Naughty lesbian gets tight wazoo fucked roughly with toys

Naughty lesbian gets tight wazoo fucked roughly with toys
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PLeas read Deli Girl to get a better understanding. My name is Tom, I am 54, separated now about a year now, with the divorce becoming final soon, from an 8 year marriage that should have never happened, but oh well. I was married before too, that one lasted 24 years and two kids. She wanted to live a single life, one she really never got to experience because we married so young. I am 5' 10, about 185 lbs, with salt and pepper hair.

I guess I am of average looks, with a slight gut now. I work as a software specialist, and have been with this company 15 years. My girlfriend Debbie, is an attractive woman, but not drop dead gorgeous.

She is 5'2, 140 or 145 lbs., with brown hair, and I know she is 55 years old, and is a widow of 3 ½ years. Her husband of 30 years had a massive heart attack while cutting the lawn back then.

Debbie also has a very nice chest too, I would say 36D, and nice bubble butt, but also has that pouch many women have, at that age, in the belly area, but all in all, she is cute. We've been dating now for a few weeks and the sex is just mind blowing. There is nothing she won't do sexually, and we love many of the same things in life too, which makes this relationship so much better.

We are on our way to her best friend's house, for a birthday party she is throwing for her 5 year old grandson. Her friend Darlene, and her husband Ben, are also in their 50's, and sound like a great couple, and when Deb's husband was alive, they all four got into swinging. On the ride to their house, Debbie filled me in on how they are, and how laid back they both really are, except when it comes to sex, then they are two of the biggest whore's god ever put on this planet.

She also said that when with friends they know and trust, they do like to smoke weed. Debbie laughed and said, shit if those two could have been in college in the late sixties, they would have been Hippies. I said no way, and she said, oh way honey.

Debbie asked if I ever smoked weed. I said that I have in my past life, but have not in years. I asked if she has in recent times, and she meekly said yes, two weeks ago. She looked at me and asked, does this bother you? I said, hell no, why should it, it is no worse than drinking, and the only reason it is not legal, is because the government hasn't figured out how to tax it and make money from it. Debbie then warned me that knowing Darlene, or as everyone calls her, Leenie, she be rubbing all over you when people aren't around, and if she thought she could sneak you away for 10 minutes, take you somewhere and try and fuck you.

I laughed and said no way, and she said, Tom, trust me, I know her well, and have for over 25 years, so yes she would. I said well sweetie, I don't think I will let that happen. Debbie said, don't let me stop you, I totally trust you. I asked what Ben would think, and she said, well he'll probably try and get me alone too, to at least play with my tits and ass, but with all those people around, he wouldn't let it get out of hand. She then asked, would it bother you, and I said no, of course not, especially since you know him that well already, and I trust you as well, totally.

She then said good, because with all of the people that will be there, we don't need any drama. She then said, but I'll tell you, I wouldn't mind sucking that big cock of his again someday soon. I reached over and put my hand on her bare thigh, and inched it up, under her gray shorts, until I came to her pussy, which was quite wet right now. She looked at me and said, find something you like there? I said no, I love what I found there. She giggled and said save it for later sweetie, but trust me, it will be all yours tonight in my bed, if we make it that far in the house.

I just chuckled and said, no problem love, good things always cum to people that wait. She also informed me that her daughters would be there, with their spouses and kids. I asked if they knew I was coming, and Debbie said yes, and are excited to meet you. I won't lie, I was nervous, only because if the kids don't like the man mom is dating, it could put a strangle hold on the relationship.

We arrived little past twelve, and there was lots of cars parked all over the neighborhood.

Ben and Leenie's house was pretty big, one of the newer types, in a gated community. We parked about 8 houses down from their house. When we went inside, Leenie rushed up to Deb and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, and said she was so glad that we came today. Now Leenie is a good looking woman, 56 years old, 5'4, and about 150 lbs.

she isn't fat, but carries her weight well. Nice size breasts, 34D's, and has auburn hair, that is shoulder length. She is wearing a tan button down top, that did show some cleavage, and a white denim skirt that came mid-thigh.

Her thighs were a little chunky, but looked good on her. Debbie then introduced me to her, and she came over and gave me a big hug, which lasted a little longer than it should have. She then kissed me on the lips quickly, and said, my god, you are a handsome man.

I thanked her and said she was a beautiful woman and I have heard so much about you. She giggled and said, oh yeah, I bet you have. Leenie looked at Deb and said, well if she is telling you this shit, it pretty much is true, and laughed. Ben came up and hugged Debbie and kissed her on the lips, and then squeezed her ass. Then he was introduced to me. We shook hands and said, it was great to meet you Tom. I said, likewise. We were then shown to the back yard deck, where there was probably 25 people out there, and about 10 small kids.

The kids were playing in the pool. I was introduced to quite a few of the adults, then Deb took my hand and walked us over to her two daughters and their husbands. Ben is about my height, which is 5' 10, and goes about the same weight, 180 lbs. He is completely bald, and can tell he shaves his head. Debbie said he is shaved below too, or at least, used to be. He is wearing khaki cargo style shorts, and a light blue polo shirt and wearing sandals. Introductions were made, with both girls, Katie and Jan, giving me a hug.

Katie is 32, and Jan is 30. Katie has two daughters, 6 and 4, and Jan has a 3 year old son. The grandkids saw Debbie and came running up to her, yelling Nanna. I was introduced to the kids then. The kids then raced back to the pool, except the 3 year old, who sat in his dad's lap.

We had some small chit chat, until Ben found me and asked if I would give him a hand with grilling. Deb said for me to go on, and she was going to go help Leenie.

As he started grilling, Ben said that he has heard a lot about me already, since the girls talk all the time. He said that Deb has had her eye on me for a long time now, and was over the top excited when I finally asked her out. I told him I wasn't sure at first, if she'd even go out, not knowing how she felt about dating.

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Ben said, that he was glad she finally laid that part of her life to rest and is moving on. He then said, just please, don't string her along, if you don't feel it is going to be something that ends up permanent.

I said to him, well, for right now, we are going at a slow pace, but feel it is growing into something more than friends and sex.

Ben laughed, and said, oh yeah, you two are definitely into the sex part. Great shots you took, by the way, and chuckled. I laughed and said, yeah, your pics were nice as well. Ben said that, the pics were Leenie's idea, since Deb sent those ones of you guys. He then looked around, and turned back to me and said, well, you probably know about our lifestyle too. I answered yes, I am aware of it.

He asked, are you ok with it though, and I said yes I am. I then told him about the lady I dated some years back who introduced me to the lifestyle. He laughed and said, that is so cool. He said it has been a long time since he has been with Deb, but knows first hand what a dynamo she is in bed, and wished me luck in keeping up with her. I laughed and said, well, since neither of us have had sex in a long time, we are making up for lost time. The girls then came out, gabbing away, and carrying plates of food.

Leenie looked at us and said, ok you two, what are you talking about.

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Ben looked around, and said we were comparing you two girls and your gifts in the bedroom. She laughed, walked up to him and kissed him on the lips and told him, behave and you might just get some gifts tonight, after the kids go to sleep. We all laughed at that. The food was great, and I got to know Deb's daughters and son in laws better.

When Deb was in ear shot, Katie said not to hurt her mom, or I'd have to answer to them. I said no worries there and said I would never hurt their mom. Katie said good, because she can see it in her mom's eyes, that she is in love with me. I was helping with the cleanup later, when most of the people left.

The only ones left were Ben and Leenie's one daughter and her two kids, which were spending the night, a couple who I really didn't know, and Deb. I came in carrying some food, and Leenie was bent over, looking in the fridge. Her skirt were riding up her backside, and gave me a nice view of her ass cheeks. I asked where she wanted these bowls, and she turned around and asked me if I enjoyed the view.

I got a little red, but answered, yes, it was a great view. She giggled and said, too bad were not naked right now, you could have put that gorgeous cock in there then. I looked at her and said, maybe sometime soon I can have that pleasure. She said, oh I think it will happen quite soon sweetie. Leenie then kissed me on the lips, slipped her tongue in my mouth and said, mmmmmmmmm, can't wait to feel it, and then grabbed my cock, through my shorts.

After cleaning up, Ben suggested we go down to the rec room, in their basement. Their daughter was bathing the kids and getting them ready for bed. The 4 of us, went downstairs to the rec room, that was nicely furnished and had a pool table and bar. Ben asked if I wanted anymore beer, but I declined since I had to drive, but the girls, wanted wine, which they had been drinking most of the day.

I know Deb had a nice buzz going, and so did Leenie. We sat at the bar and chit chatted. I told them what a great time I had with them today, and thanked them for inviting me. Leenie said it was great that I came, and I am now part of the family, so get used to stuff like this and so much more, and winked at Deb.

Just then, their daughter came down and said that they were leaving now, since the kids were in bed. The all kissed and then she thanked me for coming today and for their son's birthday gift. I guess Deb signed my name to the card too. After she left, Leenie walked over to Deb, put her arms around her and kissed her, not a little kiss, but a passionate kiss, with lots of tongue. After a few minutes they broke the kiss and Leenie said, damn, I have been waiting all day to do that.

She looked at Ben and asked, why did we say yes to the kids sleeping over again? Ben chuckled and said that Bobbie needed some alone time with Sam tonight. She laughed and said, oh yeah, I forgot about that. She then said, well maybe they'll make a baby tonight. Leenie then asked Deb if it was alright if she kissed me, and Deb said of course.

Deb said to me, are you ok Honey with that, and if I made out a little with Ben. I said sweetie, do whatever you like, but save some for me later. She winked and went up to Ben and started kissing him. They were locked in a very passionate, yet raw kiss, with lots of moaning going on and Ben's hands all over her ass, and when I say on her ass, his hands hiked up her shorts, so they were on her skin.

I have to admit, it was getting me hard watching. Leenie stood next to me and watched too, then finally moved in front of me, and started kissing me. Her tongue snaked its way into my mouth and we let our tongues dance over each others. My hands found their way to her ass, and under her skirt, only to find she wasn't wearing panties. As we kissed my finger found her puckered hole and played with it.

She moaned out and softly said, oh good, an ass man. Her hand went to my crotch and rubbed my now hard cock, and out of the corner of my eye, Debbie was rubbing Ben's cock as well. We all sucked face for about 10 minutes, but finally stopped when Leenie said that this was unfair and if we all cant naked, we better quit, before one of these guys waste a load of good cum in their shorts.

We all laughed at that. We then sat at the bar and I said, what are you guys doing next weekend, and Ben said that unfortunately, he had to be at a conference. So I said, how about the following weekend? He looked at Leenie, and she said nothing is planned, and what do I have in mind. I told them about my camper and pontoon boat at the lake and said we can go down early Saturday morning and come back Sunday evening.

Cookout, ride around the lake and just enjoy the experience. Ben said it sounded good with him, and Leenie said it sounds great, as long as we all can get naked at some point. Debbie said that sounds great to her, for she already knows she has nothing planned, except being with me. We made the plans and then bid them a good night, it was around 10pm now and left.

As we started driving home, Debbie reached over to my crotch and asked if I was horny now. I laughed and said I have been horny all day. She goes good, I am extremely horny. Then she looked at me and said, Tom, I hope you don't get mad at me, but when Leenie and I were gone for like 10 minutes, while everything was getting cleaned up, we snuck up into their bedroom and smoked a bowl, which lead to a little playing.

Leenie said she just had to see my shaved cooter. I laughed at that, and asked if she inspected Leenie, and she just nodded. Debbie goes I wish we were home already, so I can just rape your ass, I need to hard fucking tonight Baby. I asked if it was the combination of wine all day, and the pot, that is making her so horny, and she said mostly the pot, it makes her super horny.

I chuckled and thought, man, this woman is something else. 55 years old, and still acts like a 20 something woman who wants sex all the time. Not that I am complaining, but I hope I have the stamina for her. Then she surprised the hell out of me, when I looked over, she was undoing her shorts, and then slipping them off her legs, then pulled down her black thong she was wearing. She turned and faced me and positioned her legs so I could her pussy with ease, then started playing with herself. She giggled and said, I can't help it Babe, I need some relief.

She then asked if I was alright with all of this, and I said that I was, and blew her a kiss. Luckily for us, all roads leading back to her house were neighborhood streets and not main roads in town. We were about two blocks from home, and she looked at me and said pull over. I asked why?

She said please, so I did. Once pulled over, she leaned over to me, kissed me seductively, then started loosening my belt, then unbuttoned my shorts, and pulled down my zipper. Then she goes, take them off, so when we get out of the car, we're dressed alike, and think about it, it is so naughty knowing we are basically naked going into the house. My mind was racing thinking of the what if's, especially getting pulled over, but common sense said that really should be a problem since we are so close to home now.

So I slid them off, along with my boxers, so now my hard cock was out for anyone to see, if they could. She then grabbed it, and stroked it a little and said, home James.

I doubt you will not enjoy this ass

I had to laugh at that remark. I reached over and stuck a finger inside her, and she moaned and said, please hurry baby, I really need you bad. We were home within a minute, and thankfully, she did not have the front outside light on. That would have been an eyeful for the neighbors, seeing our two naked asses out for all to see.

Once inside, we threw our clothes on the couch, turned to each other, embraced and kissed hard, letting our tongue dance over each other. She pulled my top off of me, and I did the same to her, along with her bra, so we were both naked now. We were hugging and kissing again, my cock poking Deb in her stomach, and her tits smashed against my chest. She then started walking us towards the dining room and her big dining table. Once we were by it, she moved the chair out of the way, and scooted up on it, and spread her legs.

She said it is time for your dessert lover. I pulled the chair in front of her, placed her legs over my shoulders, and dove in. I didn't even fool around with teasing or going slow, I just started tongue fucking her wet slit.

She moaned out, yessssssssssssss, eat me baby, fuck my pussy with that talented tongue. I was too, probing and licking, sucking her clit.

Then I insert a finger inside her and found that rough spot, and started rubbing. She was going wild, pushing her pussy hard into my face, then went over the top when I put a finger in her ass, as I sucked her clit. In no time, she was cumming, and as she did, was yelling out, god yessssssssss, I cumming, eat me, eat me. Her body was in a spasm, hips gyrating all over, like a woman possessed.

As she started cumming down, she said, Fuck Baby, that was awesome. I stood up and then slammed my cock in, not really giving her any time to calm down. She looked at me, and said, oh god babe, feed me that cock. I stood there and fucked her for only a few minutes, not wanting to cum yet, but Debbie did again, or it could have been a continuation of her first orgasm. I pulled out then, and she asked what was wrong. I said not a thing lover, but I think we need to take this to bed.

She said, good idea, but first, let's do something. I asked what? She said to just hold on. She went to her purse, got something out, then went to a drawer in her kitchen, then told me to follow her. We went outside on her deck, and she lit up a joint.

She looked at me and asked if I was ok with this, and I said, sure, why not, we're not harming a soul, and if it is something you enjoy, then why not. I said that when I used to partake, it made me super horny too, but mellow, and I could last a long time.

She giggled and said, good, because I really want to fuck a lot tonight, but morning time, I want to make love to you. I chuckled and said, Babe, you lead, I'll follow tonight, for you are in charge. Mmmmmmm she said, I like that thought. As we smoked, I recounted what happened in the kitchen with Leenie. Debbie said I should have got down on my knees and licked her, she would have enjoyed that.

I said, no, too much of a chance of someone walking in on us, like you for one, or her daughter. That would have been hard to explain, why my tongue was in her mom's crack. She laughed and said, yeah, that would be hard to explain, but just know, the kids know we used to play some together. I raised my eyebrow and said really? She said yeah. One night, when we were at their house, swimming in their pool, John and Leenie were fucking in one end, and me and Ben doing the same, their daughter came home early from a date because her boyfriend got sick.

She saw us and just shook her head and went back inside. I guess she was mad at her parents for a few days until Leenie sat down with her and explained things. Nothing was ever said after that. We finished the joint, and although I was feeling a good buzz, Debbie was feeling it a bit more, since she already smoked some earlier.

She said, come on tiger, take me to bed and fuck me all night. We locked up and damn near ran for the bed. She pushed me down onto the bed and immediately started sucking my cock. My god this woman could suck meat like no other. After ten minutes of that, she said she needed me inside her. She straddled me, and impaled herself on my cock and started rocking back and forth, then moving up and down.

She was cumming within a minute or so. We then changed positions so I was on top, with her telling me to fuck her hard.

We fucked for a good 45 minutes, in different positions, really taking no break, and I had not cummed yet. I was inside her, while she was in the doggie position, her chest and head hugging the pillow, and her ass way up in the air.

It was a gorgeous sight. As I fucked her, I also had my thumb in her ass, per her request. She the looked back at me and said, lube my ass up and put it in baby. I asked if she was sure, and she said yes. I put some spit on her hole and spread it around, then stuck a finger pretty deep inside her, and then slipped my cock back inside her pussy, to cover it with her juices. I slow inserted my cock in her ass. I went real slow at first, and heard her gasp as I pushed in. I asked if she was ok, and she said it hurts some, but the pain would go away soon.

I was only about half way in, when she gasped again and asked me to pull out. I did not hesitate, and slowly pulled out.

She fell to her side and said, damn, I was so hoping to fuck you there tonight. She said it has been at least four years since she did that. I got up and went to the bathroom and washed my cock off, and came back.

I crawled back in bed and laid on my side facing her. She said she was sorry that she couldn't do it, but said we need to practice more, the next two weeks. I asked why, and she said, because I want to have you and Ben in me that weekend we are with them. She said she really loves that feeling, and wants to do it again. I smiled at her and said, well, guess we'll just have to work on that.

She kissed me and said, oh honey, you haven't cummed yet, here, let me take care of that. She moved down and started sucking my cock. She looked up at me and said, god, I love sucking you off.

I told her she felt so good doing it and that no woman comes close to her expertise. After a good ten minutes, I came hard, in her mouth and she sucked up all of my juices. When I was finished, she scooted up and kissed me with a mouthful of cum. She pushed a big glob into my mouth, then let her tongue push it all around.

My hand went between her legs and started rubbing her clit hard, and in no time, she orgasmed again. We kissed that whole time, until she was done cumming. We then laid in each other's arms and kissed and said we love each other and fell asleep. I awoke first for a change, and looked at her sleeping so comfortably.

It was already 8am, so I peed and went to her kitchen and made coffee, and also started cooking breakfast for her. When it was ready, I took the food and coffee into the bedroom, softly woke her up. She was shocked that I made breakfast for her. She said she always did that for John, but he sucked at cooking, so he never did that for her. She went to the bathroom then came back and we ate in bed. When we finished, she said, come here, spreading her legs, and said I love you, so make love to me now.

We made love three more times that Sunday. I actually went home that night, tired and pretty much worn out. She wanted me to stay, but I knew I would not get some sleep. The rest of the next two weeks though, I stayed with her, and we did practice anal. By the following weekend, we got her ass used to it and she was like a woman on fire when we were fucking that way.

The Wednesday before the camping trip, she said that Leenie was coming over and asked if I minded not staying that night. I said I was fine with that, more so, to give my cock a break. About 9:30 that evening, I got a call from Debbie. But, it was Leenie doing the talking. She asked what I was doing, so I told her, just reading a book. She said, well, your lovely woman is between my thighs eating the hell out of my pussy. She then told me to get naked, which wasn't hard, since I was only in boxers.

Then she said, take a pic and send it, so they knew I was. So I did, and then I heard Debbie say, damn, I miss that cock. Leenie got back on the phone and told me to stroke it while I listen to those two. Leenie was moaning a great deal, with little yelps, and also talking real dirty to Debbie, telling her to eat that cunt slut.

After about 10 minutes, I could hear Leenie getting ready to cum and she told Debbie to tongue fuck her hard now. I was close to cumming, so I put the camera in movie mode, just before I came, and then shot the video of me cumming. The way my cock was pointing, it was shooting up my chest, but it was a great close up of the cock head shooting cum. The forth spur though, landed on the camera lens, so it blocked any more of the view.

I sent that short video to her phone, and about a minute later, Leenie said, holy fuck, look at that cum shooting out. I heard Debbie say in the background, damn honey, get over here and let me have more of that.

I just chuckled and said no, I better rest now. Then Deb and I talked a minute, said our "I love you's" and heard Leenie tell us both, no more sex until Saturday night, she didn't want us wearing it out. I laughed and said, well, good luck with that, because my lady there just may need some before that.

She laughed and said, tough shit. That Thursday, Deb stayed the night at my house, and then Friday night, I spent with her, at hers.

We didn't listen to Leenie, and made love both nights, with Thursday being the last time for anal practice, which was awesome. I swear, she cum's the hardest when fucked there. Saturday, Ben and Leenie were going to come to Debbie's and then ride with us to the camper. We both got up rather early, around 6am. And although we wanted to do it, we refrained, except she did suck me in the shower for a few minutes.

I told her we should wait for later. She laughed and said, oh, ok I guess. I made us breakfast then and we were ready to go by 8am, when Leenie and Ben showed up. I already had the pickup loaded with coolers and provisions, plus an overnight bag for each of us, since I had not been down there in a few weeks. I usually don't use the truck, except for going down there and when I am doing home projects. After loading what Ben and Leenie brought, we were on our way by 8:15, and arrived a little past 10am.

Pretty good time, since traffic was light that morning. The weather was outstanding, sunny and going to be in the mid 80's all weekend. After unloading all of our stuff, and getting some foods into the refrigerator and cabinets, we all went for a walk around the grounds. Now my camper is situated at the end of this road, and instead of pointing longways in, mine gets to sit so it looks like it is sideways, with no one on my right side, and only Bill and Sharon's camper on my left, and they really can't see the back part of my camper, which has my grill and table, and lawn chairs, oh and the hammock.

Bill and Sharon have been in that lot for years, like me, and are a bit strange, yet wild too. Sharon and Bill are both in their late 40's, with 2 kids that are grown. Bill like's his beer and usually is drunk by the evening, if not before.

Sharon is ok looking, 5'2, blond, maybe 130 lbs., with big DD tits, that she does like to show off at times. Sharon has come on to me on many occasions, but that is another story.

After coming back, I asked the girls what they wanted to do, and both said let's go for a boat ride, and then do lunch. We all went inside, so we could change into swimwear. The girls took the main bedroom, and left Ben and I to change up by the sitting area. Neither Ben or I were modest and just stripped down and got our suits out.

Both of us are shaved down below, but I could see what Debbie always talked about. Ben is hung pretty good. After about 10 minutes, the girls finally came out. Ben and I were starting to wonder what the heck was taking them so long. Debbie suit was a blue and black one piece with some design in it.

It plunged down to almost her navel, and really accented her breast nicely, and had high cut leg openings. She looked very sexy in it. Leenie's was something similar, except hers was mostly green, with yellows through it, and was hardly containing her tits.

Debbie came up and gave me a soft kiss and lingered a bit, until I noticed a certain unmistakable taste, the taste of pussy. I grinned at her and looked then at Leenie and said, girl, you taste good. Leenie laughed and said, she girlfriend, I knew he'd know. I then licked Debbie's up lip, then her chin, and said oh yeah, you do taste fine.

Ben kissed and licked Leenie and said, mmmmmmmmmm, I remember this taste. The girls just laughed and said, later boys. We shoved off, after making the pontoon ready. Since this is an inland lake, only a 10 horsepower motor is allowed, so speeding around is not an option. There was not to many people out on the lake yet, which is fine with me. Ben was standing with me, and the girls were sitting on the aft seats, in the back, soaking in the sun. Ben asked if I used anything, to help with performance, and I said, yeah, the little blue pill, though I haven't taken it yet.

He said, good, because I use Cialis, and I think we are going to need all the help we can get. He said Leenie has been talking all week about today. I said, so has Deb. He asked if I was ok with this, and I said yes, and relayed some stories from my time with this one lady who I swung with. He said cool, because he has been looking forward to being with Debbie again, for a long time now. As we were shooting the shit, as I drove around, the girls were in some conversation of their own.

But then we heard them yell up to us to turn around, so we did, and lo and behold, they dropped their tops on their suits to show us their breasts. It was a fine sight to behold too.

The pontoon does have sides to it that come up about 30 inches or so, so they would not be spotted by other boaters, unless the person was standing. I then headed for the area that had all the little coves on the lake, figuring if they are going to tease us, we might as well have some sense of privacy.

As I pulled into one cove, the girls yelled back to us again, and this time, they had their feet up on the seat, legs spread, the with their one hand, moved the material, by the crotch, out of the way, to show us their shaved pussies.

I pulled into the cove, and cut the engine, and let it drift in there. No one was around, so we were pretty safe, and if someone did happen up on us, we'd hear them long before they would see anything. I opened a cooled and asked if anyone wanted anything to drink. The girls both wanted wine, so I poured them a glass, and Ben took a beer, and me a pepsi, since I was driving this tug.

Park Rangers are always out and about, looking for drunks. Debbie came up to me, after I gave Leenie her wine, and then gave Deb her glass. She kissed me and said, are you comfortable with them, and I said of course. She said good, and asked if she could play around with Ben for a bit.

I said honey, you don't have to ask, just enjoy, that's what we're here for. Debbie went back over to Leenie and said, a little play time now.

Then grabbed Ben's hand, and led him to the back, pull the seat cushions to the floor and they laid down, and started making out. Their hands were all over each other as they kissed like 2 lovers, separated for years. Leenie walked up to me, as I sat in the captain's chair, and sat in my lap, facing me. I said to everyone that we need to keep the noises down, because our voices will travel across the lake.

Leenie laughed and said, shit, you better keep something in my mouth then. Leenie then said, look guys, we need you 2 full strength for later, so no cumming right now. Ben and I just laughed and said we'd try. Leenie and I started kissing, very passionately, tongues seeking each other out.

My hands were holding her ass, and her arms were around my neck. After a bit, I broke our kiss and looked down at the other 2. Debbie was now licking Ben's cock, which was hard, and like Deb had said, quite long. Leenie then looked too, then back at me and asked, turning you on? I said yeah it is, and she said good, me too. I then started licking her neck, then took a hand and pulled down her top, exposing her ample tits to me.

Her nipples were about a good half inch out, and the size of my thumb, round. Her areola's were pink, not dark like Deb's. I started sucking her nipples and licking all around her breast. Her hand went to my cock, and said, mmmmm baby, I think I found something I am going to like a lot.

As I kept sucking, she moaned some softly and said, oh yeah baby, suck that tit.

Me lleve a mi secretaria a casa

After a few minutes, she backed off of me, and bent down and pulled my rigid cock from its restraint. She wasted no time with engulfing my cock into her hungry mouth. Both girls were now giving us blow jobs, and to tell the truth, it was fantastic. Leenie could take me all the way into her throat.

After about 5 minutes though, I told her to stop, or go slower, or I was going to cum. Ben too, was getting close and said the same thing to Debbie. They switched positions, so Debbie was on her back now, legs spread, and pulled the material away from her snatch, to give Ben access to it.

Ben dove right in, and started eating her pussy.


Leenie had me stand up, and she sat down on the chair, scooted her ass down on it, and spread her legs, and pulled the material to the side and said, lunch is served.

I, like Ben dove and started licking her gorgeous pussy, like a man starved for days. I got on my knees then to make it easier for me to lick and probed. Leenie was moaning pretty good. She loves talking dirty too. She kept asking Deb how it felt, having Benny sucking on her cunt. Deb just said wonderful, in between moaning and gasping. I was sucking Leenie clit now, and had 2 fingers buried in her snatch.

She was holding my head to her pussy, tight now, and said oh shit, baby, I am going to cum soon. I started sucking her clit harder and fingering the hell out of her, and she let loose a muffled gasp, and started cumming. The juice just poured out of her.

Leenie said, holy fuck Deb, this man can eat pussy. Debbie was in the mist of her own orgasm then, and was drenching Ben's face. Once she was done, Ben moved up, uncovered his hard cock, and slipped into her wet slit. Deb gasped and said, yessssssssss, I have wanted this for such a long time.

Leenie and I watched as they started to fuck. Then I stood up, took my cock out, rubbed it all over her pussy, until she said, quit fucking around, and give me that pole. I then just shoved it in all the way, and she said, my god, you do know how to fill a girl up. We only fucked for may be 10 minutes most, because both Ben and I were in need of cumming, but didn't want too.

I pulled out and Leenie, said, what the fuck. I said I was getting close to cumming, and you girls said no cumming for us guys right now. She said, shit, we did say that. Ben was already out of Debbie, and both laid there panting away. Leenie leaned into me and kissed me and said I better fuck her good later. I said no problem there. It was already 1:30pm, so we decided to head back in and grab some lunch. I headed right back to the camp site, instead of cruising the rest of the lake, which if you did a full circle around it, it takes close to 3 hours.

Debbie this time stood up with me, while Ben and Leenie were sitting in the back, holding hands. As I drove, Deb had her arm around my waist and asked if I was alright with everything so far. I said, yes, it was quite enjoyable, and I was really turned on by watching you 2, together. She said good, because she was super turned on watching me eat and fuck Leenie.

We kissed and heaed on in. Once back, I ran to the bathroom, then into the bedroom to get my bag. I opened the bag and pulled out my bottle of Viagra, and got a pill.

Deb was standing in the doorway, and said, oh, now I know why you can keep it up so long. I said, yep, but have only used them a couple of times with you, like the very first time we did it, and then that night after their party.

She laughed and said, that is fine with me, because I love you hard, but also, I just plain ass love you. The girls got out lunch food and we ate, and shot the shit.

They told stories of some of their escapades with 2 couples they have played with in the past. One of the couples was a one and done deal. She was to frigid for this type of lifestyle Ben said, and she wasn't all that good in bed either. As we were finishing up, Bill and Sharon pulled into their lot. Sharon came right over and hugged me, saying it has been so long since they have seen me. I introduced her to my girlfriend Debbie, and our close friends, Ben and Leenie.

I figured we were all close now, considering just fucked Leenie. When I introduced Debbie, Sharon gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips, which kind of threw me. She said welcome to the neighborhood and I hope I get to know you better. Debbie smiled and said the same back. After she left, we cleaned up the table and put stuff away. I asked if they were up for finishing the tour of the lake, they all agreed.

As we trolled around the lake, Leenie ask what was up with that board back there. I said that they were ok, but she can be a bit strange. Leenie laughed and said, shit, I think she is Bi. I said no way. Leenie said oh yeah, look how she hugged and then kissed Debbie, she wants in her pants, and laughed.

I said those 2 are down here a lot during the summer, but Bill is a drunk, and is usually passed out by the evening. And, if they are not fighting, they are fucking at night, at least since their kids don't come down anymore. I said you watch and see later, because she is loud, and doesn't care who hears them. We all laughed and then motored on our way. It did take us over 3 hours to go around the lake, but we were in no hurry. We would look at some of the houses that were built on the shoreline.

I mean some were mansions. The coolest one was this log cabin style home. I knew it was 3500 square feet, but you hardly ever see people there, like today. It was going on 7pm, by the time we got back in and tied up the boat. The girls said they had to freshen up some, while Ben and I brought back the coolers from the boat. I had splurged for today, and bought filet mignon for dinner.

So I got the grill out and got it warming up and went inside and prepared the meat for grilling. The girls heard me and asked what they could do. I said if they didn't mind getting the potato's going in the micro ( all the comforts of home) and anything else they wanted. As I got the meat going, Ben asked if I took my little helper, and I said I did. He said he did too, because I think we are in for a hell of a time later.

During dinner, Leenie, who was sitting across from me, would take her foot and run it up my leg and rub my cock, and just smile. Deb was doing the same to Ben too. After dinner, the girls said they'd do the dishes, and I said we would get a bon fire going. Ben and I collected some kindling, to go along with the logs I had for fires. We got a nice one going now, as it was just starting to get dark.

We all sat around the fire, looking out over the lake, watching the sun set, which Debbie remarked that this was so nice and something she could get used too, as she hugged me. I said, honey, we can come down all summer if you want too. Leenie said, us too? I said, well, the jury is still out on you, but you may be able to persuade me later. She flipped me the finger, then laughed. The Ranger stopped by to make sure we were doing ok, and had the fire under control.

After he left, I said we wont be bothered again by him this weekend, unless we get out of hand. Ben got up and excused himself and went inside. He came out a minute later with a baggie of weed and a pipe. He asked if it was cool to smoke here and I said yes, but wait a few more minutes, to make sure the Ranger is gone from this area. He lit up about 10 minutes later and we all shared some really good weed.

For me, it did not take much, since I wasn't used to it, but I was feeling a good buzz going on, and so was Debbie. She was getting the giggles too, plus horny as hell, because her one hand kept going to my dick and rubbing it a lot. Not sure why, but it was so peaceful and mellow, none of us were in a hurry to get inside.

We even smoke another bowl. As the fire started going down, we all decided it was time to head inside. Ben and I doused the fire and followed the ladies in. Ben asked if he could shower first.

I said fine with me, and Leenie said she would join him. As they went in the bathroom, Debbie leaned into me and started kissing me. She said she is so horny right now and needs some lovin.

We were sitting on the bed waiting for our guest, so we could shower then, and as we waited, Deb pulled my cock out and stroked me hard. Then she moved the material covering her pussy to the side, straddled my waist, and sat down on my cock. She said, mmmmmmmmm, I have needed this all day. She said I love you so much. I told her I loved her too. She said I am not going to make you cum now, but please save one good one for me tonight, after we fuck our friends.

I said I promise. Leenie and Ben exited the bathroom, both just having towels wrapped around them. Since we heard them turn off the shower, we quit fucking. Then we went inside and showered real quick, with really no playing, except for some passionate kissing. Before we got out, she asked, are you positive about this, because just know, I am fucking him, and that's it, I only make love to you. I said Honey, you have to stop worrying.

If I did not want us in this situation, I would have never agreed to it. She smiled and kissed me and said damn baby, I love you, but now lets go get some great sex from them. We exited the bathroom only wearing towels too. I made sure the air was running at a good temp and checked all the windows, so they were shut tight.

No need for the campground to hear us. Just before we left the bathroom, Debbie asked if I minded if her and Leenie played a little. I told her do what you want to do, because in the end, we'll all be having fun, together. Debbie walked up to Leenie, who was standing by the couch, that was now a bed, and removed her towel, exposing her naked body to us, and for me, the first time I had seen her naked.

Leenie, in turn, removed the towel covering Debbie, who was now naked as well. The girls started kissing, and rubbing hands all over the place. Meanwhile, Ben and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and dropped our towels too.

We were both sporting half erections, but knew that would soon change. The girls climbed onto the bed now, and assumed the 69 position and started licking each others pussies. Ben and I took at seat at the table and just sat back and watched as these two fine ladies ate each other with reckless abandon. We could hear the muffled moans emitting from Leenie, since she was on the bottom, and could easily hear Debbie saying oh fuck, that feels so good.

Ben got up and got us each a beer, saying it may be a while before we play. The girls did not take to long before they both achieved their orgasms, one right after the other, both very strong, with the girls stifling their moans, so it wasn't too loud. After Debbie rolled off of Leenie, she laid there panting, and said, holy fuck, now that's the way to get this party going.

We all laughed at that. The girls looked at us then, and asked if we were going to join them now, or just sit there. We both got up, but I suggested we take this to the back bedroom, where we had a lot more room, since it did have a king size bed back there. Debbie got off the bed, and as she walked past me, to grab Ben's hand, she stopped, and gave me a passionate kiss, and told me she loves me, and to fuck her brains out.

I said I love you too, to her and said, enjoy that big cock of his baby. Debbie grabbed Ben's hand and led him to the bedroom, with Leenie and I close behind. Ben got on the bed and laid down, with Debbie right behind him, but she went right to the 69 position, and started sucking his hard cock.

Leenie and I stood in the doorway and watched for a minute, with her hand firmly gripping my cock. She whispered in my ear that she loves watching these two like this, and that Debbie is an expert at sucking cock. I said, oh I definitely know about that. After a few minutes of watching, went to the side of the bed that those two were on, leaned into Debbie, pulled her mouth away and kissed her, then licked Ben's shaft.

Debbie and Leenie both moaned loudly as I did this. As I licked him, Debbie's mouth was over the head sucking him, then she would lick down the opposite side of him, and back up to the tip, and when our tongues met, we would lick each others tongue. Then I took his cock in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down his ridged shaft.

Debbie was moaning real loud saying she isn't sure what has her more turned on, Ben's tongue which was fucking her pussy, or me, sucking his cock. I released his cock then and licked back down, and Debbie started licking again too. As we did this, Leenie got on the bed and was in position to lick Debbie's exposed ass. When she did this, Debbie lost it and started cumming. She let out a low gasp and said fuck me, I am cumming from you 3.

She was trying her best to keep her mouth in play, but was having a hard time of it. When she was coming back down to earth, I kissed her and told her I loved her.

She smile and said the same, but now go take care of my best friend. I crawled over to the other side and laid down, and Leenie said for me to eat her, while she sucked my cock too. So we got into the 69 position and I drove my tongue deep in to her wet slit. This woman was so wet now, and tasted divine. My tongue explored her pussy, then up to her ass. I could hear her tell Deb, man girlfriend, this man can eat pussy almost as good as you. Her mouth was now engulfing my whole cock now, as I continued to assault her snatch.

I looked over at the other two, because I could feel a lot of movement then and saw that Debbie was now starting to ride Ben. I went back to licking and sucking her pussy, and now sucking her clit, which was engorged and hard. Once I started that, Leenie yelled out, oh yeah baby, that's it, make me cum fucker. So I sucked harder and her ass was now pressing hard into my face, and she let loose a gusher of cum. I swear she came for over a minute. Debbie was telling Ben that she really missed his bog cock in her and was rocking back and forth.

Leenie then told me to switch around, so my head was down by Ben's feet, and then Debbie reached over, grabbed my cock, and held it for Leenie to sit down on it. Leenie didn't waste time either, she came right down on it and sat there. I could feel her pussy muscles gripping it hard too. Leenie leaned over to Deb, and started kissing her, and playing with one tit. Debbie was moaning loud now and starting to fuck faster. Leenie now turned her attention to me and started going up and down on my shaft.

God she was tight, considering the pole she is used to fucking. Leenie looked down at me and said, well sweetie, do you like this pussy too? I could just nod my head yes. She giggled and said, good, because it's yours all night. Now understand, when couples are together like this, there is a lot of bantering going on too, but mostly its moans and grunts, and gasps, especially when one is getting close to cumming. The four of us fucked like this for a good 10 minutes, with both girl's cumming, and being loud enough so at least our neighbors knew we were fucking, but who cares.

Ben and I both asked the girl's to flip over, so we could drive now. Ben was deep inside Deb and I was right next to them, with Leenie's legs over my shoulder, and I started pounding her pussy hard. Debbie and Ben were lost in their own world, as was Leenie and I. Leenie kept telling me to fuck her harder, so I was really pounding into her now, and you could hear my balls slapping against her ass, with each downward thrust. She was really getting into it too, telling me oh yeah, that's it lover, fuck that tight ass pussy.

Ben was also now banging away at Debbie, and she was just as vocal, calling him a big fucker, and fuck her hard now, she was close. A couple of minutes later, Ben let loose a massive orgasm in Debbie, and she was cumming too.

This got me going now and I told Leenie I was about to cum. She said to cum deep inside her, and she started cumming. Her legs came together around my head, and it now felt like a vise grip on my head, and I started shooting ropes of creamy cum inside her tight box.

Ben fell to the opposite side of Debbie, with both of them panting hard. I moved out from between Leenie's legs and got between Debbie's, and started licking her cum filled cunt.

Leenie looked at us and said, damn, I love this man now. She then straddled Debbie's head and said, here, lick your man's juices out of me.

She then bent down and helped me lick Ben's cum her snatch. Ben somehow got back there with Debbie, and was also helping her eat Leenie's fine pussy. After a few minutes, we all quit tasting each other, and Leenie and I shared a cum filled kiss, as did Debbie and Ben. All of us were spent for the moment, and Ben and I got up and headed back out to the kitchen area. I grabbed us all some cold waters, and Ben grabbed his bag. He asked if it was cool to light up and I said sure.

He packed the pipe and brought it back, with me in tow, with the waters. All of us were now on the bed, sitting up, and drinking water, when Ben lit up the pipe. We all shared the weed until the pipe no longer was of any use. As we drank then, we all said it was a great time and not one of us had any reservations about this. The 3 of them said they were worried I may not like it, buti assured them I was really good with it.

As we sat and relaxed, the girls started stroking are cocks back to life, which didn't take long at all. Ben laid back down, and Debbie mounted him again. Then she looked at me and said, Babe, get the lube out, it's time. I reached for my bag and got out the KY jelly, and then came back. Leenie said, oh my god, you are suck a cock slut.

I lubed my cock, and her ass, got into position, and started pressing my cock head in her anal opening. She was extremely tight now, as I inched my way in. The whole time, she was saying, holy fuck, does this feel so fucking good. Once I was in, Ben and I took over fucking her. I could feel his hard cock rubbing the thin membrane that separated us. Leenie got behind us and started licking mine and Ben's balls, as we started to fuck Debbie.

Debbie was saying how filled she was, and that every woman needs to try this once in their lives. Ben and I had established a good rhythm, and Debbie was going nuts. It only took 5 or 6 minutes before she had an explosive orgasm, and as loud as she was, I am sure the whole campground knew. After she came, she rolled off of Ben and I popped out. Leenie said she was next, so she mounted Ben, kissed him hard, then looked back at me, and said, come on big boy, put that cock in my ass now.

I got up, went in the bathroom, got a wet hot towel, and washed my cock off, came back with anotherwet towel for later, and lube us both up, and slowly insert inside her tight ass.

Ben and I got into a great rhythm again and soon had Leenie cumming, and she was just as loud, and yelling out holy fuck numerous times. After everyone disengaged, and relaxed a bit. Both girls said that was awesome and something we need to do the next time too. Debbie mouthed I love you to me, and winked. I had to pee now and got up, and when I was finished, Leenie was by the door.

She said next time, let me help you with that. Of course my mind is racing thinking she might be into a little water play sometime. I waited on her to finish, and when she came out, we both looked back at the bedroom, and saw Ben and Debbie fucking again. Leenie said, oh wow, those two are quite the horny pair tonight.

I agreed and said, well, I think we are too, and she said, oh yeah lover, we're hardly done. She led me out to the fold out bed, her and Deb used earlier, and laid down on it, spreading her legs.

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She crooked her finger at me and said, come here, and fill me up. Never one to say no to a lady, I got between her legs, and slipped into her waiting cunt. She gasped and said, mmmmmmmm, this is nice, just you and me alone. As we started to fuck, she said that she loved when John and Debbie used to play with them, but feels I am so much more open and have a lot more stamina for this play. She said don't get me wrong, I loved John, but he was a lot smaller than me, and cock size really does matter, plus he could only go 2 times and that was it.

She made me promise not to tell Deb this stuff, its our pillow talk. We then started fucking slowly, and kissing. She said this feels so right being with us like this. I told her I thought she was an awesome lover, and very tight, considering the cock she is used to getting.

She said she does keggle exercises to keep that 20 something feel in her pussy. We rolled over now so she was on top and said that she would be so pissed if I didn't make a very long term commitment to Debbie. She said, you know, she is head over heels, in love with you, and I can see how you look at her, you are the same way. Ben and I only want the best for her, so treat her great, and you may enjoy lots of this pussy. I smiled at her, and I said I promise to keep her happy, in bed and out.

She leaned down and kissed me and said, you better, now shut up and lets fuck. And fuck we did. For the next 20 to 25 minutes, we tried a bunch of positions, with Leenie cumming twice. I was having a hard time cumming again, so I did not want her to think I wasn't getting into it, so I faked the orgasm I had. When we were done, I got between her legs and ate her for a bit. She said, god, John never did that when he was done, and Ben only does it once in a while. She said that Deb told her, I usually do it every time we fuck.

As we laid there, we could hear Debbie and Ben letting us know they were cumming again too. After resting a few, we got up, stopped at the fridge and got more water, and padded back to the room, turning off lights as we went. It was now well past midnight, and we were all spent. I went over to the side Debbie was on, and crawled in besides her.

Leenie said to Ben, come on lover, let's get some shut eye. They got up and padded out to the other bed, that Leenie and I just fucked in. Leenie blew us kisses and said good night and thanks for a wonderful time today. Debbie snuggled up to me, after I turned out the light. She kissed me n=and said, oh babe, I do love you so, and thank you for making this weekend so special. She started caressing my cock, then, and it started to grow. She giggled and said, mmmmmmm good, I really need you in me now.

I got on top and slipped inside. Her pussy was so hot and extremely wet from Ben's cum, which felt really good, and quite erotic.

She said no fucking now honey, just make love to me. And so we did, and for the next 15 minutes or so, we slowly made love, with both of us cumming one last time. The next morning, I awoke about 7:30, went and peed, but not flush, since the other 3 were still sleeping. I put on my swim trunks and went outside, to pick up after ourselves from the night before. After about 15 minutes of cleaning up, I had a bag of garbage and took it down to the dumpster, that was by a community shower and bathroom.

They have this for people who don't have campers that tent camp as well, which is at the other end of this road. As I was walking down, Sharon, my neighbor, was coming out of the shower and saw me. She smiled at me and said good morning. She was wearing this bright pink silk robe, and could easily see, no bra under it, since her nipples were straining to get set free. She asked how I was feeling today, and I said great.

She said you should be, with all the noises coming from the camper last night. I kind of blushed at that remark. She giggled and said, oh stop, we are all adults, and she is glad we are into swinging. She said they used too as well. But anymore, all Bill wants to do is drink.

She asked if the girl's are bi and I said yes. She smiled and said cool, so is she. She then said may be some time when we are down again, her and Debbie can get together, after Bill passes out, and if you are a good boy, I'll let you fuck me too.

I chuckled and said, that would be up to Debbie, not me. She said of course, but she would love a 3some sometime. After getting back to the camper, the door opened and out came Debbie. She was wearing a pair of black silk boxers, which were mine, and one of my t-shirts I keep here. She looked great in them. She brought me out coffee and we went down to the dock and sat down. I relayed what Sharon had told me and Debbie said, you're kidding right?

I said, no, that's what she said. Debbie said, well who knows, it may happen, but I have to see how I connect with her. But, please promise me, you wont force that issue. I said never dear. When it comes to playing, you make all decisions.

I asked if our guests were up yet, and she said yeah, they are fucking right now. She giggled and said that Leenie wanted her to join them, but she told her no, to just enjoy some alone time.

I said damn, that girl is insatiable. Debbie laughed and said oh yeah, good thing she has a man who can keep up with her. She leaned into me and said that after breakfast, she wouldn't mind another round with me, or all 3 of us, before we leave today. After 20 minutes, or so, we headed in and started making breakfast. Those two were just laying there, resting after a pleasant round of sex.

After breakfast, we all helped clean up. Ben and Leenie were still naked, and Leenie said that if they are naked, we should be too, and came over and pulled my shorts down. She then got on her knees and started sucking me hard. Debbie grabbed Ben's hand and led him to the bedroom, where she got naked and started sucking him off. After a bit, Leenie got off of her knees and came up and kissed me. We could hear the other two fucking away in the back.

Leenie said she needs a hot load of cum in her, since Ben said she was saving his load, from before, for Debbie. Leenie said, now I want yours deep inside me. She sat up on the dinette, spread her legs, and I walked right into her. She looked at me, once I was deep inside her, and said, damn Tom, I do enjoy your cock. We fucked in that position for like 5 minutes, until she wrapped her legs around me, and her arms around my neck.

She said take me to the bed over there, so you can properly fuck me good. I picked her up and walked us over to the bed, and slowly laid us down, without pulling out of her. We could hear the other two, really banging away, but just moaning, no dirty talk. I started fucking Leenie now and she said, damn, 2 morning fucks, what a great way to start a day off. We fucked hard for the next 15 minutes, until my balls could not take it anymore, and shot a huge load of cum in her already cummed filled pussy.

When we were done, she said she'll have cum dripping all day from her cunt. We all then took showers, Leenie and Ben together, then Deb and I. After dressing, we decided to take a cruise again around the lake. We didn't circumvent the whole lake this time, because we were all starting to show signs of tiredness. It was about 2pm when we got back to the camper, and docked the boat. Ben and I covered it, while the girl's fixed some sandwiches.

After eating, and clean up, we headed home. All three of them took a cat nap while I drove, and awakened when we were about 10 minutes out from Debbie's house. Once there, we unloaded the truck, and Leenie and Ben loaded up their car. Every one said what a fabulous time they had, and I offered to do this again, in the next couple of weeks, but this time, go down Friday evening. Deb said she would make arrangements at work, so she could be off. Ben and I shook hands, while the girl's kissed and hugged, and then Leenie hugged me and gave me a kiss on the lips, and said, anytime big boy, you were marvelous.

Debbie and I went in to her house, and once inside, we both crashed onto the couch. She laid in my arms, and we both took a nap. About an hour later, her phone rang, so that woke us up. It was Katie, just seeing how the weekend was. Debbie told her about the camper and the boating. Katie asked when we were taking them down. I said any time they want too.

Debbie asked if I was going to spend the night with her, and I said, I could, if she wanted me tonight. She said, oh yes, I want you in my bed any time I can get you there.


I laughed and said, honey, I am not sure I'll be up for satisfying you tonight. She said she doesn't care about that, she just loves the feeling of having me next to her.

I have to admit, I am growing quite fond of waking besides her. I told her let me scoot home, change into some different clothes, and bring some others for tomorrow morning, and when I get back, we'll go do dinner.

When I got back, her daughter Jan was there, with Debbie's grandson. They stopped by because her husband had to leave for work out of town. I said, good, you can join us too for dinner. We all went to the Outback for dinner. I was starving, so this would hit the spot. Dinner was fun and entertaining. Jan wanted to know all about our weekend, and she too asked when we were taking her.

I said let's set something up for a few weekends from now. Jan asked if there is enough sleeping room, with 5 of us there. I said not a problem. It sleeps 6, may be even more if you arrange it right.

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Jan looked at her mom and asked, where do you sleep. Deb just smiled at her and said, where do you think silly. Jan looked at her, grinned and said, oh mom, you shameless hussy.


We all laughed. I told Jan that is you guys like camping, you guys can use it too, you know, with out mom and me there.

Debbie then said, yeah, we'll even baby sit for you, so you two can have a weekend away, and it wont cost you much, just food and gas. Jan thought that was a wonderful idea. After getting back to Deb's, Jan then left, wanting to get the baby to bed. Debbie asked if it was ok that she volunteered to watch her grandson, and said that I was cool with it, but it has been a long time since I had to watch a three year old.

We snuggled on the couch the rest of the evening, until about 10pm. We were both worn out and said let's get to bed.

In bed we talked about the weekend. She was so happy that it went as well as it did. She admitted at first, she was a little apprehensive, since it used to be John and her doing what we did, with Ben and Leenie. But, she said, they have accepted you as part of the family now, so get used to this. I chuckled and said, honey, we have along life ahead of us, and having great friends to share with, makes it so much better.

Next, the coming campground stories involving Deb and I.