Skinny girl shows us her tight cunt and wet body

Skinny girl shows us her tight cunt and wet body
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Kathleen and Violet sat across from one another at the kitchen table, both eating salads for lunch. Neither girl could keep her eyes off of the other, only looking away to make sure their forks made it into their mouths. The slightest of smiles tugged at the corners of Kathleen's lips, and Violet's eyes were hooded ever so slightly, both expressions ghosts of orgasms not an hour before.

After their experimental sex earlier, which was a complete success, both girls decided to shower at the same time, using the time to explore their bodies, as well as clean. When their bodies connected in such a passionate way, certain walls that stood high between the sisters collapsed, and both were caught up in how obsessed with the other they were.

Now, they knew each other's physical selves much better, Kathleen's years-long suppressed obsession finally liberated, and Violet breaking new ground by discovering how sensuous it could feel to run her hands over another woman's body. After the shower, Kathleen had rode her bike up to Hadley, a town only a mile up the road, to visit the pharmacy. There she bought a Plan B, and another two identical packages, for despite the weirdness of the situation, she was not about to be impregnated by her sister.

For the thousandth time that afternoon, Kath caught her sister's eye and held it, the two different shades of green creating an almost palatable connection between the few feet that separated them.

They relationship had changed, and both siblings knew it was for the better. Finishing her salad, Kathleen got up and placed the bowl in the sink, followed soon after by her sister.

"So, how about we take a look at that weird book?" Violet agreed with her sister, and led the way into the spacious library. Kathleen dropped her eyes to her sister's skirt-clad ass, enjoying every moment of not having to sneak looks here and there. Violet stopped and turned when she didn't hear Kathleen following her, and grinned mischievously when she saw where Kath's gaze pointed to. "You really like my ass, don't you sis?" Kathleen cleared her throat, and nodded, stepping up to Violet, and sneaking her hands around behind her to grab a double handful of butt cheek.

Violet squealed and pressed up against her slightly taller sister, her slightly hard cock pressing against Kath's pussy through a few layers of fabric. They exchanged a kiss before Violet pulled away. "We really ought to check out that book. There's always time for this later." Slightly disappointed, Kathleen agreed, letting go of her sister's ass. They opened the door at the end of the hall to find diffuse light filling the room from the cloudy sky outside.

The heavy old book was still there, lying open to a blank page, with the strange symbol blackening the carpet beneath the end table. The girls glanced at each other in uncertainty. Kathleen shut the book, exposing the cover, which has the same symbol as what was on the carpet.

It was a weird curvy 'O' with a pair of slashes through the center, with two dots above and below it. "What do you think it means?" Vi asked her sister. Kathleen shook her head, for she had no idea whatsoever. She turned the cover open and flipped through the blank pages at the beginning until she found an introductory page.

There only a couple lines on the page, so Kath read them aloud. "Within these pages, taken from trees overlooking His Valley, lies a strength unbound to this plane.


Beware, novice or ignoramus who touches these pages, for you can be destroyed by them. Many acts may be pulled from this conduit, attempt only if you have prepared." Violet's brow furrowed after her sister had finished reading the words. It was familiar to her, somehow. Suddenly she snapped her fingers as the memory came to her. "Is this the Necronomicon??" Kathleen looked up at her sister, "I got the same feeling, but the Necronomicon is bound differently and has a disclaimer as to its veracity.

Not to mention Lovecraft's name is on it. This is something different." She turned a couple more pages. There were more pages with only a couple paragraphs of illegible script; it seemed as though that is all the book held.

Kath asked her sister where she had found the book. Violet pointed up the ladder to the top shelf, where the corners of the half-dozen other ancient texts could barely be seen. She moved to climb up to retrieve another of the mysterious collection, wondering what could possibly be in one ancient, leather-bound book, much less five of them. As Vi carefully ascended the ladder, Kathleen turned another page to two until her eye caught a word she recognized.

Frowning in confusion, she leaned over the book and moved her lips as she pronounced the word under her breath. "Womb?" Violet was at the top of the ladder, her hand reaching for the binding of another tome. As her fingers grazed the edge, she heard her sister whisper something.

She turned around, looking down at her sister's bright red hair. As she watched, Kathleen backed away from the book on the table, pressing against the wall behind her in terror. Violet's mouth dropped open as she saw the black ink flow over the pages, over the edge of the table, and splash down onto the carpet right beside the dried markings from last night.

She scurried back down the ladder and turned around to see a different symbol drawn in the carpet, still gleaming and wet. Before she could examine it further, Kathleen gasped, and she put her hands to her midsection. Kathleen locked eyes with her sister, seeing the fear in her grey-green eyes and knowing it was reflected in her own. Her hands felt her guts move underneath the smooth skin of her lower abdomen, but there was a strange lack of pain.

She tore her shirt off, exposing her bra-clad breasts, and watched as the skin around her belly button rippled from movements beneath. Entranced by the alien things happening to her, she felt Violet by her side, her arm around her shoulders. "This is exactly what happened to me." Kathleen heard her sister say. One final movement and her guts settled down, although her midsection looked the same as it always had.

Although if Violet was right… Kathleen sat down on the floor, fighting to get her shorts unbuttoned. Peeling them down her legs and throwing them away, Kath felt herself, searching gently with her fingers to try and find anything different about her vagina and all exterior contours.

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She couldn't feel anything out of the ordinary, but then her guts started moving again, causing her to gasp again. It was nowhere near the skin; all the movement was concentrated within her lower abdomen, right where she figured her uterus was located. Kathleen leaned back against the wall and squeezed her sister's hand. Their eyes met again, Violet's filled with concern. The movements slowed down and finally ceased, although no fat cock extended from Kathleen's crotch.

They both looked at her exposed pussy lips in uncertainty, but even after a minute of expectative waiting, nothing else happened. Helping her to her feet, Violet went over and retrieved her sister's shorts and shirt.

As her sister re-dressed in a daze, Vi glanced over at the book, and at the pair of symbols on the carpet. The page that Kath had opened the book to was completely empty, although Kath had read a word off of the page.

Violet turned back to her sister, who was doing up the buttons on her jean shorts. "Are you okay?" Kathleen nodded, her eyes still wide from terror at the unexplainable experience. After she got her shirt back on, she ran her hands over herself again, but still couldn't feel a thing out of the ordinary.

"What word did you see on the page?" Kathleen looked up at her sister's question, "It was 'womb'." Neither sibling had any answers for the other. They both decided to put the book back where it came from, but no matter what cleaning supplies they used, nothing would take the ink out of the fibers of the carpet, so they left the symbols lie.

They closed the doors to the library, and decided to try and distract themselves from what they had just experienced. So, they went upstairs to Violet's room and plugged in a game that let both girls play at once. Kathleen's recent ordeal soon left the front of her mind as she got into the game, which was fast-paced and interesting.

After about an hour and a half of video gaming, Kathleen saw that it was later than she realized, and that she should probably get a few things done around the house; stuff that her parents usually did. She set down the controller and stretched, letting out a cute little groan. Violet smirked at her sister, taking in the bold color of her hair, the taut skin under her t-shirt and jeans, the two bulges of breasts that had somehow become strangely alluring recently. Kath caught her sister staring, a nice juxtaposition, and smiled.

"I'm gonna go do some dishes, Vi. Can you feed and water the birds?" They agreed on their chores. Before she got up, Kathleen reached over and grasped the shape of Violet's dick for a moment, marveling at the size of it. Then she left, her vag slightly moist, and Violet left with half of a hard-on and a clouded mind. She shook her head, and shut down her console, adjusting her still new member so it would lie more comfortably.

Stopping in her doorway, she heard water running in the kitchen sink downstairs, and wondered again at how her sister had changed, at least in Violet's eyes, ever since their parents left for vacation yesterday.

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Before, Kathleen had been just her sister, now they we that plus lovers and best friends, with the thing that brought them closer hanging from between Violet's legs. Reaching under her skirt for the length of meat that still hadn't softened from earlier, Vi stroked it until it was at full attention, her skirt completely useless at that point. She took the corner of her lip in between her teeth, getting an idea through the haze of breeding need flowing through her.

She noticed the state she was in, wondering for a moment if it was because she had testicles that she was feeling so horny. Regardless, it was time to get a quickie before the chores were completed. Her oversized penis pointing the way, Violet went downstairs and hung a left into the kitchen, where Kathleen was at the sink facing away from the doorway.

Violet snuck up behind her and wrapped her arms around Kath's midsection, causing her to start. Before she could say anything, Vi's hands wandered up to clasp both of Kathleen's boobs, while her teeth nibbled at an earlobe. "You know," Violet said in a breathy voice, "I should really make sure that everything is alright in there. I've got the perfect tool to do it, too…" Licking her lips, Kath used her ass to rub up and down against Violet's cock, which was already hard as a rock.

She was right, too; it was the perfect too for the job. Kathleen sighed and closed her eyes, enjoying every moment. She felt one hand leave her breast and move down to unfasten her shorts, causing them to drop to the linoleum.

She immediately felt the hot tip of a penis against her bare ass-cheek, throbbing with the rhythm of Violet's heart. So, she didn't disappoint. Bending over and arching her back, Kath glanced behind her shoulder with hooded eyes and quicker breaths, seeing her move towards her damp entrance. She felt the head of the cock penetrate her slowly; feeling every vein in the pulsing member as it pushed its way into her vagina.

Violet sighed the entire time she pushed into her sister, but stopped at about halfway before she had a chance to bottom out. No need to make Kathleen uncomfortable. They settled into a rhythm, Kath supporting herself on the sink, while Violet used the ass in front of her as a pair of handholds as she thrust clumsily into her sister's pussy, which was now leaving streaks of cum on the length. Kath was groaning with every movement, feeling warmth fill her abdomen as the muscles worked.

After a couple minutes of enjoying the ride, Kath decided to get a little crazy.

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She pulled almost all the way off of Vi's dick, feeling the head sitting just inside her entrance, and then she rocked back, intending to get as much inside her as possible. To the surprised of both girls, Violet's member didn't bottom out after six or seven inches like what happened earlier that day, but thanks to Kathleen's thrust, every single inch of cock disappeared up inside of her until Kathleen's ass came up hard against Violet's stomach.

They both lost balance, falling against the island in the middle of the kitchen; Kathleen shocked to feel the pulsing head of Violet's unnaturally long cock just below her sternum, in a place where it shouldn't be. There was no pain, it merely felt as though her vagina was more than twice as lengthy, able to accommodate the monster that was completely filling her up. Violet was stunned to see her cock disappear into her sister completely, ramming it securely into her body cavity as Vi's back caught up against the island.

They both stood there, joined by the genitals, panting in mutual disbelief. "Kath, did I hurt you?" Violet asked, although she had heard no cries of pain. "No, it's incredibly hot." She turned enough to look Violet in the eye, "This is what the book must have done; changed my insides so that I could take your cock!" Violet flexed her member inside her sister, causing Kath to gasp and squeak.

"Apparently so. You're sure you're alright?" Kathleen nodded, and stepped forward, allowing the cock to slide out of her with a wet squelching noise. She hopped up on the counter, which turned out to be the perfect height for Violet to fuck her. They locked eyes with equal intent.

Violet stepped closer, and plunged into Kathleen her entire length, causing her to squeeze her eyes shut and groan tremulously.

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They fucked hard for five whole minutes, Violet utilizing her entire length to give Kathleen two incredible orgasms that left her shaking and screaming on the counter.

After the second orgasm that her sister panted her way through, Violet couldn't take it anymore. She yanked her cock out of her sister's snatch, pulled her onto the linoleum floor, and grunted as Kathleen leaned forward and took the head of her cock in her mouth, allowing every drop of semen to flow down her throat.

Violet let out the breath she had held during her orgasm, and watched as Kath milked the last of the cum out of her cock with a hunger.

They both stumbled into the sitting room and collapsed into chairs, panting and sighing after their mutual release. All they could do was stare at one another as Violet's cock shrank back to its flaccid state and Kathleen's newly lengthened vagina collapsed back to 'normal' after being stretched to such extremes. Finally Kath found enough will to speak. "Sis, I don't know what was written in those books, but they made some amazing things happen.

I'm really enjoying this." Violet nodded in agreement, for despite the shock of the experience that both girls had, the outcome was extremely hot and entertaining.

It was going to be an interesting week. Kath pushed herself up so that she was sitting forward in the chair. "Vi, when I went uptown to get that Plan B, I also got birth control. I started taking it, so in a week, maybe less, you can cum inside me again. It was so incredibly hot that it needs to happen again." Violet agreed, getting to her feet shakily. "Oh, it's totally going to happen again." They both grinned at each other.

Violet gently took Kath by the elbows and helped her to her feet. There they exchanged a passionate kiss, exploring each other's mouths to the best of their ability, their hands roaming their bodies. When they came apart, it was with reluctance, and they were almost ready to go at each other again.

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They both left the room, going off to complete their respective chores. The clock on Violet's bedside read 3:49 a.m. She was sleeping on her back, snoring lightly, with one arm stretched above her head. The curtains at her open window bristled and wafted; thunder sounded in the distance. The room was very dark, as the cloud cover allowed no light from the moon inside.

In the darkness, Violet's door swung open soundlessly, allowing entrance to a single lithe figure that paced deliberately over to the side of Violet's bed. There the figure stood, staring down at the girl. Violet stopped snoring, and opened her eyes, but showed no expression or surprise at the figure standing at her side. Her eyes were seemingly sightless, focusing on nothing and no one. As if in a daze, she moved the covers off of her body, and began to slowly stroke her cock, which began to harden immediately.

The slender figure beside Violet's bed moved a hand into her crotch and moved it in circles, soon creating a wet sound that was unmistakable. Lightning lit up the room for a split second, revealing Kathleen's face vacant of all emotion as she climbed onto Violet's bed.

Both girls made no sound and said no words as Violet held her fully hard dick in a vertical position, and Kathleen slid onto it, taking the entire length into her body cavity. Thunder crashed, closer than before, but neither girl made a sound; Kathleen simply sat on top of her sister, the monster penis fully imbedded within her.

If Violet were in a state where she could process her senses, she would have felt Kathleen's vaginal muscles flexing hard, and separately. With Vi's cock sunk deep, the flexing began at the entrance of Kathleen's pussy, at the base of Violet's dick, and progressively moved deeper until the muscles clasped the head of her cock, and then it would begin again.

Neither girl moved or spoke, as though they weren't in control of their actions. This happened about a dozen times before Violet's breathing began to deepen and quicken, followed a few seconds later by an unconscious thrusting of her hips as Kathleen's rhythmic vaginal pulses caused Violet to ejaculate deep within Kath's body.

With one coordinated movement, the girls held each other and reversed positions so that Kathleen was laying back on the bed and Violet was in between her legs. During this action, Violet's cock remained deep inside of Kathleen. Violet bent over her sister, neither one of them seeing the other, and thrust hard, the head of her cock barely caressing the bottom of Kath's vagina.

Three more times she thrusted, depositing every drop possible into Kathleen, and at the same time pushing the semen as far in as possible, so that it would pool at Kathleen's cervix and eventually drip into her uterus. Violet mechanically pulled out of Kathleen with a sucking noise; not a single drop of cum flowed from the opening.

Vi stood up beside the bed, and left Kathleen in her room, closing the door behind her. Going into her sister's room, Violet crawled into the bed and promptly closed her dull eyes, her cock still slick with Kathleen's juices.

Lightning flashed far away, answered by a low peal of thunder, as the digital clock on Kathleen's bedside table illuminated Violet's sleeping face. It read 3:58.

Author's note: This storyline has developed far beyond what I had initially planned. Any suggestions for what you want to happen to Kathleen and Violet Casey next will be accepted and considered. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this third installment!