Black girl with saggy boobs and hairy pussy

Black girl with saggy boobs and hairy pussy
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Riding Trial Chapter Two Michelle woke and found she was sore from the prior nights activity with James Talbot the sucessful rich bastard she knew as Jimmy. She tried to pull herself from the funk of what had transpired. How could she be so dumb. It was Saturday morning so she dressed and headed for the stables grabbing a breakfast on the way.

The only place she felt safe and all together was on Ziggy in the show arena. She saddled up in the usual routine and round to the arena. All the gates and jumps were set up and ready so she began to ride through the course. As her and Ziggy landed the first jump she bumped the saddle and found out just how sore her pussy really was. Michelle almost pulled up and stopped but knew she had to ride through the pain.

As her pussy pounded against the saddle jump after jump she adjusted to the pain. 13 gates later she rode back to the beginning and stopped. She squirmed in the saddle a bit and let her and Ziggy rest a bit. Michelle rode for a couple hours practicing and practicing.

Other riders stopped and watched. Her and Ziggy hit their pace and were jumping the gates on stride and working well together. The pain between her legs was definitely there but she did very well with it. She found though that as she slammed against the saddle it hurt so she smoothed out her impacts and it forced her to make smoother landings. Surprising a sore pussy could make her ride smoother and better. When Michelle was done she rode to the barn and dismounted.

Her legs were tired and felt like lead. When she tied up Ziggy and removed her saddle she felt the cooling in her riding pants. She looked down and realized her crotch was soaked through. She had never had this happen before. She went to the bathroom to clean up and change. Thank goodness for some changes of riding clothes left in the tack room.

In the bathroom she found her panties completely soaked with her own juices. When she felt her pussy it was tender and puffy but soaked. She couldn't believe she could be arroused from riding with an already sore pussy. She knew she had to ride each day for a couple hours since they only had a week and a half til they trailered up to Seattle for the big competition.

She had to get this soreness under control, she had to get her emotions under control, she had to avoid and never see Jimmy again. She steeled herself and said never again into the mirror before she left the bathroom. Never ever. she had too much to loose.

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too much training.Never. The next couple days training went great and the soreness subsided. Monday she was back at work but back in her routine. She knew her folks would be in Seattle in just under a week and a half to watch her compete. She knew she just had to get this next week or so out of the way then load Ziggy in the trailer and drive up to Seattle on that next Friday morning.

As the week flew by she rode two to three hours per evening and everything was going great. Her mind had cleared, her pain was gone. One week to go. Friday evening she rode with some friends and other country club members looking on.

As the eveniing wore on the excitement over their golden girl had waned and nearly everyone had left. Michelle finished her cool down ride the washed Ziggy and rubbed her down. By the time she put her away and fed her it was getting late. Michelle used the restroom and prepared to leave and wanted to get home and out of the riding gear. As she passed through the barn she heard music.

It was coming from the back side of the barn. She looked around to see who was still there knowing she was always the last one to leave and close up. As she rounded the corner she nearly ran into Mr James Talbot (she couldn't think of him as Jimmy no no no).

The start made her jump back. Jimmy smiled and said Hi. She tried to act mad and ignore him. She blurted out "What are you doing here? Jimmy smiled and said "Waiting for you." Michelle was convinced she was going to have nothing to do with him and tried to walk away.

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Jimmy convinced her there was something she had to see and needed to come with him. She knew she shouldn't but he literally led and coaxed her over to one of his tack rooms. It was small but set up differently than the first one that had a bed. She was a little relieved at that. Just past the saddle stands was a couch, chair, and couple TV's, and music was playing.

A couple guys were sitting drinking and watching one TV intently. When Michelle looked carefully she realized one TV showed her stall and Ziggy (two people were in the stall with her). Michelle was pissed, then her eyes roamed to the other TV the two guys were watching and it was a porno movie. She went from mad about someone being in her stall to sheer horror that the movie was her tied up and Jimmy sliding a fist in and out of her as he asked her questions she whimpered and said yes to.

Oh god how can this be. She paniced and tried to get out of there. She tried to get back to Ziggy and get those fools out of her stall. Jimmy grabbed her and stopped her. She tried to slap him but he grabbed her hair in a knot and put his face right next to hers and snarled.

"Knock it off horsey slut, I told you that you were mine, that movie is only the beginning. Now shut the fuck up look at the other screen." Sheer terror gripped her as she saw the two men in Ziggy's stall filling a syringe from a medical vial. Jimmy said "Ziggy won't really like a massive dose of Ketamine will she" Michelle was in a panic and began to object but Jimmy twisted the knot of hair tighter and said "Shut the fuck up.

Here's the deal. Little horsey slut. Your gonna spend the rest of the night getting fucked by me and my pals here. You fuck like a complete whore and your precious little pony gets away scott free. You object or fight or anything the lights go out for the pony. Got it?" He tugged her hair and pointed to the two men on the screen and said "You got it? You gonna be a whore tonight or else?" Michelle was in shock but shook her head yes.

The two other guys watched her and began smiling a wicked cruel smile. Jimmy pulled her hair and said "Come on. Into the next stall" Michelle knew she was in trouble as they walked into the 16 x 16 stall to see a pile of hay bales stacked waist high covered with a red blanket. In the three corners were a couple video cameras and several lights.

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She looked around in a panic. Jimmy told her to strip Now.


She did as she was told but the tears began to flow. Once she was naked Jimmy tossed her a silk little corselet and some stockings and ordered her to put them on. At least they brought a couple chairs so she could sit while putting on the stockings. The last thing was a tall black set of high heels.

She rarely wore heels so really was not comfortable in these. It was all so difficult to do through the tears.

She looked on one wall and saw a few TV screens most showed live feeds from the cameras in the room and one showed Ziggy's stall. The two men stood there holding her halter and a syringe and a two way radio.

Jimmy snarled "Clean up your face and get rid of those fucking tears or we'll call more guys and film a biker gang rape right here over your dead horse. Got it?" Michelle choked back her tears and tried her best to wipe her face. Someone handed her a clean rag and she cleaned up the best she could. Her eyes were still a bit puffy but the crying was done. Jimmy told her to get on the blanket on her hands and knees. She did so. He moved her legs apart and made her raise her ass and made sure her tits hung down just right.

He moved in with a handheld camera and told her" I want you to ask these guys to fuck you like the whore you are". He waved his hand like "get on with it" Michelle choked back the urge to cry again then looked up and saw a que card that said "You boys like my ass? Are you going to do something about it? I'm waiting for it." The next que card told her to reach back and rub her ass pulling her ass cheeks apart. The third said "So what do you perverts have in mind for poor little me?" Michelle looked around as Jimmy backed away with the handheld as two big guys walked into the stall naked except for black leather hoods and black fingerless gloves.

A shiver of fear ran through her since these guys were big and looked evil. Neither was hard but were still well endowed even limp. The first one walked to her face and demanded she start sucking his cock. Michelle had never done such a thing and was at a loss on how to do it. Leatherhead 1 told her to lick it full length and she did as she was told. Leatherhead 2 took his place near her ass and began kneeding her ass cheeks then playing with her pussy and asshole.

She squirmed a bit at the new ministrations going on where no one had ever messed around. Before she knew it she had a semi-rigid cock in her mouth and was licking furiously. Siliva ran down her chin and the salty pre-cum coming from the mans cock tasted really different.

As long as she was licking and sucking he didn't pull her hair too hard. She hated when he pushed too deep. It hurt her throat and made her want to throw up. The other man swatted her ass making it sting and making her jump in pain. In no time her entire ass felt like it were on fire.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw leatherhead 2 reach into a tool box next to the hay pile. He pulled out some tubes and squeezed out the clear liguid on his big fingers.

In no time he was running those gooey fingers in and out of her pussy. She spread her legs a bit more to accomodate and found it hard to stay up on her knees as he began pushing further in and out. After a few minutes a new sensation took over her as a large lubed finger was pressed deep in her ass.

Leatherhead 1 kept her busy by occasionally stuffing his increasingly harder cock further into her mouth and throat. She tried not to gag or throw up but it was so different and he was not being patient or gentle.

Niether one was. One man stuffing a cock in her mouth and the other soon had two fingers pushing in and out of her ass then put a couple in her pussy. She'd never felt anything like it. Remaining up on her knees was tough and they were getting sore. Leatherhead 2 pulled a tray out of the toolbox and began laying things on the blanket between her knees. She couldn't see what it was but heard a low buzzing noise from time to time.

He grabbed more of the tubes of lube and worked for a minute or two. She realized he'd been up to no good when the first good sized vibrator was run around her pussy lips. She flinched at first then he rubbed it round and round til her hips began to move in time. In no time he began to push the big buzzing monster into her well lubed pussy. His pressure was slow yet strong. Michelle felt so full as he worked it in and out getting a bit more in each slide inward. Finally she felt the huge toy bottom out in her pussy.

He didn't stop there and she began to whimper around leatherhead 1's cock as #2 pushed harder into her with each stroke. In a very few minutes she was in agony as he pushed deeper and deeper she was sure she was tearing inside. #2 left the toy in place deep inside her then placed a small vibrator on the opening of her asshole.

She felt the gooey lube on her asshole and felt the tip of the toy touching her asshole then slowly it began to push inward. #1 pulled her onto his cock hard and it filled her mouth as she tried to pulled off it to scream about the vibrator entering her ass. All she could do was howl onto the cock in her mouth. Tears began streaming down her face more each minute. In no time the vibrator was fairly deep in her ass and felt huge when in fact it wasn't. # 2 began working both vibes in and out of her pussy and asshole simultaneously.

After a couple minutes a warm sensation overtook her pussy and her legs began to shake. Michelle had a hard orgasm. #2 removed the vibes and then placed the one from her pussy into her asshole. Again she was in agony as it stretched her.

Deeper and deeper it went. When it was deep enough the guys stopped and physically picked her up and put her on her back. Her head and red hair hung over the far edge of the blanket covered hay. #2 made sure the vibrator was completly buried in her ass then spread her legs wide.

Michelle whimpered "Oh god no, please, no more" just before #1 placed a ball gag in her mouth and raised her arms. He tied her wrists to the strings on the bales underneath. Arms tied wide apart and legs open he approached her. She got a good look at his now fully hard cock as he got between her legs. He was bigger than Jimmy and she knew she couldn't take it.

She shook her head from side to side and cried into the ball gag as he pushed the huge cock into her pussy. The pain was intense and the sensation of fullness was terrible since the vibrator was still in her ass.

#1 was not gentle and worked his way all the way into her in only a few long strokes. He began his diligent work of destroying her unprotected pussy. After a bit the pain subsided then the warm sensation returned.

Michelle found herself rocking her hips in rhythym to the fucking she was recieving and then had an earthshattering climax. She howled into the gag the tried like crazy to catch her breath as she panted. #1 filled her pussy with hot cum and she felt it spurt into her again and again. She groaned into the gag knowing she was not on the pill and he was not wearing a condom.

Oh god how could this be happening to her? When #1 was through he walked back to Michelles head. She was too tired to raise it up so her beautiful red hair just hung down toward the floor. He removed the gag and placed his semi-hard mess of a cock at her mouth and demanded she lick it clean. She began licking.

What wierd tastes awaited her. It was a mix of his and her cum and juices. It was different but not real bad. All of a sudden he pushed his cock into her mouth and reached over her and grabbed her lower legs. He raised them and pulled them apart and towards his shoulders. She was on her back/shoulders with a cock in her mouth and her legs pulled apart. She felt #2 removed the vibrator from her ass.

The relief was nice but short lived as he pressed his cock into her well lubed ass. It was big but felt better than the vibrator. He fucked her ass for a couple minutes as #1 got hard again. They both withdrew from her and she felt relief. #2 worked his way under her so he was laying on his back on the blanket and she was laying on him.

Her arms were still tied outstretched to her sides but #2 began manhandling her tits and pinching her nipples very hard with both his hands. Michelle began whimpering and objecting as a ball gag was placed back in her mouth. #1 managed to raise and spread her legs and with #2's help guide #2's cock back into her ass. After a few strokes he was planted firmly and deeply in her ass. She was helpless as #1 pushed his cock into her pussy. She was double stuffed and the feeling was intense.

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#1 stroked in and out for a long while as Michelle rocked back and forth on both cocks as she strived for another climax. She was surprised when it came and ashamed she had worked her hips so hard to achieve it. #1 grunted and filled her pussy with cum once again. When he got up he walked for the door. Two other very young men (she recognized from Ziggy's stall) walked forward naked.

One after the other they fucked her sloppy pussy and left two more loads of cum in her. #2 never removed himself from her ass. When Jimmy walked up to Michelle he smiled an evil smile. He directed the two stall boys to hold her legs up and out. They spread her til it hurt. Jimmy dropped his pants and began fucking Michelle. It was hard, painful and very very brutal. It lasted forever and Michelle was crying in pain. When he finally grunted and slammed forward he unleashed a huge load of cum deep in Michelle.

When he was done he leaned forward and said "I told you your mine and we would be doing some incredible things on video" "You just got the fucking of your life horsey slut" "Did you like it?" Michelle shook her head "No" and Jimmy just laughed and said "I don't believe you, you came harder this time than you ever have in fact you got yourself off on that last one" Jimmy chuckled and said "So you want to stop doing this?

You want me to stop fucking you in new and creative ways?" Michelle groaned into the gag and shook her head yes. Jimmy pulled out and stood next to her then began absent minded finger fucking her. #2 began to respond and after all this time started fucking in and out of her ass from below. Jimmy had four fingers in her in no time at all while her ass was being fucked. He began rubbing her clit with his other hand and very soone Michelle was rocking her hips in time and working towards a climax.

As she reached it he managed to get his thumb in and pushed inward. #2 climaxed and slowly pulled out. Michelle was recovering from her climax as #2 slid out from under her then placed a chair under her head so she could hold it up and look at Jimmy. Jimmy looked at the two guys holding her legs and told them to let her legs down. They did and she laid there with her knees bent, legs spread wide, hands tied out to her sides, her head propped up to look at Jimmy and Jimmy was between her legs with his fist buried in her pussy.

Jimmy looked at Her and said "I'll make you a challenging deal." Do you want this to go on?" Michelle shook her head "No" Jimmy sighed and said "OK then heres the deal.

I have my fist burried in you and I want you to move all you need to get yourself to climax on that fist in the next 5 minutes" If you fuck yourself to a climax on my fist in the next five minutes this is the last sex we ever have and i DISAPPEAR from your life for good." If you can't get yourself off We will have one more very creative video session where I pull out all the stops." "After that you may go your own way no strings attached." Do you understand my deal fuck yourself to cumming on my fist now or we do one more video session?" "Deal?" Michelle rolled her eyes back in her head as Jimmy wiggled hi fingers deep in her cunt.

He said one more time "Deal" Jimmy had one of the stable boys remove her ball gag. Michelle licked her lips and looked around. Jimmy wiggled his hand and she closed her eyes and whispered "Deal". Jimmy turned his head and said "What?" Michelle said louder "Deal but I want you to participate in this." He tipped his head quizzically and said OK.

She said you do to me the things I tell you and we have a deal. Jimmy smilled and said "your five minutes starts" "Now" Michelle began rocking her hips forward back and forth on his fist and pushing against it. After about a minute she was panting and rocking back and forth. She groaned "Push in push" and Jimmy obliged by almost punching up into her.

Michelle let out a howl and almost froze. She hissed "In and out hard" So Jimmy smiled and obliged he was literally slamming into her cervix and back out against her pelvis on the way out he pulled out hard but his fist was too big too go through her pelvis then he slammed back in.

Michelle rocked her hips and was panting while she let out feral howls as she fucked herself hard. With less than a minute to go she growled " rub my clit" Jimmy reached up and slowly started rubbing she shrieked "faster" he rubbed side to side in a slightly faster rhythym. fifteen seconds to go she started whimpering and grunted out "circles, fast hard circles, clit, now" Jimmy took a second but began a slow circle pattern on her clit while slamming his other hand in and out of her.

He looked up and said "Times up" And she groaned in disappointment but didn't stop rocking. Jimmy leaned down and started licking her clit in fast cirlces while fisting her and in no time Michelle had a huge climax.

As Jimmy removed his fist he had the two helpers untie her wrists. Michelle curled into a ball and cried "You fucking bastard" Jimmy smiled and smacked her ass then said "Yes I am but my dear a deal is a deal and your gonna get fucked on video one more time, Heal up and I'll see you soon" Jimmy turned off everything, took the cameras and walked out and turned out the lights. Michelle layed there in the dark and cried.

She finally made her way to her tack room and got some clothes. She didn't know where here's were and didn't care. She dressed and drove home. When Michelle got home she showered and used her last douche to try and clean the filth that had been deposited in her. She was scared she was pregnant.

Scared of what had happened. Scared of what was to happen yet.

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She looked at the Red corselet and stockings and heels in the corner and burst into tears she didn't even remeber taking them off. She cried herself to sleep.

She slept to nearly noon the next day. After she woke she showered again. She was so sore. She could barely sit. Peeing hurt. She finally worked up the nerve to go care for Ziggy. She did not ride that Saturday. She groaned cause she knew next Friday they were to head for Seattle and the next day they would riding in the National Qualifier.

With luck she could get a slot on the olympic dressage team by winning the nationals. So close. Why this why now? What was she going to go? She groomed Ziggy absentnindedly as she thought.

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Maybe she could talk Jimmy out of this, Maybe delay it a long time, maybe never. On the other hand she shivered at the thought maybe he'll want to do this last viseo session before nationals.

Oh my god.


She had to avoid him. Maybe she could change her schedule and not be here in the evenings. She hatched a plan. She'd call in sick all week and ride Ziggy in the mornings and be gone and home by lunch.


Jimmy could not catch her at the stables at night and get her anywhere near his tack rooms or stables. That would work for this week. She had to try. She shook her head clenched her jaw and decided that is how she'd get through the week. She patted down Ziggy then headed for home.

That evening she lay in a hot bath soaking her aching body and praying she could get through the week maybe get through Nationals and move. Maybe maybe. Maybe she could tell Kim if she saw her. She thought an evil thought and figured she could rattle Kim by telling her at Nationals. She'd have it out with Jimmy and he'd stop. She seriously considered this option.