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Brazzers cute teen melissa romi
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The Vampire's Kiss Chapter 13: Bloody Orgy by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 The vampire Faust stared with fear at the priest. Father Augustine had changed in the time since they first met in the early hours of the morning. The priest was possessed by the demon Jezebel, Faust's patron, sent to protect him. Augustine's eyes bored into Faust's while the priest's hand gripped Lynette's black hair, working her mouth up and down his cock.

Lynette was Faust's vampiress and lover. Her wanton moans twisted Faust's stomach. Her skimpy, black negligee, worn to please Faust, had hiked over the pale cheeks of her ass, revealing her fingers plunging into her hot pussy. She was willing. "Release my vampiress, Priest," growled Faust. He blustered, but the old vampire knew better than to show fear.

Weakness. Especially after seeing the reinforced doors of his office torn open by the supposedly human priest. "Now." "Your woman was wet for my cock," the priest answered, a mocking smile on his lips. "Fickle whore wanted a real cock." Faust's jaw tightened as Lynette moaned again.

The tangy of her pussy flooded the room as she orgasmed. Her juices squirted out of her cunt, splashing around her wrist, and staining the expensive marble flooring. "She is a slave to her lusts," said the blonde slut standing beside the priest.

"Like all women. And the Father's cock inspires." Faust sneered. "Where are your other whores? Did you attend to Damien?" Is the threat against me ended? "He lives. If you can call your kinds' existence living." "Then why are you here instead of attending to the vampire?" "Things are different now." Pleasure crossed the priest's face.

He held Lynette's head on his cock. Lynette swallowed the priest cum, moaning in delight. Faust's enhanced senses heard every last blast of the priest's cum rushing out of his cock, the streams of jizz splashing into her mouth, the muscles working in her throat as she swallowed every drop, and the long, orgasmic sigh that rose from her depths.

Humiliation smoldered in the vampire. My woman. "Explain, Priest," Faust growled, pushing down his fear. He was beyond such weakness. He was beyond human frailty. Faust advanced. "Explain, Priest, why I shouldn't rip your head off for your effrontery." This is my kingdom he treads upon, my subjects he uses. Lynette kept sucking as Faust stood over the priest. Her eyes were glazed with bliss, her fingers still fucked her dripping cunt.

The priest stared up at Faust without fear. Father Augustine's blue eyes were a storming sea about to crash over the vampire and drown him. "Your perverse kind do not deserve to walk this world," growled the priest.

"You had your chance, Faust, but you have failed. You have caused this doom to fall upon you by your own actions. She is not happy." "Jezebel?" swallowed the priest.

Lynette moaned as she came again. "How can you provide her with her tribute when all those you've corrupted are dead by your own folly? You created Damien and provoked him." The priest grabbed Lynette's hair and ripped her off his cock. He rose and seized Faust's throat. Iron gripped the vampire. The priest lifted him from the ground.

"A-are you going t-to kill me?" choked the vampire. Surely that squeaking voice can't be mine. I'm a conquerer. A lord. I do not beg. "Please. I c-can still furnish the tributes." "So can I." The priest's hand burned. His body beat with so much life. "I can still serve.

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I-I can aide you." Stop being weak. "P-please, Father." "I do not need your filthy kind serving me." Faust's eyes flicked to Lynette. "I c-can be useful." "Yes, you can be." A smile crossed the priest's face. Another weak, human emotion rose in Faust's breast. Hope. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Britney Lawson couldn't help the excited, giddy bubbles churning her stomach.

The thrall to Damien couldn't wait for her mother to wake up from her change as a beautiful vampiress. We'll serve Damien forever and ever. Her giddiness almost interfered in her job. She was in the back of the large SUV Rosa had stolen. The vampiress was beside Britney, stringing up the black sheet to cut off the back of the SUV from the driver seat, shielding the rear from the sun's pure rays.

There were six vampires in Britney's dark family—her master Damien, his sultry wife Abigail, Britney's best friend Mary, Rosa, and Samantha and Britney's mother.

The last two both underwent the change from life into undeath. Out of the six, only Rosa had the gift of daywalking.

Only she could withstand the direct light of the sun's pure rays. Britney, her nipples both aching as the bite wounds from Rosa and Mary adorning her areolas healed, painted the windows in the back of the SUV black. Paint from coating the windows of their safe house remained. She was careful, making sure every inch of the window was covered.

She would not allow for her master or his vampiresses to burn. "Hand me the other sheet," Rosa commanded, the Latina vampiress's words cold. Little humanity lingered in Rosa. She was merciless. Mary had whispered to Britney how Rosa had killed in the mansion while rescuing Abigail.

She had enjoyed it, coating herself in all the wonderful blood. Whenever Rosa looked at Britney it was a lioness gazing at a gazelle. She wants to devour me. The thought made Britney wet.

The young woman loved to be devoured. "Here," Britney smiled, handing over the sheet. "You're wet," Rosa said. "I can smell it through your clothing. Is it me?" "Yes," Britney moaned. "I'm such a slut for vampires." Rosa laughed and let out a hungry purr. "I can feel it," Britney continued. "You want to pin me to the floor and drain every drop of my blood. You want to feel my pulse flutter and still. To drink my blood while the warmth fades from my body." "So much," Rosa moaned.

"That's why I'm wet." "The danger?" Britney shook her head as she dipped her roller into paint pan. "The thrill of being fed on, to feel my life spill into another.

It's such a drug. Like sex. Every time I'm fed on, this rush shots through me—what if it is the last time? What if my Master decides to drain me all the way?" "He never would. Damien's too soft to kill one of his women." "He's not soft." Britney fixed an angry glare at the vampiress. "Only with his women. He still loves." Rosa snorted.

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"I learned as a child how foolish that emotion was." Rosa stared at Britney, the vampiress's tongue flicking across her lips. Damien's commands held her in check. She was wild, straining at the leash, eager to feast and slay.

Britney squeezed her thighs together as death stared at her. I would cum so hard as she drained me. The door to the SUV opened and Vickie, Damien's other thrall, climbed in.

The Black girl's face was flushed with pain, and she pressed her hand to her belly. In the fight, Shannon had shot Vickie. That was before Abigail had subdued and turned Shannon. "Master is growing impatient," Vickie said, wincing as she bent down to grab the paintbrush.

She turned to the back window. "It's coming along," Rosa said as she attached the second sheet, ensuring no sunlight would slip by into the back. "I'll go open the club up." The vampiress slipped out the open door into the sunlight streaming through the alley. Her clothing was torn and bloodied. Father Augustine, the priest from my parish church, had attacked Rosa this morning.

To escape, she had thrown herself through a window at her office. The vampiress walked to a padlocked loading door. A club called Risqué lay beneath the loft Damien had chosen as his lair. Rosa snapped off the padlock and ripped open the door. It rattled as it rolled up. Inside, Damien waited with the other vampiresses beneath a hole ripped through the flooring. Rosa climbed back in the SUV, started it up, and drove it into the parking garage.

Paint slopped. Britney sighed. "We're almost done, Master," Britney reported as she rolled the paint over the final window. There were so many of them.

Humans wanted to see out in the world. "The back is safe for you, Sire," Rosa said, a hint of malice in her words. She was disappointed it was safe. She itched at her leash. Damien nodded. He had Britney's mother—a busty, mature blonde—slung in his arms. Britney was eager for her mother to wake up. What did Father Augustine do to you and Shannon? Why were you so strong and swift? Shannon, a woman a few years older than the eighteen-year-old Britney, lay draped over Abigail's shoulder.

Britney knew Shannon from church. The young woman's wedding was next week. I guess that's not happening. She has a new man in her life. Britney giggled as Abigail threw Shannon's body into the car. The young woman's glasses almost came askew. Britney leaned down and adjusted them then gave Shannon a quick kiss on the lips, stroking her fair cheek. "A car's approaching," Damien said, his back straightening.

He drew the sawed-off shotgun he carried. Abigail produced the 9mm automatic handgun she looted off of Shannon. She carried it with practice ease. Britney's heart beat faster as a vehicle's tires squealed as it turned into the alley. A black SUV, the windows tinted too dark to see through, pulled up to the open door.

A huge, blond man stepped out. I gaped. The man had muscles on his muscles and almost no neck. Abigail hissed, "You." "We come with a peace offering," the man said with a thick, German accent. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abigail D'Angelo kept her gun aimed on the German, as she called the blond brute.

"There is nothing Faust could offer us to buy peace. Not after what he did." Anger burned in the vampiress. Memories of being attack, being fed on while Faust fucked her, turning and chaining her. She remembered killing her own husband, drinking his blood and turning him into a vampire on Faust's orders then having to fuck her Sire in front of Damien. His cries of shame and rage echoed through her mind as he had struggled to break free of his bonds.

I came so hard, so many times. Faust emasculated my husband, and I was the knife. She pressed her finger to the trigger. It had a 3 lb. pull. She put two on it. A hairsbreadth more and she would put three silver rounds into the thrall's chest.

The German ignored the weapon as Damien moved closer, his shotgun held before him. "The only thing I want from Faust is his head," Damien snarled, such hatred in his voice. Even in high school, before Vincent preyed on their friends—on Lynette!—and they became vampire hunters, Abigail had found her husband's strength so sexy. He made her wet. She surrendered her virginity to him. And a decade-and-a-half spent hunting vampires, honing his skills, his strength, kept her desire flowing.

And now as a vampire, he was so strong, so powerful. He would not compromise. Only Faust's death would satisfy them. "The peace offering isn't from Faust," the German said. He wrenched open the back of the van. Faust lay inside, thrown on the floor like a sack of potatoes, his body wrapped in chains. Abigail let out a shocked gasped.

"You're his thrall," she said as the German reached in and seized Faust. "What is going on?" "We serve the priest now," answered the German. He threw Faust through the doorway. Chains rattled as the vampire rolled to Damien's feet. "Father Augustine doesn't want to be your enemy.

He'll be your ally or you can simply walk away." "P-please," whined Faust. "Abigail, set me free." Abigail arched an eyebrow, then her foot latched out, planting in the vampire's stomach. His grunt sent a surge of excitement through her. She pointed her gun at his belly, aimed between the loops of chains, and fired.

Faust howled as the silver bullets penetrated his stomach. The wounds burned, smoke hissing. His agony sang through her heart. Abigail's pussy grew wet. Her excitement dripped down her thighs as she savored the scent of his blood mixed with the gunpowder. The brass shells tinkled as they bounced across the cement floor. What a beautiful melody.

"Faust is yours to deal with," the German said, closing the SUV's side door. Damien put his booted foot on Faust's neck, pressing down hard. "And my angel?" The German furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't know anything about an angel." "Father Augustine destroyed her." A snarl crossed Damien's lips. His fangs bared.

"He has to answer for her death." "You're welcome to try," the German shrugged. "But the priest is not someone you want to make enemies with." He climbed into the passenger seat of the SUV, sunlight falling across his face. The SUV's tires squealed as it roared down the alleyway and out of sight. "P-please," sobbed Faust. "Please, I c-can help. I-I know how—" His words cut off as Damien crushed his windpipe. "What happened to the arrogant prick? What happened to all your power?" "Father.Augustine." the vampire choked out.

"He.he.not.human." Abigail aimed at the priest's kneecap and flicked the selector switch on the 9mm to single shot. She fired a single shot. His kneecap exploded. His howls were so sweet. Abigail pressed her thighs together and fired at his other kneecap. Damien turned to Abigail, his nose flaring.

He can smell my excitement. "Throw the filth in the back of the SUV," Damien barked, pulling Abigail to him. The vampiress trembled as his arms went around her body. She gasped as she pressed against him. Her thighs parted, rubbing her naked cunt on his black, combat pants.

Her clit rasped as she humped, her flesh aching. Faust howled and blubbered behind her. "There's so much he can tell us," moaned Abigail as her nipples rubbed into her husband's chest, tingling on the cloth.

"We'll have to extract it from him." "Yes," Damien growled, his cock hard against her thigh. She rubbed her flesh against him as she humped. Such delicious bliss rippled through her body. His hands seized her thighs. "We'll have to be thorough." His mouth kissed her hard.

His hands lifted her ass. She through her legs around his waist, holding him tight, grinding directly on his cock. Her blood pumped fast, her excitement growing. The scent of Faust's blood and smoking flesh propelled her lusts.

She moaned into the kiss as her clit rubbed up and down on his pants, scraping across rough fabric. Delicious pleasure roared through her. Faust howled again as Mary and Rosa threw him in the back of the SUV. Damien followed, holding his wife. She groaned as he stretched her down beside the screaming, howling, pathetic vampire.

Her red hair fanned out, crimson tendrils reaching in all directions, brushing Faust. Damien's hands squeezed her tits. He broke the kiss and she groaned, humping harder against him as he twisted her nipples. Her back arched as the bliss seared through her body. Rosa and Vickie climbed into the front seats. "Take us to a safe house," Damien growled at Rosa as she started the SUV. "Yes, Sire." "We're going to inflict so much pain on you," Abigail gasped to Faust as Damien leaned down and sucked on her nipple.

Delight shot through her. And then Damien bit. "Oh, yes, so much agony." Abigail's eyes fluttered as the pleasure rippled through her body.

Damien's teeth were in her, minicocks penetrating her body. Her blood flowed into his mouth as he sucked and worshiped her nub. "They're going to hurt you so badly," Britney giggled, a silver-plated knife in hand.

Then she cut Faust's cheek. "Master wants you to suffer." "Ooh, I have to try," Mary giggled, taking the knife from Britney's hand and leaving another smoking wound on the vampire's flesh.

"Yes," Abigail gasped, savoring Faust's pain as Damien suckled on her breast. She ran her hands through Damien's dark-brown, short hair.

His hungry eyes flashed up at hers as he feasted. He released her right nipple, leaving bleeding wounds behind, the crimson trailing across her pale flesh, and moved over to her left.

He bite. She came. "Yes!" screamed Abigail as her pleasure burst through her. She bucked and shuddered beneath Damien. Her pussy humped against his flesh. Her moans echoed through the back of the SUV. She bucked and undulated, grunting with each explosion of her pleasure. It was so sweet. It rushed through her body, driving her wild with his touch. "Damien, yes!" Her blood flowed into his mouth as he played with her nipple. Her juice gushed from her pussy, soaking into his clothing as she humped her hot cunt against him.

Every breath through her nose carried the scents of Faust's agony. A heady aroma. Britney leaned over, licking at the trickles of blood leaking from Abigail's right breast. The thrall latched on, sucking as the wound healed. Abigail groaned and gasped, both her nipples bursting with pleasure. "Fuck," she groaned. "Keep making him howl, Mary." "I will," laughed the vampiress. Faust screamed almost as loud as Abigail moaned. She thrashed on the carpet of the SUV, her orgasm driving towards a peak of bliss.

Damien sucked harder while his strong hands roamed her body, teasing her. Abigail licked her lips, turning her head and staring at Britney's heaving tits in her low-cut top. "I need to feed, slut." "Yes, Mistress." As Damien worked his way down Abigail's body, biting her, leaving bloody kisses behind, Britney freed a large, round tit from her blouse.

The young blonde brandished a pink nipple beading with milk. Her areola had healed from Rosa and Mary's feeding earlier. Abigail engulfed nipple and areola, knifing her fangs into Britney's flesh. She let out an orgasmic sigh and stroked Abigail's hair as the vampiress fed. She sucked mouthfuls of blood and milk mixed together, feasting on the motherly drink.

Two different forms of life mixed together. "That's it, Mistress," cooed Britney, sounding like a young mother. "Mmm, drink it all down." Damien's hungry eyes were on her as he knelt between her spread thighs. She slid her legs, her knees forming a pair of chevrons flanking him. Damien bit into her thigh.

Sharp, hot pain flared through her. Abigail moaned about Britney's nipple. "Such a beautiful sight," Damien said, watching the blood trickle down Abigail's thigh towards her pussy. She felt the trickle as her body heaved.

It reached her pubic hair, mixing with the fiery bush. I bet that must be a beautiful sight. Damien licked the blood down her thigh, his tongue's caress sending a wicked shudder through her body.

She moaned and arched her back. His lips found her pussy. He licked through her folds, teasing her excited flesh. "She loves it, Master," cooed Britney. "She sucks so hard when you lick her pussy." Faust howled again. Fresh blood burned in the air. Abigail humped her pussy into her husband's devouring mouth. He licked and nuzzled, feasting on her flesh. Her pussy clenched.

She groaned, a desperate hunger in her depths. She had to be filled. To be used and fucked. She didn't need her pussy eaten. "Fuck me," Abigail hissed, releasing Britney's nipple. "Ram that big, thick cock in me, Damien. I need it. Pound me.

Oh, I'm so horny." Mary laughed as Faust howled. "Pound me. Make me scream louder than Faust." "Yes," Damien growled, his lips smeared with her pussy juices. Damien mounted Abigail as he unzipped his fly. With the dexterity of a vampire, he produced his dick and slammed into her depths. She groaned as her pussy embraced his shaft. She clamped down on his thrusting girth, rocking to him as their lips met, sharing the flavor of blood, milk, and pussy juices.

"Oh, pound her, Master," Britney smiled, her breast still out, oozing blood and dripping with milk. "Make him howl," Damien growled as he pounded his wife. The SUV rocked as Rosa drove it through Chicago. Damien's thrusts were powerful. His dick slammed into Abigail's cunt. His groin bruised her labia. Such sweet agony shot through her.

She hissed through her teeth as Faust's howls grew louder. "Ooh, look at how he twists when I do this," Britney chortled in her innocent voice. "That's so hot," Mary agreed. Abigail bucked her hips into her husband's thrusts. They kissed and moaned as their bodies heaved together, driving towards their mutual climaxes. His balls smacked into her.

His hands squeezed her breasts and rolled her nipples. His dick reamed her cunt. The pleasure rippled through Abigail. Her clit ached every time Damien slammed into her depths. Powerful sparks flooded through her body.

They crashed inside of her depths. She groaned and spasmed, drinking in the bliss. "Yes, yes, yes," she moaned. "Oh, Damien, pound me. Make me cum so fucking hard! I love it." "Just listen to his agony," Damien growled in her ear. "His suffering. He tried to destroy us." "And failed!" Her pussy clenched on his cock. Faust screamed and thrashed. Blood spurted, splashing across Abigail's face.

She licked her lips, tasting the blood of her Sire, her enemy. Her back arched. Her body tensed. She exploded. Abigail thrashed beneath her husband. Her pussy writhed about his cock, milking him, pleasuring him.

She gasped and grunted, her fingernails scraping across the tough cloth of his black combat fatigues. Her pussy spasmed about his dick. He fucked her harder, driving his cock into her depths. The pleasure rippled out of her. Sweet bliss. It drowned her mind. Her senses came alive. Every gasp of Faust, every inhalation of his blood, every thrust of Damien's cock, every caress of her husband's hand drove Abigail higher and higher. She screamed in wordless pleasure.

Rapture had carried her beyond intelligence. She groaned and gasped. Her thighs clenched about his waists as she bucked into his thrusts. Her clit burst with pleasure every time he slammed into her. He kept her orgasm alive.

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Her head lolled. A silver knife flashed. Blood spurted. Faust howled. Abigail's orgasm swelled even higher. The world fuzzed around her. She drifted on pleasure. "Savor your revenge," Damien growled in her ear. "Savor it." He bit her lobe. She shuddered at the new sensation crashing bliss through her. His dick buried into her depths. His cum spilled into her body.

And the entire time, Faust cried and blubbered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "No one will be coming here," Rosa said as Damien D'Angel stepped out of the SUV dragging the bloody Faust with him.

Mary and Britney had used the silver dagger all over his body. "After what happened this morning at my office, I doubt any of my coworkers are showing houses." Damien nodded. They were in the suburb of Chicago in a foreclosed house. The garage was empty of anything, the cement slab stained with oil spots. The chains rattled as he hauled Faust to the wall and threw him into the corner.

"Rosa, Mary, string him up against the wall." "Yes, Sire," both vampiresses said. Rosa stripped naked as she walked over, unveiling her gorgeous, Latina flesh, her ass swaying. Abigail pressed up against Damien. He was naked. Abigail had ripped off his clothing before they fucked again in the car ride over. He breathed in her scent, mixed with the salty musk of his seed dripping out of her cunt.

"Just like he strung you up," she purred. "I won't be stupid enough to leave without making sure he's dead." Abigail nuzzled into his neck. "You always were thorough." Her hand found his dick. "Can I torture him. After what he did to me." Anger burned in her voice. "It's my gift to you," Damien answered. "Our anniversary is coming up." Abigail gave a wicked giggle. "Did you remember for once?" His hand squeezed her ass then pushed her forward.

Mary and Rosa worked swiftly. Mary's enhanced speed helped out. They had his bleeding, burned body unwrapped and used the chains to hang him by the wrists from the garage's rafters. He dangled, slumped. "We need to know the layout of your building's security," Abigail said. Damien watched his wife interrogate Faust. His dick thrust hard before him.

Vickie and Britney knelt on the floor, their lips kissing his dick, their vanilla and chocolate cheeks pressed together as their tongues flicked and licked his cock. Nearby, Rosa and Mary sixty-nined, satiating their lusts. Damien stroked their hair as Abigail worked the silver knife through Faust's flesh.

The pathetic vampire spilled all his details. He blubbered the entire time, his body shaking. Damien savored his enemy's humiliation. Faust had fallen hard. He thought himself at the apex of the world and reality had taught him differently.

He was weak. "The priest is possessed," he blubbered, "Jezebel has made him into something more than human. He's nephilim." "Nephilim?" Abigail frowned. "Like from the old testament." Blood spattered his wife's body. It dripped down her curves, highlighting them in the artificial light of the garage. She rubbed a nipple with her left forefinger, circling her areola as she studied Faust.

Damien's dick ached. Britney and Vickie moaned as they pleasured him. "Speak." "It's ancient," sobbed Faust. "Jezebel captured an angel somehow. The combined union of Heaven and Perdition changed the priest. He's stronger than a human, than a vampire. He is powerful. Unstoppable. Nephilim are dangerous. He took my vampiress, my thralls. They fell before his power. They betrayed me. "And they'll betray you, Damien!" Faust's eyes sought out Damien's. "Your women will serve him, fuck him.

Abigail will become so wet. She'll bend over and beg for his cock to sodomize her ass before you. I controlled her last time, but the priest.he'll make her his willing slave. She'll be helpless." "I would never," Abigail hissed and slashed the knife across the priest's chest, leaving a smoking, bleeding wound behind.

"Mine did," Faust wept. "She didn't hesitate. She sucked his cock. She worshiped him. And so will you and the other whores." "We would never," Britney gasped. "We love Master." "Uh-huh," Vickie moaned then swallowed Damien's cock. Pleasure rushed through you. "Of course your whore and your servants betrayed you," laughed Abigail. "You never inspired loyalty. Your servants feared you. They never loved you. But Damien's a better vampire. He everything you are not." Damien's hand tightened in Vickie's hair as he fucked her mouth.

He heard the love in Abigail's words. He knew the truth of her statements. Father Augustine would never steal my women from me. "You say the demon's stole my angel's powers?" Damien growled. "Is she dead?" "The angel?" groaned Faust. "No. She's imprisoned, somewhere in the priest's soul." Faust licked blood-flecked lips. "You have an angel?" "I tamed her," laughed Damien, thrusting harder, remembering Aurora's beauty. "I dominated her and made her sing for me." Damien's dick ached in Vickie's mouth.

His shaft dived down her throat. She moaned her enjoyment as his balls smacked her chin. She hummed and swallowed, pleasuring his cock as he savored his triumph. "I claimed an angel, Faust," snarled Damien. "And the priest took her. I don't care what the fuck he is. I will tear him apart. I will rip out his entrails to find my angel." "Yes," Britney moaned. "You'll loose," Faust shouted. "You'll—" His words cut off in a bloody gurgle.

Abigail sawed the knife into his throat. Blood spurted, spraying her body as she cut more and more of the vampire's head off. Abigail moaned, her asscheeks clenching as she writhed her hips. Damien's thrusts grew harder as Faust died. Abigail's knife parted his flesh then sawed through bone. With a snarl of triumph, Abigail lifted Faust's head and turned to Damien.

She held her prize aloft, blood smearing her breasts. "Yes," Damien snarled and came down Vickie's throat. He held the thrall's head as cum spurted from his dick. The pleasure rushed through him. Faust was dead. Abigail tossed his head to the side and walked to him. She rubbed her hands up her belly, smearing the blood.

Behind her, Rosa and Mary rushed to Faust's corpse, drinking the blood from his neck, moaning their delight. "We'll crush the priest," Abigail purred, pressing her blood-stained body against Damien.

"Faust was weak. Frail. Father Augustine will pay for stealing Aurora." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abigail gasped as she laid on the cold garage floor. The cement leached the heat from her body as she squirmed, rubbing the blood smeared flesh across her body. Damien, Britney, Vicky, Mary, and Rosa fell on her, licking Faust's blood from her skin. "So good," Britney panted, her tongue licking at the blood staining Abigail's thighs. "Yes," Rosa panted, the vampiress nuzzling at Abigail's neck.

Her tongue licked up and down Abigail's neck, gathering Faust's blood. Damien lapped at the blood on her stomach. Abigail shuddered. Her thighs pressed together, working her clit as the five tongues bathed her body. Her sensitive skin savored every lick and flick, the pleasure rushing down her body as she relieved the moment of killing Faust, the slice of the knife through his flesh and the spurt of his blood bathing her body.

Vickie nuzzled at Abigail's face. The Black woman kissed and licked. Their lips met. Abigail savored Faust's salty blood on the thrall's lips. She squirmed and groaned, her body teased. Mary found Abigail's right nipple, sucking the blood off and making her squeal.

"Father Augustine would never make me his slut," gasped Mary. "Even if the priest does fuck good." "You fucked the priest?" Abigail moaned. "At the church before I was turned," Mary moaned. "I seduced him. He fucked me on the altar. It was so hot. But I'm Damien's now." "Yes," Rosa snarled between licks. "Damien's. Not some old priests." Britney's tongue licked down Abigail's thigh and brushed her pussy. The vampiress groaned. Such sweet ecstasy rushed through her body.

She squirmed on the concrete as the harem feasted on Faust's unlife, his essence. Lips sucked on both her nipples. Britney tongued deep into Abigail's snatch, gathering up Damien's jizz. Abigail gasped and squirmed. Damien's tongue teased her belly button, gathering the blood pooling there. Abigail trembled, her every breath full of Faust's salty blood. "That smells so good," a new voice purred. "Mother," squealed Britney in delight as Donna Lawson pressed between Abigail's thighs next to her daughter.

Two blonde heads leaned down to lap at Abigail's pussy, mother's and daughter's cheeks pressed together. "So good," Donna groaned between licks of Abigail's pussy. "That's Master's cum in there," purred Britney.

"Isn't it wonderful, Mom?" "Yes." The pair kissed. Abigail groaned at the incestuous sound. Their lips smacked together. Abigail groaned again. Her eyes rolled back in her head as mother and daughter resumed licking her pussy. Donna flicked and flailed Abigail's clit while Britney probed Abigail's sheath, searching for more of Damien's cum. "Oh, yummy," Samantha purred. "You are covered in delicious blood, Dam." Abigail turned her head and smiled at Samantha, the first vampiress Abigail had turn.

She had sired the young woman. She was her Dam. The young woman pushed up her glasses and nuzzled at Abigail's stomach, licking on the side Damien hadn't covered. "Fuck," Damien growled. His dick thrust hard before him. He moved behind his thrall, seizing Vickie's chocolate hips. He slammed his cock into her asshole. "Master," Vickie moaned in delight. She nuzzled into Abigail's neck as she bucked her hips.


"Yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass." Mother's and daughter's tongues attacking Abigail's pussy drove the vampiress over the edge. Her body heaved. Her pleasure crashed through her body. She screamed out her triumphant bliss as she flooded Britney and Donna's faces with her cream. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien slammed his cock into the velvet grip of Vickie's ass.

Her plump, chocolate butt-cheeks jiggled every time he buried his dick into her depths. Her bowels clenched on him and she moaned into Abigail's neck. The lust of Faust's death gripped Damien. Blood stained lips. His hips hammered his thrall. She groaned and gasped, bucking and shuddering, loving every moment of his thrusts. Abigail moaned with her, cumming on the lips of the vampiresses.

Mother's and daughter's blonde hair spilled about each other as they feasted on Abigail's snatch. The taboo sight inspired Damien. His dick ached in the embrace of Vickie's ass. Her bowels clenched and relaxed on his girth. Only snarls escaped Damien's lips. The bloodlust gripped him. It left no room for coherency. His moans and grunts joined the vampiresses' and thralls'. Everyone purred and moaned, swept up in the excitement.

"Yes, yes, yes, Master," gasped Vickie as she bucked her hips back. "Pound my ass." "Flood the little slut's bowels," panted Abigail, her green eyes fluttering. Blood smeared her cheeks, most licked up by the hungry women. Damien roared. Faust was dead. Father Augustine would be next.

His balls smacked into Vickie's taint. Each meaty thwack reminded Damien they brimmed with his seed. Vickie panted and moaned as she undulated her hips.

She gripped him. She clenched and relaxed about his dick, massaging him, eager for his seed. My slut. The thought echoed over and over through Damien's mind. He owned Vickie. She had surrendered herself to him. His strokes grew faster, his passion boiling through him. He grunted and snarled, lips coated in Faust's blood.

His enemy's blood. I won. Damien slammed his dick into Vickie's bowels. His cock unloaded. Damien howled like a beast as his cum fountained into her bowels. His fingers clawed at her flesh. Fresh blood filled his nose as the rapture seized his body.

Damien buried into her. His cum flooded out of his body. Each blast brought him higher. He reached nirvana for a brilliant heartbeat. Perfect pleasure. Perfect Rapture. And then crashed back to the world, sucking in breaths. "Master," squealed Vickie, her bowels spasming about his dick as she came. Damien surveyed the garage, smiling at his harem as they feasted and loved. Britney and Donna's lips met, sharing their incestuous passion, their bodies writhing together. Damien remembered the intensity of Donna's blood, somehow flavored by the demonic Jezebel.

Samantha and Mary tribbed, humping their pussies together. Abigail feasted on Rosa's cunt. My harem will crush Father Augustine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Britney's heart beat for joy as she kissed her mother. Their lips locked together, their tongues licking, sharing the tart musk of Abigail's pussy mixed with Damien's salty cum.

Her mother's body was cool, a vampire's unlife. Britney twisted, hugging her mother and sharing her warmth. Mother's and daughter's large, pillowy tits pressed together and then their clits brushed. Donna rolled Britney onto her back. The young woman shuddered as her mother undulated and writhed, pressing their pussies together.

Britney broke the kiss. "We're his, Mother. His!" "Yes," moaned Donna, her fangs flashing behind her ruby lips. "You smell so warm. So alive, baby-girl." "I am, Mom," Britney gasped, loving their clits rubbing together.


Her mother fucked her the way only a woman could fuck another. Britney dug her fingers into her mother's writhing butt-cheeks. Then Britney turned and lifted her head, offering her neck to her vampiress mother. "Feed." Rapture flooded Britney as her mother's fangs sank into her neck.

Britney's heart beat faster, eager to pump blood into her mother's mouth. Donna moaned, sucking the blood gushing into her mouth. Her hips undulated faster, grinding against Britney's pussy. "Yes, yes, yes, Mom," gasped Britney. "Feed from me. Grow strong.

I love you." "Love you," moaned Donna before she latched onto her daughter's neck again. The garage spun about Britney as the rapture of being fed on mixed with the heady rush of bloodlust.

Her thrall body fought to keep up with the flow of blood. Britney shuddered, humping into her mother's pussy. Will she drain me dry? Britney moaned again, flirting with death as her mother drank her blood.

The young woman's pussy ground into her mother's. Their clits brushed and rubbed together. The feeding heightened Britney's senses. Everything felt so wonderful and amazing as her life poured into her mother's mouth.

She was so aware of Donna's breasts pressed on hers, the silk of her mother's stomach, the brush of their hard clits and wet folds of their pussy. It all built inside Britney. The world fuzzed as her heart labored to keep up with her mother's hungry feast.

Donna moaned as she suckled. She swallowed. Her cheeks hollowed. Britney savored the wonderful sound. "Master!" she moaned as her orgasm burst inside of her. Rapture flooded through Britney's body. She gasped and writhed beneath her mother. The world growing blacker and blacker as ecstasy consumed her. Britney hurtled into the stratosphere of passion. She went higher and higher, drifting in bliss. "Don't drain her dry," snarled Damien, ripping Donna's mouth from Britney's throat.

"That's my slut." "His," Britney purred as her head swam. Damien's cock appeared above her face. She tried to focus on it, but the pleasure gripped her. It made her spasm and groan. Britney gasped as Damien rammed his cock into Donna's mouth.

The sour scent of Vickie's ass brushed Britney's nose. "Clean his cock," she slurred, another wave of bliss washing through her. "Clean Master's cock, Mom." Donna kept tribbing Britney. Mother ground her clit into daughter's flesh. Britney shuddered as her thoughts grew clearer.

The rapture still gripped her. She writhed and moaned. She kissed and nibbled at her mother's neck as the wound on her neck closed. Britney wouldn't die today. She had flirted with death and escaped with her pleasure. "Suck his cock, Mom," moaned Britney, humping against her mother's cunt. She squeezed Donna's ass. "Suck his cock and cum, Mom. Let me feel you cum. I want to feel your juices wash over my cunt." "Fuck," Damien groaned.

"Keep humping against your daughter. Cum on her." Donna moaned about Damien's cock. The mother shuddered on her daughter. Britney smiled. Her hands slid up her mother's thighs and seized her tits. Britney squeezed them. I nursed from these tits as a child.

Britney brought them to her lips and suckled. Britney loved her mother's nipple, worrying it with her lips and nipping it with her teeth.

Donna spasmed. She groaned and squeezed her eyes shut. Britney's mother came hard. Juices flooded Britney's cunt. Britney sucked harder on her mother's breast, savoring the wicked delight of her mother's orgasm. "Mother and daughter," panted Damien. "Share it. Share it with your daughter." Damien tossed back his head and came. Britney popped her lips off her mother's nipple and smiled as Donna's cheeks bulged. Cum dripped off her lips. Donna lowered her head down and kissed Britney hard.

She thrust her tongue into Britney's mouth, swapping cum. Britney shuddered and a small orgasm rippled through her body as she shared her Master's cum with her mother.

"I'm so glad we get to serve him together," smiled Britney. "Me, too," her mother smiled. "He's quite the man." "More than Dad?" "So much more," shuddered Donna.

And then she kissed Britney again. Britney held her vampiress mother as they shared an incestuous kiss, her heart beating for joy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien stared out the open door of the garage. The sun set behind the house. A long shadow stretched before Damien, shielding him from the sun.

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He stared at the Chicago skyline rising over the house across the street. He stared at Faust Tower. His angel was in there. Tonight, he would save her. The plan was set. Everyone knew their parts. It would be the hunt to end all hunts. "No hunter has ever killed a nephilim," Abigail purred as she stepped up to Damien. "It's been 3000 years since one walked the earth." He smiled. "We always were the best." Abigail laughed and kissed her husband hard.

It was almost time to leave. The night belonged to the vampires. They would instruct Father Augustine not to tread in it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Father Augustine grunted as he fucked his cock into Lynette's tight ass. The vampiress gasped and shuddered, her black hair spilling about her shoulders. He pressed her against the window of Faust's office.

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My office. The glass flexed as he pounded Lynette. They stared to the north at Lake Michigan. The sun set to the west, its rays unable to reach Lynette's flesh. She gasped and shuddered, her bowels gripping his cock. The office reeked of sex. The priest had every attractive woman that worked in Faust Towers sent to the office. Dozens of them lay scattered about the room, half-conscious, fucked by his insatiable cock.

No matter how many he fucked, it wasn't enough. His sin could never be drained. Lynette screamed her orgasm. He thrust into the depths of her spasming bowels and unloaded his cum. It flooded her ass. She groaned, her breasts sliding across the glass as she shuddered. The pleasure boiled through him. Such power he had. He ripped his still-hard dick from her ass. The vampires swayed.

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"It's time," Father Augustine growled. "Damien will be coming for me. Faust will have spilled all his secrets." "Then why did you hand him over?" Lynette panted. Joy fell to her knees before the priest and swallowed his filthy cock. "Because the peace offering had to be made," the priest growled. The feminine voice insisted. "And besides, there is nothing Damien can do to stop me." "Yes, Father," Lynette smiled. "Nothing." The vampiress gained her strength and strolled through the room, stepping over the stupefied women lying in puddles of the priest's cum.

Father Augustine closed his eyes and pictured Damien's harem. Abigail. Mary. Britney. The Black girl. Rosa. Shannon. Donna. The priest would have them all. Four vampiresses and two thralls to join his harem. His cock erupted into Joy's sucking mouth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aurora thrashed at the prison inside Jezebel's soul. Nothing she did could help her escape. She was blind to the world.

The only thing that escaped Aurora was her lust. It flowed into Jezebel and then into the priest. He drinks my power. He gluts on it. "Please, save me, Damien," she called out, clawing at Jezebel's soul. It was useless. She was trapped. Weak. As fast as she regained her energy, Jezebel stole it. "Please!" Her only answer was Jezebel's malicious, triumphant laughter. To be continued.