You are the worst slave I have ever seen

You are the worst slave I have ever seen
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Tom always loved and respected his mother, always had high regards for her and always thought she was perfect. In a way she was, she helped a lot a the old folks home, taking care of them, also helped out at the library and church.

She had everyones respect and love. She loved to help out in the community and loved doing things for her son. But somewhere along the line she started an unusual habit.

She always used to get home around 4 or 5 in the evening lately. She was coming home around 9 or 10 and coming home smelling like beer and cigarette smoke. Which Tom felt was uncommon but didnt think anything of it.

Until the weekend came and she would leave and tell him she was going out for the evening and but didn't come back until 3 am and knowing there was church the next day. The pattern was continuing so Tom started to question his mother on where she goes all the time, so on and so forth. She made some lame excuse about working over time at the shelter.

Tom called up at the shelter and checked up on her one night and she wasn't there. And she hasn't worked any over time.

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He asked if they knew where she was going, the receptionist or no one knew. Finally he found some evidence he found a napkin in her coat pocket, that was advertising some kind of club called The Gentlemens Club. Wondering ideas was going through his head onto what it meant, that his mother was going to Gentlemens club everynight.

He had to go check it out but not alone he took a friend of his who was willing to check it out, his name is Bobby.

They went to the club together and spotted her car outside the club. They went in and looked around the club and asked for her at the bar no one knew her real name. They stayed for a while to wait for her to show up. Finally they announced Lexus, aka Toms mother.


Our she came dressed in a night gown and boa around her neck. Dancing in ways Tom didn't think she knew how. Here he was watching his mother, a 46 yr old woman, a beautiful woman though strip down for strangers.

He couldnt help but get turned on. The strip club was just the beginning of the night for him and his mother.


Toms mom left and Tom and Bobby followed. She met a gentlemen who looked in his 30s outside the club.

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And stepped into the gentlemens Escalade. Toms mind wondered even more to what was going to happen, certainly his mom wasn't a money grubbing hoe either.

Tom and Bobby followed the Escalade to the mans house seemed to be. As they both get out and go into the house. Toms mind was going overboard picturing the images that would be going on.

Bobby even confirmed that they were going to fuck, drove him even more worried. His mom was nothing but a hoe. The tailing continued and surprises continued. As Tom would catch his mom going down on guys in their own cars. She started bringing guys to the house and fucking them.

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The last straw was the video tape he found in the vcr one morning. It was a video tape of the most shocking footage he seen, his mom which looked like she was at a bachelors party.

She was busy on her knees giving at least for or five guys a blowjob. But the one person I didn't think that i didn't expect was the preacher of her own church. Here she was, Toms loveable, respectful, church going mother was on her knees giving guys blowjobs and getting nailed by none other than the preacher.

His mom was nothing, but a sex crazed, money loving, fuck slut. He was turned on amazingly by it that he felt like getting in on the action his self. So him and Bobby took some money out of their savings and put it together. About $1500 and offer it to the club owner for a night with his own mother a kinda surprised attack.

On one Saturday night they were dressed like a million bucks ready for the night, everything worked as planned. They gave the money to the owner and he agreed for her to meet them at a certain hotel after work.

So they waited at the hotel, finally she knocked on the door as Bobby answered and greeted her into the room. Luckily she didn't know Bobby, she didnt get any suspicions.

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But once she saw Tommy she was worried and scared. He told her he knew everything she was doing and felt like they both should get some action in on his slut mother.


She was speechless, nothing she could say or do could get her out of it, she cried in shame. But was forced to go on with it. Bobby made her get on her knees or they would tell everyone what she was doing. She sucked him off good like she was supposed to do.

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Tommy watched for a long time, before joining in. Soon Tom was shoving his dick in his mothers face, she was scared and told her him. Its not right, your my son. He said it wasn't right what she was doing all along using men more sex and money. So shoved his cock in her mouth. As they did everything to her, used her for nothing but a fuck slut. Tom didn't even acknowledge her as his mom anymore just called her slut.

As they both was banging her brains out, on both ends. Fucking her doggystyle, spooning, on top, double penetrations. She was enjoying it also, after a long while, fucking her all night long. Leaving her lay on the bed of the hotel room. Telling her, she was their slut now. Till this day shes still their slut.