Slave tied outside the house from tree

Slave tied outside the house from tree
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After 15 years of marriage, sex between my wife and I had become pretty stale. There were only a few positions we tried, and our sex sessions were few and far between. After three kids, it was also hard to have any kind of spontaneity in our sex life either.

We had recently moved to a new city, and we were both in new jobs. After about two months at our new jobs, my wife began having a sudden interest in sex again. We began having sex on a fairly regular basis, at least 2-3 times a week as opposed to 2-3 times every 6 months. At first I didn't question this…I was just happy to be getting something from her again.

After a couple of weeks, she admitted that there was a guy at work that liked to flirt with her an awful lot, and it had started to make her feel like maybe she was sexy again. As long as it was flirting, there was nothing to worry about, right? One day, I got off work early, and decided to go surprise her for her lunch. When I got to her work, she wasn't there, but one of her coworkers suggested she might have gone to the nearby park for lunch, as many of the employees did that on nice days.

I thanked her, and followed the directions she gave me to the park. The park was pretty close by, and it only took me a minute to get there. Once there, I saw her car parked in a secluded area, away from most of the other cars. I didn't think much of it, as she has always been somewhat of a loner and liked to distance herself from any crowds of people.

I parked my car, and headed into the park looking for her. I wandered the path through the park trying to find her with no luck.

I started walking back towards the parking lot, thinking I missed a side trail, when I heard an odd sound off to my right. There was a slight trail there that led down to the small river that passed through the park. I followed the trail down, the sounds getting a bit louder and clearer as I got closer to the river. As I came around the corner I suddenly was frozen in shock. There was a picnic table along the river bank…and there on the table was my wife. She was bent over the end of the table, her long skirt pulled up around her waist, while one of the guys from her work was standing behind her, ramming his cock in and out of her pussy, as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard.

She was making little noises of pleasure, and begging him for more. Then, the most shocking thing happened to that point.

The guy grabbed a small vibrator from his pocket and pushed it into my wife's ass! We had never had anal sex during our 15 years together, and I was especially surprised at the fact that this seemed to make her start cumming. It didn't take long from there for the guy to push deep into her pussy and cry out as he came, filling her with his cum.

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Before they could get cleaned up and notice me, I quickly went back to my car and drove home. My first thoughts were that I should be angry…but instead I was very turned on. I went into the house and immediately jerked off, thinking of my wife bent over that picnic table.

That night we had some of the best sex we had ever had.


A couple more weeks went by until I was able to get off work early again. This time, I went straight to the park to see if my wife was there before going to her work. I was not surprised at all to see her car in the same spot as the last time.

I was earlier than the last time, and should have been early enough that she had not been here long. I was just about to get out of the car, when a pickup truck pulled up next to my wife's car. The man who got out was the same guy I had seen her with before.

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However, I was surprised to see another man get out of the truck as well. I couldn't hear what they were saying but they were smiling and laughing at each other as they walked towards the trail that would take them down to the secluded picnic table.

I gave them a few minutes to make sure they had time to get started, then I grabbed my digital camera and headed quietly down to where I knew they would be. When I got there, one of the guys was sitting on the end of the table getting his cock sucked by my wife, while the other was just pulling up her skirt and fingering her clit.

The guy behind her didn't take long to warm her up before he pushed his cock deep into her wet pussy. He fucked her hard as he pushed her head down on the other guys cock, telling her how much of a slut she was. She gagged a bit at first, but was soon deepthroating the other guy just like a pro. It wasn't long before the guy fucking her pushed deep into her and filled her pussy with his cum.

As soon as he pulled out the other guy got down off the table and moved behind my wife. He pulled her up so she was laying on her stomach on the table, and he pushed his cock deep inside her cum filled pussy. After a few minutes he said something to the other guy, and pulled out of her pussy. I thought maybe he was done, but he was not. He then guided his cock to her ass and slowly started to push in.

At first it sounded like she was in pain as he pushed into her tight ass…but soon she was begging him to fuck her tight little ass. He was soon ramming his cock deep into her ass as she squealed in pleasure and pain, until he finally cried out and rammed his cock a few more times as deep as he could.

I could see the cum dripping from her ass through on the zoomed in camera screen. I then left quickly, heading home to start my plan. It was a Friday, and the kids were already spending the week with their grandparents, so we had the house to ourselves. I downloaded the pictures to the computer, and got everything set up for her to get home. She came home, all ready to fuck again…but I just pointed to the computer.

There on the screen, cycling through, were several pictures of her and the two guys at the park.

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She sat down and started crying, asking if I was going to divorce her. I told her no, but she was going to be punished. I explained that to make it up to me, she was going to have to do some things, and follow my directions exactly.

If she did this, then everything would be fine, and she could even continue with her 'friends'…as long as she followed my commands over the weekend. She was a bit scared by the look she gave me, but she agreed, as she didn't want to get divorced, and she did want to keep playing with her new 'friends'.


The next morning, I picked out an outfit for her to wear that day. It was a very short skirt, an extremely tight fitting and low cut blouse and a pair of high heels; no panties or bra at all. She got dressed and asked what was going to happen, and I told her not to worry about it, I am sure a slut like her would enjoy it.

She looked a bit scared as we headed out to the car. I pulled into the local mall, and I saw her eyes get a little bigger as she realized where we were going, and how she was dressed. She began to protest, and I told her she had agreed to follow my commands for the day.

She relented and we made our way to a parking spot. As we headed into the mall, I wasn't entirely sure exactly what I was going to have her do…but I knew I was going to make her show off her beautiful tits and pussy to total strangers. We started out with a few simple things…her leaning on the counter and bending over as she asked the male clerks in a few stores some questions…bending over to fix her shoe as her skirt rode up to expose her pussy slightly to the passersby.

After a couple hours wandering around doing this kind of thing, we went to the food court to get something to eat. As we sat in the food court, I found a couple of guys that I had her flash her pussy to. One fairly young and good looking guy seemed very interested, so I convinced her to slowly pull her top down until she could flash him a nipple.

As she continued to flash him, I could see him squirming in his chair. I leaned over to her and convinced her to walk by him and head to the restrooms. If he followed, she should take him into the bathroom…if not, then she should just come back to the table. I watched as she walked by the guy. She was starting to get into our little game, licking her lips seductively as she walked by him. As she got closer to the hallway to the restrooms, he looked around, then quickly got up and followed her.

Once they had both disappeared down the hallway, I got up and followed them. I made it around the corner just in time to see him pull her into the restroom with him.

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I waited a minute or two, and then quietly slipped into the restroom as well. I went in and could hear them whispering lightly in the end stall. I went down and slipped into the stall next to them. I could tell by the sounds they were making that she was already sucking his cock. Soon he was telling her how much of a dirty slut she was, and I could hear her start to gag on his cock as he forced it down her throat.

I could hear slurping sounds as she hungrily sucked on his cock. After a few minutes the slurping stopped and I heard her take a few deep breaths, gasping for air after having the guys cock shoved down her throat. Then I heard him tell her to stand up. She started to protest slightly, but then I heard a slight gasp of pain…followed by her quickly agreeing. I could hear movement, and heard him tell her to bend over.

I couldn't help myself, I had to see what was about to happen. I stood up on the toilet and slowly looked over the stall wall. There was my wife, bent over the toilet, her hands bracing her against the wall, as the guy stood behind her, pulling her skirt up around her waist. He took a hold of his cock and pushed it against her pussy.

With one quick and hard thrust his cock was deep inside my wife. His hands were almost immediately on her hips, and he was fucking her hard. My wife was soon moaning with pleasure as this stranger fucked her from behind in a public bathroom. He was telling her again how much of a dirty slut she was. I couldn't help but continue to watch as he moved his hands up under her shirt, pulling it up to expose her tits. He started mauling her tits roughly as he fucked her.


Soon he grabbed a handful of her hair and started pulling hard as he began to ram into her pussy harder and harder. Soon he was moaning and telling my wife how he was going to fill her slutty little pussy with his cum. It wasn't long until he was pushing deep inside of her and filling her with his cum.

I quickly moved back down so he wouldn't see me. I heard him thank her, and say something about his number, which he apparently gave her, and said that he was at the mall every T uesday and Thursday for meetings and he hoped to see her again some time. With that, he cleaned himself up and left the bathroom. I left the stall I was in, and slipped into the stall my wife was in. She was sitting on the toilet, and I could see the stranger's cum dripping from her pussy.

However, it was very obvious from the look she gave me that she had very much enjoyed her 'punishment'. This made me somewhat angry and I grabbed her legs, sliding her to the edge of the toilet, quickly pulling my pants down. I pushed my cock against her cum filled pussy, and grabbed the hair at the back of her neck, then pulled her hair back hard as I pushed into her as hard and rough as I could.

I fucked her roughly, until I too finally came. We both cleaned up and we headed back out to the car. On the drive home, I knew that she had enjoyed her punishment far too much, so I would still have to find a better way to punisher her for her cheating and sluttiness.

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