Gay jocks Ken grabs him around the midbody and stands up shoving Dean

Gay jocks Ken grabs him around the midbody and stands up shoving Dean
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Puppy love. First time, first year at the big high school. Three quarters through my freshmen year, I took the risk of asking one of the most stunning girls ever to grace the halls of my alma mater to take a chance dating me, an average looking, well rounded, bookworm ready to metamorph into something more, and to my suprise she actually said yes.

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Now, albeit trite and naievly romantic in quality for a post such as this, I can describe Julia's and my realtionships as virgin love, a head over heels infatuation that drowned our practical minds in the depths of eachothers eyes and gazes. Who were we to know love? Who am I still today to dare call it that? The bulk action of my first sexual encounter with my fine fair beauty came at school one morning during our shared first period health class.

As routine, I early that day as always to the first floor health room to capture the first glimpse of Julia as she illuminated the door. I enjoyed sitting at my seat closest to the door as her five foot five frisky freshmen frame crosse that threshold.

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I got a rise, heartbeat quicken, blood slowly engorging my flesh as she bounced her shoulder length brunette hair swirling around her smile as she stutterstoped the room with her entrance. Entrancing smile complemented by a hott tight teen frame, perky c-cup large orange shaped breasts energetic with youth and supported by books clasped against her slender middle reminsicent of something.Shakespearian (oh might i be a cover upon those books, so i might touch those breasts.

and soon did). I lived for those moments. The day of topic however,a slight cloud hung over my slice of heaven as she entered. Starry eyed suprise replaced by rainy red eyes. I could tell something was wrong. Stifling as sob as she sat next to me I immediately asked what exactly was up.

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She looked as if she couldn't talk at the time. shot a look to me, then the door. I could tell she wanted to talk outside the class. Simply by staggering our bathroom requests to a teacher who didn't care in a class that didn't matter, ten minutes later we were under the stairwell in our make out spot on a untravelled half sub floor traveled sparingly by the occasional janitor.

As we sat in the quiet dim light on the radiator she told me how her mother found our flirting notes sent back in forth half the year that mornig. they had gotten in an explosive arguement over me and conflict with moms strict religious beliefs on dating. Ha, I swear, for all the control and fear struck into the good children of god -fearing families it seems to have a newtonian action-reaction backlash in the privacy of the children.

let me explain. before this time julia and I had just made out yet with a raw suppressed passion, a primal anger and force that was rough and incredibly arousing.

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We went at eachother in lust to feel that pure connection. Today was no exeption. Tears welled up in her eyes, Julia told me of how her mom assumed we had had sex and she had sinned past forgiveness.

This notion was probably justified by the hardcore flirtation letters sent between us. Slang and sex riddled in our prose that would make some rappers cry for censorship.

As she sobbed she leaned on my shoulder as she rested her hand on my thigh and mine on her waist. She looked up and at a loss for words I kissed her gently, softer and more loving than we had ever had before. Time slipped between breaths for what seemed like hours but more around five more minutes.

Between the kisses I slipped my hand around her back, pulled, lifted and twisted off her bra strap with a skill i honed at summer camp. As the elastic clasp released so did a wave of passion in both our breaths. That bra strapped freed a latent psyche in her I guess. compounding onto the emotions she had against her mother, Julia's, "I want to fuck" side sprang out from nowhere. First side by side, she got up and straddled me sitting on the radiator as our breaths grew shallow.

I pulled off her little brothers cut soccer shirt she was wearing tight against her body and also removed the already slackened bra in a fit of reckless abandon to my surroundings. I slid my hand up he skirt and felt a pleasing warmth and fleshy muscle mound waiting to me rammed. I decided to grow some balls and give her a little lift, flesh mound first as her whole body sqirmed ina suprised delight.

I didn't care about the consequences. I thought i was about to "prove my love" to paraphrase 'That Seventies Show" with one of the hottest girls in school. I broke from our locked lips to slide my head down to her breasts, tight in arousal, as I fondled and licked her areolas.


she arched her back gasping eyes closed and working her hips circling on my lap hardening my cock in my jeans. I peaked puberty unbeknownst to me at the time and my cock measured a solid seven inches that I bullshitted for eight in locker room conversation.

She must have felt my dick throbbing against her leg as she play fully slid to her knees and ogled it tight against my leg. " Whats this?" she said, stroking me on my denim ," ooh i think its mama's sin." Half joking still hurt by her mothers words. she stifled her own laugh only to continue the rubdown, the heat of sex near radiating from my member.

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She felt it and laid her cheek down on it. Then kind of nibbled on my shaft as I let out a sigh of kinky pleasure. Boldly and quickly I unleasjed my pants button and fly with the same quickness of the bra strap. For a moment there was a pause.a final confimation before crossing that threshold in our relationships.

not a long one but enough to gather a deep breath as julia reached into my boxers to pull out my cock. She knelt, my throbbing cock in grip with a hardness never achieved from purveying porn and licked the tip moist with precum. Ah, my first lick.

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followed by another. and another in sucession untill she warmed up to take in my head. I basked in the warmth of her mouth and licking of her toungue as she tasted my dick and I tasted true bliss. I looked in her eyes to see a mixed whirlwind of emotions, pain and pleasure as the moment still couldn't take her mind off her fight.

Then, as if chanelling her mothers words into sexual motivation she plunged down onto my shaft tougue sliding to the base as I felt my tip hit the back of her throat. I recieved a slightly tingling grate of her teeth as she gagged taking in too much. It was not a teeth raking of any severity as i woud unfortunately experience later in life from worse fellatio companions, but more of a little tingle.

The slight gag did't phase her determination focused on my cock as she bobbed again, faster then with a fluid bob bob back and forth.

she'd start slow gradually work my dick faster and faster in her mouth untill she couldnt accelerate any longer. Then sucked my tip as she jerked me with one hand and looked me in the eyes.

As she looked up we stared for a moment locked in connection before she went into another pulsation volley onto my shaft. I moaned an felt myself cleanch several times wanting to cum but fighting it back. But as she looked up at me again, cock in mouth the corners of her lucious lips curled into a smile of enjoyement I normally saw from her. panicked and not knowing what to do half got out " JULIA I'M GONNA.C." I pushed her head slightly to the left and shot cum in one spurt past her head onto the stairwell floor.

and she turned and watched me convulse in orgasmic pleasure still stroking my cock with a tight grip. she took my dick back in her mouth pleasuring more and licking what cum remained on my dick untill i was soft.


In a slightly partial twist of luck just after we had put on our clothes and turned to leave the stairwell a janitor stepped right into our paths. caught like deer in head lights we tried to wipe the guilty looks off our faces as it was apparent we were skipping class in the least. I was thankful we weren't caught in the middle of my first blowjob but it still was a pretty shitty crossing of paths. Usually we could simply talk the janitors out of reporting us.

our health teacher didn't care anyway.


but someone must have barffed early that day and pissed him off because custodian craphead took us straight to the VP's office. The end damage was light.

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Me and J got a day in-school suspension together for cutting class. And at least that bastard janitor had to clean my spunk off the floor near the stairwell. Haha! In-school. Me. Her. closed in a room together with a retired teacher supervisor in the other room watching Soaps for time and a half. oh shoot ( wink wink). What a punishment!