Sweet playgirl with juicy pussy gets her gap hammered hard

Sweet playgirl with juicy pussy gets her gap hammered hard
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My brother and me are having a family celebration at a local restaurant, celebrating the birth of my sisters daughter. Lots of wine,including champagne,has been drunk and we are all feeling very happy. Dining at the next table was a very sexy group of young men. I heard something fall beneath our table and when I looked down I saw a coin beneath my chair. I didn't realise at the time that this was deliberate - I thought it had dropped out of someones pocket accidentally.

Shortly afterwards I felt something on my lower leg. I looked across at the next table and noticed that one of the group seemed to be missing. I felt a hand begin running up my nylon clad legs,slowly getting higher and higher.Now I felt my knees being caressed and soon the hand moved slowly yet higher.


Above the knee, onto the thigh and slowly lovingly onto the soft flesh above my nylon stocking top. It stopped here for a while and I slowly opened my legs wider as the hand reached higher and higher. Now it reached my panties and began to caress my ever-wetter juicy pussy thru my panties.

The person under my table moved up and started tongue licking me. I opened my legs still wider and the hands went higher to the waistband of my panties. He started pulling them down very slowly. Slowly over my lovely ass, down to my thighs, past my knees and finally he removed them completely and put them in his pocket. I was now naked and wet - just waiting for the tongue to recommence its activities.


My juicy wet cunt now welcomed his tongue again and I felt him begin to caress all the way from my asshole to my clit with his long tongue. After a while I felt him move one of his hands.

He obviously reached into his pocket and removed what turned out to be.a butt plug !!! He had obviously come well prepared and it was at this point that I realised it was no accident him being there. He had been secretly stalking me and realised that this dinner was his big opportunity, so he had booked the next table to mine and brought some of his mates along as well.

I felt the plug touch my asshole and then felt it slowly slide it into my waiting receptive asshole until it is all the way in. He now concentrated on my cunt and soon reach into his pocket pocket again.

This time out comes what turns out to be a LARGE imitation dick which is soon introduced into my juicy dripping cunt - it slides in easily, all the way in. It is very large and wide and I find it a little uncomfortable at first but soon it is going in and out with ease - I have adjusted to it and was now enjoying it. I could feel the start of sensations beginning in my cunt and about to spread throughout my body. I have difficulty hiding it from my brother and all at the table with me. When I had finished cummming the prick was removed but the butt plug remained firmly stuck up my ass.

He slowly crawled out from under the table and stood up. He caught the eyes of my brother and my sister (whose celebration it is) and they walked over to him.

I t turned out they were hatching a plot between them.

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When I had to get up to go to the ladies room, he and my brother planned to ambush me and as I, accompanied by my sister approach them outside the gents toilet, which we had to pass to reach the ladies bathroom, they grabbed us and forced us inside. By coincidence sister's hubby is also in the gents at the time. Also smuggled inside is Steph - one of the sexy youth's table companions and a second youth from the other table.

Steph happens to be a big-breasted redhead, very sexily dressed. When they had us inside they jammed the door so no one else can enter. My brother holds me whilst the sexy young man slowly caresses me all over. My hair, face, breasts, arse, pussy and legs - very lovingly and very sensually. At this point he realises that my brother need no longer hold me - I was by now so turned on that I was very willing to let it all happen.

My brother now helps him disrobe me. I was wearing a beautiful button-thru dress and he started undoing the buttons from the bottom whilst the sexy youth started from the top. Soon I was stood there in my half-cup bra, belt and stockings with my damp (actually extremely wet) panties hiding the butt plug and my lovely slimy dripping cunt. He took my nipples into his mouth one at a time and nipped them gently causing me even greater arousal.

My brother leisurely removed my wet panties and inserted his fingers into my cunt, one at a time until he had four pushing in and out. Whilst this was happening Steph had been eyeing up my sisters hubby, she liked the look of his nice dick and proceeded to take it in her mouth.

He had been watching you caress me open mouthed and with great disbelief and so Steph's actions distracted him. Now I decide to become active myself - I take one look at my sister and proceed to unbutton her blouse - a button at a time. After all buttons were unfastened, showing her sexy cut-out nippled bra, we could all see her lovely milk-filled nipples and her beautiful large breasts.

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After Steph has taken sister's hubby's sperm into her mouth she deserts him and now comes over and removes my bra. Sexy youth moved over to my sister and removed her bra and took her milk filled breasts into his mouth - sucking the nutritious delicious milk from each tit in turn.

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Steph then produced a large strap-on and removing her skirt and panties put on the strap-on and sat on the toilet and pulled me over to her. She removed the butt plug from my ass and sat me down in her lap, gradually inserting her dick into my ass. More and more disappeared from sight. When I had taken it all Steph begins to set up an in and out rhythm.

After a while sexy youth signaled to my brother to stick his dick in my cunt. He moved over to the pair of us on the seat and gently and slowly inserted his rigid dick into his sisters, my, waiting steaming cunt. I felt as though I had gone to heaven - one in my ass and another in my cunt.

They set up a good rhythm and I slowly approached my first orgasm. They sped up and I had my first orgasm - breaking out with loud shouts and moans of pleasure. Meanwhile a second youth had also sat on a seat and removed his lower garments. My sister moved over to him and impaled herself on his stiff pole. Just as I had my second orgasm my brother yelled "Im coming" and shot his load of sperm deep into my insides. After a short while he pulled out and the sexy youth took his place maintaining the "house full" situation for me.

Brother then got me to take his dick into my mouth to clean it and prepare it for its next action. By the time he was ready the second youth had just filled my sisters cunt with his large load of sticky sperm and as he withdrew he saw you being fucked by Steph and the sexy youth.

My brother now takes second youth's place - inserting his revived weapon into his sister's full sticky slippery cunt. Steph is next to cum - filling my ass with her large artificial load and shortly afterwards the sexy youth added his load to my already overflowing cunt. After brother has cum in his sisters cunt sexy youth lay on the floor and beckoned her over to him.

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She lay on top of him in a 69 position and he proceeded to suck out all the lovely sticky cum from her full cunt while she revived his dead pole for any further action. Steph also lay down and cleaned me up (dripping sperm from both my cunt and ass ) by pulling me over and firstly letting it all drip into her mouth and then sucking out the rest. This seemed to conclude the action for now but then I screamed "fucking hell" and everyone turned towards where I faced.

Unplanned by anyone, there was yet another person present in the gents toilet, a black man who was now moving towards me. He had already removed his lower garments and the reason for my outburst became obvious, his prick was massive.

I was about to be mounted by this massive dong which was long and thick with a pink helmet poking out from a crinkly foreskin. It bounced as it moved towards my gaping cunt. He reached down and eased the foreskin clear of the glistening knob before stroking it up and down my sloppy slit.

I gasped and everyone saw my clit erect from its hood as if I now knew the main course had arrived. It looked magnificent as it swayed at the entrance of my cunt. It was well over 9 inches of thick black meat and was about to be buried in my wet and willing cunt. All watched speechless as he forced his powerful shaft into line with my cunt and into my quivering flesh.

All heard me scream as it plunged into me pulling my outer lips with it. Sexy youth moved over to me and eased my lips back and held them open. I screamed "Oh God" and for a second everyone thought the prick was too big but then they heard me growl "Ooh.God.its.ever so.big!

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Its.Ooh,beautiful,ooh!" He commenced sliding his large weapon in and out of my enlarged cunt whilst everyone else stood around and watched. My first climax was not long in coming and by now all the other pricks were at full mast. I was having the fucking of my life and soon Steph stepped over me and cums all over my face.

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I now had a second climax and Steph is replaced by my brother. He cummms over my face and tits. The huge dong was still pistoning in and out of my very full cunt and now my brother is replaced by sister's hubby who had now realised you were enjoying fucking.

He cummmmed in my hair and over my face. Finally after about four or five of my orgasms I felt the prick inside me seem to become even larger and with a great cry he filled me with his sperm, five or six shots of it.

Sexy youth pushed sister's hubby out of the way and proceeded to cummm all over my lovely titties. Even though the prick inside you had sprayed its sperm inside me it didn't go down very much. He did eventually pull out of me and soon the contents of his balls began to appear between my swollen lips.

Sexy youth immediately dove between my legs and began to suck it all out of me. Having taken most of it into his mouth he slid up my body, the sliding made easier with the cum deposited on me, and when our lips met we exchanged a french kiss.

This enables him to give me some of his sperm into my mouth. After a nice long embrace and further kisses he slid back down my body, giving each of my nipples a nice long nibble on the way. When he finally reached my open cunt he gave it a final kiss before standing up. I was now laid on the floor and they all started to clean me up.

One by one they started to cover the whole of my body with their pissing. My sister even pissing into my gasping mouth. Finally we all embrace and kiss - all reclothe except sexy youth me and return to their respective tables. Sexy youth took me into a nice warm shower and lovingly cleaned me up before drying me off with a nice large fluffy soft towel. I did the same for me and we eventually rejoined our respective guests. What will happen next time ?????

- you may find out in due course !!!!!

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