Blonde milf fucked couch first time breakin attempt suspect has to fuck his way out of

Blonde milf fucked couch first time breakin attempt suspect has to fuck his way out of
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Once again, Wu Mei was exhausted. Her legs felt like jelly. She'd been working at the pizza parlor from 10am to 11pm all week because, as usual, her mean boss Benny let everyone else go home early but made her work late. She was exhausted and anxious to go home to sleep. She came to America 3 years ago, 42 yrs old, couldn't find a good job and her husband was refused entry because he did something stupid back in Shanghai.

Wu Mei couldn't even afford airfare to visit him. Three years without a husband and Wu Mei had few friends. How could she find friends when she worked such long hours?

It was 5 minutes to 11pm, she could go home in just a few minutes. Waiting, she remembered two terrible incidents that had happened to her over the past year. One time she had delivered pizza to a couple of college boys who had invited her in, slipped her strong wine and then violated her body. She shamefully remembered co-operating rather vigorously. She was too ashamed to tell anyone and blamed it on exhaustion and the wine.

She had never been able to tolerate even a little wine. Another time, at Easter, she had been delivering chocolate treats at a hotel in her extra part-time job and somehow woke up in the early hours of the morning naked in the hallway. She could not remember what had happened but again felt deeply shamed.

She hoped nothing like this ever happened again. To make sure, she carefully stayed away from any kind of alcohol. Poor Wu Mei, this was about to turn into a very bad day! She overheard Benny talking on the phone. "OK, OK, so I forgot.

Yeah, I'll send her right away. Enjoy your party and don't get too drunk" Benny turned and said, "Where's Sally? She's supposed to be the waitress at my son's party." Wu Mei said, "You sent her home early." "Mrs. Zhou you be the waitress then. Get going." "Can't. Last bus 15 minutes. Need go home." "Do my son's party or get another job. I'm real nice to you and let you work 14 hours a day and this is the way you repay me?

Get over there right now, don't screw up and don't be late for work tomorrow." Wu Mei was so tired, she cried all the way to the party. Ringing the doorbell, Wu Mei waited bleary-eyed at the door dressed in her waitress uniform; black shoes, black socks, short black skirt, starched white blouse and black bow tie.

Benny's son Tony answered the door. "You're late! Go serve the food. We're hungry. Hurry up or I'll complain to Dad." Tony was really pissed off when he saw Wu Mei. He had expected young Sally who could always be relied on to serve her "special dessert". After all, that was the whole point of the party. This old Chinese woman obviously wouldn't provide that service. Wu Mei quickly found the trays with cheese, crackers, veggies and dip in the kitchen.

Returning to the living room with a tray she walked about as the guests grabbed snacks from the tray. There were only 6 guests: 4 men including Tony and 2 women one of whom was a young black girl. All of them looked a bit tipsy. Most rudely demanded she fetch another beer.

She was shocked at their complete lack of manners. As she turned to get the drinks, a hand slapped her bum. She swung around to tell off which ever man had the nerve to touch her body. There was no man, just the black girl, who had introduced herself as Chantal, smiling at her warmly, her red blouse unbuttoned half way down giving an giving an excellent view of her bare, brown breasts.

Wu Mei wondered how the man got away so fast. Coming out of the kitchen with 6 opened beer bottles on the tray; Wu Mei met Chantal waiting at the door.

Chantal took a beer and said, "Why don't you have one yourself? You look thirsty." Wu Mei replied, "Can't. Working.


And wine make me not good." Chantal continued, "You still look thirsty and tired. I'll get you some chocolate milk. By the way you have a nice name Woo May." Chantal's blouse seemed to have come further unbuttoned exposing her tantalizing belly button. Wu Mei thought Chantal was a nice girl for talking to her so she smiled and said, "OK.

I drink milk.

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My name, Wu Mei. Means 'Fifth Daughter'. Wu is five.

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Mei is daughter." "Well Fifth Daughter, you go give the rest of them their beers." Chantal went into the kitchen found the bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme in the fridge, poured a large glass, giggled to herself and went back into the living room to find the Fifth Daughter. Returning with the empty tray, Wu Mei met Chantal just leaving the kitchen. Thanking Chantal for the "chocolate milk", she stopped to drink it down in one gulp before returning to her duties.

Odd taste and why was Chantal grinning so hard? As she entered the kitchen, she heard Chantal calling to the other guests, "Dessert will be served shortly". Wu Mei was puzzled; there was no dessert anywhere in the kitchen. Coming out with another tray of food, Wu Mei heard someone say, "Kitty, kitty, here comes the pussy." She looked around but there was no cat in sight.

By now, the Irish Cr? combined with her exhaustion was starting to have an effect. The room started spinning slowly. As she reached the sofa, the spinning suddenly got faster and she felt herself falling.

Tony caught the tray before it hit the floor. The others simply laughed as Wu Mei fell over one arm of the sofa landing on her back on the cushions. Her legs draped over the sofa arm, her short skirt slid back to her waist completely exposing her thin white panties. Chantal giggled, "Fortune cookie for dessert. Let's open it up and see what kind of fortune is inside. I get first crack at the pussy." Everyone laughed and gathered around the "dessert". Luigi was first to open the cookie.

He reached for Wu Mei's short black skirt and pulled it down her well-toned legs, picked up her feet, finished pulling the skirt off and tossed it in a corner. They heard Wu Mei let out a soft sigh as Luigi dropped her feet back over the sofa arm. Susie was next. She unbuttoned the five buttons on Wu Mei's crisp white blouse. Although she let out another soft sigh, Wu Mei seemed unaware that she was being undressed. Stepping back, Susie and the others admired Wu Mei's soft belly and her silky, front-fastening bra.

Gary reached down, lifted Wu Mei forward, slipped the blouse off her arms and pitched it across the room. Now the six of them briefly admired Wu Mei's soft belly, her firm breasts covered by the silky, front-fastening bra, and the thin white panties not quite concealing her dark, straight-haired pussy. The black bow-tie, black socks and black shoes provided a very pleasing trim to their fortune cookie.

John unsnapped her bra flipped the two halves off her mature but still firm bosom as her light-gold boobs slowly rose and fell with her sleepy breathing.

The nipples hardened when John playfully tweaked them. Tony leered, took her thin panties in his fists, tore them and yanked them off her now fully exposed body. Someone called out, "Leave the bow-tie and socks on, they look cute." So they left her dressed in her black bow-tie, black socks and black shoes. Her arms lay stretched over her head, her boobs still rising and falling gently with her breathing, her legs slightly apart giving them a clear view of her vulnerable, tasty looking snatch.

The hair on her pussy was straight and coarse. Chantal licked her lips, breathed more heavily and said, "I wonder where we should look for the fortune?" She stared directly at the waiting pussy.


Losing no time, she tossed her red blouse aside letting her ample breasts swing free, their hard brown nipples proudly on display. Sliding her black slacks off she revealed her lack of panties. The guys watched her curvaceous bare bum and curly black thatch as she kneeled down, draped Wu Mei's legs over her shoulders, leaned forward and put her lips directly on Wu Mei's naked pussy.

Chantal quickly went to work. Pulling Wu Mei's pussy lips open, Chantal found her love button, clamped her lips on it and sucked hard drawing the love button into her hot mouth.

She kept sucking as hard as she could, thrashing the love button with her tongue between sucks. The four men and Susie, the blonde, stood around dropping their own clothes. Tony and Luigi held Wu Mei's arms just in case. Their cocks stood out straight as they watched Chantal assaulting Wu Mei's pussy. Wu Mei, felt something odd.

She struggled to recover her senses realizing that, somehow, she was naked and her unprotected pussy was under heavy assault. She tried to struggle but her arms were pinned and she was still weak and dizzy from the alcohol. Her eyes fluttered open. She stared. Four naked men were leering at her.

The blonde was massaging a set of balls. The black women was no where in sight. Wu Mei raised her head slightly.

Her eyes bulged in absolute shock. A woman, the black woman was eating her pussy. Never had a woman touched her before. She was appalled. She tried to dislodge Chantal by bucking and squeezing with her knees. No good; two of the men just held her knees apart so the black woman could continue her humiliating assault on poor Wu Mei's undefended pussy. Wu Mei cried out, "NO! NO! Not touch me!" She thrust her hips upward to knock Chantal off.

No good; this merely ground her pussy harder into Chantal's face.

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Chantal's hungry, hard sucking was unstoppable. Wu Mei continued to cry out, "Stop! Not do that me! NO!" But the sucking was starting to make her body shake. Her hips started pushing up to Chantal's face as if they had a will of their own. Wu Mei pleaded again, "Please? No! Stop? Uhh. Oooo. Mmm. Stop? Aiii! Ah ah ah ah." Her pleas turned to panting and gasping. Her eyes stared up as Tony straddled her, his swinging balls descending toward her open mouth. She gasped as Tony dropped his sack of balls into her mouth.

Surprised, Wu Mei closed her lips around the balls, feeling how they filled her moist mouth. His rigid, short cock rested on the point of her nose, the tip sitting on her right eyebrow.

As she watched wide-eyed, Tony started rubbing his cock back and forth on her face. The skin on the end of his thick, short cock slid back leaving the shiny swollen head of the cock to bump against her eye socket.

She closed her right eye but continuing staring up at his hard, lean body with her left eye. His chest muscles rippled as he pumped his cock across her face. His balls squished around in Wu Mei's soft mouth, her wide lips clamped around the base of his balls.

As her body bucked involuntarily to Chantal's merciless sucking, Wu Mei started sliding her thick tongue over Tony's balls, slowly sucking on his sack. Tony's short cock swelled more and more, his thrusts became more rapid.

Each time he thrust, his balls pulled up but Wu Mei's lips firmly held them in her mouth as she sucked greedily on his sack. Soon she saw Tony's mouth drop open and his eyes squeeze shut. She knew his hard cock was about to explode.

She pressed his balls harder with her tongue even as Chantal continued her insatiable assault on Wu Mei's hot, pulsating pussy. She fault his balls harden and suddenly a hot liquid squirted over her eyebrow, across her forehead and oozed into her coarse, black hair.

Tony let out a sigh of relief, slumped, then tried to pull his balls out of Wu Mei's mouth.

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That was not possible until he poked her in the cheek. Still his balls came out with difficulty having swollen to twice their normal size. Tony stumbled over to an easy chair, sat on the floor, tucked two ice cubes under his balls, laid his head back and closed his eyes. Wu Mei's mouth, no longer full of Tony's sack, she was able to continue gasping to Chantal's assault, "OHHH!

Ahahahahah! Oooo!" Her hips squirmed from side to side and still Chantal would not let go. John pulled Chantal off saying, "Hey. Leave some for me you greedy black bitch!" Chantal panted, "Let me back in or fuck me.

I need a hard fuck like a doggy!" She crouched on all fours, her ample black boobs hanging down, swaying as she stuck out her rear end. Luigi promptly obliged by grabbing her tits from behind and squeezing them hard while ramming his engorged hard cock into her curly black pussy.

He lost no time in pumping fast and hard, letting his balls slap against Chantal's well-rounded ass. He held onto her belly and jammed his cock in as hard and fast as he could.

Her big tits swung wildly with each thrust. Wu Mei didn't see this because Luigi had laid down on the sofa, picked her up, flipped her over and positioned her over his own long, thick raging cock. His bulging muscles enabled him to swing her body around as if it was a feather. Wu Mei eyes bulged, seeing the size of his monster rod. She cried out in a panic, "NO! TOO BIG! Hurt me! NO!" She tried pushing at his arms to get away but was unable to escape the powerful bodybuilder.

Luigi didn't care what she said. When he came to one of Tony's parties he simply expected to get a juicy dessert and he intended to have a good fuck no matter what the worthless bitch thought. So what if he hurt her? Her problem, not his! Besides this one wasn't young like the others so she should enjoy whatever she got! And be glad of it! Luigi didn't just lower her onto his ramrod, he actually took her and shoved her down hard on it.

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His cock rammed so deep and hard into her defenseless pussy that poor Wu Mei screamed, "Oowww! EEEEE!" Luigi didn't bother thrusting. Instead he simply raised and lowered Wu Mei up and down on his cock ignoring her feeble struggles. He enjoyed watching her modest 36B tits bounce up and down. Reflecting on her light yellow tinted skin, he thought to himself, "Nice that Tony got an import for the party." The monster cock hurt.

Wu Mei struggled with all her might but she simply didn't have the strength to fight this uncaring oaf. She whimpered as his oversize member stretched all her most sensitive parts. No one showed any sympathy. Susie and Gary started slapping her tits, hard. They laughed as her sensitive nipples became puffy from the slaps. She cried, "Not hurt me! Please stop!

Ooohhh! Uuhhh." Susie just laughed again and demanded, "Say 'I love you'. Come on say it or we'll slap you silly you useless old bitch." Wu Mei cried, "No I not love you. I not old. Only 42." Susie slapped viciously this time. Wu Mei's breasts were turning red from the uncaring slaps. Her cunt hurt from Luigi's rough handling.

Her arms hurt where he held her raising her up and down. She said, "Ok. I love you. Now please stop." Susie slapped her tits again, "That's not good enough. Say it like you mean it. And say it in Chinese." Wu Mei sobbed, "Ok. Wo ai ni. Now please stop." "What's whoa I knee mean?" demanded Susie in a puzzled voice. "Mean 'I love you'. You said say in Chinese.

I did. Let me go." "Not so quick. You keep saying whoa I knee until I say stop. I know you love Luigi's cock cause it's so big. He must fill you real good.

Probably no room left inside. Now you show your appreciation by telling him you love him. NOW!" Wu Mei sobbed again, "Wo ai ni. Wo ai ni. Wo ai ni.

Please stop now. Wo ai ni." Luigi just kept on shoving her up and down on his cock as if she was nothing but a doll. Susie grinned, slapped her tits some more, and said, "Now say it English and Chinese. Alternate back and forth and don't stop. We know you're enjoying your fucking. Probably the only fuck you got this year." Wu Mei desperately complied hoping the slapping would stop; hoping Luigi's would take her off his enormous rod.

"Wo ai ni. I love you. Wo ai ni. I love you. WoainiIloveyou. WoainiIloveyou." Tears streamed down her face. Suddenly, Luigi grunted, thrusting upward suddenly with great force and Wu Mei felt his cock bulge even more inside her small pussy as Luigi's juices shot into her over-used pussy. Luigi tossed her aside and went in search of another beer. As Wu Mei fell on the sofa face down, she heard a scream. It was Chantal, "YESSSS! FUCKFUCKFUCK. Ohhh. You're so good." John had shot his load into her hot black pussy.

Both collapsed onto the floor. Susie dragged Wu Mei's legs until they hung over the arm of the sofa, her knees on the floor, her ass sticking straight out. Gary sat in front of her on the sofa, his crotch jammed against her head. He grabbed her hair, hauled her head up and then shoved it down onto his crotch saying, "Suck me you bitch." Wu Mei opened her mouth to protest but this just resulted in his limp cock flopping into her mouth.

She tried to pull her head back but Gary just shoved her head even harder into his crotch repeating, "Suck me, make me hard.

Lick me or I'll smack your head." Wu Mei lay there face down, her mouth closed on Gary's flaccid member but there was no hardening. Her face was jammed so tightly into Gary's crotch that she had trouble breathing. Meanwhile, Susie and Chantal had each grabbed one of her ass cheeks and squeezed hard making Wu Mei flinch.

They then started slapping her ass, Chantal smacking the left cheek while Susie spanked the right cheek. These were not light love taps. The slapping sounds rang loud and clear in the large living room. Wu Mei was unable to evade the vigorous spanking what with being face down and draped over the sofa.

She was totally at their mercy, or rather, lack of mercy. As Gary listened to the loud spanking sounds, his cock finally started to, very slowly, harden. Wu Mei felt his cock beginning to stiffen, bit by bit. But her ass hurt so much. The girls were slapping so hard! She knew her ass was getting very red. The slapping went on for a long time with Chantal and Susie stopping occasionally to pull Wu Mei's ass cheeks apart to poke her asshole before resuming their pitiless spanking. Wu Mei's bum bounced and jiggled, turning red and hot.

Gary's cock finally ripened in her mouth and he began a slow bump and grind on her mouth. Wu Mei was unable to move. She could only endure the pain of the spanking as she tried to breath with her face jammed on Gary's cock and balls.

The doorbell rang! Tony opened the door. "Hi Dad," he said as Benny, Wu Mei's boss, entered. "Just checking. Is Mrs. Zhou giving you good service? Sorry Sally couldn't come to serve dessert." "Yeah Dad. She needed a bit of convincing but she is serving dessert.

Did you want some?" Tony waved a hand at the sofa. Benny listened to the loud slapping sounds, leered and said, "Don't mind if I do. Those buns look hot and my sausage is cooking." He laughed at his own joke.

Going over to where Wu Mei lay defenceless, he looked at the bright red marks on her jiggling bum. He put his and on one ass cheek, noted the heat caused by the relentless slapping and said to Chantal and Susie, "OK. Step back. My turn." He smirked as he dropped his pants and underwear revealing his raging hard cock. It was short like Tony's but thicker and darker. His balls hung more loosely than Tony's. He pulled back Wu Mei's ass cheeks, and pressed the head of his cock against the exposed, captive hole remarking, "The buns sure feel hot." Then he said, "Mrs.

Zhou, I told you to serve food and here you are just having fun and games at my expense. Sorry but I can't pay you if you're not doing your job." He snickered at this and started pushing hard against her asshole trying to force it open wide enough to get his thick cock in. Just as her hole finally yielded and his cock finally popped into her hole, he added, "Mrs. Zhou, don't be late for work in the morning." He slammed his cock forward.

Wu Mei felt someone violating her ass. Her husband had never done this before and, at first it hurt a lot. She tried to squirm but couldn't move. Gary's thighs were pressed against her ears so she was unable to identify the voice that called, "Don't be late for work." Benny kept banging hard at Wu Mei's ass laughing, each time he thrust, "Don't be late for work. Don't be late for work." Tony thought this was uproariously funny too as did all of his guests.

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Wu Mei just felt even more humiliated as Benny's cock forced its way in and out of her hurting, red, spankingly hot bum.

The feeling of his cock jammed into her like that was shocking. She broke into a sweat as Benny continued ramming her. Each time he rammed, her face was forced further into Gary's crotch and Gary's cock kept jamming into the back of her throat so she almost gagged each time.

Soon Benny erupted, shooting his load into her butt. At the same time Gary's cock exploded also, filling Wu Mei's mouth with his hot, salty juice just as she passed out from the violation of her ass. Benny pulled out, pulled his pants back on and repeated, "Don't be late for work." He slapped her ass hard, turned to Tony and said, "Think I'll go home and get some more dessert from you Mom. Chinese never lasts long." Around 9am, Wu Mei woke. She was lying naked, face down on the coffee table.

She felt sticky and sore. Looking up she saw 9 people laying on the floor, on the sofa, on each other. Chantal looked up from where she had been stroking Susie's pussy (Susie seemed to be passed out.) Chantal smiled and said, "We had some more guests over. They really enjoyed dessert. You better have a shower, some of the guys jerked off all over you." Then she added with a bigger grin, "Remember.