Nude men gay sex images Sticky And Wet With Piss

Nude men gay sex images Sticky And Wet With Piss
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DAISY GETS THE TREATMENT SHE WANTS - Ch 06 ** Daisy is given to the third prisoner who uses hot peppers. ** [Day 3 (Monday) - evening] Daisy opened her eyes but everything was still black. She blinked, squeezed them shut, opened them again. "The effect on the optic nerve lasts a bit longer than the rest." Daisy shuddered. The drug Kira used on her had unnerved her, it was like nothing she'd ever experienced before.

The blindness was frightening but it was nothing like the other sensations she'd experienced.


At least they were gone. "Your eyes will be back to normal in another hour or so." Daisy didn't recognize the man's voice. "That gives me plenty of time with you.

And I don't even have to blindfold you." She felt a hand on the inside of her right thigh. It slid slowly between her knee and her crotch, just grazing the surface of her flesh. She tried to move her arm, felt the leather straps at her wrists and elbows. "Shhh.just relax." His hand slapped the inside of her thigh hard. She tried to move but felt straps at her knees and ankles too. "There's no point struggling.

You may as well just lay back and try to relax." He slapped her again, harder this time.


"You won't need your sight for what I want." She felt his hand cupping her cunt, his fingers gently probing. "In fact, it's probably better that you don't see what's going to happen to you." He removed his hand and Daisy was lost in the darkness again.

She heard him moving around, heard a paper bag open. "Now, let's see," the voice said. She felt something rubbing along the inside of her right leg. It felt slightly cool and oily and damp. "Nice, isn't it?" She closed her eyes and let him touch her.

It felt nice. Her body was exhausted from four days of non-stop abuse. She let herself relax. Maybe he was a rapist. A serial rapist with no twisted kinks, no sadistic tendencies, no sociopath behaviors, just a nice, old-fashioned rapist. Whatever he was touching her with moved up to her cunt lips. She felt it gliding over her clitoris and a rush of arousal sent a shudder through her. She raised her hips, pressed hard against it. "I've been in here for seven years now," he said softly.

She felt a mouth closing around her right nipple, lips wet and gentle. Her body responded, nipples stiffening, cunt getting more and more wet. "Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me." "My name is Edward, dear. Do you want to know why they locked me up?" Daisy ground her hips against the cushion, opened herself up as much as she could with her body retrained the way it was.

"Fuck me, Edward, please fuck me, fuck me," she moaned over and over. He pushed something up inside her. It was firm and small and slid inside easily. She felt something pressing against her clit again. "They say they're never going to let me out." He pressed another one into her body, she moaned louder. He rubbed her clitoris and sucked harder at her nipple. She started to shake as she got closer to cumming.

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"I think your body is going to be able to take it. None of the other bodies could take it," he said in a cold voice. She was trembling, starting to feel afraid but too distracted by the orgasm that was building up inside her. "What did you do?" she murmured, squirming, grinding her hips.

"What did you do?" "Can I put another one up inside you?" he purred. "Tell me I can put another one inside you." "What.are they?" His voice was even colder, more distant. "Just beg me for another one.

Now." She felt something at the mouth of her cunt and came, jerking and humping, moaning loud, begging, "yes, yes, put more of them into me, more, more.fill up my pussy." The muscles of her legs, arms, and neck all strained as she came and came. She felt him pushing something deep inside her, then heard his voice from far away say, "get ready, get ready, get ready." then something else was entering her, something long and hard and then he started twisting it and her insides exploded with pain and she was screaming, her body tense, eyes squeezed hard, unable to breathe, screaming now, hoarse, but still screaming as the fire spread through her cunt and her lower belly and everything was hot white hot heat until she passed out.

--- "Daisy." She heard the cold, commanding voice and turned her head. Her sight was returning slowly. She could make out his shadow but not his face.

"That's better. Now, you're going to suck my cock, then we're going to do it all again." He touched her belly. "It's terrible, isn't it?" She nodded vigorously.

"Yes, yes, horrible." He stroked the side of her face with his hand. Daisy whimpered and cried. Her insides were still burning but it was bearable now.

"I'm not done with you," he promised. She saw his cock in front of her face and opened her mouth. He pushed deep into her mouth, into her throat, fucking her face slow and deep, gagging her.

Through her tear-filled eyes, she saw the metal table behind him, an open brown paper bag laying on its side. Next to the bag, there was a pile of green jalapenos. And a small wooden spoon, coated with mashed pepper and seeds. As he fucked her face, she realized what had happened, why she'd passed out.

He'd pushed four of the peppers up inside her, then smashed them with the spoon. She gagged on his cock, terrified, knowing he was going to do it again. "You seem distracted, dear," Edward said.

"You've been looking at my peppers, haven't you?" He pressed his hand against the back of her head, pushing his cock deeper into her throat, holding her there.

He pinched her nose shut with his other hand. She couldn't breathe and started to struggle but there was no give in any of the straps.

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"That's all they will let me use on you, though I keep asking for more." He pumped her head up and down, his cock fucking her throat. "It still gives me a rush, but not the same as before. As before they caught me." She started seeing spots in front of her eyes and panic spread through her.

"I guess that's the price I have to pay." He jerked his cock out of her mouth and let go of her nose at the same time. She gasped for air and watched him walk around the platform again. He undid the straps that held her and then helped her into a sitting position. "Stand up." She edged off the cot and stood on the floor, holding the edge of the cot for balance. Edward stepped a few feet back and looked at her.

"Fucked out little tramp," he said with a sneer. "Still, though, a lot fucking sexier than some of the women I've had." He picked up one of the peppers and handed it to her.

"You're going to learn how to give a man a real good ride." She held the pepper in her hand, nervous and anxious. "Lean over here and get my cock nice and hard and wet." Daisy bent over and took his half-stiff cock in her mouth. She sucked it until it was stiff, coated it with spit then looked up at him.

He was smiling, a sick, twisted smile that made her recoil. "Turn around." She did and he pushed his cock deep into her ass with a single stroke. "Good. Now, start fucking me." She began to hump backward at his cock, feeling it slide in and out of her ass. It felt nice compared to everything she'd been through so far.

"Not bad for a little ass whore like you.

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But, we need to make it a little more interesting. I want you to split the pepper open with your thumbs." Puzzled but obedient, Daisy pushed her thumbs into the pepper, feeling it split open. A few seeds dropped to the floor. Edward's fucking slowed, he stood still, half-impaling her on his cock. "Turn it inside out." Daisy's fingers trembled as she started turning the pepper in her hand, more seeds falling onto the floor, some sticking to her fingers.

He slid into her deep again, slow, then pulled halfway out and stayed still. "Now, push it up into your cunt." "," she moaned. He couldn't be serious, she thought, but then she shook her head.

Of course he was serious, he'd just done the same thing to her, why wouldn't he do it again? But to expect her to do it to herself? No, he was crazy. "Are you waiting for something?" he taunted.

He grabbed her throat with his hand, squeezed hard, pulled her backward. He shoved his cock into her ass hard again, heard her grunt. "Do it, or I'll do it for you. And I have a whole bag of these." Daisy began to cry but started moving her hand toward her crotch. She was an inch away from her cunt when she shook her head and cried, "no, I can't" and dropped the peppers on the ground.

Edward laughed, pulled his cock out of her ass, and pushed her back on the bed. "Get on your back, bitch!" Daisy rolled on her side and squeezed her legs together, muttering "no, no, no." Edward stared at her, angry, hate raging in his eyes. "Open your legs!" Daisy curled up even more, arms wrapped around her knees now.


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Doc!" he screamed. The door burst open and Dr. G stormed in.

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He grabbed Daisy by the wrists and leaned into her face. "Do you know what you are doing here? Do you know that you are fucking with my grant money? I can't afford to have a little whore like you fucking up my research!" He let go and slapped her, back and forth, over and over. " You are not in any position to say no to any of these patients, do you understand?" Daisy nodded, sobbing, "yes, yes, I'm sorry, doctor, yes." Dr.

G took her face in his hands and pulled her close. "Do you realize that with just one or two treatments, I could completely reduce you to a mindless vegetable? You would be nothing but a toy for these perverts?

For these deviates? A drooling, cumming, mass of pussy and pain? Do you realize that?" Daisy nodded and begged for another chance. "Peter and Bill have already signed papers. It is my decision, do you understand? My decision. This program must go on. And you will not stop it, you will not stop me, you will not stand in the way of my success!" He pulled her up, spun around and threw her to the floor.

He ran his arm over the table and swiped the half-dozen peppers onto the ground. "Get them!" he barked. "I want to see them opened and up inside your filthy cunt hole in sixty seconds! Now! Do It!!" Daisy scrambled and grabbed the first pepper, split it and tried to push it up inside but couldn't. The fear was too much for her.

She got to her knees in front of him and begged, "I can't, I can't, I can't." Dr.

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G waved a hand and four big interns stormed into the room, followed by Peter and David. Daisy's eyes pleaded with Peter but his face was emotionless. The interns carried her to the bed and held her legs open. Peter walked around the other side of the bed and pressed her shoulders flat. He leaned forward and said gently, "stop it. This is why you're here, this is why I brought you here. This is the only reason I wanted you here. This is what you do, don't you understand?

This is what you are for." She cried and looked at him. "Only for you, only for.ARGHHH!" Edward pushed his fingers deep inside her, grinding the pulpy insides of the pepper into her open pussy.

She struggled and squirmed as he ground all six of them, one after the other, up into her cunt. Her eyes locked on Peter's, her mouth repeating her mantra, "only for you, only for you." until finally she passed out from the pain.

--- Daisy drifted awake and heard Peter talking with the doctor. They were talking about the grant money. They were talking about the foundation. About the risks they were taking. About her. Peter was sure she would go through with anything he told her to. She was completely obedient to him.

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Bill reassured the doctor. He'd been monitoring everything since her arrival, the trip up north, the glory holes, the constant fucking and abuse, her eagerness to go further and further. Then, she heard Peter talking about her and laughing. "There's nothing she won't do if I tell her to. She's just an animal, a cunt, she's barely even human." She felt her stomach twist.


"You keep paying me and I'll keep her on her back taking whatever they can dish out. Believe me, I don't care as along as I get paid." He was talking about her like a piece of property, an animal he owned and was offering to the doctor for his experiments. And he was doing it all for money. Dr G raised concerns about her ability to go on, but Peter said it wasn't his concern. He was certain she could take it. And if not, he would find someone else.

She felt lower than ever now, less than a dog, less than a pet. And she started crying because she realized it turned her on. Her pussy was aching to be touched, her nipples stiff and hard. She put her hand between her legs and started masturbating. She heard Peter from far off telling the doctor and Bill to look at her, to watch her, and she fingered herself harder and faster, pushing her fingers into her cunt, mashing the jalapenos, scooping them out and smearing them on her cunt lips, then pushing globs of the green gunk into her mouth and ass, all of her holes on fire now.

She came and came while they watched and talked and laughed.