you'll see how we differ" with shaking hands Shelley put her left hand to her pussy and slipped a finger in to her find her clit, then her right hand she slipped between Emily's legs, she found her clit and said she felt bigger then Emily, "Can I touch you and see"?

not waiting for an answer Emily put her finger to the youngsters pussy, she found her clit and agreed she did have a bigger clit than she had, moving off the bed she knelt between Shelley's legs, even threw all her hair, she could see Shelley had longer pussy lips than she had, she told Shelley this and they looked back and forth at each other, then Emily put her hand over Shelley's which was on her own stomach and moved it down to her pussy and slipped a finger into her crack, as she did this she slipped her other hand, and Shelley's to her pussy and slipped a finger into her, "See were the same inside, it's just different outside, and it's the same for men, some are longer, others are thicker, but when you bring it down to basic's, they all have the same function, to piss with and to fuck us with", looking at Shelley she knew she would have to explain this to her, but that would have to be another day, she suggested they get dressed and finish the lesson.

Over the following month during each lesson Emily would give Shelley the sex education her parents should have given her, when she had taught her as much as she could she thought a practical lesson would have to come next, but how, Shelley never got out and there was no way she could get a male in the house, but what male, who could she trust with such a delicate matter, on her way home on the train she knew who, her own brother, he was 17 and quite a good looking chap, the more she thought about him the more she realised how hot he was, then her thoughts turned to him fucking her then Shelley, she was so turned on she had to visit the bathroom and finger herself, when she got home she was pleased to see David was home, she had to act now, or she would regret it for the rest of her like.

She knocked on his bed room door, he called her in, as she pushed the door open her heart was pounding in her chest and she had butterflies going crazy in her stomach, with out turning from his computer he asked "What you want sis" "How did you know it was me"?

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Who else would it be, mom and dad are at work until six, so what do you want" she sat on the chair beside him, for half a minute she didn't speak, how could she ask her brother to fuck her and Shelley with out making out they were sluts?. He turned to look at her "Well"? He turned back to his computer; taking a deep breath she started "You know I'm teaching Shelley how to use a computer"?

he nodded "Well she's home taught and has no friends as such and I've been giving her sex education for the last month" this got David's attention, turning to his sister he sat waiting for what she had to say next, "As I said, I've given her sex education for the last month and now I thing it's time she had a practical lesson, and I was wondering how you would feel about helping out with this" David looked into his sisters eyes, he could see she was sincere and not just pulling his chain, "I would take it as an honour to do this for her" "That's good, but I need to know one thing first" "And prey tell me what sis"?

Emily stood up and started to unfasten her skirt "I need to know if your good enough for her" her skirt dropped, she stood before her bother naked from her waist down, she had removed her knickers when she got home, David looked up and saw her smiling, he stood and kissed her, bending he picked her up and carried her to his bed, laying her down gently he removed his clothes, Emily pulled her top off, her pert tits stood up firm and proud, her nipples were already hard like pebbles, they embraced then David moved down the bed, Emily's legs opened like a trap door, he was certainly up for a good tonguing, he had her squirming on the bed in seconds as his tongue working up and down her pussy, licking and gently nibbling her clit.

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He licked up from her ass crack to her clit opening her up more and more as he went, finally she opened up and his tongue pushed into her, she came instantly, filling his mouth with her juices. Kissing his way up her body he stops to tongue her navel a little continuing up her gives her nipples a nip, now his cock is pressing against her pussy, he looks up, Emily smiles and push's down with her hips, feeling this David push's up, his cock slips in like a hot knife in butter, Emily give a groan, "Oh fuck Oh fuck" David pulls back and hold still, Emily pulled his head down and kiss's him, her tongue forcing it way into his mouth, David push's back, with slow movements he starts fucking her, Emily has had a few boyfriends before now, but none were like her brother, he was so tender and loving, he wanted to make her happy before himself, which he managed, she had multi orgasms before he went stiff and shot his seed into her clenching pussy.

He lay still for a while then rolled beside her, "Well sis do I come up to standard"?


"What do you think" she slipped down the bed and started sucking his limp cock, "Hold on sis, I'm not to be use like a sex thing" "Why not, now I've had a taste of you, you don't think I'll stop now, and besides, I need to see if you can manage Shelley and me together" he had forgotten about Shelley, but she didn't matter right now, his sister was giving him a great blow job.

They fucked twice more before showering, that evening they were their normal self.

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The next lesson Emily gave Shelley she hinted on what she had fixed up, but she couldn't figure out how to make it happen, Shelley came up with the idea, there was a computer exhibition in a few weeks time and she would ask her dad if Emily could take her there, he couldn't see why not and even offered to pay all the expenses.

The day arrived and Emily came early for Shelley, as they drove off Shelley was excited, at what was to come, Emily drove straight back to her house, David had cleaned his room and had showered, he greeted them at the door, the introductions over Shelley came straight to the point, "Are we going to fuck" David answered this by taking her hand, and his sisters and heading up to his room, there he slowly undressed both girls, Shelley not knowing any different, wasn't concerned about Emily being with them, he then stripped, laying the girls on the edge of the bed he went to work kissing and licking their pussies, Shelley had a tremendous orgasm, so much so as she closed her lgs she nearly caused David to black out from the lack of air, when he moved up to take Shelley she was a little concerned that he was too big and would hurt her, he moved to his sister and thrust into her, he fucked her hard and fast, wanting to coat his cock with Emily's juices before plunging into Shelley, minutes later they came, Emily calling out how great he was, immediately he pulled out and moved between Shelley's open legs and pushed into her, Emily had told him she had broke her hymen earlier so it wouldn't hurt her taking his cock, he pounded Shelley's pussy like a jack hammer, minutes later Shelley screamed out she was coming, she gripped him so tight he felt like her pussy was trying to rip his cock off and keep it.

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As Shelley's pussy released him he shot his load deep in her womb. Lying between the girls, they turned into him and gave him a kiss, "How was it Shelley"? Emily asked, "Fantastic" was Shelley's answer.

The three had five hours of sex, sex and more sex, then showering they went to the exhibition, after all they had to spend daddies money