Leticia Yanoviti mamando cliente dotado antes de ser fodida

Leticia Yanoviti mamando cliente dotado antes de ser fodida
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The marine modification DAMN!

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Lance corporal doug masters shouted as a grenade blew up ten feet behind him ''that was lucky'' he said over team com ''thank god the insurgents have bad aim'' The corporal and his team of 4 other marines had been spotted as they got ready to raid the compound Luckily Jane had spotted the attack force from nearly a mile away through her sniper scope She lay prone and unmoving as she had been for the last hour ''LC?

Permission to go hot?'' she muttered over the radio the lance corporals voice came over the radio ''permission granted'' he said in his rough voice ''give em hell kid'' She cringed at that word she was only four year younger than masters she was 24 for fuck sake She muttered one phrase with steel determination in her voice ''hell is on the way'' and fired her first shot The shot rang out like the hammer of the Viking god thor which was ironically the name she gave her trusty rifle.

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The Barrett M107 .50 caliber rifle round tore through her targets forehead and left a nice jagged hole ''headshot&hellip. Bitch'' she muttered over team com '' guard tower clear.

Move now'' The corporals voice came over the radio once again Truck approaching form the north gate she put her crosshairs on the trucks hood and fired a shot in the engine re aimed and killed the driver then sighted the passenger With the final thunder clap she heard the action lock back ';reloading coropral'' she yelled over the comm She ejected the spent magazine and slammed another one home.

Just as her hand was reaching the charging handle she felt the cold steel of a gun barrel on her neck the last thing she remembers is whispering ''corporal im made'' over the radio before the gun's stock hit her in the back of the head and knocked her out Back at the compound only three of the rest of the team were left kate the teams medic stood up from the recent corpse of her good friend and the teams heavy gunner tom ''tank'' jones He had jumped in front of a bullet catching the round in his head to save kate's life giving her the time to pull out her sidearm and shoot 3 shots only one connected with the mans chest.


He fell backwards still alive but unmoving With tom now dead she was filled with pure anger towards the man and took out her knife and plunged it into the mans crotch and left it there.

He screamed out in pain Kate left the mans ruined crotch alone and went to meet up with the coropral whom according to his radio reports had been shot in the chest luckily the body armor saved his life She reached the corporal ''where's tank?'' he asked ''gone'' came kates reply broken with sadness Just then they heard a thud behind them and turned, weapons at the ready.

Just in time to catch the blinding light of a flash bang I coudnt hear anything after that, it all just seemed to go south I felt my sidearm taken away and I was forced to the ground hard My medical pack was stripped off of me first, then they pulled off my Kevlar vest, finally I could see Just in time to catch a glimpse of a knife coming out of its sheath, I started to back away, and a hand caught my hair "get that bitch on her feet'' came a womans voice ''and hand me a knife'' I felt myself dragged off the sandy ground by my hair and I saw the woman She was stunningly beautiful even though she looked over 50 She took the knife, what I recognized instantly as a marine issue K-bar The woman took the knife and cut through the tough material of her fatigue top like it was tissue paper And ripped open exposing my DD breasts firmly held in place by a bra 2 sizes too small She sliced that off too and my breasts came out to the insurgents delight She then cut through my pants nearly cutting my leg as she went I stood rigid in embarrassment as she pulled off my pants exposing my hello kitty panties, which got a cheer of joy from the insurgents The woman also cut my panties off with a short smile I wanted to die, I was completely exposed to the insurgents, ''this pussy will do nicely'' she said with an evil grin ''prepare the bitch for my project'' I kept my mouth shut, I was trained for this.

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No matter what her project I wouldn't give more then my name, rank, and serial number. As they led me inside I looked around for the corporal, but I couldn't see him.

With any luck he escaped and was bringing the spare weapons we had stowed for some suicide rescue. That was pretty much his speed. Her hope of a rescue dwindled when she saw an insurgent wearing the corporal's Kevlar vest my heart sank further when I saw all the blood on it I was led into a room that looked like a field operating room I almost cried when she saw jane laying strapped to a chair, naked with her legs wide open, she saw blood dripping from her head Which a man in scrubs was cleaning, this doesn't make sense I thought, why where the enemy troops treating jane for a minor head wound?

Why a operating room and not a dark torture cell?

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Why the need to have us all naked? I looked to my left and I saw a familiar face it was the corporal he was also naked but something was different he had a surgeon between his legs and started to scream I was strapped down to a cold steel table my hands legs knees and neck where tied down so I could not move a muscle.


The same woman who stripped me came over and started to feel me up ''get your hands off of me you filthy bitch'' I yelled. Which earned me a hard punch to the stomach. When I could see straight I saw her start to rub alcohol on my pussy.


And I feared what would come next Just as the screaming stopped I heard the surgeon tell my captive ''the organ harvesting is complete my mistress I now need to re rout the hole'' I almost said what the fuck when I saw the corporals cock and balls handed to the ''mistress'' I almost puked. ''you may want to stay awake for this my slut'' With that I felt a tremendous pain between my asshole and my pussy as it was slit open and she attached the corporals spermatic cords to a long needle, she then shoved the needle inside the hole she just made in me.

I felt the needle make its way through my body and out of the base of my clit The process was repeated with the other testicle, and finally she sewed the scrotum over them Then she began to cut around my clit.cut my clit off and began the task of connecting all the nerve endings to the corporals cock.

By that time my voice was hoarse from screaming I passed out. And woke up to she searing pain of the penis being attached to my body and I was then all stitched up and bandaged they turned to jane who was starting to wake and said ''what do we do with her?

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We only have one live donor to transplant with'' said a guy in scrubs weilding an ak 47 ''then go find that other guy you idiot there is a fresh corpse of another American outside'' ''no'' I thought ''not tank'' Just then jane started to have a seizure ''untie her fool and lay her on her side'' Once jane was untied she sprung up and grabbed the gaurds gun and broke his arm as she wrenched it away she backed up against the far wall and started to shout '' untie them'' To which our captor said ''they cannot be moved'' Just then jane crept out the door just as a guard returned with tanks body he threw it on her Poor jane wasn't strong enough to lift tank So she was trapped.

''this one has a wild spirit'' said the guard to which she replied ''you are right' Then she walked over to jane and with one hand punched her in the face Then she asked jane if she was going to behave Jane told her to fuck off ''wrong answer '' I heard a loud bang "NOOO" I screamed as jane went limp, she had been shot in the head ''feed her to the dogs'' said my captor I fainted again and woke up hours later in a plush bed with an IV in my arm I tried to get up but I was groggy I drifted back to seep That was my life for two months A tv had been roled in with a VCR with a recording of a news broadcast saying my tea had went rogue on a mission and where working for insurgents Today was a normal day Until I saw the corporal come in, naked.

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Mistress was behind him in a leather corset with no crotch, I saw her pussy clearly. She removed my bandages and I almost got happy right there I had a beautiful cock and still had a pussy Corporal was now a eunuch and said '' I love my new life miss And I am sure kate will too.

Shall I please her?' ''yes my slave'' Doug started to suck my (or his) cock till it was hard. ''move back slave'' said our mistress as she mounted me and rode me deep I was surprised at all the pleasure I felt my mistress had done a fine job Just then I felt my orgasm building and warned my mistress She just went on going I burst out my first load ever with a squeal of pleasure and my mistress rode me harder Finally both our bodies spent she fell on top of me as I went limp ''wont you get pregnant'' I asked ''yes slave I will and I want to be'' I love my new life as a sex slave to my mistress with my former leader now at my side when I need him