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Bangla B grade actor sohel with rani hot masala pure unseen
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"Good morning sweetie," Dad said as he walked into my room with aspirin and a glass of water. "I thought you might need something for a headache.

You were pretty drunk last night." I wasn't sure how to react to him after last night. Right now he seemed more like the caring Dad I grew up with, nothing like he was last night.

All I knew was that I needed the aspirin he was holding badly. He head was throbbing as I sat up to take them and swallowed the aspirin down with one gulp. "That's my girl," he said giving me a soft kiss on my forehead before getting up to leave. "It's still early and I know you're not feeling well so go ahead and go back to sleep. I'll be back in later to wake you up." I had no idea what to make of Dad's behavior.

I don't really know how someone should expect their Dad to act the morning after something like last night but I definitely wouldn't have expected this. Maybe it was a one-time thing.

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Maybe he felt bad and he was just going to go back to his normal self. There wasn't long for me to think about it before I drifted back to sleep. A few hours later I woke up to the sound of the front door closing. My Dad had just gotten home and he was carrying shopping bags. I was still feeling unsure of him so I just waited in my Dad to see what he did next. I heard him put the bags down and rustle through them.

"I bought you something," he said cheerfully, revealing a large stuffed dog I'd had my eye one for months from behind his back. I momentarily forgot my trepidation with my new gift in hand. "That's just a little thank you present to repay you for last night. Hopefully, there will be a lot more presents for you from now on," he said with a wink. Immediately my fear returned. If he was buying me a gift for what he did and planned on buying me more gifts for doing it again then I really was a whore.

I wondered if I was no to the present if maybe he wouldn't do it again but I was frozen in fear staring at my new toy. "What's the matter baby?

You don't like it? I thought that was the one you wanted," he said looking concerned. "No, I like it.


I just. ." I couldn't think of anything to say. If I argued would it stop him from hurting me again or would I just stop getting presents for letting him. "Well then don't look so sad about it. You should be grateful I gave you something so special in return for what you gave me." There were no words for how I felt so I just continued sitting there looking down.

I didn't really give him anything. He took it from me. I was frantically thinking of a way to stop him from doing it again and I couldn't think of anything. No one would believe me if I told. I got in trouble a lot at school and Mom was long gone with her new husband and daughter in Michigan. The only adult who I thought would ever listen to me was the one I needed to get away from.

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There really was no way out. Silent tears started cascading down my cheeks and falling onto the stuffed dog I was holding. "Oh don't feel bad sweetie.

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Here Daddy will make you feel better," he said leaning in and kissing me gently as he pushed me down onto the mattress. "I know last night I was rough on you but I'll be nicer this time if you're nice to me too." It seemed like my only option.

If I was going to be forced to have sex with Dad then I might as well do something to make it not hurt so bad. I nodded meekly before he started kissing me again. I tried to kiss back as best I could but I felt disgusted with myself.

Most of my concentration had to be focused on simply not recoiling as his tongue roamed around my mouth. Soon I felt his hand slide down in between my legs and I winced expecting him to force his fingers into my still sore and swollen little cunt. To my surprise he started to rub me with two fingers. I breathed a slow sigh of relief at not feeling the pain I'd anticipated. His fingers started to feel good and I pushed myself into his hand a little, involuntarily, as I started to relax.

He moaned softly into my mouth as he felt me start to get wet. The circular movement of his fingers on my clit felt better every second and I started to get lost in the pleasure he was bringing me when suddenly he stopped. I shuddered a little and opened my eyes to see Daddy staring at me.


"Sorry I had to stop sweetie but I definitely can't let you have your first orgasm with my dick inside of you and I'm sure you're sore from fucking me last night so that'll have to wait for tonight." Hearing him refer to what we did last night as me fucking him brought back a tidal wave of shame. I couldn't believe I was enjoying myself. I shouldn't be doing this and he definitely shouldn't be.

I vowed that I wouldn't enjoy myself with him again. I would do as he said to prevent him from really hurting me but I would not enjoy it.

"Alright baby, now you are not allowed to cum tonight but Daddy is so why don't you get down there and suck my cock like the little whore you are and do not try to touch that clit while you're down there." I squirmed under the blanket down in between his legs trying to ignore Daddy's insult. His cock was already hard and it looked enormous. I remembered the way it hurt my throat yesterday and wondered how much of it Daddy had managed to fit into my throat.

"Oh no no no baby you cannot give a good blow job from underneath a blanket. I need to be able to see my little girl with my cock in her mouth to really enjoy this," said Dad throwing my comforter onto the floor leaving my both of our naked bodies fully visible. "See how much better that is now that we can see each other?" he said clasping his hands behind his head as he smiled down on me, admiring the whore he'd made me into. "Well get to it already," he said with growing impatience.

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I wanted to avoid putting the whole thing into my mouth because I was worried he would try to stuff it down my throat again so I stuck my tongue out all the way and started to lick it from top to bottom.

He let out a soft breathy moan and watched me the whole time. I was so nervous being on display like this doing this awful thing. I closed my eyes so I could pretend no one was watching me as I licked him as thoroughly as I could. Suddenly I felt a smack across my face. "Do not close your eyes, you slut. I thought we were going to try and enjoy ourselves. I can't enjoy myself if you're down there pretending you aren't here," he said angrily. I could tell he was starting to lose patience with me and I was afraid of what would happen if I didn't get him off quickly but I didn't know what to do.

The only time I'd ever given a blowjob was last night and I wasn't really an active participant in that. I had learned a little bit about blowjobs from my friends at school but no practical advice on how to give one. Smack. "Why are you just sitting there like a fucking retard?

I didn't ask you to think about sucking my dick. I told you to suck my dick." I know I should have just gotten to it when he said that but instead I just started crying.

I knew what was coming and I was powerless to stop it. "Fine I'll do it myself. You're fucking useless," he said grabbing my head roughly with one hand and pointing his cock at my mouth with the other.


"Open your mouth or I will beat you senseless you fucking cunt and if you're teeth so much as touch my cock I will kill you. Do you understand?" he growled inhumanly. I could hardly see him through my tears but I managed a yes in between sobs as I opened my mouth and placed my lips and tongue in a way that I hoped to god would block them from touching him.

He wasted no time and as soon as my mouth was open he shoved himself in and started using both hands to bob my head up and down on his cock. He seemed to go deeper with every thrust until I felt my nose press up against his pubic hair.

He paused there for a minute while I writhed and gagged, my mouth leaking drool all over him as I tried to free myself from his grip. "It would be better if you'd just accept it. You're not even trying to tame that gag reflex. Do you like choking on my cock?" he said cruelly.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't relax and I doubt it would have made the difference he claimed it would anyway. I felt like I was going to suffocate and vomit simultaneously and I couldn't free myself from the pain. Finally he relaxed is grip on my head and I pulled my mouth off him as in a flash gasping for air.

The burning in my lungs subsided just in time for him to smile that same sickening smile from last night as he pushed my back onto his cock. He thrust his hips slightly each time he pushed my mouth down onto him as if he was trying to push his whole body into me. I took the deepest breaths I could manage through my nose each time my head came back up and he was out of my throat for a moment. Suddenly he slammed me down hard onto him as his whole body convulsed under me. He stopped letting my head back up but continued to grind his pelvis into me as his cock twitched in my mouth and started to pour cum down my throat.

I was trying to breathe so frantically that I choked as my throat filled with warm white liquid. My choking sent some of it up into my nose and it dripped out onto my face. Finally he let go and I pulled away from Daddy quickly coughing up cum onto my sheets. Finally I started to breathe again. I wiped my nose which burned as it dripped the last bit of cum I'd accidentally snorted.

I expected Dad to leave me alone now, at least for a little while since he'd already finished but he just laid there on my bed watching me expectantly.

Finally, I looked up at him wanting to know what he wanted from me. "Are you done choking now you little fucking drama queen?" he said bluntly.

I just looked at him hurt. I had no idea what to say to him. I was so scared to find out what else he wanted from me. "Alright well I'll take that dumb fucking look on your face as a yes, then. Now get back down here and clean up this mess.

There's cum all over me since you apparently can't even figure out how to swallow," he said moving my head back down to his soft cock. I started to lick the cum off his cock as he watched me with crossed arms and a stern look on his face.

I could tell he wanted something but I didn't know what so I just continued to lick his cock clean. "What are you just going to lick my cock? There's cum on my balls and my stomach too or are you just trying to get my hard again?" I scoffed a bit at his comment but I knew better than to argue from the look he was giving me.

So I just got back to work licking every drop of cum off of him. I licked all over his stomach where I'd chocked out cum and every part of his balls where it had dripped down out of my mouth. Then I started to sit up thinking I was finally done. "What are doing whore?" I wondered if he even remembered my name now. "I think some cum dripped down into my ass crack while you were over there coughing and wasting time instead of cleaning me up promptly like a good girl." Did he actually want me to lick his ass clean too?

I was beyond revolted. I knew that I was doing it either way so I leaned back down between his legs. I stuck my tongue out and lifted his ball sack and started to lick underneath but I just couldn't bring my mouth down to his asshole.

"Alright well if you're going to continue wasting time I'll just help you get it clean. Lay down face up now," he said scooting over to make room for me to lie down on my bed. I laid down as fast as I could hoping and praying that he wasn't going to fuck my throat again. He moved up above my face with his knees on either side of my head and I thought for sure he was going to when he grabbed his balls and cock and held them up instead.

Then he lowered his ass onto my mouth. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and he started to rub his asshole against it. He moaned as he pushed it harder against my tongue. "Make your tongue pointy and try to put it inside," he said in a breathy low voice. I did as I was told even though the thought of my tongue going in that gross hole disgusted me. At the very least I wasn't in pain doing this like I was when he fucked me.

I pointed my tongue out, making it as rigid as possible. Daddy pushed his asshole against my tongue softly and then expected me to do the rest.

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I closed my eyes, trying to imagine I was somewhere else while I probed his asshole with my tongue trying to get inside. Thankfully, he was enjoying it so much he didn't notice that I wasn't pretending to enjoy it to. My tongue finally slid into him just barely and he relaxed completely letting his balls and cock rest on my face and lowering himself onto my tongue, letting it enter him deeper.

I could feel his cock start to harden again on my face. "Come on sweetie wiggle your tongue around," he moaned as he frantically reached for my hand and wrapped it around his cock. He moved my hand up and down his shaft which was almost completely hard now until he was sure I knew what he wanted me to do.

He moved his hand off my hand and used it to support himself. He started to slide himself up and down my tongue carefully as I continued to slide my hand up and down his hard cock. His balls bounced gently on my face the whole time. My tongue was starting to get too sore to keep it straight enough for him to continue fucking himself with it.

He could feel it softening so he pulled my other hand up toward his asshole.

"Suck on your finger to get it wet and then put it inside while you keep licking my asshole. I pulled my finger to my mouth underneath him and started to get it nice and wet while keeping a steady rhythm on his cock with my other hand.

I started to put my finger in his asshole and pushed it in slowly until he started to move himself up and down to the same rhythm as my hand on his cock.

I started to feel suffocated from his ass pushing against my face and I just wanted him to finish. So I started to wiggle my finger around his asshole while he rode it eliciting extremely pleasured moans from my father.

Finally I felt him tremble and I knew he was about to cum again. I wanted to prevent him from pushing his ass down onto me when he did so I shoved my finger into him as hard as I could.

It worked perfect. He moaned loudly and moved up off of my face as my other hand filled with warm sticky cum. Finally he hopped off of me exhausted. "Oh my fucking god that was amazing," he moaned pulling me close to his body.

"It's just too bad you won't let yourself enjoy it too. It's ok though because tomorrow you won't be so sore and I have plans for you to have your first orgasm with Daddy until then, good night sweetie," he said kissing me softly and resting his chin on my head as he fell asleep.