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Fakeagent uk valerie fox pornstars and big tits
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This is the proper second chapter and, as you will notice, there is loads more sexual stuff in this than the last one. Enjoy :D My Dirty Little Secret (2) The problem with making out with your straight friend while he's piss-drunk and you're tipsy is that you will remember it.

This might cause you to evoke some feelings about him inside, but I quickly shot down these feelings because I knew they weren't going to get me anywhere. The morning after, a surprised Alan called me, waking me up from my fitful slumber. "Dude, where are you?" he said when I picked up the phone.


"I walked back home," I replied sleepily. "Why?" He sounded genuinely shocked. "Wait, what happened last night?" "Don't worry, you're not gay." I didn't know if I was saying the truth or not.

I could vaguely remember him making out with me and kissing my boner, but his own boner had become limp after a short while. "I'm not?" he asked rhetorically, sounding relieved.

"Well, I guess that means I should concentrate on girls. I won't ask you for the details." "Don't. Take some medicine for your headache and let me sleep.

Bye!" I hung up and plopped my head on the pillow again, falling asleep almost instantly. It wasn't late into the afternoon that I woke up, and I felt a really mild throbbing at the back of my head.

Nothing really interesting happened for a few weeks. I tried to speak with Alan as normally as I could, trying to act like I had not made out with him and he had not almost given me a blowjob.

This was surprisingly easy, to be honest. It was great that David and I shared no classes together, because that would probably have been more awkward. When we passed each other in lunch or between different classes, we acted like we didn't know each other. Of course, this strategy could not work forever. David and I had many, many mutual friends. Once, as I was heading off to English class with my friend Tammy, I saw David walking towards us.

We avoided eye contact, but Tammy shouted, "Hey Dave!" David's face broke into a half convincing smile, "Hey Tammy!" "I'll catch up with you later, Tammy," I said curtly. I speed-walked to our English classroom. Tammy arrived five minutes later and took her accustomed place beside me. "Has something happened between you and Dave?" she asked. "No, nothing really," I said, "Why are you asking?" She chuckled, "You're such a bad liar.

Tell me, I'll talk to him about it." "Trust me, you don't want to know and I'm not going to tell you. And don't tell anyone about it." She didn't, but apparently it was rather obvious how David and I were avoiding each other in breaks and between classes because we were close friends once.

Luckily, I didn't hear any rumours popping around school. I thanked the Universe for making my life easier. Enter Saahil. Salman Papar has always been an interesting character in my life.

I first truly met him two years ago when we were put in the same group on a hiking trip. Back then, he was arrogant and annoying.

Nowadays he was arrogant and mature… and his body was looking much better as well. Although he didn't have a six pack or nice biceps like mine, you could still see that he went to the gym.

In fact, he had often been very prominent in my thoughts recently. This goes back to the party David had had ages ago at his place. Almost all of our year had been there, including Saahil. This was the first time I'd seen Salman properly out of school, and I could say that his fashion sense was slightly better than your average straight guy's.

He was also well-shaven all around, with smooth legs and thighs. In the changing rooms, people used to talk about this behind his back, but he never seemed to mind. But obviously, you can get straight guys like that. The main thing that made me question his sexuality was that once he'd gotten sufficiently drunk at Dave's party and we started hanging out in a small circle of friends, he was often prone to say, "I love you Ali, you're great!" Then he'd keep a hand on my shoulder and lean on it.

This was also normal drunk behaviour, I suppose.


But once the party started dying down and we'd got slightly bored, our small circle started playing truth-or-dare. When the bottle pointed at Saahil, he said he wanted a dare. And his dare was to kiss me. He planted his lips on my cheek without hesitation, but the girl who'd dared him said, "I meant on the lips!" "Oh, I can do that as well!" He made as if he was turning my head around, but said, "Psych!

I'm not gonna kiss him on the lips. Soz, Ali, you're probably attractive and stuff, but I'm not… you know." After that, I realised I'd been finding Salman more attractive than usual lately. He was from India, like me, so he had a brownish complexion. He had a cute face, with black hair and eyes, and what I especially loved was his upper body, with his juvenile pecs, biceps and amazing shoulders.

Problem was, he was probably straight and he was definitely arrogant. I guess I just liked his drunk personality more than his sober one. In the last week of October, I was invited to a party. It was a mix of people from different schools so it was very, very big.

I thought I was the only person from my school in it. It was in a nice big house in the Palm, and the host's parents were on vacation. Also, it wasn't a Halloween party we were going to have that on the first of November.

I got tipsy pretty quickly and went up to the dancefloor to dance with a couple of friends. Of course, soon I got intoxicated enough to pull off my shirt and start dancing. Some annoying girl decided to come up and try to grind but before I could say anything, someone came up from behind me and pulled me into an awkward hug.

"Go away, he's mine!" he said, hugging me so hard that his hard-on was pushing between my butt. I knew who it was and smiled, trying to cover my shock. "Sorry, I'm gay," I said apologetically. The girl giggled and walked away.

I turned around shakily and saw Saahil's face a few centimetres away from mine. We started slow-dancing even though it was a very fast song. "Hey Saahil," I said awkwardly. "Hey Ali!" he shouted, "Having fun?" "Yeah! How come you are here?" "Have a couple of friends who invited me! Glad to find someone from our school here!" Well, he was more than glad.

Both our dicks were rock-hard, pressing against our boxers and trousers. I could feel the elation going up through my heart, which was beating rapidly. I could feel his slow, heavy breaths falling gently on my face and neck. We were exactly the same height, and his face had never looked as cute as it did at the moment. "I didn't know you were gay!" I shouted over the loud music. "I need to talk! Wanna come somewhere else?" He didn't wait for an answer but took me by the hand upstairs.

All the rooms were locked and the one which wasn't was… occupied. Instead we went to one of the bathrooms and Salman locked the door behind him. Then he started crying, which was a horrible turn-off. He sat down on the edge of the bathtub and buried his face in his hands. I felt annoyed, but I knew I had to say something. I put a hand on his shoulder and asked, "What's up, Saahil?" "I'm gay, that's what's up!" he exclaimed in a sardonic fashion, "Or, I don't know… I like girls, but I like guys so much more!" "There's nothing wrong with that," I said simply, kneeling in front of him.

"How do you do it?!" he exclaimed again, "You're so cool with yourself, even though your parents will never agree with you." "I've never asked them. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. But my life is too short to keep listening to my parents." The words came automatically, as if they were coming from the centre of my being. This is who I was, what I was all about. "Why, is it your parents that are troubling you?" "They will never accept me for who I am." Salman had stopped crying, but his voice was still littered with heart-breaking sadness.

"They don't need to know," I said firmly, "At least for now." "I know, I know," he whined, "But that's not the problem either. Ever since you came out, I've been feeling jealous. How can you accept yourself when I can't? How can everyone be so nice to you if you came out? You've never been bullied at all." My voice took on a darker tone. "Not at school, no.

But I have been bullied. Not anymore though." Salman raised his head and looked at me, then let out a sad laugh. "Of course, who would take on a guy with guns like yours? And that's another reason you suddenly come back to school this year hot as fuck. You were totally out of my league." "God, you sound like a straight guy," I said in fake disgust. A straight guy I know too well… "I felt so confused," Salman droned on, "I wanted you and felt jealous at the same time.

I thought you'd never want me." I felt my heart beat faster. I knew a special moment was coming, but I didn't want it to happen in a bathroom, like last time. "Let's get out of this bathroom," I said slowly, wiping his tears and holding a hand, "Let's get out of here." "Okay." Five minutes later, the loud music and the drunk people were behind us.

This house was in one of the leaves of the Palm Jumeirah, so we had to walk for a good 20 minutes until we could get to a place where there was a public beach. During the walk, we held hands the whole way. I could feel tingles of passion in my heart. We just talked and talked the whole way. "You don't know how much I've been thinking about you since Dave's party." He sounded surprised when he said, "Really?

Is it because I kissed you on the cheek?" "Yes!" "I actually did want to kiss you properly then and there." "It's a good thing you didn't, because everyone would've been shocked." He laughed.

"Well, I've told some people I'm bi they wouldn't have been shocked." There was silence for a while as a breeze blew across the road. "Do you want to properly come out any time soon?" "I don't know…" "You should only do it when you're ready." "I don't think I am." "Then wait until you are." We reached the beach at about midnight. It was empty, because we couldn't see any person across its expanse. I led him to a place where there wasn't much light so we couldn't be spotted.

The moon was behind some clouds, although I could spot a couple of stars. The sound of the water and breeze was calming. We sat down at a place just a metre away from where the waves crashed.

"Well, this is suitably romantic," I joked. "Yeah," Salman said absent-mindedly, "Did you bring me here just because of that?" "Mhm." "Gosh, don't tell me you're that kind of person, Al," he chuckled. "I sort of am, but I like the sex part of relationships just as much, if not more." "So you've been in relationships before?" "Well, flings, one-offs, here and there.

Never a proper relationship." "I've never been in anything…" "Doesn't matter at all, you're cute." I felt happiness expanding in my like a balloon.

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I started shivering mildly, but mostly because I was shirtless and the breeze was cool. "And I love how you shave your legs and everything. Plus your fashion sense is sexy." Right now he was wearing beige-coloured shorts that went upto half his thighs.

On top of that he was wearing a dark grey shirt half-sleeved shirt.


"Dude, I like you. I want to go out with you. Be my boyfriend, please?" The words were simple but the moment was infinite. We kissed, our lips locked in that position for what seemed like hours, and when we finished it felt like a second. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss. Our lips slowly worked on each other, and this time I pushed my tongue into his mouth, hot and moist. He was feeling me up and down, which made me shiver more with pleasure.

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To be perfectly honest, his kissing was horrible, but I liked him enough not to mind. With a plunging sound, our lips parted. Our eyes opened and we stared at each other, smiling. "I can't believe this is happening," Salman said quietly, "I wouldn't mind staying here and continuing. I've always wanted to do sexy stuff in the open air." "Then you're perfect for me!" We resumed making out, and this time it felt hotter.

I unbuttoned Saahil's shirt and let it fall into the sand. I put my hands under his shoulders and using some of my strength, picked him up slightly and lied down so he was on top of me. The feeling of his naked skin against mine made my boner longer.

The precum was wetting my boxer briefs inside and once again I could feel his hard-on press against his shorts onto mine. We closed our eyes and kissed, unaware of the world around us. I pushed my hands down his shorts, feeling every inch of his ass. He was sucking my neck and I sighed and moaned.

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Fuck, this was the best night of my life! His ass was also shaved and smooth. I could feel the nice muscles tensing lightly. The area around his butthole was as smooth as his butt-cheeks. It was also hot and sweaty. I pushed my index finger into it and he started moaning, "Fuuuck!

No, don't do that." I pulled my finger out, surprised. "Why?" "I don't wanna cum just now." "Fair enough." He rolled off of me into the sand, panting. "Fuuck, I've never felt this good in my life." "And you're not even naked yet," I answered.

He looked at me with an evil glint in his eye. He unbuttoned his shorts and pulled it and his underwear down. His boner, about 6.5 inches cut, stood erect in the wind. It was perfectly straight and of an orangeish brown colour. I pulled down my shorts as well, letting my own boner, which was slightly bigger than his, free.

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The cool breeze touching my naked pelvis, ass and dick made me much hornier. I put my knees on either side of his hips and bent over, sucking his nipples. "Shit, I didn't know you could do that," I heard him say before he sighed in pleasure. Then I lay on him, making out again. This time, our cocks really touched each other, and I felt his hand go and hold both of them as one, stroking them. I almost jizzed then because the feeling of his throbbing cock against mine was too much, but I controlled myself, breathing out heavily.

"Let's 69," I told him, turning around. His dick was right beneath my mouth and my dick was right above his mouth. I could smell the musk, which turned me on even more.

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Licking the precum off the tip, I started sucking at the same time as him. It was extraordinary. His cock was delicious, and the feeling of his mouth around my cock sent waves of pleasure through it. I licked his rod up and down and he copied me.

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The hot wetness of his saliva made my boner throb faster. I thrust my cock down his mouth, his lips tightening around it. His own boner was expanding, throbbing faster. His precum trickled down my tongue as I sucked faster and faster. They were tightening, and I was feeling my entire body tense with the pleasure.

I started sucking faster. And then I blew my load down his tongue. He kept sucking and with each thrust, more oozed out of my cock. One second later, his hot penis started ejaculating as well, and the taste of his cum was amazing in a salty way.

After two more sucks, I turned around so my face was on top of his. He seemed to have the same idea as me. As our cocks touched once again, spilling jizz on each other, we kissed, and both our tongues pushed our semen into each others' mouths. Suddenly feeling self-conscious, I pulled on my shorts and Salman did the same. We ran back to the party in search of my shirt. When I found it, I put it on and hugged my boyfriend.

"Tonight was one of the best of my life," he muttered shyly. We were outside and I had just called a taxi.


I had to go back home because I was busy on Saturday, but I would have stayed over at Saahil's if I had the chance. "Mine as well," I replied. There was a taxi like car coming towards us in the vicinity.

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We walked behind a tree and kissed goodbye after making sure no one was there. In hindsight, as I later found out, I was a fool.