DancingBear With Big Cock Gets Blowjobs At Bachelorette Party

DancingBear With Big Cock Gets Blowjobs At Bachelorette Party
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Connor was 16. 6 Foot, brown eyes, Not bad looking either. Not athletic, but certainly not fat. More than anything, he was an academic.

He got the grades. His brother, Cooper was 2 years older. Loved sport, about 2 inches taller and toned. HE was the pretty boy with blue eyes and blond hair everyone loves. It is suggested you read Part 1 Via my Profile. Enjoy! _____________________________________ They both jumped. How long had they been on the floor together? Connor jumped up and pulled his discarded shorts on buttoning them up as he headed for the front door. Cooper gathered together his brothers shirt and his own jockstrap and threw them to the side of the sofa and move away to the other door his dick flopping from side to side.

As Connor reached the door he passed the hall mirror. He saw his hair was all over the place and essentially drenched in sweat. With little time to do much about it he reached for the door handle and turned.

"Pizza!" Chimed a young Brazilian guy. "Oh, errr.right" Connor said. "You'd better come in whilst i find you what i owe you" Connor showed the pizza boy to the lounge - checking inside that the coast was clear before the guy managed to follow him into the room. "Let me just fetch you.?" "7 quid" the pizza man replied.

Connor left the room and headed off to find his brother, or at least where he had left the money for the pizza - The kitchen seemed like a likely place.

Cooper though was not in the kitchen, he was standing in the other hall just off the lounge. There wasn't anywhere he could really go.

He would have been seen should he have headed up the stairs by the door. This corridor lead to the kitchen and a few other rooms. Best not go to the kitchen lest the pizza boy went in there. No. It was safest to stand in this hall, still naked and wait.

During his wait the pizza man had noticed a bright green item poking out by one of the couches. Intrigued (as any would) we went over to investigate. Prodding it with his trainer he saw it was a shirt.

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But not just a shirt. There was something else. A white, underside or something. Bending down, he moved the shirt enough to reveal coopers jockstrap. Slightly surprised, he reached out curiously and picked it up between two of his fingers. Straightening up now, he sniffed tentatively at the jocks. Nothing horrible, in fact.there was a sorta homey smell about it. He sniffed again. Yes, it definitely was an appealing smell. Not too strong but good.

He fell into the sofa ready to drop them to the side when he heard the footsteps of the young lad. Connor was searching frantically through the kitchen now - not really making an effort to hide the noises of his frustration. Cooper was hearing this, and as most would, assumed they were both in the kitchen at the source of the noises. Now seemed an apt opportunity to make a break for the next floor.whilst there was a distraction.

He padded quietly down the corridor - back towards the lounge. Just before though, he did poke his head round the door and seeing no 6ft man standing around in the room waiting to get paid assumed no-one was around. In fact - There was. That very 6ft Brazilian man was sitting (slumped) on the couch whose back was to the door from which cooper was now approaching from.

He now had his nose buried in the codpiece of the jockstrap. It's hard to know who saw the other first. He shot to his feet in surprise, flinging the jocks back into the chair in an attempt to hide them.

Cooper was riveted to the spot caught naked in his own living room. His eyes followed the jockstraps flight into the back of the sofa. The young Brazilian looked positively petrified of the taller, muscular man in-front of him.

"Urrrr.Hi, I'm just waiting for" He pointed to the pizza on the coffee table and averted his eyes to the ground. Except he never got that far. A long soft object was swinging gently to and fro before his eyes. He was transfixed to it. "Right." Cooper said now realising that the man had only just realised he was standing there in full glory. Feeling obliged to defend himself now, he said "Oh yea?

well what were you doing.Carlos" He snapped reading the name tag. "Smelling my dirty jockstrap?" "Yes" he said simply. Carlos was 6ft.

Very well Tan due to the fact he was Brazilian. Probably very early 20's by the face. His shirt sleeves were tight about his arms showing strong biceps underneath. Cooper, surprised at this reply was taken off-guard momentarily. It was a.stirring reply. And to add to the surprise, he felt his own penis begin to fill with blood and lengthen.

Downwards his penis began growing before rising gracefully to a 90 degree angle to his body, pointing out 9 inches to Carlos. And this, was all happening before Carlos's eyes, and he felt his own following suit in his tight jeans.

He would be seen, and he knew it as his own dick began to strain against the material making a slight tent. Breathless with his own embarrassment, Cooper noticed this slight change in comfort and followed the restless hands to his sides and then spotted the tent. A urge similar to when he felt when his brothers hand wrap around his shaft resurfaced.

And just like then he found himself out of control. The pulsating trunk covering half the distance between the two young men was in control now.

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He stretched out his hand slowly, his eyes on the face of Carlos who watched it approach his crotch. He began to rub the hard dick through the denim and cooper moved closer so that he was standing above Carlos. They were looked into each others faces, feeling the warm fast breaths of the other on their faces. Several moments passed.

and then unexpectedly, Carlos moved onto his toes so that their lips met. They breathed into each others mouth as their lips pressed together. Cooper felt a hand on the back of his head as a wet tongue prodded at his lips. He opened up and passion poured between the two. Cooper moved his hands to the round ass and began to force Carlos to walk backwards.

Obligingly, he walked blindly backwards enjoying the kiss and two large hands squeezing large portions of his ass. They fell together over the arm of the sofa. They broke the kiss and Cooper laughed whilst gazing into Carlos eyes as he lay on-top of the hot Brazilian man.

Cooper sat back on his legs and pulled at the bottom of his shirt-ed counterpart. Closing his eyes breathing heavily Carlos helped remove his pizza shirt, exposing large arms, pecks and washboard abs. The lust in the air was measurable.

Cooper was getting restless, he wanted - NO! He needed to see that dark dick, to feel it, to have it radiate its warmth in his mouth, down his throat.In his ass. He stood.

"Take 'em off" he ordered. Without wasting any time, the jeans were off and so were the tented Boxers. Cooper hardly had enough time to catch a glance before his body was pressed against warm bare skin and the object he desired so much was pressing into his stomach, and knocking into his own cock. His hand slid down between them, and grasped both of them together.

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Carlos's long, dark brown tool felt just short of his own, yet much thicker. He could feel the black hair tickling his hand half way up the man's shaft. Surely hair never grew that high up? He began to pump his fist, masturbating both of the dicks together - Lubricated by the precum dripping from the top of each mans purple head.

After a few minutes of this, and a lot more kissing, he slid his way down Carlos body nibbling his nipples set prominently on the pectorals, kissing and licking his way down the bumpy abs to the prize he was yet to see. He closed his eyes just before his nose buried itself in the mess of black curly hair and he felt the head going off to one side of his neck.

He took a long deep sniff before licking his way to the top and opening his eyes. Magnificent. A crisp, dark brown body attached to a lighter, hot head.

Sighing deeply he took the beauty into his mouth and sucked the stringy precum from it and then began working his way slowly down the length whilst his hands played with the ass inches from his mouth.

Connor had been going crazy. No money, no brother. He going to give up. So back to the lounge he went were he stood in the door way transfixed by the sight in front of him.

That was just after they had both fell onto the sofa. Connor had now progressed to removing his shorts and sporting a very hard, very long, VERY horny penis. He couldn't take it anymore, seeing his brother sucking that dick was too much.

He moved over his body touching Carlos, who opened his eyes and smiled. Connor started playing with his brothers hair before gently pulling it off Carlos's pole and moving it over to his. Wondering what was going on, Cooper had opened his eyes and beamed upwards at his brother.

After a while, Carlos went round the back of the slutty elder brother, laid on the ground and moved awkwardly back so that his face lay under the slightly bobbing ass of the hotter (in his opinion) brother. He stuck out his tongue.

And, for the second time that night - Coopers mind was sent reeling as his throat was stuffed up with dick, his sphincter was getting abused by a hot, slimy tongue. Except this time - It wasn't his brother at either end. It was a complete stranger. A complete Brazilian stranger. and that made things so much hotter. He began to moan through his brothers penis with every lap Carlos's tongue did of his hole.

These moans vibrated Connors dick and sent him into even more pleasure. Then, there was a finger pushing gently on the wet, but still tight hole. He pulled off his brothers dick with a pop and let out a very heavy sigh when the finger squirmed its way in. "No" Cooper said. "Don't. Just ram me full of your exotic meat" All three of them moved.


Cooper was positioned so that he he was resting on the coffee table his ass raised a little for Carlos. He placed his head at the slippery entrance and began moving forwards.The ass cheeks began to part around the column attempting to enter.

A long hissing intake of breath escaped Coopers mouth as he head struggled to get in. Connor Hurried away as Cooper began to plea for the other 8 inches. Carlos bent down so that he wrapped his arms around the muscular chest beneath him, and he moved his hips forward. FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK This Hot immigrant's fucking huge brown pole was in the deep recesses of his colon tearing his ass in two much stronger than his brother had managed too earlier that night.

He skin around his man pussy was almost screaming with the tension. But it was good pain. Very intense pain that he knew would soon enough become pleasure. But now there was a new feeling.

He felt like he was getting blocked up. Carlos was driving back a turd, back into the intestine from whence it came. But he didn't care. That same limo was rubbing against the perfect spot. He had never felt so filled up and yet in so much pain. Never had he he had such a hard erection even with the pain.

Never had he felt so.So.MANLY!!! Two large, hairy balls now tickled his hole. He almost wished they would pop into his ass too, just to see if he could get another inch or two of length from this fuck stick. But too late, for Carlos had started retreating all the way until Cooper felt the ridge of his head clung to by his sphincter.

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And then carlos began to go back in - a little faster then before. Connor was getting Long-dicked (Verylong-Dicked?) and the rubbing against his G-spot made him throw his head back breathing heavily. Connor moved back into the room and Carlos gasped a little as a cool finger traveled the gap between his cheeks smearing something around.

After Connor felt good and ready, he stood behind Carlos who was tall enough because he was still across the top of cooper. Lining up his shot, Connor felt different.

He Rammed his dick into Carlos's Virgin asshole, tearing as it went. A Scream went up from the front as Connor's dick sat completely in the warm dark cave it had come to love living in.

But Carlos didn't do anything, merely bit his lip and began to saw his own ass in two with the same strokes he was using to fuck the shit back in cooper. Grunts from Carlos started once he began picking up the pace. Moans from Cooper. Then, Connor decided he wanted to start fucking someone, instead of getting his dick fucked. As Carlos was coming to his deep he rammed forwards - meeting Carlos midway.


"AHHHH" yelped Carlos, But didn't not stop. He thrust harder into Cooper and back again. Connor Copied and was slamming into Carlos. Two sets of balls were swelling and slapping against asses. Cooper was breathing heavily and murmuring "Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh yeah, Slam that dick deep inside me". Carlos had beads of sweat on his face, and shining on his pecks (He had straightened up).

He had groans, grunts and moans escaping his lips, whilst Connor stood at the rear pumping hard concentrating. After several more intense minutes Connor whispered something in Carlos's Ear, he nodded and pulled out of Cooper, who lay there on the table breathing hard in pure ecstacy - not looking up.

"Get over here" shouted Connor. Pulling himself up, he moved over to the couch where Connor lay on his back, dick erect and sat on his stomach - facing him.

He felt a slightly thinner dick poking around his restless, gaping hole. But then, it was a bigger dick. A much MUCH bigger dick stretching him. FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK MEE Screamed Cooper as this new, bigger dick began tearing more of him than every before apart.

"That's what we plan on doing" got whispered into his ear by his younger brother. We? AHHHHH! YES!!!!!!!! It was like a new found dream. Getting Double Penetrated by his brother, and a Brazilian. Interracial Incest. Fucking hot. The two dicks began pumping at odd timings, one always in the deepest parts of his ass. Both rubbing different sides of his prostate.

AHHHHHHHhHHHH FUCK THIS IS AMAZING. yelled Cooper only to be greeted with grunts from his two dominatrices. They both increased their speed as much as they could so that they were literally sawing his ass.

In and out. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YEA. FUCK MY ASS YOU HOT BLACK MAN. SAW IT IN TWO WITH MY YOUNGER BROTHER. FUCKING YES. FUCK ME TO DEATH! Both Carlos and Connor exchanged looks and they both began pumping harder and harder, faster and faster. Carlos was first, and rammed in all the way. He Grunted and moaned loudly as he let 5 thick, hot ropes of his nut deep into this hot little stud's ass. Connor felt this new warmth and couldn't hold on any more.

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He too rammed all the way in, but unleashed 8 Jets of steaming Cum into the mass already mixing with the pussy's juices. Together, they pulled out of the now, cavernous hole. A great sigh met them as they did.

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Connor moved out from underneath and together they both licked and stroked coopers Cock whilst he squirmed underneath. It didn't take long until spurts of cum landed over his chest and, in the 3rd case, into his moaning mouth.

Cum began oozing out of his ass onto the rug beneath him. Carlos and Connor Slumped either side of Cooper. Smiling - Exhausted. They all fell asleep in one another's hot embrace. Cum getting smeared on them from the chest and floor during their sleep.

_________ To be Concluded.Rate. Comment. :)