Fucking incredible ass bouncing and teasing

Fucking incredible ass bouncing and teasing
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After my trip to Leather's place I was a complete mess. The intimacy that Angela and I had shared had my mind in turmoil. Was I a lesbian? Was I hetero? Or was I just totally screwed up? It seemed I was leaning heavily toward the latter. Angela knew I was technically a virgin. When I say technically I mean that my female parts had all been violated many times by dildos and other foreign, but lovely devices so I was in no way what anyone would consider pure and fresh.

And this very fact left me in a quandary about sex. I wanted to feel a human penis, a cock, a dick, a prick inside me. And I hoped Angela would help me arrange it. It was just over five weeks, thirty-seven days to be exact, since Angela and I had visited Leathers and I was so ready for a return engagement. As much as I had enjoyed watching that big, beautiful cock of his erupt in a fountain of hot and nasty.

Oh, sorry, I'm getting carried away here. Anyway, every time I thought of Leathers cumming I imagined how it would feel inside me.

I never told Angela, but when we had sex together it was always the thought of Leathers fucking me that got me off.

I finally had to come clean, excuse the pun, and tell her I wanted him to be my first. "That's cool," Angela said. "He fucks me every once in a while. He's actually pretty good." "What?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Why didn't you ever say something?

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And here I thought we were, you know, kind of in a monogamous. Oh shit, never mind. So you'll help me?" Angela shrugged as if it were no big deal. "Sure. I can set it up for you. How's Friday night sound?" It was now Wednesday morning.

Tonight would have sounded better, but beggars can't be choosers. "Friday sounds good," I told her. I was sure the clocks around the world had all stopped sometime early Wednesday morning, then restarted at a painfully slow crawl.

It seemed forever till Friday finally came. But it finally did and we were now standing on the porch of Leather's house. Angela rang the bell. As before, the porch light went out and the door opened with an ominous creaking. We stepped inside. Leathers was standing there. He gave Angel a peck on the cheek and said, "Hi," then turned to me.

"Hey Sarah, how've you been?" He was no longer wearing his motorcycle helmet. This time he wore a cloth hood type mask with only his eyes, nose and mouth showing. I was feeling a bit nervous, but in a strange relaxed sort of way. "Been doing good," I said. We all walked into the living room. And there my mouth suddenly went dry. Sitting on the sofa were two more guys, also wearing cloth masks. I turned to Angela and she shrugged. "Hope you don't mind," Leathers said.

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A couple of my bros wanted to come by and maybe have a wank while we were doing it." Now you might think that any respectable girl would be appalled at the prospect of two guys jacking off while she was getting her first real live fuck, but then again, I was no respectable girl.

The idea of getting laid while watching a couple of guys jerking their dicks nearly put me over the top. I couldn't hold back a giddy little chuckle and said, "Dude, I don't mind at all." The five of us sat in a circle on the floor and began passing the bong around. As before whatever was in that thing just set me off. My nipples were as hard as marbles and my lower region was totally on fire. By the third or fourth pass I was blitzed.

And it was showtime. The three men began to undress. As they did I soon realized they each were wearing latex underwear with a narrow slit in the crotch area. From each slit protruded a huge cock and set of loosely hanging balls.

All three were semi-hard. I felt my pussy begin to cry, I was so horny. Angela and I stood and undressed as rapidly as the men had. I was ready.

Leathers took my hand and gently lowered me to the floor. He gently opened my legs and positioned himself between them.

His cock swayed like a pendulum, the nip grazing just above my clit. As he lowered himself one of the other men took my right tit into his mouth and sucked the nipple as if he were nursing. Leathers gave me a tender kiss on the lips then let his cock begin to enter were no man had gone before. And it was indescribable. Nothing I had ever done before felt as good as that velvet cock enter my soaking pussy.

When he hit bottom I came with a grunt and a scream. And then he began the long so withdrawal followed by sinking it back in. I came again. I felt as if I could cum every time it hit bottom. During my orgasm I had lost track of Angela.

When I looked to my left I saw her on her hands and knees. She was getting fucked from behind and apparently loving every stroke.

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She looked at me through glazed eyes and tightened lips as she came which of course sent me over the top causing my third orgasm in such short order I thought I might just pass out.

Leathers was doing what I would later come to know as, "long dicking me." He was methodically sliding his enormous cock in and out of me with a rhythm as if we were dancing.

I had lost track of the man who had been sucking my tit until I realized he was kneeling beside me slowly jacking his cock. The tip was very wet and a string of precum hung precariously an inch or two down.

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It was mesmerizing. Leathers looked at his friends cock. "You ready, Man?" His friend nodded.

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Leathers slowly pulled his cock out of my aching pussy until just the head was inside. His friend moved over and for a moment I thought the two were going to trade places. I did not want Leathers to take his cock out of me. I tightened my vaginal muscles and Leathers knew what I was doing.

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"Don't worry, Sarah. I ain't going no where.

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We got a little treat for the girl who likes to watch boys jerk it." With that, Leathers friend positioned himself and with a final stroke of his cock shot a huge stream of hot cum right where Leathers cock and my pussy met. This was the wildest, the horniest, the dirtiest thing I could have ever imagined.


My clit stood up at full attention. My asshole puckered and my nipples hardened past the marble stage. I began to cum again. But it wasn't over. Leather's friend kept cumming. It hit Leathers in the stomach and me all over my pussy and some on my tits. It seemed as if he was never going to stop shooting that scalding hot cum on us. When he did, Leathers simply restarted the rhythmic dance by sliding his cock, which was now completely covered in his friend cum, back into my cum covered pussy.

I thought I must have died. As good as all of this felt I was beginning to feel weak.

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A girl can only cum so many times before lights out. Leathers must have known this because he ramped up his stroking until he was ready to cum. "I'm getting close, Sarah," he said through strained lips. I had finally been thoroughly fucked and I loved it. There was just one more thing left to do. "I want you to cum in my mouth," I said. I hadn't ever thought about a guy cumming in my mouth, but somehow it just seemed like the right thing to do.


I think Leathers thought it was right, too, because he suddenly pulled is dick from my sopping pussy and nearly screamed, "now!" I grabbed that beautiful cock with my right hand and was going to hold his balls with my left, but my throbbing clit had other ideas. My left hand shot down to my pussy just as the first stream of Leather's cum hit me in the face. I jammed the head of his prick into my mouth before a second shot fired off and was able to catch the next shot on my tongue.

I swallowed as fast as I could so as to be ready for the more. And then the craziest thing happened. As I was swallowing all of that hot cum my pussy exploded soaking my already wet hand with my final mind blowing orgasm of the evening. And I just kept sucking. As I finally fell backward onto the floor it became obvious to me that Angela had experienced the same mind blowing night that I had.

She, too, was covered in cum with a long stringy mass hanging from her mouth. I didn't know it at the time, but this had been a life changing experience for her.

Well, that's about all I can remember from that night so long ago. And this is where my story ends. Perhaps I will dabble in some fiction in the future, but until I get out to the left coast to visit my brother there won't be much to tell.

Oh, incidentally, the last time I spoke with Angela she was married and expecting her second child. I wished her the best.

As for me, I never married and sure as hell never had any kids. To all who enjoyed these tales, thanks for taking the time to read them.