Alina man pushes his penis inside her tight pussy

Alina man pushes his penis inside her tight pussy
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on the perticular night im going to talk about tonight was the first time me and a friend ended up seeing eachothers cocks and doing things to eachother. it was my first gay expierence as a teenager and i will never forget it.

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in the 9th grade year i had a friend named lance we hung out before but never that much once before i had seen him getting ready and a slip of his cock but i had yet to find out what it looked like hard.i didnt think of myself as gay or even bi. i thought i was straight but as the night went on i questioned my straightness.

I was 15 years old i was just about to start the 10th grade and i asked my black friend john to come over. I being a young white boy me and him always hung out and i tried to catch up with him and his basketball skills.

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I was about 5' 5'' with a 7 inch cock and a little overweight but not fat. he was about 110 pounds skinny and we both thinking we were straight had a night watched some movies at home.

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As the night was coming to a close we were getting ready to go to bed when he took the control and put on a porno on HBO. I was interested and we both knew what masturbation was so it was nothing new.i could see Johns big buldge in his gym shorts i could see the outline of his big cock and wondered what it looked like. it finally dawned on me that all this wondering made me hard and obviously hard in my tight pants and i knew he knew what i was looking at and tried to look at the tv but kept thinking about Johns big hard cock and what it looked like and i tried to talk to john about the porno and asked him questions like "hey do you have a boner yet" and he would reply "yeah do you?" John then said to me "Truth or Dare" and I knew what he wanted and I know he wanted to see what my hard cock looked like.


So I replied to him with "Dare." He then asked me "show me your dick" I said to him trying to show him I wasn't gay or interested in the situation "I don't know…" but I did know deep down I wanted to pull my hard cock out and make him slowly suck on it.

I then was confident and told him to tell no one about this night and then I pulled out my cock and he said "WOW!


Your big" and I thanked him being proud of my manhood. I then asked him truth or dare and he then picked dare and I told him the same thing.

I wanted to know if what they said about black cocks was true.are they really big? And I was confirmed when he pulled his large 8 inch cock out of his gym shorts and showed me it.

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I told him the same thing that it was big and he then said "do you want to touch it" again I didn't want to sound like a gay kid when deep down we both were lusting after eachother and I told him sure if you do it to me and I slowly stroked his cock up and down as he moaned in pleasure.

I loved the look of his chocolate cock and the feel of its stiffness in my hand and in the moment after about 5 minutes I told him you do me and he started jacking my hard cock off.

I loved the feel of his hand, so smooth going down and up on my hard stiff cock as we were finishing up but still horny because none of us felt the need to cum yet. He joked with me and said "look I'm dead you can do whatever you want to me my mouth is open and my dicks out" and I knew that he wanted to suck my dick but didn't want to say it. Right then I knew it was now or never and I started to examine his body and started to jerk his cock a little until I moved to his mouth and pulled my cock out and started fucking his big juicy mouth.

He then came out of this role he was playing and started to full on deep throat my hard cock with his mouth going all the way to his throat and I knew as I felt the end of his throat. I was about to cum I told him "shit im gonna cum!" as he gulped my hard cock in his mouth he did not stop. I came down his throat and he swallowed every drop. And with a giddy happy voice he then said "My Turn!" And I turned on the couch and got into the same position and he went straight for my mouth sticking all 8 inches of hard chocolate cock straight in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around his big black meat I felt so dirty and horny again.

After about 3 minutes he couldn't take it anymore and said "oh man im gonna cum!" and he came in my mouth I couldn't get all of his juices in my mouth so some dripped down my neck.

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As I gulped his hot wet cum down my throat I noticed he started to get horny again I petted his monster cock one last time and laid down to rest. We woke up the next morning at around noon my parents were out at work I told him I then told him I have to take a shower and he said 'me too!

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Lets go together" and then instantly his eyes turned to a lustful state and I said okay to him and we started stripping off each others clothes and walking into the bathroom as I turned on the water I instantly noticed he was getting hard and I started to myself. I asked him if he ever wanted to be with a man and he said no but I've been looking at your cock when we play basketball in the heat and wondering what it looked like for sometime.


I stood there and looked down and asked him if he wanted to fuck and I stood there with his cock in my hand and then turned the water off found some lube and a condom in my parents bedroom lubbed my ass up and then gave him the condom.

It felt so good to have his beautiful big cock in my ass I moaned at first in pain then in pleasure. I took his cock out of my ass right before he came and took the condom off and told him to cum right in my mouth.

And he did squirt a big giant load of jizz right into my white dirty mouth and we lied in the bed and I told him not to tell a soul about this and he promised We had many nights after this of pleasure but the nights became fewer after the next couple months and we don't even speak anymore to eachother but we have eachothers back

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