Lucky guy gets nice handjob at his balcony

Lucky guy gets nice handjob at his balcony
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This is originally my first time posting something for you guys; I accidentally posted this in forums and not, your know, stories. I do have personal stories, though, I don't think you are Ready for them. Please, good Comments, I tried really hard on it, though Tips would be nice if you think something is wrong.If you saw the story before ((Trip to the Market)) You'll see I accidentally posted it twice, please ignore.

If you do think it's a bit long, oh well, I want to impress you guys so.


Enjoy. :3 {Satie is a Good Girl. But When She learns she's getting a Bad Grade in Math, She subjects herself to getting down and sucking cock. She of course, Tells her Father about it.

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Her mother long gone, She hopes her father will understand. But wht she didnn't know, is That her Daddy has been Lusting over her hot little body Sense she grew Breasts. Once A Daddy's Girl.

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Always. A Daddy's Girl} Walking home, Satie stared at the cracks in the sidewalk. She still had the disgusting taste of her Math Teacher's Cum in her Mouth.

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Ick. You See, Satie was the average School Girl Nerd. She looked Nice, Took care of herself, Studied, Got Straight A's, and had her good amount of friends.

But when her Father Fucked it all up for her with her Math teacher, he seemed to be out to get her. What did She do wrong? She was framed!! She Didn't Put the cheat Sheet in her Desk!! It was already there when she walked in! She was NOT a cheater, and even after she cleared it up with her Math teacher, her father just HAD to come in and humiliate him infront of all the faculty members.

Ever sense then, he'd been putting math related essays out. You had to write a problem, but hide it in a page long essay.

And she didn't like it one bit. But she did it, and she did it good. But he just DIDN'T Seem to like it! Stopping, she reliezed she was almost a block past her house. With shaking hands, she pulled out her phone and flipped it open. Yew, She had 5 minutes left to get home, she wasn't introuble. But, she wasn't taking any chances. Turning around, she jogged back home. But, because she was in SUCH a hurry up the stairs, her foot got caught on a step and she fell, skimming her knee, and scrapeing her hands, even hitting the side of her head.

Inside, all her father heard was just a strangled scream and one big THUMP. "Damn Kids!" He growled, throwing down the newspaper and getting out of his recliner. Wrenching open the door and kicking open the screen door, he would then open his mouth to scream, but stopped so abruptly that he started coughing once he saw Satie on the ground. Pounding on his chest with his fist, he finally stopped coughing and picked Satie up, carrying her inside.

"Oh, Satie, What did you do this Time?" He sighs, touching the bump on the side of her head softly. When he went to go get an icepack, Satie slowly woke up and groaned when she sat up. Definantly not a Good Idea, She thought. "Satie!!! You're awake!" Her Dad yelled, seeing her, icepack in hand. "I was so worried about you!" He gently pressed the icepack to her head. Whimpering, Satie grabbed the icepack softly. "D.Daddy, Can I talk to you later, after I'm cleaned up?" "Of course, Satie, Dear.

No problem." After Satie's Dad left, Satie cleaned up her hands and her knee, and then later, she lied down to sleep it off. Around 7:00 PM Satie woke up again, all better. Well, except for the Hello Kitty Bandages on her hands and leg. Now, that was embarrassing. Getting up, she was a little sore in place, but, other than that, she was alright. Walking into the living room, she saw her father, and came to sit infront of him. "I'm. I'm ready to talk now." Satie said quietly.

"Alright, Sweetheart. Shoot," He said, giving her kind grin. "I. I sorta had to suck my Math Teacher's Dick. Y. you see. I was failing and-" SMACK! Suddenly, Her father cut her off with a Sharp smack to the cheek. The blow even knocked her out of her seat.

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Her eyes watering from the sting, she looked up at him with big, wide, scared eyes. Standing over her, you could tell he was in a rage. "That bastard.

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She didn't. She's Mine. I'll Kill him." All of these words floated around his mind until he settled on one. I'll punish her!

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Reaching down, He ripped her up off the floor by her hair. He didn't even register her cry of pain; he was so angry. Throwing her on the coffee table, he yanked her skirt up, growling "You will be punished. You are MINE! You do no such thing! It's time I teach you a lesson on who you Belong To!" Eyes widening in fear, she started thrashing, knowing what was to come. She never saw her father like this, but she knew.

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She knew it was going to hurt at first, but knew. she just knew. she'd just become addicted. Yanking down her panties, he franticly unbuckled his pants until he got his cock free.

Staring at her perfect little round ass, his cock became rock hard. SMACK! Right across her ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Again and again, until her ass was beatred. Oh, such a pretty sight. Dropping to his knees, he was surprised to find her cunny wet after all the spanking. Glancing up at her face, he saw her face was consorted into a cute expression of pain and most definantly, pleasure.

She was even drooling!! How Cute! He slammed home, all the way to the base so there was a wet, skin on skin slaping sound. Satie, all she could do is cry out in pain as her hymen broke, and a few spots of blood fell onto the floor.

Her father Paused, letting her getting adjusted before starting to slam into her again and again, her ballsack swinging up the hit her clit every time. "It hurts! It hurts!" She'd sob, legs shaking.


But he didn'tstop, he kept going, moaning loudly into her ear, telling her that she was his, that he was never letting go of her, and that she would do this when ever he wanted. Eventually, Her sobs of pain turned into pleasure, and his thrusting became more frantic.

Groans, moans, whimpers, shouts; they all filled the air. Satie's, Daddy's, Cuss words; Even those filled the air. And they kept right on going. On and on. Soon, Satie's Tiny little cunny turned red and plump and very slick, while all her uices made his cock shine every time it hit the light.

Looking down at his his cock entering her small body, Her father groaned, grabbing her hair and yanking hard, and suddenly his thrusts grew more frantic, and so did her screams.

"Yes! Yes!

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Oh, Daddy! Fuck me!! Fuck your little girl!!" She screamed. Unexpectedly, she came, hard around his girth, and she screamed even louder. Pulling out of her cunny, He shoved it in her mouth, cutting off her scream, as he pumped his cock down his throat until he shot thick streams of cum down her throat, splattering and covering her entire mouth.

When he pulled out, he sighed in pleasure, and his limp dick fell to hang fron his waist. Satie how ever, was swallowing all the cum in her mouth, and a little bit came out into the corner of her mouth. Looking up at her father, she touched her cheek and gwhile still looking up at him, she gave him one, purely seductive yet innocent grin.

And all they both could think was. "I could get use to this."