Hot girl von weiblichen Therapeuten verführt

Hot girl von weiblichen Therapeuten verführt
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Maria told me, "Athena's going to be around for a few weeks, she asked if she could borrow you on Saturday, she likes your flexible attitude. I said she could." That wasn't unusual in itself, Maria usually made our arrangements for sex or whatever and I was usually happy to go along with it. She was really very good at making such arrangements, it wasn't unusual to be 'leant' to a passing visitor of the right persuasion.

However, "Don't I get a say in this, she's a bit pushy." There goes my British habit of understatement. Athena was a bit pushy in the same way Genghis Khan was a bit bloodthirsty. If I were being poetic I might speculate that she was actually an avatar of Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess for whom she was named. She definitely had the strength and martial ability of of the goddess, I wasn't so sure of the wisdom, and she definitely did't get the virginal traits of the goddess.

She was definitely one for the pleasures of the flesh. She liked to physically overpower her man and force (as if force were needed,) him to satisfy her lust. It made for exciting coupling, but there was something not quite right about this proposition. "No, you're hers!" Maria put the final word on it, and I acquiesced.

To think when I first met Maria, she wanted to be my slave, it took quite some persuading for her to agree to us being equal partners. I'm not sure I kept up my side of the bargain, I was more or less hers to do with as she pleased.

This arrangement definitely pleased me. Also not unusual was that I didn't get any sex for the last half of the week. For special occasions like this, Maria decided I needed to "save up", so wouldn't get any for a few days. Of course I had my usual duties trying to satisfy Maria (a Herculean task at the best of times), which just made me hornier.

Saturday finally rolled around, we were expecting Athena around noon. We were lazing in bed, cuddling, not yet having instituted anything sexual. I was horny as hell and Will was screaming at me to do something about it. (Will being our pet name for my dick, he has a mind of his own, he really deserves his own name.) Maria was ignoring my raging hard on. She reached over to her side and found her favorite riding crop, which she brandished at me.

"Assume the position." I eagerly complied, bouncing up and laying face down, pillows supporting my chest, legs parted, open and vulnerable to her whims. She caressed my back and bum with the crop, and made appreciative noises. She avoided saying "Target acquired." She'd said that once, I cracked up so hard it brought the scene to a crashing halt.

Anticipation, always a good part of a scene like this. Whack! "Ow! One." She seemed extra enthusiastic about the whacking, as much as I tried not to I added the 'Ow' in there.

Whack! "Two." Whack! "Three, OW!" It seems strange to say that for someone who likes being spanked/whacked whatever, I don't actually like the spanks/whacks themselves. They're something to endure and survive, and get to the payoff. Of course that Maria was turned on by whacking me made it easier for me. I still don't like the actual whacks.

Whack! "Four." Whack! "Five. Ow, OW!" Extra enthusiastic there. Whack!

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"Six. OW!" A pause, "Remember." I just wanted this over with, I didn't need a pause, and I tended to be somewhat distracted by the pain to think at times like this. Whack! "Seven." "You're mine." I did like being owned by Maria, I loved it when she claimed me, but I was still distracted at this point. Whack! "Eight" "I decide." Whack! "Nine, OW!" Whack! "Ten." "Who to." Whack! "Eleven." "Lend you." Whack! "Twelve." "To!" Whack! Whack! "Thirteen, Ow, fourteen." They came quicker now.

Whack! Whack! Whack! "Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen." Only three more to go, I think I could make this to the end. Whack! "Eighteen." Whack!


"Nineteen," Back to the more normal pacing now. Whack!

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"Twenty, OW! OW!" I made it. I bounced onto my side, Maria was there as usual welcoming, I launched myself to her and hugged her as though my life depended on it. "Thank you, thank you." My insides were the usual jumble, I loved her, I was loved, the euphoria caught me, I was happy, I wanted to explode with delight. She'd claimed me as her own, oh joy, oh rapture. "I'm yours." I acknowledged her claim.

"Yup mine." My heart soared to new heights. This was the payoff for the pain earlier. A hand rested on top of my head and pushed me down, "Lick me." That's one of my favorite orders at normal times, but in the aftermath of the whacking, it almost reduced me to tears of joy. I'm not admitting anything, it was wet down there anyway.

I don't remember much about the act, except I was the happiest person on earth. I assume I did a good job, it had the desired effect. We cuddled in the afterglow, I was still ecstatically euphoric. "You were a little enthusiastic earlier, ow." "Oh, sorry, did I hurt you?" That is a strange question when the whole point of the exercise is to hurt me.

"Yes, … no, … whatever, it was great.


I still don't like the actual whacks." The payoff was good though, was the unspoken corollary. "I wanted to remind you who's boss, who decides." "I don't think I'll forget in a hurry." My bum was still tingling, it made me feel all loved and gooey inside. "You'd best be getting ready, Athena will be here soon." We went about our usual morning routines and soon enough Athena was shown into the lounge where we were waiting for her.

She first hugged Maria, the effect was almost comical, they were just such different body types, and their complexions also made a big contrast. Athena was big by any standards, tall and broad, not fat, muscle. For a woman she was quite gargantuan. She towered over the rather short (quite wide, not all of it muscle,) Maria. "You don't mind me borrowing Stephen, do you?" "Not at all, he all yours.

He should be raring to go, I haven't let him come since Tuesday." The girls chuckled at my discomfiture and Maria's display of dominance over me. "Just don't damage him, I want him back in one piece." That was not just posturing on Maria's part, I was quite confident that Athena could snap me in two if she wanted to, or even accidentally.

Even if it didn't seem like it, I'm sure she had to hold back during our meetings so as to not actually 'damage' me. You damage possessions, you hurt people, just reinforcing the point here. They broke the hug and I was next in line. I wasn't sure if a hug or a handshake was appropriate, she was eying me like I was dinner which was both disconcerting and flattering.

I'm not a small man, but she loomed over me, she had both a height and weight advantage over me physically, if it came to a contest of strength, there was none. It's a strange feeling for a man to be quite so vulnerable to a woman.

I didn't have to decide, she grabbed me in a bear hug and squashed me against her bosom. Given a calm atmosphere and the time to study them, I'm sure her bosom was quite impressive. They felt nice and soft and yielding as my face was smooshed into them. I think I heard, "Thank you Stephen, I'm going to enjoy this." With that, an arm went around my waist lifted me bodily off the floor and up to her level so she could kiss me.

I detected no discernible effort in this, I might as well have been her favorite teddy bear for all the effort she expended. She kissed me quite energetically, tongues and all that.

She broke the kiss, I was still dangling in mid air, my arms were pinned and she reached down and felt my package. Will of course was hard and complaining at me about the lack of action. Athena looked across at Maria who pointed to the door "Left, second door." We were being directed to the guest bedroom. Athena wasted no time in carrying me to said bedroom. I was deposited on the bed face down, she maintained a compliance hold, I was still pinned. My trousers etc were efficiently removed.

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There was a pause and some rustling then my shirt was removed, leaving me naked. All this time I'd been testing my restriction and had not been able to move at all, well I could move my legs, but kicking wasn't going to get me anywhere. This was just as I expected, it was both exciting and exasperating.

I felt Athena lie down on the bed next to me, I was picked up, held by the upper arms. She was lying there naked, she looked quite yummy.

Athletic, well defined muscles, nice sized boobs, just all scaled up a bit. Her olive skin was smooth and inviting. She kissed me, or rather we kissed, surprisingly tenderly.

Then I was presented to her boobs and I licked and sucked on them, I could use my lower arms and hands to appreciate them as well. Athena seemed to appreciate my appreciation, there were gratifying moans. This put Will in the perfect position to appreciate Athena's cunt. He slipped inside. This brought gasp from Athena. Before I could do anything to press home my advantage, I found my thighs trapped by her feet. She started moving my hips for me, to pump Will in and out of her.

She was using me as a bloody dildo! (Dear reader, in case you're confused, 'bloody' is being used in the British sense just for emphasis, not blood was involved in this scene.) Again I was in two minds about the situation, I was finding my helplessness to be exciting, just I was feeling, … used. That usually didn't bother me, but something was off. Well, Will was getting his wish, some action.

And despite my reservations it was exciting, I really was wound up and ready. So it didn't take me long to come, my little act of rebellion was not trying to hold out. It didn't seem to phase Athena though, after both me and Will went limp, she just moved me down so my face was pushed against her cunt, she had me in some armlock so she was "encouraging" me to attend to her.

Not that I really need much encouragement, but my enthusiasm does wane a little just after I come. Tasty though, my favorite dessert, freshly fucked, juicy creamy cunt. The rest of the afternoon passed in much the same vein. I was basically used, as a sex toy, which was still confusing: exciting and grating. We both got off suitably, several times. At the end of the afternoon I was delivered back to Maria, naked, and a little sore in places.

Maria and Athena hugged and chatted a bit before Athena left. Maria hugged me, "Thank you for that, did you enjoy yourself?" "Yes, … maybe, … I'm not sure." "What's wrong, I thought she'd be perfect for you." "She was, but, … you never gave me a choice, you told me to do it." "But you like that." "Yes, but this seemed different, I'm usually quite happy to go along, this time I had a few reservations." "Oh, sorry." We were silent for a little while, while I thought on it.

"I suppose I like to submit, not be forced, then it's entirely my own doing, you know, consent." Consent was a concept we'd discussed when working out our relationship, we both thought it essential. It was a very dear concept to Maria, she'd been born a (real actual) slave without the power to consent.

Maria looked quite distraught at my comment. "Oh Stephen, have I done something wicked?" Oops, I didn't mean to precipitate a crisis here, time for some reassurance. "I don't think you did, I've consented to you running the show, I didn't have to bring out the Mangos, or even look for a buffalo. And a heard of wildebeest still trampled me." I mimed massaging a sore shoulder for effect. That seemed to reassure Maria, in fact she laughed at the mention of wildebeest, it was a private joke.

Mango was our safeword, though we'd never had to use it. Buffalo wasn't quite a safeword, but could be used if things were getting too intense for someone, we hadn't needed it that often. Wildebeest on the other hand, not being a buffalo was a way of saying you were enjoying a scene, being trampled by them might mean you lost some physical function because of it.

"Poor dear, would you like me to massage your sore bits?" "That sounds like heaven." It really did sound like a good idea to me, so I rolled onto my stomach to let her at me. A little bit of massage, with erotic intent or not, could work wonders after a scene. "If you're looking for anything," (sexual I was meaning here), "I don't think I have anything left for you." I was pretty shagged out after my encounter with Athena, not to mention sore.

I really wasn't up for anything sexual. "I could sit on your face while I work on your front. Or whip you some more." I could usually be persuaded to indulge Maria with a little lick even when I was at my most drained, and face sitting was just about my absolute favorite activity, a whipping was not far behind, she was really trying her best to be nice to me here.

"I'll think about it. For the moment I'm enjoying this." I was, but then added, "I'm not sure a whipping would be a good idea." Not only did I already ache in a lot of places, but two whippings in one day was quite overwhelming, when we'd tried it once I'd almost burst into tears of happiness, it frightened me.

I let her work on my back for a while, my mind wondered as it tends to do at times like this. "Athena does know about the Mangos?" I'd never even checked that Athena knew the safeword before embarking on this, I trusted Maria a lot in a lot of things.

"Of course she does." Maria continued to work on my sore bits, then asked. "Athena's asked if she can borrow you again next Saturday, would you like that?" "Oh god, yes please." With that I sealed my fate and submitted to Athena. Next Saturday was, on the face of it, pretty much a repeat of this one, but I enjoyed myself so much more knowing I'd dropped myself in it.

Such a subtle change, a few words, being forced or submitting made such a lot of difference to me. — Epilogue I had many more encounters with Athena, most of them went much like the above.

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There was one encounter which was a little different, maybe I was feeling a little rebellious, maybe I just wanted something different. Ahead of time, I'd asked via Maria if Athena would mind if I tried fighting back for once. It seems Athena was amused by the idea and didn't mind at all. It was obvious that I was never going to win by strength, so I'd try guile.


As I said, I didn't think this Athena had the wisdom of the goddess, or I'd have no hope. I made a few preparations and things started off as usual. I was being carried in the bedroom as usual when I made my move.

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"You know, it doesn't have to be like this." "What?" "You don't have to force me. We could have vanilla sex, normal sex, or I have a good line in worshiping a woman's body." Athena stopped in her tracks, seemed to think on this, then "OK, lets try it your way." I sat her down on the bed and undressed her, always a good opener.

Lots of kissing of interesting bits. Then I stripped for her, if I do say so myself, I think my stripping performances are pretty good. She definitely looked interested and slightly flushed now. Next I lay her down on the bed and kissed and licked her all over, this also seemed to be well received.

Then I found a couple of silk scarves I'd stashed earlier I trailed them down her body and left them lying on her ankles. Next I kissed along her arms, Brought an arm above her head, and sprung my trap. I clapped a cuff around her wrist, another one of my preparations, hidden at the head of the bed.

She tried to jerk upright, only to find three of four limbs were now restrained. The cuff was around her wrist and the scarves around her ankles tightened and she found them tied to the foot of the bed. That had been another of my preparations, a suitable slip knot and restraints in place.

Silk is surprisingly strong, I'd found that out many times, I hoped it was enough to contain Athena's strength. That left Athena with one arm free, and me hanging on to it.

I put all my strength and my whole body weight into restraining her last arm. It was a close run thing, but I managed to get the final cuff around her wrist and had her restrained. A short pause to catch my breath, then I affixed metal ankle cuffs, just to make sure she was secure and I had her at my mercy. So what do I (a natural submissive) do when I have a woman tied up and helpless before me?

After some token dominance, I fucked her face a bit, I do what I normally do and worshiped her body. I do like that. Lots of kissing, licking etc, all over, but especially the cunt.

Finally, fucking her seemed like a good idea, so that's what I did. After I came I rolled off her and lay next to her waiting for my wits return.

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That was when Athena propped herself up on one elbow and dangled the restraints, which were obviously no longer restraining her. "That was fun, but you mentioned vanilla sex?" And I thought I'd managed to defeat her, but she'd just been playing with me all along.

Oh well, the vanilla sex was good. After that we did occasionally mix it up, she'd sometimes let me tie her up to play the helpless captive, I'm not convinced she was really helpless.

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We had occasional bouts of vanilla sex. But most of the time she just physically dominated me, it was all fun.