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Brazilian nude hunk men photo gay sex hot dick and movies of
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When the police busted through the door in the porn booth, I naturally jumped up.

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But my skirt was still up around my waist. The one cop said, "This whore is a dude." As they pushed me against the wall, I said, " What did I do wrong?" "You're being arrested for prostitution." "But I am not a prostitute." "Yea, that's why you have two ten dollar bills stuck to your ass." They slapped the cuffs on me and started to drag me out of the porn store without even pulling my skirt down so one ten showed and my dick peeked out from under the skirt.

On the way to the police station, I did not know what I would do. My mom would surely find out about me wanting to be a girl. Even worse, she would think I was a whore. I was overcome with emotion and just broke down in the back of the police car.

When we made it to the station, the cops saw how much I had been crying because my mascara was smeared and some of it running down my face. They lightened up their cop show a little. One of them said, "It'll be OK. You just need to quit doing this shit." When they started booking me I got really scared when they asked my age.

I didn't want them to know I was only 15. I had only given them my name and would not tell them anything else.


This seemed to piss them off. One of them said, "Damn, I am ready to go home and this fucking faggot is gonna keep me here late." They pressed me more and more, but I would not say a word.

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After an hour of pressing and threatening the most intense cop said, "Fuck this. This bitch probably is hiding drugs. Let's do a BCS." They picked me up and took me into a little exam type room. They told me to bend over the metal exam table. I said, "What is going on?" "We are doing a body cavity search.


Maybe if you won't open your mouth, we will open your ass." As they finished saying that I could see them snap on some latex gloves. As I tried to get up to protest, one of them grabbed my head and shoulders and slammed them back down on the table. The other cop lifted my skirt back up and said, "Don't worry. I am sure your ass is pretty big already." The one holding me down said, "Lube your hand well.

I bet it fits easily." I had seen this cops hands. There was no fucking way it would fit. My ass was still sore from the big dick that fucked me well and it wasn't as big as his hand.

I tried to protest, "No, No, please don't." The cop holding me down pressed harder and said, "Shut the Fuck up you little fag whore!" I could feel a lubed hand start to push into my ass and it seemed to slide in easily until it got to the knuckles. "See, I told you this would be easy." My ass felt good but it also hurt a little. I was kind of excited but little scared what would happen next. The cop with half of his hand in my ass told the other cop, "Cover his mouth. I am going to drive it in." I felt a latex gloved hand slap over my mouth as the other hand was shoved past my sphincter muscle quickly.

I felt like my ass had been ripped in two. It burned so bad that I let out a scream that was muffled by the gloved hand over my mouth. After 30 seconds the pain subsided and I could feel the hand in my ass start to move deeper.

With the pain gone this hand in my ass started to feel good. He touched bottom moved his hand around and said, "No drugs here." I could not help but let out a moan as he moved his hand around in my ass.

"Oh, now he likes it. Let's see how he likes the fist." I could feel him move his hand from straight out and he made a fist inside my ass and started to slowly pull his arm out of my ass. I could feel my ass try to keep his fist inside, but there was not enough pressure. As he pulled his fist out the other cop uncovered my face and said, "You like it don't you." Even if I wanted to lie, my body couldn't lie.

I was breathing heavier and moaning as he pulled. I said, "Fuck yea it feels good. Fucking do me. Fill my ass with your fist." Maybe I spoke too soon. As his fist reached my sphincter muscle, it resisted his fist.

It was definitely stretched but not to the size of his fist. As he was trying to pull his fist out of my ass, the other cop put his right next to my mouth and I gladly started sucking it. The fist finally plopped out of my ass with a loud pop.

I could not help but say, "Oh my God," around the cops dick because it felt so good to release all that pressure from my ass. "Look at that gaping ass. It probably echoes." The cop who had his dick in my mouth leaned over to look and I could feel his dick harden even more in my mouth as he started fucking my mouth. The other cop shoved his fist back in my ass and started really fist fucking me.

He quickly started shoving his fist in to the wrist and would pull it out quickly. At first my ass made a popping sound every time he pulled out, but that quickly stopped as my asshole stretched out. As he fist fucked me quickly, I could not believe how good it felt. As the other cop fucked my face I started moaning on his dick, "Mmmmm.

Uhh. MMMmmmm.

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Oh." As he fucked my face he said, "Keep moaning bitch and I will give you a surprise." It did not take long. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my mouth off his dick right as he exploded.

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He shot cum on my face and into my hair and one shot hit me in my eye. I was disappointed that I could not taste more but he let me lick the last cum off his dick. The other cop pulled his fist out of my ass and told me to lay down on my back on the table. As I did, the cop who just came on me started to lube up his fist and the other cop got on the table, straddled my face and shoved his cock in my mouth.

The other cop put my feet in stirrups to spread me open and shoved his fist up my ass.

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He immediately fist fucked me quickly. It was unbelievable how good it felt. The cop with his fist in my ass said, "Oh, yeah. He is liking it. Look at how hard he is getting." He was right, my dick was really hard and there was a feeling I had not experienced before.

The more he fist fucked my ass the more I felt the pleasure start in my ass and move up through my dick.


After a couple of minutes of a dick fucking my face and a fist fucking my ass, it felt like a lightning bolt shot through my body. My body started to buck. There were muffled moans coming from my mouth around this dirty cop dick. "MMmmmm. MMMmm. MMMMMMMMM. AAAAHHH. MMMMMMM." My cock started to explode as I was being fist fucked. I could not believe I could cum without even touching my dick. I could feel shots of cum landing on my stomach and it seemed like it would not stop.

As I was still cumming, the cop in my mouth jammed his cock all the way in my mouth and started pouring cum down my throat. I welcomed the cum in my throat and was glad to oblige him. As he got off me, the other cop withdrew his fist from my ass.

I was a mess. There was cum on my face and in my hair, both from the cop and the other guys I had sucked earlier. I could still feel the two ten dollar bills stuck to my ass with cum and my piles of cum were on my top all over my belly and on my skirt just above my dick. As these cops pulled off their gloves they said, "Now are you going to tell us your address and age." So much had happened and it felt so good I had forgotten where I was but I quickly came back to my senses.

"No, I can't." I could see rage come over their faces. "You will never learn. Let's put him in the tank. We will let him get fucked up there."