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Chinese milf get dicked by German guy
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This is my first time writing, hope you like it. Sorry if its a bit too long, part 2 will be more action packed, i promise!!! PART 1 It was such a hot day in a typical Australian summer. The sky was blue as the ocean and I'm relieved today is swimming lesson for my class. I am 13 years old and my best friend William who is also 13 is thrilled to go swimming instead of learning maths. It was almost the end of the year and the whole class would rather swim than learn.

We all got to the pool by bus. William and I were disappointed when we were told our swimming coach was sick and was replaced by a substitute. Her name was Mrs Waltz, William and I both hated her because she always picked on us.

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Last year we both got into trouble for telling her to shut up. She always picks on us and shouts at us. Today was no different. The pool was usually clean but filled with insects that day. I noticed a big, fat cockroach crawling my way. I have always been scared of cockroaches. I glared at it powerless and frozen with fear as it slowly crawled its way towards me.

'Stop staring at your feet and listen to me, Jack!!' Her loud voice interrupted me thoughts and my fear turned into anger. 'But Miss, there was a big cockroach' I replied. 'Oh Jack, don't be ridiculous and grow up!! This pool is constantly being cleaned; there will not be one cockroach' I was really upset at her. By the time she ordered us to swim 5 laps of freestyle, I decided I need revenge. I told William my feelings and we quietly discussed between laps on what we were going to do.

I suggested we put the cockroach in her bag with her undies when William suggested a even better idea. He suggested we steal her undies and put it in the bin.

It was a fantastic idea. So when Mrs Waltz decided to demonstrate the correct swimming technique, me and William excused ourselves to the bathroom.

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As we passed her bags on the other side of the pool (in Australia we normally don't use lockers, we just put our bags on benches next to the pool), we opened the zipper and fortunately we found the undies without too much hassles. We grinned and hurried to dispose of it in the boys change room. We quickly ran towards to change room. Both of our hearts sank when our class teacher who came along to supervise us came out of the girls change room and caught us red handed.

Her face was turned red and our faces began to blush. To this day, I still can't believe she caught us clutching a lady's underwear.


Our class teacher Mrs Turner was clearly upset and disappointed at us. She told us to get our bags, get changed and meet her outside. So we did reluctantly. We were speechless in the change room and we didn't even speak to each other. We changed and we met her outside. 'Do you boys have any idea of the severity of this crime?

I'm ashamed of you!' We were ashamed of ourselves. 'sorry miss' we said while staring at our toes 'Stealing is one thing but stealing ladies underwear is another.

I expect better than this boys!!! Especially you Jack, you behaved so well all year. I can't believe this' I was so upset at this point and couldn't speak.

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'Now, both of you are to report to the principal when we get back. I'm so disappointed at both of you. For the meantime, Jack, go sit at the right hand corner, William, sit on the left hand side of the pool. There will be no talking between both of you.

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GO!' This is the first time I got into so much trouble. I was usually a good student with occasional mischief such as not doing homework or talking in class. But I was never in a situation like this. William and I walked towards the principal office when we got back.

We were both lectured on the severity of this crime. He told us stealing girl's underwear can get us into jail. Of course, we were so innocent back then to understand why what we've done was so upsetting to our teachers. When the principal decided to call our parents, we both were on the verge of crying and we begged him not to call our parents. He hesitated.


Seeing we had never been in any serious trouble, he decided he won't call this time. However he told us we were still going to be punished. Lunch time detentions for 2 weeks and no more swimming classes for the rest of this year, we were ordered to clean the classroom during swimming time.

He also gave up an afternoon detention the next day. The rest of the day passed quickly. I woke up the next day, went to school where time passed so quickly, recess, class, lunch where we both picked rubbish, class, then we both head towards afternoon detention room. We were both instructed to write lines: I must not steal women's underwear.

We thought about the crime for almost a day now and we both still didn't understand why the crime was so severe. We both did our time and we could finally leave. It was almost 4 and I just missed the bus. The next bus is an hour away. Thinking my day couldn't get any worse, I saw my older sister's best friend Jessica who was 18 at that time coming towards me.


They were both bullies and I always try to avoid them. I saw Jessica walking towards me and I decided to ignore her and turned my back towards her. She came up behind me and whispers 'Jack why are you still at school, your mommy will worry sick about you'.

Not knowing what she was trying to do this time I told her 'shut up and mind your own business' She replies 'where are your manners little boy? I was about to offer you a lift in my car but since you want me to mind my own business I'll go'. I thought to myself maybe Jessica is not actually mean and I don't want to wait another hour for the bus so I said 'Jessica!! Wait!! I'm sorry I was rude please give me a ride, I'll do anything!!!! Please!!!!' She replied 'OK, if that's what you really want' I was so happy as we walked towards her car when she told me 'I'm sorry for bullying you for all those years.

I was a loner before I met your sister and I wanted to fit in. I promise i'll be better to you' I replied 'then we're equal and we're even. You don't owe me anything and I don't owe you anything' As she began to drive she asked me why I'm so late today. Seeing she was trying to be nice and didn't seem to harm me I told her the truth.

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She was shocked as well. 'I never knew you're this kind of boy' She said 'what sort of boy?' I asked 'you know. only perverts steal undies and you seemed so shy. I would've never guessed' 'What!!

No way I'm perverted. Jessica, why does stealing undies make me perverted? I just want to throw them away' I asked 'ummmm, jack its hard to explain, men often steal undies to sniff them' 'what?????? Why would they do that? That's so disgusting' I asked ever so innocently ' Men just love the taste of women.

Jack do you know anything about sex?? Have you ever masturbate?' 'No, whats masturbate?' 'Do you really want to know? Its like stroking your penis, I'm sure you've done it before. It can also be called wanking or jerking. Your sis thinks you've done it' 'Nope, I havent' 'Would you like me to show you?' She asked in a tone as if talking to a baby 'ummmm ok i guess, but promise me it wouldn't hurt' 'No it wouldn't hurt, i promise it'll feel so good you would do it everyday' Jessica then drove us to her house, her parents were away at work so we had the house to ourselves, she explained She led me to her bedroom and locked the door.

'Why are you locking the door' I asked innocently 'shhh. you will know soon' she replied strangely She told me to take my shirt off and just when I was about to ask why she began to unbutton my shirt. Soon my shirt is off. She then began to take my shoes and socks off. When she tried to take my pants off I protested. She encouraged me and told me don't be shy, I promise it wouldn't hurt. So I let her take my pants off, wondering at the same time why I had to take everything off.

I was only wearing my boxers at that time. She then put her hand on my waist preparing to take my boxer off. I protested again and she replied the same way as before. She told me don't be shy, you have a great body. She began to feel my body as she said that.

My dick responded to her touch, i could feel it getting excited. Then she slowly pulled my boxer, my last remaining piece of clothing off, revealing my semi hard penis. I was blushing and trying to hide it with my hands. She told me don't be shy and that I was the most beautiful 13 year old she ever saw (later she admitted I was the only 13 year old boy she ever saw naked) I asked her, 'i still don't understand, why do you need me naked' She answered 'hush little boy, lie down on my bed and i'll show you whats masturbating' I obliged and lay on my back.

She then griped my cock in a fist and slowly go up and down. I was in heaven. She then got me to masturbate by myself. I gripped my penis the way she did and tugged up and down.

The sensation is amazing and some sort of pressure is building up, i could feel it. She then said 'I wonder if u can cum yet'. I asked 'whats cum'. As soon as i finished asking I felt an urge to pee but she held me down, took over my penis and frantically wanked me. That strong force i was feeling earlier was released immediately as i squirt white liquid (later i learnt it was sperm) all over the place, mainly on jessica's face. OMG, i thought to myself, that felt so good.

She milked the remaining drops and to my bewilderment, she began licking the liquid. She licked her face, my leg and then she lowered her mouth onto my dick and began sucking and licking the cum. I was so aroused and my penis went hard again. She bobbed her head up and down, her tongue massaging the sensitive area on my young penis. In no time I was moaning and ejaculate for the second time in my life.

This time there was no mess, she simply swallowed them all!!! As we recovered I thanked her for keeping her promises that it will not hurt. I asked her 'do girls masturbate as well? Can I see you do it please???' 'Of course Jack, it wouldn't be fair not to teach you everything about sex' She told watch her carefully as she slowly undressed This is my first time writing so please comment and tell me how i can improve and do you want me to continue this in part 2.

Thank you