My desi wife big boobs

My desi wife big boobs
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Episode II Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 23: Addicted If you have been with me from part 1 until now, you know that Holly started out as a virgin, as did I, and has morphed into an all out nymphomaniac. I don't know if I am the cause, or if she would have done this with anyone. Holly gives me the credit for turning her into a sex addict.

She does go through phases. There was a week in which she insisted I keep fucking her in the ass. She couldn't maintain that phase very long before it subsided.

Now she is starting a new phase. This one may last a while Monday Monday is our late day; we both don't have to be on campus until around noon.

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Sleeping in is nice on Monday mornings. Most Mondays we are exhausted from the weekend, and use the chance to sleep in and relax. Not this Monday. I woke up to a blowjob, and not the normal wake up blowjob. Holly was going at it full force, sucking me hard. I had barely gained consciousness and my cock was throbbing in her throat. She was slurping and sucking on my cock. I moaned and played with her hair. "ohh baby im coming" I said as she was getting me off. I blasted into her throat, and she took every drop, swallowing my jizz.

Holly kept sucking on the end of my cock, getting every bit of cum. I laid there as she played with me. I turned her over and returned the favor, eating her out. … Monday night we usually do something, either straight fucking, or we do something with Steph and Sandy, something.

This night Steph and Sandy were out doing something, so it was just the two of us. "What do you want to do tonite?" I asked Holly as we sat watching tv. "Fuck" she responded nonchalantly, without looking at me.

"I concur" I said, mimicking her disconnected response. "Want to do it in the butt" I asked her, trying to get a rise out of her. She giggled at me. "Maybe" she said still giggling. We made our way to the bedroom.

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Stripped out of our clothes, Holly bent over the bed, and lightly slapped her ass with one hand, inviting me. "If you insist" I said.

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I stepped behind her, grabbing her lovely round tits, and pinching her nipples. I pressed my cock against her lips, pressing against them. After a little pushing her lips parted and my cock entered her warm pussy. Her slit was very tight, lips constricting my cock. She pushed back, her ass slapping into me.

I increased my thrusts, until we were fucking hard and fast. Holly was moaning in sync with my thrusts and my deeper moans. Holly came first, her pussy suddenly contracting around my throbbing cock. "YES oh yes oh oh" Holly continued moaning, as she collapsed forward against the bed.

"I'm coming" I told her, and she immediately fell to her knees in front of me, jerking my cock, and opening her mouth wide. I came, my cock spurting thick streams of jizz into her waiting mouth. Holly took my load, and sucked on my cock, taking it all in, before swallowing my cum. "mmmm" Holly moaned, licking some jizz off her hand. Tuesday Tuesday I had to be at school early, and our schedules weren't coordinated. I didn't see her until I got home late from a study group.

I had a very long day, and Holly knew it. "Hey babe" Holly said as I walked in. "hey" I said, sitting down on the couch and sighing. "Long day?" She asked me. Stephanie was sitting next to her, and they had been watching tv. "yeah" I said, putting my head back. "Can I make it better?" Holly asked me. I sat there with my eyes closed, head resting back.

Holly got up and sat down next to me on the couch. She reached down unzipping my pants. Holly pulled my limp cock out of my boxers. She, sitting next to me, leaned forward, licking my cock. Holly licked and sucked on me, as my cock grew to it's full size. Her warm wet mouth blowing me. I put my hand on her back as she bobbed her head up and down on my pulsating cock. I moaned my pleasure as she sucked me off. I told her I was coming, and she continued sucking me.

Holly sucked me dry as I blew my load in her mouth and throat. "Feeling better" Holly asked me, sitting back in the couch. "A little" I said. "I would say a whole lot" Holly said, licking her lips. "Want to go fool around in the bedroom?" Holly whispered in my ear.

"No, I'm just not feeling very good" I said. "Okay" Holly said. Holly sat back with Stephanie, and soon they were making out on the couch. Holly made sure to put on a good show for me, giving me looks, and tossing her bra at me. I watched as they went from making out to a full on sixty nine with Holly on top. Holly made Stephanie come first, and then Holly came.

The pair screaming and moaning loudly. The room smelled of sex. Sitting up, Holly, with her nice round tits, and Stephanie with her small tits, hanging off their chests. "Want to help us?" Holly asked me innocently. "Sorry I just don't feel up to it" I said. I wish I could walk over and fuck the shit out of both of them, but I was simply too tired to do it.

"That's too bad" Holly said. "Should we help him out?" Holly provocatively asked Stephanie Holly and Stephanie crawled sexily toward me, naked.

They were on their knees, Holly on my right, Steph on my left. They both licked the head of my growing cock. Holly took the head into her mouth, and Stephanie licked up and down the shaft of my cock. Holly rose up, and pressed her tits together around my cock, stroking her whole body up and down, titfucking. Holly sat back, and Stephanie took my cock into her mouth, tonguing the head of my cock.

Holly stroked my slippery shaft as Stephanie took the head into her mouth. "I want your cum" Holly said, and then she dove her mouth onto my cock.

Holly deepthroated me, as Stephanie licked my balls. Holly sat back, allowing Stephanie to suck me some more. They licked the shaft of my cock up and down, making out around my cock. I warned them when I was near coming. Holly reached down and stroked my cock. Both girls put their faces right in front of my cock, closing their eyes, opening their mouths, tongues out waiting.

Holly continued stroking my cock inches in front of their faces, cheek to cheek. I felt my balls tighten and I moaned as my cock shot forth streams of jism. Holly kept stroking me as I plastered their faces with jizz.


Holly licked and sucked on the end of my cock, getting the cum, and then she licked the jizz off of Stephanie, as they started making out. … I got to bed before Holly. I woke up as Holly got into bed. "Hey babe" I said as she pulled the covers up. "Hey" She said. I leaned over and kissed her, and she hugged me.

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"Want to go again?" she whispered in my ear. I chuckled at her. Holly pushed me back onto my back, and kissed her way slowly down to my cock.

Holly, under the covers, licked and played with me until my cock grew to life. Holly gave me another blowjob, sweet and slow as she milked my cock in her mouth. Holly sucked me off until I blasted in her mouth, and she again swallowed my jizz.

Thursday Thursday afternoon I was studying in the Library when Holly came in and sat next to me. "Want to go someplace quiet" Holly whispered in my ear. "No I have to study this, we don't have enough time" I said. "It won't take that long" Holly said. Holly took my hand and pulled me back into a far aisle of books.

This part of the library is usually pretty empty, and way back in the back chances of us being seen are slim. "We can't fuck back here" I said to her. "Who said anything about fucking" Holly said "Now drop those pants". "Yes sir" I said following orders. Holly immediately started sucking my cock. I leaned back against a bookshelf.

Holly gave me a quickie blowjob, sucking and licking very quickly. My cock grew very quickly and was getting jammed halfway down her throat. Holly blew me hard and fast, and I came soon enough, flooding her mouth with my cum, Holly took my load down her throat, licking her lips afterwards. "mmm" she moaned. I pulled up my pants, and we walked back to where we had been sitting.

Friday Friday after school, I sat on the couch waiting for Holly to get home, pondering what had happened this week. "Hey" Holly said, announcing her presence. "Hey babe" I said, as she sat down on the couch next to me. "Whats up" She asked me. "I was wondering something" I said. "What?" She asked. "Are you addicted to jizz" I said, seriously. She didn't say anything. "Well seriously, think about this week" I said. "So what if I am" she said provocatively.

"Well then I know how our weekend will be spent" I said, starting to laugh. A few minutes later we were locked I a sixty nine on our bed. Holly on top. Her juices flowing, my cock throbbing in her mouth. The oral sex continued until we both came, holly dripping juices, my cock sending jizz down her waiting throat. Orgasms subsiding, we stayed in our sixty nine. We played with each other until we were ready to go again. We stayed in that position until we both came again.

We laid in bed, falling asleep, my cock sore from a week full of blowjobs. … I woke up sometime during the night. On the weekend we completely ignored the clock, maintaining no semblance of routine. So it was probably around 2 a.m., since we had fallen asleep early, I rose and got on the computer.

Stephanie and Sandy were asleep in their rooms. I started surfing a porn site. Strange how I get this much sex, yet I still surf porn sites. With a sustained amount of sex, my sex drive has grown to accommodate. I looked through the usual sites, and then I saw a link to a site that said it had directories of sex clubs. On a whim I clicked on it. The site gave some information on the number of sex clubs it had, and other facts. It required I fill out some information to become a member for free.

I had to give them my e-mail and some information. I filled out the application, and gave them a second e-mail address I have, not my main one. In a few minutes I was logged onto the site. I entered our zip code, and the nearest matches popped up. There was one right here in our hometown. I clicked on it, and it sent me to the club's website. I looked around on the site. They had pictures from a recent meeting.

There was a link of how to join. I e-mailed the leader of the group, telling him I might be interested. "Hey what are you doing?" Holly asked me, walking out from the bedroom, naked. "I think I found something we might enjoy" I said, not turning from the screen. "What?" Holly asked.


I filled her in on the details I had discovered. "How'd you find this?" Holly asked me. "I was surfing porn when I saw it" I said.

"Ohh, I want to see some porn" She said. I went back to where I had been before I clicked on the link.

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We watched some videos, as I clicked on different sites. "This is making me really hot" Holly said. "You want some more jizz" I asked her. "Yes please" Holly responded. I turned in the chair, and Holly got down on her knees, taking my hard cock into her mouth.

Holly started blowing me. Stephanie walked out from her room. "Jesus, do you spend anytime without his cock in your mouth?" Steph asked. Holly murmured "ahh huh", without taking my cock out of her mouth. "Are you jealous?" I asked Steph, playfully. Holly still blowing me, Steph came and stood behind me. "Shoot it down her throat" Steph said provocatively.

Holly, deepthroating me, suddenly had a mouth and throat full of jizz, …again. "Yummy" Holly said, pulling back, all my cum already swallowed.

"You want some?" I asked Stephanie, Holly still licking her lips. "Im going to bed" Stephanie said, walking away. "Want to go again?" Holly asked me. "How many blowjobs can one person take?" I asked the ceiling.