Hot gay When William talks about how much he loves rimming Trace is

Hot gay When William talks about how much he loves rimming  Trace is
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Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Nineteen: The Cure for the Sister Copyright 2014 Note: Beta read by b0b. Character List Main Characters Kyle Unmei Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish owner of Aaliyah and wielder of Earthbones.

He has the cure for Fatima's coma. Aaliyah Unmei: A Jann sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Djinn. Kyle's First Wife. Fatima Unmei : Kyle's younger sister and wife, wielder of Fireheart, and in a magical coma cursed by Ms.

Franklin. Christy Unmei nee Leonardson: Kyle's long-time girlfriend turned third wife. She was a member of Ms. Franklin's dark coven and betrayed Kyle and Aaliyah. Christy has found redemption from Ishtar and serves the goddess. She is returning to Kyle. Nakamura Fumi: Kyle's girlfriend.

She's a Yuiki-onna, a succubus like creature that feeds on semen and will kill any man that cums in her pussy. In Japan, she found the way to be with Kyle but was badly wounded in a fight with Zaritha. A mysterious person is nursing her back to health. Britney Kingston: Kyle's best friend since elementary school. She is a Rakshasa and has sworn to defend Kyle. She is a hermaphrodite and has claimed Phillipa as her mate. Wielder of Waterclaw.

Enemies Principal Burke: A man posing as the principal of Kyle's school and a powerful warlock who desires Aaliyah and her power. Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: The despotic ruler of the Djinn and leader of the Marid clan. Wants Aaliyah dead to thwart the prophecy. Zaritha: An Ifrit serving the despotic ruler of the Djinn and sent to kill Aaliyah. Captured by Burke, she was freed fighting Fumi in Japan. Badly wounded, Zaritha plots in a volcano how to get her revenge on Burke.

Detective Donnar: The homicide detective investigating the deaths of Ms. Franklin and her coven. Kyle is his prime suspect.

Shadow: A member of Burke's coven helping him torture Mrs. Skinner and her husband. The Vicar: Another member of Burke's coven, also helping him torture the Skinners. Sable Purcell: Also known as Tourmaline, she was a member of Ms. Franklin's witch coven. After the coven's defeat, she serves Burke and is on a mission to kill Christy for betraying the coven.

Erinyes has told her of an Incubus she can use on Christy. Erinyes: The vengeful daughter of Hecate hunting Christy for betraying her oaths to the Goddess Hecate. Since Christy serves Ishtar, Erinyes can no longer hurt her directly, so she is aiding Tourmaline in her hunt for Christy. Ms. Franklin: The deceased servant of Burke and leader of the coven.

Also known as Celestite. Concubines Chyna Unmei nee Coel: Kyle's first concubine. Ms. Franklin cast a spell on Kyle and Chyna, forcing them into a slave/master relationship. Shannon Unmei nee Coel: Chyna's hot mom and Kyle's second concubine.

Alexina Unmei nee Kendrick: Blonde concubine. Carla Unmei nee Tyler: Redhead concubine. Antoinette "Toni" Unmei nee Buckley: Cheerleader concubine.

Daniella "Ms. Capello" Unmei nee Capello: Kyle's English teacher and concubine.

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Lois Unmei nee Smilingfox: A lesbian Domme that serves Kyle as a concubine. Ann Unmei nee Weaver: Fatima's friend and strawberry-blonde hair. Kayleah Unmei nee Peterson: Fatima's bleached blonde concubine and former rival. Teleisia Unmei nee Otis: Aaliyah's African American concubine. Phillipa Stoddard: Former member of Ms. Franklin's coven where she was known as Jade.

Captured by Britney, Phillipa submitted to Britney and became her mate, discovering that she is a masochist. Other Characters Faiza Unmei: Kyle and Fatima's widowed mother. Has a date with Burke on Monday. Mrs. Skinner: Kyle's math teacher. Captured with her husband by Burke. Braiden Smythe: Kyle's former friend. Braiden is in love with Christy and makes passes at her.

Corey Derrickson: Kyle's friend and master of Aleah, his concubine. Iris: The daughter of Ishtar and the spiritual guide of Christy on her path of redemption through the Spirit Realm.

Mrs. Skinner: Kyle's first period math teacher and Aaliyah's third period math teacher. Captured by Burke and being tortured. Sunday, January 24th Good Samaritan Hospital, South Hill, WA The Detective was following them.

None of the others in the SUV had noticed the unmarked, maroon vehicle trailing two cars back, but Britney had. Rakshasa always had sharp senses, and she had to be on alert, ready for any threat to Kyle. Kyle, his wife, and their concubines were full of excitement, staring at the Panacea clutched in his hands.

Britney was glad that the cure for Fatima was at hand. The feisty, young woman had handled herself well in the fight against Ms.

Franklin, and she would be a great ally if Britney's fears were realized. "What's wrong?" Phillipa, her mate, asked, snuggling up against Britney.

"We are being followed by the Detective," Britney answered, stroking her light-olive face. "I didn't like him. He's suspicious. He knew I was lying." "He is a detective. They are paid to suspect everyone." Britney feared they had missed something at the cabin, some clue that had tied them to the dead witches. "I will speak to him when we reach the hospital. Make sure he understands to leave you alone." "Thank you," Phillipa smiled.

"Nothing bad's gonna happen, right? We didn't leave anything behind." "He might suspect, but as long as he never gets his hands on the weapons, he will have no physical evidence to directly tie us to their deaths." A sad smile flitted across her mate's face—Ms. Franklin, Karrie, Lorrie, and Rashawn had been her friends. Phillipa may not have chosen wisely, but Britney could understand the loss she felt, and hugged her tight, giving her a kiss on the forehead.


The SUV, enhanced to be quite spacious inside by Aaliyah, pulled into the circular driveway in front of the new entrance to Good Sam. Shannon parked it, and every one began piling out. The maroon car stopped on the other side of the circle; Britney could feel the Detective's eyes upon her.

"Let's go save Mistress," Ann smiled, dancing about. She was one of Fatima's two concubines, with strawberry-blonde hair and a quick smile. "I need to attend to something, Kyle," Britney said.

"What?" "The Detective followed us. You go and fix your sister-wife." Phillipa gave her hand a squeeze, then Britney strode across the parking lot, the wind gusting, blowing the mane of her curly-brown hair into her face. Britney pushed it away. She had never much cared about the bushy mass of her hair. Or her clothes, preferring the comfort of loose sweats to the discomfort of looking attractive. The Detective slid out of his car, a friendly smile on his wrinkled face, but his brown eyes were penetratingly sharp.

"Why, Miss Britney Kingston, just the young lady I was hoping to talk to." Britney raised her eyebrow, eyeing the man. She could kill him in two heartbeats. One to summon Waterclaw, the magical katar the Genie had given her, and the second to plunge it into his heart. The Detective had once been a fit man, but he was aging, his body losing the fight against sloth.

He wouldn't be able to react fast enough. But that would only cause more problems than it would solve. "And what can I do for you, Detective?" she asked, using her most calm and rational tone, projecting a placid demeanor. "Can you tell me where you were on the night of January 22nd?" "I was at home, spending time with my girlfriend." She added a slight smile. "We kept each other quite busy.

For days." "Doing what?" "S&M. My Phillipa does so love to be tied up and spanked. She makes the most delicious moans." The Detective blinked his eyes, and Britney barely discerned the shock her answer caused.

He had a great poker face. "Kids these days. When I was your age, we just drank beers behind the corner store or made out in the backseat of our parents cars." "Is not progress amazing?" She let her smile drop. "Why do you want to know where I was?" "I just had to verify where Phillipa was." "She was between my thighs. She has quite the skilled tongue." "You are a shameless girl." His eyes squinted. "Not at all what I expected after talking with Principal Burke." Britney shrugged.

"So now you know where she was, you should not have to disturb Phillipa again. She is grieving the loss of her friends and does not need you making things harder on her. She is very delicate." "Oh, then why do you tie her up and spank her? If she can take some light S&M, I'm sure she can handle answering my questions." "Well, she was with me from Wednesday after school until this morning.

You can speak to my mothers if you want to verify that." "I did." "And?" "Mothers lie to protect their children." "And what could my mothers be lying about?" She forced a sweet smile.

"Unless you suspect us?" He gave her a big smile. "I suspect everyone. And you, young lady, are very suspicious. What are you doing here at the hospital?" "Kyle's wife is sick." "Right. Since Wednesday. One of Kyle's wives goes missing, another wife falls mysteriously sick, associates of both your girlfriend and Kyle's missing wife are found murdered." His grin grew broader. "I've seen the pics of your girlfriend doing some quite strenuous activities with her book club.

They were quite explicit. If you're protecting her, you should know that you could be in just as much trouble. And you don't want to go to jail over a cheating girlfriend." "Her past is hers.

We only started dating on Wednesday." "How interesting. So many strange things happened that day." "Do not mistake coincidence for correlation, Detective." "You have a bright future ahead of you.

Straight A's. Scholarships. A bright future. You wouldn't want to waste all that potential by attaching yourself to a sinking ship." "I have no idea what you mean." "You do.

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I can tell. Your girlfriend and Kyle are mixed up in something bad. Giving a false alibi is a serious crime." Britney was unfazed, giving him a level look. "What false alibi have I given? Do you have any evidence to suggest I am lying?" "Not yet. But I'll get it. Last chance to come clean." Britney was reconsidering not killing the detective. But they would just replace him. It would be wasted energy.

A line of retreat should be considered. Aaliyah and Phillipa could devise a way to protect the house. "I have nothing to come clean about, detective." "What a shame to see such promise wasted." He reached into his pocket, pulling out a business card. "If you ever change your mind, I'll do my best to get you leniency." "Have a nice evening, Detective." She turned, and strode to the hospital.

Every hair on her body felt like it was standing up—the cops definitely had evidence against Kyle and maybe even Phillipa. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kyle strode through the hospital, followed by his Genie wife and their concubines, the women giggling with eager excitement.

Nurses and orderlies in scrubs gave them glances, but none interfered when he leveled a stern gaze at them. They reached Fatima's room. "Aaliyah, I wish that no one comes through this door and interrupt my pleasure. Anyone that wants to will remember something more important that they need to do." "Done," she smiled, touching his hand clutching the glowing Panacea.

"Ishtar, ward this door against all those that are curious," chanted Phillipa. She glanced at Aaliyah. "Just in case." "I guess." The Genie looked a little annoyed. "It's better not to take chances." Kyle strode in, followed by the women, his thick jacket falling to the floor before he peeled off his T-shirt.

Aaliyah peeled off her blouse, her round, dusky tits popping into view—she hated wearing bras—a grin on her face. The concubines were giggling and laughing, undressing each other.

Only Kyle had to get naked to fuck his unconscious wife in order to heal her, but the concubines were a horny bunch of women and they were always up to have fun with each other. He kicked his shoes off and shoved his jeans down, his cock hard, pointing at his sister. Ann and Kayleah were peeling back the blankets and hiking up his wife's hospital gown. A diaper clad her, and the cute concubines peeled it off, stroking their mistress's tight pussy lips.

"We'll get her wet for you," Kayleah said as Ann buried her face between Fatima's thighs, licking her pussy while Kayleah stroked her strawberry-blonde hair. "Lick our Mistress's pussy, you dyke bitch." Ann moaned, licking harder; a soft sigh escaped the sleeping Fatima's mouth. Her mouth was glued to Fatima's pussy, and Kyle could hear how eagerly she pleasured his sister-wife. His cock was fully hard watching the innocent, young woman work her magic.

Aaliyah pressed against him, her pussy wet on his hip, as she reached around to grasp his hard cock. "You're eager," she whispered in his ear. "And you're not?" He looked at his wife. "I can feel how wet your pussy is." "I've missed her enthusiasm." "Me, too." "She's all ready, sir," Ann reported, looking up, her face sticky. "Nice and wet." Ann and Kayleah slipped off the bed, the bleached-blonde concubine seizing Ann's face and licking Fatima's juices clean.

Kyle mounted the bed, stroking his sister's naked thigh, delighting to feel her silky skin. He placed the Panacea between her budding breasts, her nipples two points on either side of the shimmering stone.

"I'll save you," he whispered. "You will." Aaliyah crawled on to the bed, hugging Fatima. He rubbed his cock across his sister's bare pussy, gathering Ann's saliva and Fatima's excitement, shuddering as he slid through her silky lips. He pressed forward, sinking into her hot, wet depths, her pussy tight about him.

A soft sigh escaped her lips, her eyelids fluttering. It felt so wonderful to be inside her again. Kyle drew back, then thrust forward, her hospital bed rocking. A growing symphony of feminine moans filled the room as the concubines pleasured each other in a pile of naked, squirming flesh that spurred him to fuck his unconscious wife faster. The Panacea grew brighter, and he could feel its magic interacting with his aura, focusing down on his cock, ready to flood into Fatima when he came.

The bathroom door of the hospital room opened and out stepped the pixyish nurse Kyle had seen the first time he had visited Fatima. She was short, petite, her black hair cut in the cutest bob that framed her shocked face.

Even in her loose, magenta scrubs Kyle couldn't help notice her large breasts and round curves, and the pink aura shining about her. "What is going on?" she gasped. Then her eyes fell on Kyle. "You can't be doing that!" "Grab her!" Kyle groaned, his hips pumping away—there was no way he was going to stop until he healed his sister. A bevy of naked concubines scrambled and seized the nurse—she didn't fight much, her cheeks scarlet as she was surrounded by naked women.

"What are we going to do about her, Master?" asked his newest concubine, Lois. She was a lesbian that joined the harem to enjoy as much female flesh as she could. "She's quite fetching." "What were you doing in there?" Ms.

Capello asked. "Why were you in the bathroom?" "Cleaning," the nurse muttered. "She wasn't," Aaliyah answered. "Such delicious thoughts tumble through her head." Kyle concentrated on his sister, leaning over her, kissing her lips as Aaliyah slid off the bed. His wife could deal with the nurse. More energy flowed through him from the Panacea, its light dimming.

He pushed his tongue into his wife's lips, her mouth warm—she didn't kiss him back. He fucked her harder, her pussy squeezing down on him, her hips twitching.

"You were masturbating in there," Aaliyah purred. "I should have sensed your thoughts, but there was already so much lust in this room." "No I wasn't," the nurse protested. "Shh, it's okay. I understand. He is a powerful man. It's only natural you would want to join with all of his women. Look around. Isn't this the most beautiful sight. All these women submitting, serving, finding such joy in it. Don't you want that?" "I don't want that. And why is he fucking her? And what's that glow?" "He's healing her." "I am!" Kyle groaned, his lips kissing to Fatima's ear, his orgasm building.

"Come back to us, Fatima. I'm giving you a weapon. It's from me and mom. Use it. Face your fears and come back to us. We all miss you. Mom, Aaliyah, Ann, Kayleah, the other concubines. You're strong. You'll win and return to us!" A soft sigh escaped the nurse's lips.

Her pussy spasmed about his cock as she came in her sleep. Her sheath massaged him. She was eager to be healed, instinctively knowing what she needed from her husband. His cock tingled, all the energy from the Panacea rippling through his aura, ready to be poured into her. He slammed into her.

His cock erupted. Thick cum and awesome energy shot out of his cock. Kyle groaned, his mind lost to the flood of powerful energy.

His orgasm overwhelmed him with an intense rush as his spunk and the Panacea's power pulsed out of him. For a moment, Fatima glowed as her aura absorbed the energy, her pussy squeezing down like a vice on his cock and a shuddering spasm wracked her body. Then it passed and Kyle collapsed onto his sister-wife's body.

"What was that?" the nurse gasped. "Giving her a chance," he panted, crawling off his sister and turning to look at the nurse. Her top had been pulled off and her bra unhooked, a pair of round, heavy breasts being groped and squeezed by several different women.

"What are you going to do to me?" she whispered. "What would you like me to do to you?" Kyle asked, walking over. "I won't tell anyone." "We're not going to hurt you." He reached out, stroking her cheek; she shuddered. "She wants to join us," Aaliyah whispered, leaning in to nuzzle at the nurses neck.

"Right, Mindy. Your thoughts burn to join his harem." "How do you know that?" "You can join," his wife continued. "Just fall to your knees and suck that big cock into your mouth." "I'll get in trouble. I'm not supposed to do things like that." "You won't. Right Aaliyah." "I promise. If Kyle wishes it, then that's how things are." "Doesn't his cock look so big," Chyna purred on the other side, her heavy breasts pressing into the nurses side.

"And tasty. Join us. It's so much fun serving him. Right, girls?" A chorus of yes sounded. "Even my mom services him. So just fall to your knees and suck on his cock and join us." A soft sigh escaped the nurses lips, then she fell to her knees, sucking his cock between her lips with a hungry fervor.

Kyle ran his hand through her short, silky hair, groaning as she bobbed hard, her hands reaching around to grab his ass, pulling him into her lips. Kyle fucked her mouth, his balls slapping her chin. "Another beautiful woman," smiled Aaliyah as her concubine, the dark-skinned Teleisia nuzzled at the Genie's pussy. "You'll soon have an army." "He will need one," Britney announced, striding in, Phillipa clinging at her side.

"That Detective is very persistent." Kyle didn't answer, he was enjoying his blowjob too much. Mindy's tongue danced about his cock as she sucked, savoring the flavor of Fatima's pussy staining his shaft.

The submissive nurse stared up at him with her green eyes, begging for his approval as she bobbed faster and faster. "You're doing great," he told her, rubbing his hand across her cheek.

Her eyes closed and she moaned around his cock, vibrations shivering through him. She definitely knew how to please a man. "You're one of my concubines now." "Another one," sighed Britney. "I'm feeling a little randy," Phillipa purred, nuzzling her mate's neck. "Could we.?" "We need to be ready in case something happens. When we're back at home, I'll play with you." "Are you gonna cum in her mouth?" Alexina purred, pressing her nubile body against him, her blonde hair streaked with pink matted to her sweaty forehead.

"I think you should cum on her face and have her wear it through the rest of her shift." "That didn't work out well when I did it to you," Kyle reminded. "Make better wishes," she purred, her lips hot on his neck. "It would be so hot, Master." It would.

His cock suddenly erupted, flooding the nurse's mouth with spunk. He pulled his cock out, aimed at her face. Mindy didn't flinch as his white cum showered her face, running in thick lines down her nose and cheek. Kyle grunted as a last shot splashed on her forehead. She did look so beautiful. "Aaliyah, I wish Mindy can wear my cum for her entire shift, still fresh and moist, and no one will think it's wrong." "Done!" she gasped, her body shuddering on her concubines lips.

Kyle turned back to his sleeping sister. "We're waiting," he told her. "Come back soon." There was nothing more to do here. It was all up to Fatima. She had the weapon, she just needed th courage to face the nightmare and defeat it.

Everyone dressed and Kyle said farewell to his newest addition. "You'll watch her, right, Mindy?" "I will, Master," she nodded, her face shiny with cum.


"Good." "We should increase the security at the house," Britney suggested as they headed back to the car. "Transform it into a refuge against any attack, including the police." "Do you think it'll come to that." Britney nodded. "We missed something, Kyle. They have something on you that ties you to the scene. It will not be long before they make their move." "Great," he muttered. "Okay, let's figure out what we need to do to transform the house into a bunker." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monday, January 25th Kamifurano, Hokkaido, Japan "You delightful kami!" a man moaned, drawing Fumi out of her exhausted sleep.

She was wrapped in warmth, dancing heat on her face. She struggled to open her eyes. A man grunted, a woman moaned, a mattress squeaked. The scent of sex tickled her nose and she breathed in that wonderful scent. Fumi opened her eyes. And saw nothing. Panic flooded her. She struggled to move, but she was too weak. The bed rasped beside her. I'm in a motel room. Her nose detected the scent of a man's arousal.

A woman gasped and moaned. A woman's riding a man in the next bed. "That's it," purred the woman. The voice was so familiar. Fumi struggled to remember. She had been at the hot spring. The kami had taken her sight as payment and— Zaritha had attacked her with fire. That's why the voice sounded familiar. She had been captured by the fire witch. Her body burned, remembering the pain she had experienced as that woman's horrible flames danced upon her flesh.

Fear clutched at Fumi and she struggled in the confines of the heavy blankets. "Don't move!" moaned Zaritha. "You're still injured." "Such a sweet whore!" groaned the man in Japanese. "Oh, yes! Work those hips! I'm gonna fill your cauldron up." "Good," Zaritha purred. "Give me all your seed." Fumi felt so weak, her stomach a pit. She felt like she hadn't consumed any cum for weeks. She didn't even have the strength to push the heavy blankets off herself and escape the woman that had tried to murder her.

"Yes!" the man moaned and Fumi could smell the scent of his cum flooding into Zaritha's cunt. "Oh, yes!" "Good," purred Zaritha. "Sleep and regenerate." The man groaned and then a soft, rasping snore echoed through the cabin. Fumi could smell the cum, her nostril flaring as she inhaled. Even scared, she licked her lips at the scent of cunt. Her body needed that life-giving substance.

The bed shook and moved; Zaritha crawled onto it, straddling her face, and Fumi remembered her dream. "Have you been feeding me?" she asked. "Every hour," Zaritha purred. "Your wounds have almost healed." "Why?" "You freed me." A drop of cum fell out of Zaritha's pussy on to Fumi's lips, and she licked the salty fluid into her mouth, her body purring with delight. Then the pussy was pressing into Fumi's lips. "Your arrow knocked off my slave bracer.

I came back to save you." Fumi didn't care, her body needed the cum. "Umm, keep licking me. Your tongue is so delightful, Fumi." She wormed her tongue into every part of Zaritha's spicy pussy, savoring the heat of her flesh as she searched for every bit of the life-giving cum.

It was not as satisfying as cum straight from the source, but it was better than nothing. The woman gasped and moaned, rubbing her pussy across Fumi's lips.

"That's it! Keep licking me! Make me cum and get the last bit of his spunk out of my hole." Yes! Give it to me! Fumi found Zaritha's clit, flicking her tongue across the woman's sensitive bud; Zaritha gasped, her hips bucking hard. Fumi kept batting the nub, then sucked it between her lips, nibbling with her teeth. The woman loved that, her screeching loud, and a flood of more juices squirted into her face.

Zaritha's pussy clenched, expelling more of the man's cum from the depths of her hole. So wonderful. Zaritha rolled off of her, a big smile on her face.

"You are getting quite good at that, Fumi." "Thanks, I guess." Fumi licked her lips, cleaning the last traces. "What are you?" "An Ifrit," she answered. "You attacked me?" "I did. I was forced to. You freed me from a dangerous man's control." "And he sent you to kill me?" "Yes.

He wanted your bow." Fumi tried to sit up, panic flooding her. She needed that bow. "It's in the corner. Do not worry. You're going to need it." "Because he'll keep trying to kill me?" "Worse. He is Kyle's enemy. He just wanted you removed before you reunited with Kyle." "Who is this man?" "Someone close to Kyle. The principal at his school. Kyle has no idea." "We have to help him!" Fumi wished she wasn't so weak.

"We will. When you're better. With our help, Kyle will be able to defeat the bastard!" "Then we need to hurry and get me better. I need more cum!" "I think you're strong enough to get it right from the source," Zaritha grinned. "I'll go find you a few men to fuck." "No.

That'll kill them. Blowing them will be enough." The Ifrit snorted. "Suite yourself. It'll be longer." Fumi never wanted to feel another man dying to feed her body. "Blowjobs will be enough." "Okay. I'll be back." She felt heat on her face, fire burning, and fear beat in her heart.

Then the door opened and cold air blew in as Zaritha slipped out.

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Fumi laid back on the bed, determination flooding her. I will get stronger and get back to you, my love! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ South Hill, Washington "Are you really going on a date with my principal?" Kyle asked his mom as she put the finishing touches on her makeup. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen her dressed up. "I am." She glanced at him. "You.healed your sister last night, right?" "Hopefully," Kyle nodded.

"It's really up to her spirit at this point." "Well, Fatima's a fighter. So I should have nothing to worry about." "But, what about last night?" Kyle found himself thinking about making love to his mom all day at school. Between his sister-wife's recovery and thinking about his mom, Kyle barely had time to worry about Fumi and Christy, let alone pay attention to his schoolwork. "I mean, we made love, Mom." Her cheeks blushed. "That was a one time thing. It's not right. We shouldn't do that." "But we enjoyed it, right?" "I won't lie.

It was like being with your father again." She let out a sigh. "It was wonderful. But he's dead and you are not your father. I've grieved long enough for him. I'll always love your dad, but I need more in my life. And, no, I don't need to be part of your ever growing harem." She gave him a look. "Did I see one of the nurses from the hospital I saw downstairs." "Mindy is a great woman," Kyle said defensively. "I'm sure she is. They're all great women and girls, but I don't want to be part of a crowd.

I just want someone to be with who cares only for me." "And that's my principal?" She shrugged. "Who knows. Maybe. Or maybe tonight will be a complete disaster. But it's time I lived again. You and Fatima are growing up and soon it'll just be me in this house." She turned and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Now, you and your concubines aren't going to burn down the house with whatever's going on downstairs?" "Phillipa is casting some defensive spells to augment Aaliyah's protections." "Do you think you'll need them?" Britney's warning filled his mind.

The cops were suspicious of him. "Probably not," he lied. "I guess, have fun on your date." The doorbell rang. "Oh, that must be him," she said, her cheeks growing flustered. "How do I look?" "Just fine, Mom." "Good. Oh, I hope this goes well. I haven't been on a first date since, well, I was Fatima's age." "Yeah, Uncle Ethan told me some stories about you and dad." Her eyes widened. "Well, we may have had some wild times.

Not unlike you and your women." "Mr. Burke's here," Carla reported. "He's handsome. All the girls in school gossip about him. Have fun, Mother." "Thanks." His mom gave Carla a hug. "Keep my son out of trouble." "We'll try." Both women giggled, then his mom headed downstairs.

Carla smiled at him. "I know how to keep you out of trouble, Master." "How?" he asked. She peeled her top off, exposing those wonderful, round tits. "If you're too busy fucking, then you can't get into trouble." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faiza looked stunning even in such a conservative, dark-purple dress.

She had dusky skin and lush lips, her eyelashes dark and mysterious. The man who called himself Principal Burke smiled at the sight of her, eager to delve into her soul and make Kyle's mother his instrument.

His weapon. "You look beautiful tonight, Faiza," he grinned, holding out the single, red rose. Dark color suffused her cheeks. "Thank you, Stanley," she answered, taking the rose and inhaling it delicately. "Let me just put this in a vase and we'll get going. Would you like to come in?" "I would." He could feel the air humming with electricity. Phillipa was casting a spell. Something had been done to pull Phillipa out of his influence. As one of Ms.

Franklin's coven, she should have fallen under his power, but she was calling on Ishtar now. Kyle and his women always seemed to find new ways to trouble him. "I hope you will treat my mother-in-law well," the Djinn said. His heart stopped at the sight of her beauty. Such power beat in Aaliyah's body. His cock hardened, thinking about all the fun, and painful, ways he could extract that power. Her screams would be exquisite, her youthful body trembling as he used her in every way imaginable until she would only be a husk to be discarded.

He wanted to seize her right now. His hands trembled to hold her lamp again. But homunculi prowled the house and spells had been warded into its foundations. Kyle could summon his artifact.

The man calling himself Burke did not live this long by taking unnecessary risks. He had learned patience over the centuries. Kyle came downstairs, giving him a hard stare. A topless young woman, one of his whores, pressed into Kyle's back. "You'll be a gentleman." Burke almost snorted with laughter.

The gall of this youth. He surrounds himself with more and more women, and yet wants his mother to be kept on a pedestal. Faiza walked back into the room, the rose in a crystal vase full of water. Kyle scowled. The boy is jealous. He's known her flesh and he is not happy about my poaching. Burke suppressed his smile. He could make use of their carnal relationship.

"Shall we?" Faiza asked, nervous excitement about her. "Yes, let's." He glanced at Kyle. "Don't worry.

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I'll return your mother unharmed." "Did Kyle say something to you?" "Just showing concern for his mother like a dutiful son." He took Faiza's hand and led her out to his conservative Toyota Prius, the perfect car for a Principal to own. He'd prefer something flashier, but that would not do. He held the door open for her, his hand touching hers as she climbed in, and whispered a spell, "Let this woman be putty in my hands, dark goddess." Faiza shivered.

He walked around the car, sliding inside and pushing the button to start the Prius up, then he looked at her; she gave him a shy smile. "Unzip my pants and pull my cock out." "What?" she blinked. "When I give you an order, slut, you obey." His voice was hard as ice; she flinched, confusion brimming. "Is this a joke, Stanley?" "Did I tell you to talk, slut?" "No." She reached for the door handle. "This was a—" He touched her; the spell stopped her.

"When I give you an order, slut, you will obey, or there will be consequences." "Sorry," she whispered. He let go of her. "Now pull my cock out, slut!" She swallowed, reaching over, her dusky hands shaking as she unzipped him. He could smell the fear pouring off of her. He was going to have so much fun degrading her.

Her hand reached in, pulling his hard cock out, her fingers soft. He seized her dark hair, pulling her face down hard. She gasped in pain; his cock grew harder. "Suck it, whore! That's all your mouth is good for!" That's all every woman's mouth was good for. His cock slid into her hot mouth; he shoved her all the way down until her lips touched his pubic hair, his dick buried down her throat.

She panic, struggling to get back up, to breath. Her struggle was so sweet. With his free hand, he put the car in drive and pulled out from the curve. "That's it, whore," he laughed. "Suck my cock." Terror was replacing fear. Her hands pushed on his body. He only laughed. Her throat constricted around his cock, tight and hot. He wasn't going to last long in her struggling throat. She cried, vibrations humming through his cock. He groaned, fighting to stay focused on his driving.

His balls boiled. "Keep working my cock. Cry harder. That's it, whore! You're going to be mine!" His cock erupted, shooting his cum down her throat. He grunted, pulling hard on her hair. He loved defiling his enemy's mother. She swallowed his cum, polluting her body with his essence. He would pollute all of Kyle's women before he was done. Kyle had such a fine harem, and they would all scream for Burke's pleasure in his dungeon. He let go of Faiza. She popped her head back up, gasping, tears staining her mascara down her face.

She looked at him, her eyes bewildered, his cum staining her lips, and her cheeks red with exertion—she looked even more beautiful. "I don't understand, Stanley." "What are you?" he demanded. "A slut," she whispered. "My slut." He sized her chin. "Right?" "Yes," she whispered.

She had strength, but she was helpless to fight the spell. How he would love to break her for real, but he needed her ready. He had a lot of work to do with her tonight. "How wet are you?" She didn't answer, her spirit still fighting the spell. He shoved his hand down to her dress, squeezing her breast hard through her blouse, his fingers finding her hard nipples. He twisted and pinched; her eyes widened and a moan of pain escaped her lips.

"Answer the question, slut!" "I'm.wet." She looked down, shame burning through her. "Of course you are. You're a slut." She was perfect for what he needed.

He pulled into his garage, climbing out of the car and walking around to her side of the car. He grabbed her by the hair, hauling her out; her screams were so delightful as he led her through his house and down into his basement.

"We are going to have such fun tonight. But don't worry, I'll return you unharmed." He chuckled, his feet and laughs echoing down the staircase. "I promised your son, after all." His cock was already hard as he imagined which flail he would use on her pretty behind as he worked his magic on her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "That's it," Chyna purred.

"Work those tits up just like that." She leaned against Kyle as they sat on the living room couch. Nurse Mindy had her tits wrapped around his cock, her silky flesh rubbing up and down. Kyle groaned every time she brushed the sensitive tip of his cock, his orgasm nearing.

"She's a quick learner," he groaned to his first concubine. "Yes, she is," Chyna approved. "Master is going to cum all over those big tits." Mindy smiled and worked her tits up and down his cock faster.

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"Please do it, Master," she moaned. "I loved wearing your cum all night at the hospital! I want to rub your semen into my tits and feel your cum drying on my skin all night long." "Keep doing that and you'll get your wish!" he groaned, his hand running through her short, black hair. Mindy's tongue licked his cock on the downstroke, just a flick before her pillowy tits slid back up; his body twitched.

"You dirty slut," Chyna laughed. "Very nice!" She licked again, her tongue swirling about his entire head before she slid her tits back up. Kyle's hips twitched, his cock throbbed, then his cum erupted in a fountain of white, splashing onto Mindy's chin and neck before falling onto her generous tits.

"Yes! Thank you, Master!" she moaned as a second blast of cum erupted, her tits sliding up to squeeze even more cum out of his cock.

"You're welcome," he groaned, leaning back into the couch and panting. "You did very well, Mindy." She beamed.

"When are you coming to bed?" Aaliyah asked. "We have school in the morning." Kyle glanced at the clock. It was after midnight. He thought his mom would have been home hours ago. He was growing worried. "When she's home." "She is fine. I can feel her." "Where is she, Aaliyah?" The Genie concentrated. "She's almost here. In fact, she's rounding the corner." Headlights flooded through the window as a car pulled up to the curb.

Kyle went to the window to see his mom, her hair mused, being escorted to the house by his principal. Not only was her hair mused, but her dress was rumpled. The pair looked like they had been fucking; Kyle's stomach soured.

He scowled as the pair kissed on the porch. They're acting like horny teenagers. He walked to the front door and ripped it open. "Hey, Mom." "Oh, hi, dear," she said, pulling away from her date. "You're still up." "Yeah." Her cheeks were dark with color. "I had a good time, Stanley." "So did I," he leered, then slapped his mom's ass.

She just giggled and gave him a fond look. "Good night, Faiza." "Night." She stepped into the house, closing the door. "So you had a good time, Mother," Aaliyah smiled. "Yeah, couldn't you tell," Kyle grumbled. "I did." His mom yawned. "Boy, did he wear me out though.

Why don't we all go to bed. It is a school night, after all." "Yeah," Kyle muttered. He didn't like his principal screwing his mom one bit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesday, January 26th Detective Donnar read through the lab report again. The same brand of shoes that Kyle wore were found at the scene. Another bit of circumstantial evidence. Not conclusive, but combined with the license plate, the Detective was hoping for his warrant to raid the Unmei household.

Kyle and his harem were somehow involved in whatever tragic event happened out at the cabin. The forensic techs were still baffled. They had excavated some of the disturbed dirt at the scene and found a bear made of solid iron. And then there were the wounds that had killed the victims.

A triangular-shaped puncture wound consistent with a katar. A wound made by a long thin blade, possibly a spear, and Ms. Franklin was beheaded by a single sword swipe.

But the weirdest was the arrow wound. Wounds are consistent with a broadhead arrowhead embedding in soft tissue, though no evidence could be found of the arrows removal. A broadhead arrow should cause additional trauma when removed due to the triangular arrow twisting inside the body and the point catching on the flesh when removed.

"One more question Kyle will answer when I nail him," he muttered, reaching out to grab his coffee mug. The fax machine came to life and he sat up.

This was the fourth time since he sent his warrant request. He stood up, crossing to the machine and snagged the paper it spat out. A smile crossed his lips. He had his warrant. To be continued.