Dirty blonde woman is sex toy her erotic fanny

Dirty blonde woman is sex toy her erotic fanny
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It had been three days since Betty's encounter with Bill. The events of their meeting had been on her mind a lot since then. Almost constantly, in fact. And that was her problem. Admitting to herself that she, a married woman, had deliberately seduced one of the neighborhood boys caused the blood to rush to her cheeks.

But what caused her even more consternation was that her cheeks weren't the only place the blood rushed to.

If she allowed herself to dwell on the details of that afternoon, her nipples stiffened and her panties turned into a swamp. She'd been a very horny woman before she'd seduced Bill. And afterwards her horny little twat had been very satisfied. The trouble was that feeling hadn't lasted nearly long enough. When Betty woke up the next morning her sweet little pussy was very sore.


Even though they'd only had sex one time, Bill had a very large, heavily veined cock and he'd pumped her with it for a solid 45 minutes, something she'd never experienced before. Her husband, when he was still having sex with her, never lasted for longer than 3 minutes and she had never had an orgasm with him. Now, however, the soreness had left and it was replaced by an ache down deep in her belly. Betty needed more fucking. Lots more fucking.

The vision of first seeing his cock as it sprang from his shorts loomed into her minds eye. It had swung across his hip then centered, pointing directly at her. Her mouth watered as her lips parted.

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What a beautiful cock it was; red, angry and needing Betty to appease it's atavistic fury. After a long abstinence she had been only too happy to offer up her hungry little pussy for sacrifice to his fleshy monolith. But when she first wrapped her hand around it the heft and girth of Bill's cock filled her with doubt and a little fear.

How would she be able to accommodate this gorgeously rigid shaft without being split in two? Yet her own aching need had been so compelling that she had guided that fantastic tool between her legs of her own volition. She recalled with vivid clarity the sensation of first feeling the distended, glistening purple orb of Bill's cock tip as it parted the lips of her wanton little pussy.

Her cuntal lips had devoured with relish every heavily veined inch of his shaft; tingled with joy as she'd stretched further for him than any man ever. She eagerly met him thrust for.Damnit! She was doing it again! Betty stirred from her reverie to find herself with one hand between her legs and the other cupping a tit. The whole incident had been JoAnne's doing anyway. JoAnne was Sarah's Mother.

She'd divorced her husband in Chicago and Moved to Lauderdale By The Sea with her three daughters. Alimony and child support allowed her to live a life of ease which she took full advantage of. Freed of the social constraints that being a banker's wife imposed on her she launched herself and her daughters into a Bohemian lifestyle.

JoAnne routinely had a boyfriend a decade or more her junior though none seemed to last long.

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And she had no problem with her daughters having over night visitors. This resulted in her laying in bed many nights listening to Bill fuck her eldest, Sarah, to a fair the well in the room next to hers.

She took great delight in this and shared such details as she was able to glean from Sarah with her best friend, Betty. In fact, only two things kept her from taking Bill for herself, her daughters' connection with him, and the fact that he was only eighteen. Bill's youth made him inexperienced. So JoAnne's overt friendliness only registered on him as just that.

He couldn't know that many nights, while he was treating Sarah to another merciless fucking, her Mother lay in her bed naked, the sheets flung off her in the hot Florida night, fingering herself to orgasm as she dreamed of him leaving Sarah asleep and coming to her room.

He had no idea that if he'd decided on such an adventure, he'd have met with little resistance. Betty dialed Joanne's number. She would, of course, have to file a full report of her tryst with Bill. JoAnne answered "Hello" and the first words from Betty were "You fucking bitch".

JoAnne, more amused than shocked said "Why Betty, such language". "Humph, and who are you to talk" from Betty. "Anyway, it happened and you've ruined my life". "What happened"? "Well, Sarah's friend, Bill called me a couple of days ago. Asked if he could come over for a swim". JoAnne was all ears. "Oh, and did he enjoy his swim?" "Well, we never made it down to the pool." "Really?. A long pause from JoAnne. "Betty, you didn't!" "I did." Betty exhaled.

"Yes, I sure did. And you were right Jo. He's hung like a stud pony and he knows just what to do with it." "Oh my God, Betty!" As impact of this news washed over JoAnne she was flushed with a need to know every detail and a great deal of envy.

"How did it happen?" Betty launched into a luridly detailed account of how she had contrived a need to move boxes off the shelf in her bedroom. How each time Bill reached for another box she was able to look up the leg of his cutoffs to see his cock from her position down on the floor.

JoAnne listened intently as Betty told of her judiciously selected clothes that were both tight and revealing. The bra, a cup size too small, so that her ample breasts filled it to over flowing.

Shorts so tight and short she could barely get into them and wouldn't dare wear them in public. "Betty, you little whore" "You know how long it's been for me, JoAnne. When I looked up and saw that slab of meat peeking out the leg of his shorts, I almost passed out." "Is it that big?" "Huge, JoAnne. Huge. I was so tender the next day is was uncomfortable to sit down." "So, how did you get him to make a move?" "Every time he handed me a box I tucked my elbows in as I reached for it.

He couldn't take his eyes off my boobs. He got harder each time he passed me a box." "So?" "I couldn't stand it anymore. As he reached for another box, I bumped the stool he was standing on and he lost his balance. When he fell I made sure to fall on top of him. From there it was all down hill." "Most guys that age come right away." "Not him, Jo.

The kid's got a real talent. That's part of the reason for my call. That slab of meat hanging on him is all I can think about. I want him again but I don't think he's going to make the next move and I don't have his number." "Well, I have it right here. Ready to write?" ***** Betty dialed Bill's number. "Hello." His voice husky from sleep.

"Hi Bill. I'm sorry to wake you." "OH, hi Betty. It's okay.

I need to get up anyway." He yawned and stretched. "So, what's up?" "I thought that maybe if you weren't busy today you might like to come over." "So, you have some more boxes to move?" "No, you little smart ass, I don't have any more boxes to move.

And don't get smug with me. You had as good a time as I did." "I certainly did, Betty. I certainly did." "Then why did you make me call you?" "Well.I, uh" "Never mind. Just come over. And hurry up. You already made me wait three days." As he hurried through his shower, Bill reflected on his good fortune. He hadn't called Betty because he thought that their having sex had been some sort of accident.

He'd no idea that she'd planned for it to happen. As his mind recalled the events of that day, his cock began to stiffen. With an effort he pushed those thoughts away and finished getting ready. The short walk to Betty's condo went quickly. But it was made more difficult by a very persistent semi erection. No matter how much he sublimated, he was very shortly going to be screwing a very attractive woman.

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At his age that prospect was enough. Pool side at the condo, he was rinsing the street off his bare feet when he heard a woman's voice behind him. "Hello" the voice said. As Bill turned to see who was speaking to him he was greeted by petite, attractive and slightly drunk little blonde. "I'm Beverly. I'm with the board." she said, as if he was supposed to know what the "board" was and be impressed by it. Bill gave her his best smile and said "I'm Bill. I'm here to see a friend of mine." Beverly was no more that 5'1' and maybe 105 pounds soaking wet, which she was, except for perfectly coifed hair which was rolled up in a twist at the back of her head.

She had a plastic tumbler in her left hand that had brightly colored tropical fish on it. Both Beverly and the tumbler smelled faintly of alcohol.

The tumbler was almost empty. "May I ask who your friend is?" Beverly inquired as she rearranged her bikini. She had a disarming manner about her that was charming, distracting. "Oh, Betty.uh she's in." "Yes, Betty" she broke in, still arranging that bikini "We live on the same floor.

Why don't I ride up with you? I need to freshen up." It wasn't clear whether she was referring to her cocktail, herself or both. "Sure" Bill said. He noted two very cute little dimples just above the bikini that contained her tiny, taught little ass as they headed to the elevator. On the elevator Beverly pressed the appropriate floor and said "Are you good friends with Betty?" as she took a sip of her drink. Her manner was teasing, provocative.

"Well, I guess so. She had me up a few days ago to help her with some things." "Umm, and I bet you were a lot of help." Again that teasing smile. Bill just shrugged. "And are you going to help her some more today?" still arranging that bikini she moved closer to Bill.

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"My place is at the other end of the building." she pursed her lips "Maybe you could come over and help me some time." The elevator was incredibly slow. Beverly's proximity and flirtatiousness were increasing his arousal. They were definitely having a moment. She pressed her palm to his chest. The moment was about to turn into a kiss when the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. Betty stood at the elevator door. She smiled cooly at the two of them, so close together.

She fixed her icy smile on them. "Hello Bill, Beverly. Bill, I saw you walk up and I thought I'd meet you. Looks like it's a good thing I did." Beverly, arranging her bikini, fixed Betty with an equally frosty smile and said "Oh, Betty.

Hi. I was just making sure Bill didn't get lost." "Yes, I can see that, Beverly. Thank you." Betty didn't seem thankful at all. Beverly exited the elevator and said "It was nice to meet you Bill." "Nice to meet you too Beverly." Betty fixed Bill with a look of bemused disapproval.

"Come on." was all she said. Bill stammered "I.uh. She." "Oh, shut up." she said. " I was watching from my balcony. I saw her latch on to you down at the pool." Once inside, Betty turned on him. "Did you or did you not enjoy having sex with me?" "Oh, yes. Of course. My God, you're incredible" She softened. Smiled. "Well, in the future, don't make me wait so long in between." She led Bill into the living room.

Leaned up and kissed him, softly a couple of times and said "I couldn't help but notice that you have a problem." "What?" She eased her hand down to his still semi erect cock. "Apparently you missed me too.

Or is this for Beverly?" "No" he kissed her.


"Not Beverly." another kiss. "You, definitely you." "Well, let me take care of it for you." Betty popped the button on his shorts and eased down the zipper.

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Caressing his increasingly stiff prick, she went to her knees as she slid down his cutoffs. Bill's cock sprang free and his cutoffs hit the floor. He kicked them away. He was only half hard. But the sight of his fat prick had a dramatic effect on Betty.

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Her cheeks turned pink and a look of wanton lust washed over her. Cupping his balls with her left hand, gripping his shaft with her right she rubbed Bill's cock all over her face.

"God! This is all I've been able to think about for days." She kissed her way up one side of his thickening shaft to the tip then greedily sucked the first couple of inches of into her hungry mouth. Bill had never had a woman suck his cock. He didn't know what to think. The fact that Betty seemed to be enjoying it so much had him bewildered.

His only thought was 'why would she want to do that when she could have it in her pussy'.

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But Betty was on a mission. One of the things she'd fantasized about the last three days was seeing Bill's big fat cock shoot it's load. And she wanted it right on her tits. To that end she unbuttoned the front of her dress and let her unfettered tits swing free.

Her right hand continued to stroke his rigid cock as she sucked. Her left hand moved down and she began to knead her tit.

She pinched her nipple so hard it looked to Bill like it must have hurt. Betty moaned. Her head bobbed, slowly at first, as she began giving Bill his first blow job.

She began with light pressure and just her lips. Kissing, sucking lightly, she didn't take long to get him fully errect. Then she began to suck him off in earnest.

Betty loved the sensation of having a cock in her mouth and Bill's cock was particularly sensational. There was no way she was going to be able to deep throat him. But she knew from experience that it wouldn't be necessary. Her soft lips and talented tongue would be more than enough. She increased suction. Not too much. That could be uncomfortable. And began working on the tip of his cock with her tongue. She concentrated her tonguing on his slit and the under side of his knob. Bill was soon making the right noises.

"Oh, Oh Betty. God, you don't know how it feels! His hips bucked uncontrolably as Betty pressed her tongue to the tip of Bill's cock and rocked her head from side to side. She increased jacking speed. She could feel him thickening. She knew he was close. Her mouth slurped loudly as she pulled off Bills burning length. "Come for me Baby. I know your balls have a huge load in them. I can feel it. She let go of his balls to cradle both of her incredible tits with her left arm and jacked Bill's fat cock with her right.

"Come on my tits! Now! I need to see it shoot!" Betty dove back on Bill's cock head in a frenzy. She applied just the right amount of suction as she flicked her tongue over his cock slit. And that did the trick. "Oh, Jesus Betty! God! You're going to make me.Uh.Uh." Betty yanked Bills prick out of her mouth with a loud slurp and pointed the head at her incredible boobs.

She continued to jack him, focusing on keeping a tight ring with her thumb and fore finger, right below his glans. "UUUUuuuuugggghhh here it comes! Jesus! Oh! Fuck! Yeah! The first shot basted Betty's left tit right at the cleavage. She quickly swung Bills cock over to her right tit and took another spurt there. Oh God Betty! Oh God Betty! Was all Bill could say, over and over. When he was finally spent she wiped the end of his dripping tool all over both of her distended nipples.

"Oh Bill, that was beautiful." Betty was gazing at her incredible, golden, velvety, jizz spattered tits as if Bill had just given her the best present of her life. She rose to her feet and pulled him down for a soft kiss. "Thank you, baby." she said. "Now let's get cleaned up for lunch." Still cradling her boobs, she headed for the master bath.

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Bill, still dumbfounded at her behavior, followed. Betty pulled open the glass door to the stall shower and started warming it up. She looked over her shoulder and saw Bill eyeing the kidney shaped Jacuzzi tub. "That will be fun later." He smiled and ran his had along the smooth muscles in her back, up to her shoulder.

He leaned in to smell her hair. It was intoxicating. He wanted to taste her, touch her, feel her in his arms. He left a trail of small kisses along her shoulder, to her neck, and buried his face there. Kissing and nuzzling her neck he said, "You're incredible." "Umm." was her response. She arched her back and the electric skin of her beautiful ass brushed his reemerging tool.

She could feel him growing hard again and said "You're going to ruin me." "Isn't that my job?" was his response. "Yes." she hissed "Yes it is your job. Please ruin me." His cock stiffened now, quickly. Betty swayed her hips side to side, rubbing that big fuck tool across the crack of her ass and bringing him to full erection in the process.

He bent his stiff tool down and slid it between her legs. Thrusting back and forth he let her feel his length glide along the lips of her pussy.

She pressed her legs together, gripping him tightly. The tip of his cock stuck out past her mons in the front. She raked her finger nails across it and gyrated her hips. Bill bucked against her. "Oh, that amazing! Where did you." She released him, tilted her hips to present her pussy to him and reached between her legs to grab his prick.

"I want you, lover." she husked. Her hands were braced on the shower door. Steam boiled from the shower head. Bill had never felt this kind of passion in a woman. The girls he'd been with couldn't compare to this woman in full bloom. Her perfectly manicured finger tips grasped the end of his purple tipped cock and guided it along her slit. She was very wet. His cock head entered the folds of her pussy with ease. Hands on her hips, he slowly, deliberately eased his burning fuck tool into her quivering little pussy.

Bill eased his cock all the way back out and teased the head along her slit. Betty looked over shoulder and said "None of that.

Right now I need to be fucked. Hard. I've been aching for that dick for three days. Now give it to me!" No more prompting was needed. Bill shoved his fat dick into her pussy hard and she exhaled like she had been punched in the stomach. She was too much.

He was sheathed to the hilt and the golden globes of her ass pressing into his hips felt incredible. Betty pushed her hips into him, gobbling up as much of him as she could then began to rock back and forth, setting up a rhythm.

"Give it to me, baby." she said, almost in a whisper. "Fuck my little pussy." "You want to be fucked?" "Yes, please fuck me." Betty bucked her hips to increase the rhythm as Bill held onto her and pumped as hard as he could.

His thrusts were so violent that she was having a hard time keeping her balance and moved her grip to the edge of the counter. "FUCK ME!" she said. "Oh Hell Yes!" said Bill. She was soaking wet and her twat slurped and gurgled with each thrust of Bill's enormous tool.

"Oooo. Oooo. Oooo. Bill! Jesus! Oooo. God! Fuck me with that big fat dick!" He could feel the walls of her cunt gripping his shaft like the fingers of a hand. But grip as she might her little pussy couldn't restrain him.

Not that she wanted too. She was getting exactly what she wanted. A hard deep fucking from the cock of her dreams. She was sending him over the edge. It wasn't just that Betty had a wonderful pussy, and she certainly did. But watching it gobble up his entire length was an amazing turn on. Even more of a turn on was that Betty wanted his cock right where it was. Maybe even more than he did. Betty was close too. Bill's big prick was rubbing all the right places in her hungry little twat.

She could feel him thicken and grow. His breath coming in gasps. She knew he was close to giving her the hot load of cum she needed. The fact that his cock head was bouncing off her cervix and that thought were all she needed to send her over the edge. "Biiilll, Oooo Biiillll.

Goooddd IIII'mmm Commmiiinnnggg!" she sobbed. Bill buried his cock in her. He could feel his orgasm rush down the length of his cock, unstoppable as a freight train.

With his first volley, Betty's right hand shot back and she dug her finger nails into his ass, holding him into her. She ground her hips into his, taking as much of his length as she could get. Betty's hips quaked as she shuddered through an intense orgasm. Her grip on Bill's ass made sure that she felt every spurt of his cum bathing her ovaries. They were spent, exhausted and drenched with sweat. Betty leaned on the vanity, head down, trying to catch her breath.

Bill remained deep in her cunt. Steadying himself by holding onto her hips, he savored the sensation of his flagging member, drenched in the soup of their mutual cum. Wordlessly, they got into the hot shower. Lovingly, with gentle caresses, they soaped wash cloths and washed each other, frequently punctuating the washing with lingering kisses.

Toweled dry they headed to the kitchen, but didn't make it. Betty collapsed on the bed. "I need to lie down for a minute." Bill peeled back the blanket and top sheet and climbed in bed. Betty crawled up to join him. They kissed, spooned together and fell asleep.