Foda com Guna do Cerco

Foda com Guna do Cerco
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Opening my eyes, I scratch my head. "Uaaah." I yawn as I gaze blankly down at the naked cummy figure of my 12 year old niece Hanna sleeping soundly with my penis in her pussy. "Mmm. Oh. Hi.

?" I look around. I look back. "HOLY SHIT!!! Oh god, what did we do?" There I was, speaking as though I only dreamed what happened back in episode 1. (Yes, I do indeed realize how cliche it is to say the episode number within the story and stop speaking for a moment in character, but you don't give a shit anyway you horny bastard. ^_- You like that don't you? . Eew. Well whatever, back to our story.) Looking around like a bear with 10 hunters aiming at various parts of it's body, I think.

I think. I think. Wow, I'm evil. All I can think of is the fact that there's possibly the hottest thing I had ever seen sitting on my penis. Asleep. It looked even cute, and it didn't take long for me to quickly rise once more to the call, so to speak. Almost like a charmed snake coming out of a basket, I got hard once more. But, like the cursed one I generally am, it slid out on it's way to stiffness. "Great." I said. "A really, really hot girl on me, and I'm horny as fuck. She's even naked and all.

And I am unable to even feel her." "Mmm. Huh?" She said as she rose her head up and looked at me. "Good morning Hanna." ". Huh?" Hanna looks down and sees the large now dry pool of their doings going down her legs, and his penis sitting erect.

"Aiyaaa!!!" She yelled as she hopped off. "What's the matter?


You forced me to it. " "It's not that! It's not that at all!

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It's. That I really did force you to it!" "What do you mean?" "Well. My dreams are generally vivid and I was really tired. I thought I was just asleep. I wondered why it felt so wonderful." ". Umm. Do you regret that?" "A little. But mostly, not at all." She said as she began to lower her head towards my cock. "Waah!

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No!" I said as I moved it away from her. "Aww, that was mean." "Spermicide!

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That would not have tasted good!" "Oh. Duh. I should have remembered that." "Well then. Umm. I think we should shower or something. We're really coated in this stuff." "Yea, probably." I got up and we saw the couch. Great, stained nice and good.

"It's alright," Hanna said. "I thought that might happen, so I got stuff to clean that out. Oh and brother." She said as she walked up to me and kissed me deeply, then whispering into my ear "Thank you. " She smiled deviously. Wait. BROTHER? . Just what has she been dreaming? She has no brother. Some fantasies.

"You can go in first if you want," I said reaching to zip up my pants finally. "What? Why can't we go in together?" She asked laughing. "Afraid I'll see you naked? Umm." She touches the tip of my penis with her finger and then licks it. "A little late for that don't ya think?" Suddenly she gags.

"Ugh. Spermicide." Laughing, we head down the hall to the bathroom. The water begins to get drawn, and the water was cold. Really cold, and it sucks because I can only stand hot showers. I look at her and say, "I'm not used to cold showers." "Don't worry, it's fine, I'll keep you warm." She said.

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Jesus, where the hell does she pick up these things? .


Why the hell am I still playing along? Let's just tell myself if I don't she'll tell her parents I raped her. "Alrighty then!" I gladly say as I walk with her into there, now half limp. We wash off, and she begins to wash out her pussy. I already cleaned my body but the sight of this was extraordinary. I got hard again and she smiled.

"Good. Looks like I actually can keep you warm, brother." She got on her knees and then began to pull on my penis, thus definitely assuring the term "cock" as she readies it like a single barrel shotgun aimed at her face.

"Time for me to repay you, brother. " I don't honestly mind at all the term brother so I don't try to question it, something about it just makes it better. She backs me up to the rim of the rub and begins to lick. She licks the tip and around the head mostly, once in a while lending a friendly reminder lick to the shaft and base. But then she smiled and said, "If I do this wrong I am gonna stop." Before I could ask what it was, she began thrusting her head rigorously on my penis!

Deeper, deeper, deeper. She was deep throating me and moaning loudly. The sight of her wet, naked body and the clear sight of her going to town on my penis was incredible!

She backs off of it. And says, "I don't know why, but this is really, really fun, brother. Let's see how long you can last. I know I must be such a big turn on to you." She goes back down onto it.

She goes about 6 out of 8 inches deep with each movement, and is moaning wildly, and cutely.

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She then begins to play with herself. It was all too much I began to move back and fourth and then she chased my cock vigorously, taking almost all of it in now! I look down to her love hole, which is dribbling her honey along her fingers easily.

I couldn't take it, within 3 minutes she had me ready. I began to pull away but she went down hard, and I shot it in her throat. She gagged, but still swallowed most of it. A large amount vented out of her mouth on from the side, and she gleefully plays with it for a while in her mouth as it taps out and goes limp in her mouth.

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She backs off with a trail of cum from her cute lips, as she licks at it and then uses her fingers on herself rapidly, furiously. She haunches over, and had begun to masturbate hard. She was panting, and moving swiftly, but the pace she just couldn't keep up. As she seemed ready to slink off in defeat, I lent her some assistance from my hand. I licked in between both my index and middle finger to get them rather moist, and let her see the trail of saliva from it.

I then sat down behind her, and wrapped my left arm around her chest, squeezing her young, ripening breasts. I sent my fingers down, along her belly starting at her belly button. I played with the opening a while before I plunged it in and she let a yelp escape, and she turned and began to thrash my tongue with hers.

Apparently she really liked what she did because it only took a couple minutes for her to begin yelping and moaning wildly, and I felt her contract along my fingers with a friendly wave of vaginal fluids. Once again, she washed herself out, and we cleaned up. The rest of the day went real well, but we couldn't stop ogling each other, and "keeping our eyes on the prize." We had a lot to do so we couldn't quite continue with this.

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Such as cleaning out that stain. Of all things, she brought the product from the Dollar Tree. So naturally it took half the damn bottle for it to work, even to a degree where we just HOPE it was alright. We look at each other and smile. ready for bed. She shows me back over to her room.

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It's a little messier than I had thought, but it was still organized. She said, "Do you mind if I do it again? I know I want to fuck you but I want to also learn how to do this right." "Why?" "So we can always have a little game to play." She laughed. As once again, she went on her knees and we slowly moved towards the nearby bed, and I sat there, ready again for what was to come.

. Which undoubtedly would be me. Let's see how long I can hold out this time!