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Sexy men The youngster is bearing from a sore back so his buddy
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I Had No Choice 6 - What's wrong with Becky? So now I've cheated on Rachel, my lovely wife and new mother to my twin girl babies, with yet another woman. I'd rationalized that Becky was just a fling, a hot young sexy fling. And that it'd been a wash since my wife was getting some action with her mother while I was teaching her daughter how to be a woman.

Fate and stepped in with Becky though with Lisa Cohan; another student who was actually looking for math tutoring for her SAT's, unlike Becky who just used that as cover for our illicit trysts. I think she was too jealous to allow me to be seduced by a rival girl that she made sure they were tutored together, and found to her own shock that she had been slipping in her studies. So Becky was actually studying in our study sessions now, and with Lisa present she is kept properly in her place as my student instead of my lover.

But fate is not without its revenge. Christine, the young biology teacher across the hall from me had seen Becky who practically forced a blowjob from me in class during lunch at school one day, ended up blackmailing and begging me to take her virginity.

She was always the prim and proper type at work, but once we were in her bed she was a wild thing. She was thrashing and squirming she actually passed out from cunalingus.


Then she begged me to take her and proceeded to moan and scream like a daemon. It drove me wild and I tried to get out of it just pleasing her, but her sweet "Please." after her wild thrashing pushed me over the edge and I blasted into her with wild abandon.

After I had recovered I cleaned up, calmed down, and beat feat back home as soon as I could, hoping I'd think of some excuse to tell my wife that would be believable.

Luck for me she didn't ask why it took me almost two hours to get home after school had ended. She had dinner ready and we just ate in front of the TV, played with our twin baby daughters, and collapsed to sleep early. The whole next week was almost what one would call normal compared to the events of late in my life.

My classes went as planned, and I was back on comfortable speaking terms with Christine. I tutored a studious Becky and Lisa for a little more than an hour after school twice a week.

And my wife was getting more active and back in the swing of things. Her baby weight was rapidly falling away, returning her to the trim form that I'd known, loved, and made love to for the last few years. Life was good. I should never think or say that though. Next week Becky was out sick Monday and Tuesday, so I invited Lisa over to my place for her tutoring for the SAT that was only a few weeks away. It didn't hit me until we were getting out of my car that I might walk into my wife and her lesbian lover of Judy Whitman, Becky's mom, having a tryst like I had seen a few weeks ago.

But, not thinking my wife pleasantly answered the door and quietly mentioned how Rachel was taking Becky to a doctor's appointment. <Whew!> I whispered a silent pray of thanks for that, then felt bad for doing so since Becky was ill. But Lisa was waiting for me so we plowed into the books and only let up when my wife came in with some sandwiches.

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"Man I'm so worried about this test!" Lisa neatly shrieked and took a big bite of a sandwich. "You'll do fine," I calmed her. "You have the math down. Just remember to relax and don't guess. Skip the hard questions, focus on the easy ones. You can come back to them later since you'll have three hours." Then I too munched on a simple PB&J. After finishing up she packed up her books and I drove her home. She didn't live very far, about a ten minute drive in the opposite direction from Becky's house.

I hadn't thought of it before, but that meant that if they drove from one house to the other's that they had to go right past my house. Then Lisa broke my chain of thought.

"Mr. Font?" "Yes, Lisa?" I replied calmly. "Becky told and I were talking about which colleges we and to go to, but the only way I can go is if I do really well on the SAT's and get a scholarship," she paused as if thinking about something that she left unsaid, then spoke again. "I just wanted to thank you for these few weeks of prep work for the test." Then she smiled at me with her pearly whites that are so perfect that only a teenage girl has.

I looked at her smiling slightly Asian face, with her long strait and smooth raven hair, and smiled back saying honestly, "Lisa, I want you to know that I would do ANYTHING to help you get to the college of your choice that I can." I reached over and squeezed her hand on her lap reassuringly, and she smiled, but seemed a bit nervous. She looked away and grabbed her books up since we were just pulling into her driveway and her small house.


I could tell that her parents were not very well to do, but I didn't know anything about them since they had never attended a parent-teacher conference night. I parked the car and moved to get out with her and walk her to her door, but she quickly spoke up, "Thanks again Mr. Font. See ya." Then she ran off and inside her house quick as a mouse. I shrugged and calmly drove back home. When I got home Rachel meet me wearing her fine black fishnet stockings, a black silken nighty, and a smile.

I became instantly hard as a rock causing me to have a hard time taking of my clothes with it pushing up hard on my waistband. As I was tearing at my shirt and pants Rachel turned showing me her supple big round and naked ass and sauntered off to the bedroom with any words. Moments later we were kneeling in front of each other on our bed and I was in her loving arms, kissing her hot wet lips and running my hands all over her silk covered breasts, still enlarged with natural milk.

I grasped her hot smooth ass cheeks and kneaded them firmly, already hearing her wet pussy slightly smack with my wandering digits. Then she pushed be back and grabbed onto my quivering cock. She smiled at me and brushed her brown hair over to one side before deftly swallowing my shaft.

Her lips firmly stroked my shaft. Her tongue teased my head and underside. My eyes rolled back in my head and I swelled to my extreme size. It felt like heaven and I was enjoying it immensely, but after a moment she stopped, stood on the bed in front of me and let me return the favor. My hands slid up and down her fishnets while my tongue gently rand up and down her leaking slit and puffed out pussy lips. My nose nuzzled up to her clit as I burrowed into her, driving her wild.

Soon I had her building to a fine orgasm, but she pulled back, finally speaking for the first time, "I don't want to cum yet." She caught her breath and squatted above me, grasping my cock again before speaking again, this time in her most sultry tone, "I want to cum as you fill me with your hot spunk." Then she maneuvered her twat to meet my penis and sank onto my lap, sliding like a sheath over its knife as I smoothly penetrated her.

All I can remember after that was her silken boobies grinding into my chest, her fishnets scratching slightly on my thighs, her hips locked in my hands, her long brown hair tousling in my face, and that vagina locked onto my cock squeezing it like velvet wrapped round a large gold brick.

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Suddenly I was surging, thrusting and erupting. My life force surged from my body and she was shaking and groaning with me, sharing my ecstasy.

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Eventually I laid her down in bed with me and relaxed for a bit. It was still early evening and the kids would need to be taken care of before we went to bed again. "You were ravenous!" I teased her gently tapping her cute little nose.

She giggled and sighed, "Well. I didn't have any release for a bit as we've been busy with the kids and Judy's been taking care of Becky." Then she looked concerned, "I hope she's OK." "Yea. me too." I said softly. Then it came to me that Judy hadn't been here `alone' with her for a bit and I understood what she'd really meant.

She hadn't had her girlfriend to pay her that `special' attention to her. One of the girls started crying to let us know that it was time for dinner, and I let go of Rachel to do that while I made us some dinner as well. Needless to say though, with my dirty mind swirling with thoughts of Rachel with Judy, I took my wife back to bed early that night yet we didn't get much sleep.

The twins were already sleeping through the night more often than not, and I used that time to thoroughly show my wife how much I appreciated her, inside and out.

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The next day Becky returned to school looking fine, but a little shy around me. This was new since she was never shy with anyone. I figured she was just a little under the weather and class that day was normal until after the last class had ended when Becky came back to my classroom.

"Mr. Font?" she asked quietly. "Becky? Feeling better?" I asked cautiously. "Um, a little," she then looked away fiddling with the tips of her long blonde ponytail before looking at me again and giving me a note. "What's this?" I asked while looking at it. "A note from my mom. She wants to speak with you," she said evasively. Ad I read the fine feminine script it was a proper invitation to come over this afternoon and talk about Rebecca's test results.

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I couldn't think of any big tests yet, as the SAT were still coming up, and the Midterms still months away. I nodded, not getting any more out of a mostly mute Becky. She then left for her cheerleader practice and left the school and drove to her house. Judy was prompt in answering the door. She looked to have just come home from work herself, still in a fine burgundy business suit with only her heals off to break the illusion of a house realtor showing off a house for sale.

"Good afternoon Ed. Please come in." She didn't give me a polite hug like she normally did in greeting me, or even shake my hand, just walked inside toward the living room for me to follow and close the door behind her. I entered, removed my shoes and placed them next to hers, and followed silently, now quite curious. Once in the living room I was invited to sit next to her on her plush couch. Silence reined for several seconds as she seemed to be contemplating how to start. "Is something wrong Judy?" I asked shyly.

"No. Well. Yes." She said with consternation, took a deep breath, ran one hand through her dark red hair, then looked at me with her emerald green eyes. "I thought when we had talked here before that I had made it clear that I wanted a better life for my daughter than I had." "Um. Oh." I was now totally confused, "Yea. I understood that," I said as solidly as I could. She didn't look like she believed me. "Then why is she pregnant?"