Ich besorg es mir

Ich besorg es mir
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"Tsk, such a naughty slave" teases the Mistress, caressing their Slave's exposed breasts with her crop, lifting and letting them drop playfully.


She smiles down at her slave mischeviously, the sunlight glinting off her shiny black boots, matching long cuffs, corset, and collar, and her silver tag, now worn over a blood red, skintight latex bodysuit. "Whatever shall we do with her?" "Hmm," muses the Master as he walks around her appraisingly, idly slapping the flail against his pant leg. "So eager as she is to give herself away, perhaps we should offer her to whoever will take her.?" "N-no, Master!" she pleads, thrashing in her bonds, aching for her denied climax.

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"Please, I am only for you and my Mistress, anything but that!" He cocks an eyebrow mischeviously, lash trailing across her pert nipples. "Anything, you say?" She whimpers and bites her lip at the implication, nodding hesitantly.

"Then it shall be as you wish. You will do anything and everything you are told, and in return you will not be given over to anyone else." "Thank you Master!" she squeals in relief and delight, thighs still trying subtly to generate enough friction to give her release, earning herself a vicious slap from the mistress' crop on the inner thigh.

He smirks down at her, pulling something out of his bag of tricks. "But I did not promise you would have either of us; that you will still have to earn.

And to keep you interested." he trails off meaningfully, producing a pair of vibrating panties. "This is a pair your Mistress modified special.

In addition to the usual tricks, these have an array of sensors to keep you stimulated just as you are right now; about to go off and aching for more all day. Or until we decide you've earned a little reward." She moans as he carefully unlocks her ankles one at a time, then pulls the diabolic panties tight up over her hips, the thin fabric of the thong almost undetectable against her aching skin.

She obediently keeps her legs straight despite the overwhelming urge to finally bend them and work out the cramps from a night of bondage, her eyes entreating her Mistress for permission and whimpering as the panties begin their maddeningly slow, soft throbbing. Instead, her Mistress bends low over their Slave, strong fingers digging in to work the kinks out of her muscles as she lovingly flexes the Slave's sore legs, restoring her one joint at a time.

Their Slave whimpers softly under her Mistress' tender ministrations, gasping as the pain peaks and dissipates while each toe, then ankle, and finally each knee and hip is bent to and fro, new life flooding her aching body. "Now," the Master says menacingly, grabbing a fistfull of her hair, "Thank your Mistress properly." The Mistress crouches low over their Slave, legs spread wide as she undoes a few cleverly concealed clasps, the corset and bodysuit parting to bare her wet, shaved pussy to their Slave.

The Master shoves her face deep into her Mistress' juicy, clenching pussy, and after a brief moan of shocked protest their Slave begins dutifully licking her Mistress' quivvering clit. "Mmmm," she moans lustily as she arches her back, savoring the Slave's desperate if ameature strokes, "good slave." With a nod to their Master, the vibrations speed up for a moment, almost giving her the release she craves with every fibre of her being.

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She bucks her hips wildly in the air, gagging for it, scarcely able to breathe as she thrashes wildly for the pleasure so long denied, only for the safeties to engage in the nick of time, the vibration returning to a dull, gentle throb. Her eyes well with tears as she nearly screams in frustration, her pleasure so tantalizingly close and yet so impossibly far away. Desperately, eagerly she focuses on pleasuring her Mistress, her tongue flying across her quivvering clit like a soft, moist hurricane.

The Mistress gasps in pleased surprise as she rides their Slave's mouth, pumping her hips in time with the eager little tongue, quickly coming to a shuddering orgasm.


"G-Good Slave." The Slave spasms as the vibrations speed her closer and closer to her climax, so close she can almost taste it as she strains against her wrist restraints, the vibrations stopping almost instantly when she tries to rub her thighs together. She feels her Master's hands prying her knees apart, pinning her legs to the grass as she bucks wildly in a futile attempt to achieve her climax, whimpering helplessly as it slips back out of her reach and the low, soft throbbing begins again, keeping her just on the edge.

"Hmm, I can see we have a lot of work ahead of us, don't we Slave?" teases her Master, rubbing her roughly through the panties, the vibrations stopping for a moment as she nearly climaxes again, leaving her gasping and sobbing with frustration. Her Mistress rises over her, refastening the little clasps and writhing a little with the aftershocks before moving to unlock the Slave's wrists, not bothering to massage the top half of her body.

Her Master tugs roughly on her leash as her Mistress hauls her to her feet, padlocking her wrist cuffs behind her back, her knees wobbling as she teeters on the edge of an amazing climax.

Her Mistress circles her menacingly, ducking easily under the leash as she firmly raises their Slave's chin with the crop, lashing out at her ass and pushing her hips forward, lifting each breast and slapping the abused flesh, the Slave's dusky skin glistening with sweat as she struggles to contain herself.

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She cries out as the crop strikes her clenching pussy, the vicious blow sending powerful waves of pleasure and pain across her body, muscles tensing as she pants helplessly, another jerk on her leash nearly pulling her off her feet. "Tsk tsk," the mistress chides as she circles her again, "You need to learn Posture!" She growls the last word as the crop slaps her bare ass-cheek cruelly, leaving a heart-shaped mark on the tender skin as she forces the Slave to arch towards the master, who viciously lashes her trembling pussy, making her gasp, her climax nearly breaking through as she cringes back from the wicked blow.

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Her mistress strikes the other cheek and she tries to recoil straight, but can't help arching towards her master, the lash sending her over the edge, making her collapse back into her Mistress' waiting arms as she surrenders to the climax, the lash falling across her aching breasts as she bucks her hips helplessly, the vibrating panties making the pleasure go on and on.

"Hm," growls her Master as he takes a fistfull of his Slave's hair.

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"It seems the panties need some more tweaking." She whimpers and writhes appreciatively in his grip, panting desperately, mouth agape in agonized pleasure. "Don't blame me," the Mistress says defensively, "they shut off when she started enjoying herself too much. Not my fault she got off on the pain alone." "Did she indeed?" muses the Master, gazing down at his Slave, her eyebrows raised in helpless anticipation.

"Well then.what a useful little skill to have." "Master.please.mercy." He smirks down at her, licking her upper lip quickly, breathlessly. "Of course. Mistress? She's all yours."