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Small penis sucking from Japan
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They sat in front of her like two children who had been called into the principal's office. She was used to that look--had even come to expect it. Some couples were hostile towards each other and tried not to show it; although, she could read it in their body language--arms crossed over their chest, backs to each other while sitting in chairs that were side by side. Other couples sat straight up in their chairs with their hands in their laps, looking straight ahead and avoiding all eye contact with her.

This was her second session with the Petersons--Russell and Joanna. They were a couple in their mid-thirties, married for nine years with two children, a girl and a boy. Russell, a very successful real estate broker, was impatient and overbearing, which probably came from his chosen profession. Joanna was very timid and attractive; although, it wasn't apparent she knew it. She had been a legal secretary before marrying Russell and had then become a full time wife and mother.

The first session had gone reasonably well. They had been booked in with an hour block, which was usually what it took to loosen people up and try to get a feel for their situation.

Russell was eager to share with her, but Joanna held back, usually letting her husband speak for her. Of course, he was always cutting her off, not giving her a chance to speak for herself. She seemed to be used to this and not annoyed by it at all. Gwen looked at them and smiled. "Welcome back; it's wonderful to see you both here." "We're anxious to get our little problem sorted out, Doctor Lawrence," Russell stated.

"I can understand that completely," she said, giving them both a reassuring smile. "Now, from the information we gathered on your last visit, it seems the problems stem from what each of you feel is appropriate in the situation." "That's absolutely right!" Russell stated. "I want her to try new things, and she just won't budge." "That's not true," Joanna said softly, speaking for the first time. "I've tried some of them; I really have, but they are so.dirty." "Damn it, they're not dirty!

Perfectly normal people do the stuff I suggest!" "Russell, please.let's try and discuss openly, okay?" She smiled at him, an assurance she was on his side. "Sure, Doc," he said, a little less rambunctiously. "Wonderful. Now, Joanna, perhaps you can explain how you feel, and give us an example?" Joanna twisted her hands together. "I could try," she said meekly. Gwen smiled at her, nodding her head a little.

"That's all we ask. We're all friends here, and remember, we all have the same goal in mind." Joanna looked quickly at Russell and then leaned forward. "He wants me to put it in my mouth," she said in a barely audible voice.

Russell was about to say something until Gwen shot him a warning look. He obediently sat back in his chair. "What does he want you to put in your mouth?" Joanna swallowed hard. "His penis." "Have you ever tried?" Gwen asked, sitting back in her chair a little, trying to get comfortable.

The Petersons had insisted on a three-hour appointment--it appeared as though it was going to be a long three hours.

"A couple of times." "Once!" Russell shouted. "She tried it once for about four seconds and then said it was too gross and went to brush her teeth for an hour." Joanna looked at the floor and whispered, "It was all hard and hot and felt too big for my mouth." "How would you know? You barely put half an inch in!" "Russell, please," Gwen warned. He mumbled something, and she turned her attention back to Joanna. "Do you ever touch yourself?" Joanna let out a little gasp.

"You mean." "Masturbate! She's asking if you masturbate!" "Russell," Gwen said firmly. "Sorry," Russell muttered. "Do you?" Gwen asked again. Joanna looked at Russell, who was picking a piece of lint off his shirt.

She looked back at Gwen. "I've tried a few times with some items that Russell bought me, but I don't like them. They're too big and clumsy, and a couple of them vibrate so hard, I can't hang on to them." "Have you tried using just your fingers?" Joanna blushed. "I can't." Gwen smiled reassuringly.

"It's okay, a lot of women can't, and it's usually because they have either been programmed to think it's a bad thing to do, or they just don't know how to do it properly." "I don't think it's bad," Joanna said defensively. "I guess what I mean is that I don't know how to do it right." "There are books, videos, and even private tutors who can help you through these things." "How about you?" Russell asked with a smirk on his face.

"Me?" Gwen blushed, not wanting to divulge her own personal life to the Petersons. "What do you mean, Russell?" she asked, wondering if he was asking if she masturbated or if she could teach Joanna to masturbate. This was a path that was causing Gwen some discomfort. "Yeah, can't you teach her how to get herself off?" "Russell, I." Joanna stammered. "I'm actually a therapist," Gwen said. "I don't actually coach things like masturbation." "Well, do you masturbate?" he asked, eyeing her. "Of course," she said, without even blinking.

"Then I guess you're qualified. You're a woman who masturbates that we're paying two hundred dollars an hour. I would think we should get something for our hard-earned dollars." Gwen wanted to reach out and smack him, but fought the urge. Men like Russell Peterson really needed etiquette lessons and probably a big piece of duct tape over their mouth.

She decided to turn the table and defer to Joanna, who would reject the idea. Then they could move on. "What do you think, Joanna? Would you like to learn how to masturbate? Right here in my office with both Russell and myself here?" "Yes," Joanna said. Gwen's mouth dropped open. "You would?" she said, her voice an octave higher. She couldn't believe her miscalculation and already began to think of a way out of what was becoming an awkward situation.

"Yes," Joanna repeated. "I said I would keep an open mind in getting help, and I'm going to try hard." Gwen looked at Russell, who was grinning like an idiot.

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"Well realize that means you'll need to undress some, and we'll both be watching you." "Yes, of course," Joanna said quietly. "I'm comfortable that it would just be you and Russell here." Russell turned his chair around, to get the best possible view.

"I'm ready." Gwen fought the urge, again. Maybe Joanna would change her mind. "I think it's more important that Joanna is ready," she said, smiling, hoping that Joanna wasn't. "I need to use your bathroom first," Joanna said, and then quickly walked to the private bathroom at the rear of the office and disappeared. Russell picked up a magazine and started flipping through it, giving Gwen a moment to think.

Was she really about to teach a woman to masturbate? Reality hit--yes, she was. Did she need the business that badly?

Reality said yes, and so did all of her bills, which were piling up. Business hadn't been great lately, and maybe the Petersons would need a lot of help and then recommend her to their rich friends. She contemplated further and decided it would be worth it if she could help a dysfunctional couple that wanted to improve their relationship. Besides, there were many precedents for this kind of therapy, even if it seemed a bit strange--and THEY certainly weren't illegal.

Rather, the work of women such as Betty Dodson and Lonnie Barbach was actually acclaimed. "Oh, why not, it'll give me something to talk about at a conference or two," Gwen grinned to herself as she took a deep breath.

"Okay, I'm ready," Joanna said, returning from the bathroom. She was wearing a loose, long, flower-patterned sundress with buttons up the front. She had an excellent figure from what Gwen could tell. Russell dropped the magazine and watched his wife sit in the chair, crossing her legs.

"Shouldn't she get naked?" he asked excitedly. Gwen looked at Russell and smiled. "Russell, we will do this on one condition." "What?" "That you sit there and don't say a word. I don't want to hear anything from you, do you understand?" He didn't even look taken back.

"Yup, that's fine with me. Should she get naked now?" Gwen sighed and concentrated on Joanna. "Do you like having your breasts touched?" "Yes," Joanna giggled. "Oh yeah, in the old days she really liked me to suck." Gwen glared at him. "Uh, sorry, Doctor." Gwen wasn't sure where to go, so she suggested Joanna start with her breasts.

"Feel them through your dress.close your eyes, and just let your hands do whatever feels good." Joanna closed her eyes and brought her hands up to her breasts, massaging them gently, molding them beneath her hands. She squeezed them a little harder and then opened her eyes.

"Why did you stop?" Gwen asked. "Should I keep going? It felt nice, but I thought I was done." "Maybe you'd be more comfortable on the couch," Gwen suggested. "Russell and I will stay where we are." Joanna shrugged and moved over to the couch, which was against the wall to the right of Gwen's desk.

She sat down and crossed her legs and then looked over at Russell and Gwen, as if she was waiting for someone to tell her what to do. "Okay, play with your tits," Russell said eagerly.

"Let's see them!" Gwen ignored Russell. "Maybe it would feel better if you touched them without your dress in the way." "This feels kind of weird," Joanna said as she slowly started to unbutton her dress. "She's seen tits before, Jo," Russell said matter-of-factly. Gwen wondered what a woman like Joanna was doing with a jerk like Russell. She watched as Joanna pulled her dress down over her shoulders and let it fall around her waist.

She was wearing a silky white bra, which scooped down between her breasts, her round flesh spilling out between the cups. Joanna reached between her breasts and released the clasp, before pulling the cups back and letting her breasts free. "Fucking beautiful," Russell whispered, his lecherous eyes staring at his wife's nipples. Joanna pulled off her bra and looked at Gwen, who nodded encouragingly. Joanna leaned back and closed her eyes, her hands slowly moving to her breasts.

Her long fingers brushed over her breasts lightly and cupped them, squeezing them before pulling her hands back. Her fingers latched onto her nipples and started twisting and pulling them.

"Yeah, Baby," Russell said. He was sitting back in his chair with his legs spread open. Looking down, he could see a bulge forming in his pants, and he grinned as he looked over at Gwen who was watching Joanna intently. Joanna moaned a little louder with each tug and twist of her nipples. "This feels nice," she whispered.

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"Sometimes it feels good to shake them a little," Gwen said as she shook her head, unable to believe she had just said that. Joanna held her nipples and shook her hands, the wobbling motion moving through her breasts, jiggling them up and down. She moaned loudly and did it harder, stretching her nipples and twisting them while she did it. "How do you feel, Joanna?" Gwen asked as she checked the clock. Two hours to go. She was excited but, at the same time, very nervous about the way things were unfolding.

"Really good," Joanna said, her voice a little huskier. She opened her eyes, her hands frozen on her breasts. "Should I stop now?" "No, no." Gwen said. "When you're ready, you should start exploring other parts of your body--just let your hands wander." Gwen shot Russell a look before he even had a chance to comment.

She didn't want to hear what parts he thought his wife should be exploring. "Okay." Joanna said softly and closed her eyes again. Her hands grabbed at her breasts, digging her fingernails into them and pushing them together before rubbing them back and forth.

While she did that, she uncrossed her legs and spread her feet apart. Her dress fell down between her legs, allowing Russell and Gwen to see that her hips were moving ever so slightly.

"Mmmmm, yes." Russell whispered. "Squeeze them, Baby." Russell stirred in his chair, and Gwen shifted her glance to him. He really was a very attractive man. Dark hair, trimmed neatly, and he had dark brown, penetrating eyes. His body was toned, and when he smiled, he looked handsome and friendly--too bad he couldn't keep his big mouth shut. A moan from Joanna moved Gwen's attention back to the couch. One hand was still on her breast while the other one was moving up and down her thigh.

Her dress kept creeping up as Joanna moved her hand up her legs. She slid down on the couch and then stopped, opening her eyes. "What's wrong?" Gwen asked.

"You were doing just fine." Damned fine! Gwen thought privately.


"I'm not sure what to do next. I mean, I know, but I don' know?" Gwen nodded and smiled reassuringly. "Did you like how you felt when you were touching your breasts?" Joanna nodded. "Then just keep going.

Touch yourself where your body wants to be touched. Let your feelings flow, Joanna; there's no reason for you to be uncomfortable with what you are experiencing. It's very natural." "She means your pussy," Russell said, trying to be helpful. "Russell!" Joanna said, blushing furiously. "That's the final straw, Russell. I'm here to help you learn about each other, and you are interfering.

Not only are you are being disrespectful to me, but more importantly, you are being disrespectful to your wife. One more peep and I will have to end this session." While Gwen was trying to maintain a semblance of professionalism despite the turn of events, she really wanted Russell to shut up, so she could continue enjoying Joanna's sexual awakening.

Gwen was getting extremely turned on and was determined to maintain control of the situation. She didn't want to admit it, but her own sexual enjoyment was at stake. He cleared his throat and looked around the room, not wanting to look at Gwen because he knew she was glaring at him.

"Go ahead," Gwen encouraged. "Just let your body tell you what it wants--what it needs." Joanna looked down at her breasts and started fondling them again. She liked pushing them together and then rubbing them back and forth. She pushed harder, bringing her nipples together and letting them rub against each other.

Russell watched her intently. She looked sexy, sitting there playing with her breasts with her dress hanging around her waist. Her hem had slid up, and he could barely make out the crotch of her panties, tucked between her open thighs.

He wanted to tell her to start playing with her pussy, but controlled himself--it would happen soon enough. Joanna sunk into the mood again and let her hands run down over her ribs and stomach, taking handfuls of her dress and pulling it up. With her hands on her thighs, she slowly dragged her fingertips up and then slipped them between her thighs, moving up further until they brushed against the crotch of her panties. She opened her eyes quickly and looked at Gwen, who simply nodded, and then she closed her eyes again.

With one index finger, she touched her panties, feeling her heat but stopping there. "Just rub your fingers up and down," Gwen coached. Joanna nodded and closed her eyes. She ran her fingers lazily over her panties, feeling her lips pressing snuggly against the material. She rubbed a little harder, moving her fingertips up and down in smooth long strokes, and then stopped.

"I don't feel anything," she confessed, looking at Gwen. Gwen frowned. "Perhaps it would be better if you took off your panties." She could almost hear Russell silently cheering her on. "If you say so," Joanna said, looking unconvinced. She stood up and slipped out of her dress and quickly pulled off her panties. Sitting down on the couch, she was naked except for her heels.

Gwen tried not to stare, but she had been right--Joanna really did have an excellent body. Her breasts were still fairly high, a slim waist flowed down into curvy hips, and a light patch of blonde hair nestled between her thighs.

Apparently, she was a real blonde. "Maybe this isn't working," Joanna said, staring at Gwen. "I admit it's rather odd--the situation, I mean, but I think it might work." "But I'm not sure how to move--how to touch myself." "Close your eyes," Gwen instructed, and Joanna closed them.

"Now put your hands on your breasts and do what you were doing before. Squeeze them.yes, like that. Do whatever makes you feel good, and let your imagination go. Think of someone that you'd like to have touching you right now." "Mmmmm Mel Gibson," Joanna whispered.

Russell mumbled something, and Gwen looked at him and smiled; although, he wasn't looking at her. His eyes were moving up and down his wife's naked body appreciatively. At least he had some taste. "Mel's large hands are on your breasts, touching, kneading. You can feel the heat from his body against yours, and it's very apparent in the way he's touching you that he wants more. He likes the way you respond when he plays with your nipples." Joanna moaned as she started getting into what Gwen was saying, enjoying the fantasy.

She pulled her nipples, holding them tight and shaking them.

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The sensation shook down her body, and she shivered in pleasure. She squirmed, and her hips started to rock a little as her hand slid down her stomach. As her fingers brushed through her pubic hair, she became less aware of her surroundings. Russell twisted uncomfortably in his chair, as his pants started to feel a size too small.

He absentmindedly rubbed his crotch as he watched his wife's index finger run up and down her swelling lips. Without turning his head, he looked at Gwen out of the corner of his eye and grinned inwardly. Her eyes were locked on Joanna, and he wondered if the sight was making her as wet as it was making him hard. He wished he could look her directly in the eye and see if her passions were burning like his. His eyes moved back to Joanna just in time to watch her fingers spread her lips open.

"She's getting so fucking wet," he mumbled. Gwen heard Russell but ignored him because he didn't seem to be having any effect on Joanna's concentration. She wasn't sure she could speak even if she tried. She'd never watched a woman masturbate before--not a real one, anyway. It was quite fascinating--almost like looking in a mirror at herself. Joanna seemed to know exactly how to move--where to place her fingers and the type of pressure to use.

Russell was right about one thing, though; Joanna certainly was getting wet. Her swollen lips were coated with her thick juices. Crossing her legs tighter, Gwen realized Joanna wasn't the only one in that condition. "Do it," Russell coaxed. "Fuck yourself with your fingers." Gwen tried to speak but stopped when she watched Joanna respond to Russell's words.

Instantly, Joanna pushed two fingers into her pussy and started pumping them in and out. A low moan escaped Joanna's lips, and then she moved her feet up onto the edge of the couch, spreading her knees apart. "That's it," Russell growled.

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"Do it, Jo.fuck yourself hard." He didn't look at Gwen because he knew she was probably giving him one of her chastising looks.

Instead, he rubbed his crotch harder and wished he could release his cock and get himself off too. The idea became more appealing to him, and he smiled to himself. Hell, they were paying for this, so why not?


Slowly, he unzipped his zipper and dug his hand into his pants and through the front flap of his boxers. He shivered when his fingers made contact with his throbbing cock. His other hand undid the button on his pants as he pulled his cock out, and then he looked down and smiled.

He was as hard as a rock, and pre-cum was dripping down his shaft. Wrapping his fingers around it, he started stroking slowly as his eyes wandered back to his wife's activities.

She was moaning uncontrollably now, and he knew it was only a matter of minutes before she came. The sucking sound of her fingers driving into her wet pussy suddenly became louder to him than her moans.

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He stroked a little slower, not wanting to cum yet. "Oh God!" Joanna moaned, totally oblivious to anything but what her fingers were doing.

Her legs were shaking so hard they slipped off the couch. She raised her hips, humping against her fingers as she inserted a third finger. Her thumb rubbed spastically over her clit, and suddenly she lost all control. Leaning her head back, she let out a scream, followed by several loud moans as she came. Her body jerked and held her fingers captive until she finished cumming. Gwen gulped, unable to turn her eyes away from Joanna.

Her own panties were soaked--she could feel them sticking to her. She caught a movement out of the corner of her eye and turned her head to look at Russell, her mouth dropping open when she saw what he was doing. "Russell," she said gruffly, not even recognizing her own husky voice.

"I don't think this is the place for." "Did that feel good, Jo?" he asked as he lovingly stroked his throbbing cock. Joanna opened her eyes and looked at him. Her body was trembling as she removed her fingers. Her fingers were slick with her juices. "Yes." she said breathlessly. "But." "But what?" he asked. "I want more," she said, the lust obvious in her voice. "That's my girl," he said, not missing a stroke. "What do you want?" Joanna looked at Gwen quickly and then back to Russell.

"I want you." Russell grinned. "You want me what?" "I want you to fuck me," she blurted out loudly. Gwen stood up. "Listen, I don't think this is the time or place for you two to." "How do you want it?" Russell asked.

He stood up and started tearing at his clothes. Instantly, he was naked before them. "Russell, please get." Joanna got off the couch and turned around, bending from her waist. She placed her hands on the cushions and spread her legs apart. "Joanna, really, I don't think." "I want you like this!" Joanna said. She wiggled her ass at Russell, who moved quickly behind her and grabbed her hips. "Damn it, Baby, you know how long I've wanted to take you like this." Gwen dropped into her chair, helpless.

They were about to have sex in her office, and there was nothing she could do about it. Or was there? She reached for the phone and started to dial security when she saw Russell slapping his cock against Joanna's ass.

Gwen was torn; what was unfolding before her was making her hornier than she'd ever felt. Joanna trembled and whimpered for Russell to take her, moving her hips and pushing her ass back against him. The sight in front of her mesmerized Gwen. She gasped when he moved his cock down between his wife's leg and slapped it upwards, hitting her swollen lips. "Security," a voice boomed over the phone. "Hello? Anyone there?" "Sorry, wrong number," she whispered and dropped the phone back into the cradle.


"Russell, please," Joanna begged. "You want it, Baby?" he asked, wondering how long he could tease her before he exploded all over her. "Yes.yes.YES!" Russell put one hand flat on the small of her back and started running it up her spine, pushing her torso down against the couch. When he was satisfied with her position, he brought his hand back to her hips and grinned.

He was going to enjoy this immensely--he also hoped Dr. Lawrence had a good view of his wife's pussy and was about to enjoy herself. He wished he could see her face at that very moment. Gwen heard someone breathing hard and then realized it was coming from her. She tried to tear her eyes away from them but couldn't.

Joanna's arms were spread out in front of her, her fingers clutching the edge of the cushions and her head turned to the side flat against the couch. Her long legs were visibly shaking so hard she looked like she was in danger of falling off her high heels.

Gwen knew she wouldn't fall because Russell was holding her hips. She watched as Russell placed the head of his cock at her opening, and she gasped and tightened her thighs together when he plunged into Joanna. "Fuck," Russell groaned, slamming himself into Joanna hard and fast, and then he teased her by almost pulling right out, leaving only the head of his swollen cock inside.

Joanna begged him to fuck her, and he obliged, ramming himself back into her. Gwen watched in a mixture of disbelief and arousal. Joanna was making squeaky, moaning sounds from deep inside her throat, making her sound like an animal in heat. Without thinking, Gwen dropped her hand onto her lap and uncrossed her legs.

She rubbed her crotch through her slacks as Russell continued to fuck his wife without any restraint. She could feel the heat of her own pussy through the wool material and began to rub harder with her index finger, finally applying enough pressure that she could feel her swollen clit and her cotton panties rubbing against it. "I want you to cum!" Russell yelled as he bent over and leaned against Joanna's back, still driving his cock deeply into her soaking wet pussy.

His hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard and then pulled down until only her rock hard nipples were between his fingers. He pinched and pulled them as he thrust into her, causing Joanna to groan and shriek with pleasure. "Cum!" he yelled again, feeling the pressure building in his balls and the vibrations running down the length of his cock. Suddenly, her pussy muscles clenched his cock hard, and he released her breasts and stood up.

Grasping her hips, he almost pulled right out of her and then watched as his cock quickly disappeared back into her. "Russell!" Joanna screamed and then let out a blood-curdling scream. She gripped the couch and slammed back against him, shaking hard as her orgasm rode up her legs and then shot like lightning through her entire body.

She felt Russell's arms go around her waist, holding her up as his hips jolted in one final thrust before he came. "Ahhhhh yes," he groaned, releasing into her. His arms tightened around her waist as his cock jerked inside her hot wet pussy. He could barely stand up himself, let alone support Joanna. Carefully, he pulled her up against him and then turned around, dropping on the couch and pulling her on top of him.

Gwen removed her hand and turned, placing both on her desk as she tried to avoid all eye contact with them. She tried to compose herself; although, she wasn't sure she completely could--not without cumming first. "I'll leave you two to get dressed," she said and then practically ran out of her office. She needed to make a phone call, and would kill her husband if he wasn't home. ~:~:~ Russell started the car and looked over at his wife, smiling. "I think we had a major breakthrough today." Joanna laughed and touched his face affectionately.

"Did that fulfill your fantasy, Darling?" "Fucking right it did," Russell said, placing his hand on Joanna's thigh. "I only wish I could have seen her face while we were fucking, but knowing she was there was more than enough. Money well spent, I'd say." Joanna smiled at him. "I agree. I wonder if she's up there right now reliving the scene and doing herself." Russell put the car into drive and slowly pulled out of the parking space.

"Now it's your turn." "We'll have to wait until tomorrow." "Why?" "Because the postman delivers to our house in the morning."