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As Jake walked to his locker Monday morning, he was immediately greeted by the sight of his girlfriend Katie and her friend Chloe, who he had shared an intimate threesome two nights ago. "Hey girls," Jake said with a smile. "Hey, stud," Chloe responded with a smile, as Jake leaned in and kissed his girlfriend on his cheek. "So Prom is next week," Katie opened, "and Chloe and I were talking, and what do you think about her tagging along with us?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah sure I don't have a problem with that," Jake said, thinking of the possibilities. "Great," the girls said in unison. "I had a feeling you wouldn't object, especially after Saturday night." Katie followed up with a grin on her face, as she grabbed onto Jake's hand and gave it a squeeze. The three teens chatted for a few minutes before the bell rang for the first class of the week, and they each went their separate ways.

Jake took his seat in his English class, and barely followed along as Ms. Dyers lectured on how "The Great Gatsby" was an analogy for the frivolous waste of wealth, and its effect on the social hierarchy. Jake felt his phone buzz in his pocket and, making sure his teacher was looking elsewhere, gave it a quick glance. "had a blast this weekend, looking forward to spending prom with you :)" Chloe had texted him.

Jake put his phone back in his pocket, but not before his teacher had caught sight of it. "Mr. Stevens!" She called out to the classroom, instantly making him the center of attention of the classroom. "What is the school policy of cellphone use in the classroom?" She stated rhetorically as she walked to his desk. As she arrived at Jake's desk she held her palm out unceremoniously, "Zero Tolerance" Jake muttered as he placed his phone in his teacher's hand.

"That is correct!" the teacher chimed before continuing her lesson plan.

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Jake now had no choice but to pay attention for the rest of the period, and was utterly bored at the content. "Fuck it, only three more weeks til I'm done with school" he thought to himself. The bell rang fifteen minutes later and the class rose and started filing out the door. "Mr.


Stevens, I'd like a word with you." his teacher called out, causing Jake to wait as the rest of the class left. "You need to be more careful with this," she spoke softly, walking towards him, and pushing him out of view from the doorway. "Wouldn't want another teacher to find out about your extra credit arrangement, I know a few teachers go through the phones they confiscate" "Yeah, I'll be more careful Ms.

Dyers." Jake admitted. "Good, now what are you doing tonight?" She asked, changing the subject. "Uh, I'm not really sure, no baseball tonight, so I guess just homework?" "Excellent, I'll see you at my house immediately after school, you can make it up to me for texting during my class" Ms Dyers stated in a sultry tone.

She placed one hand on Jake's chest while her other palmed his crotch through his Khaki Shorts, she leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the lips before sending him on his way. "You're dismissed. See you after school" She called out before returning to her desk.

Jake had to run to his next class and barely made it inside the classroom door before the bell rang. Jake's day was largely uneventful after that, Katie wasn't able to get lunch with him since she was starting a final project, and since Jake wasn't hungry, he opted to take a nap in his car.

As soon as he jumped in his Jeep, he drove off to the local park so he could take a nap in peace. Once there, Jake reclined the seat, set an alarm, and let his eyes close, drifting off almost immediately. Jake's dreams quickly brought him to the events of Saturday night, which in turn caused his cock to tent in his shorts.

His mind visualized the moment when he was inside Chloe as she ate Katie's cunt. Jake could even feel the pleasurable wetness around his cock in the dream.

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"Oh fuck, that feels good" he moaned in his sleep. The pleasurable feeling continued as his mind moved onto his encounter with Candice in the middle of the night, where he taught his sister's friend how to please him with her mouth. Jake's mind brought him back to Katie sucking on his cock, were Chloe walked through the doorway, and revealed the strap-on she would go on to fuck Katie with.

Right at the moment that Chloe entered Katie, he heard his alarm go off, causing him to stir from his slumber.

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As he stirred, the pleasurable feeling around his shaft didn't go away, bleary eyed he looked down to see a mess of blonde hair bobbing on his cock. "Oh fuck yes Katie, suck that cock, just like that" Jake grunted in pleasure, as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, focused on enjoying the feeling.

He placed his hands on the back of her head and forced her down farther onto his shaft. "Fuck yeah babe, I'm going to cum down your throat" Jake cried in pleasure "Mhm" was all that he heard from the blonde below before she swallowed him deeper down his throat, pushing him over the edge. Jake's balls unleashed their cum down her throat, causing her to choke slightly and bring her mouth up to his head before continuing to suck all the seed out of Jake's cock.

Once his balls were completely drained, Jake lifted his head up and opened his eyes and looked down at his girlfriend below him, only to be surprised when the blue eyes staring up at him did not belong to her.

"Candice, what are you doing?" Jake practically shouted. "What does it look? I'm sucking your dick." She stated, still slurping on his semi-hard penis. "Yeah, no shit. But what are you doing here, how did you find me?" "A lady never tells, remember?" She said mockingly "Besides, I just wanted a quick pick-me up, these AP classes got me stressed like you wouldn't believe." Candice said as she sat up in his passenger seat. "I believe you, but you gotta be more careful" Jake pleaded while putting his dick away, and fixed his shorts.

"Well duh, that's why I waited til lunch, and nobody was around" "But I normally spend my lunch with Katie" "Yeah, and she is working on a project, so BINGO, you were alone" She said with a devilish smile. "C'mon, we are going to be late to school, give me a ride? Wouldn't want a lady to have to walk now would you?" She joked.

"Yeah, sure" Jake said in a non-committal tone. "Buckle up" Jake drove the short distance and parked in the parking lot and started walking back in towards school. Katie was waiting for him outside the door. "Hey babe, sorry about missing out on lunch" She apologized. "It's all good, no worries, I just took a nap anyways" Jake said as he held her hand.

"What was she doing in your car?" Katie quizzed, looking in Candice's direction. "Oh, yeah I saw her walking back, so I gave her a ride" "Such a gentlemen!

You're so sweet" Katie applauded, giving Jake a peck on his arm. They discussed some of the smaller nuances for prom before going their separate ways to class. When the bell rang for the last time for the day, Jake quickly stopped by his locker and dumped everything he didn't need in it.

He loaded up his homework supplies, and moved out to his car. He threw his backpack in his backseat before firing his Jeep up and drove down to Ms Dyers' house. He parked in his usual spot when he heard his phone buzz, "Spare key is under the planter, let yourself in. Feel free to clean yourself up, and wait in the bedroom for me, your mask is on nightstand." The text message read. Jake walked the block down the street and let himself into his teacher's house. He quickly shed his clothes and hopped in the shower, rinsing the day off of his body, and scrubbed off the remains of the blowjob he had received earlier.

After he dried off he didn't bother getting dressed again and left his clothes on the floor in the bathroom. Jake sat at the edge of the bed as he put the familiar mask on his face, then leaned back on his arms and let his legs spread out.

He took a deep breath as he wondered what his English teacher had in store for him today. As the minutes past, he closed his eyes and recollected the sheer amount of sexual encounters he had in this house over the last few months, what started with a simple way to earn extra credit resulted in him having sex with five separate ladies under his teachers' roof.

Jake lay back on the bed, and let the imagery run through his head, causing his cock to rise. Jake toyed with himself until his rock hard cock stood proudly above him. After a few minutes of toying with himself, Jake heard the front door open, and eagerly awaited his teacher's touch. The anticipation built as he heard the click-clack of her heels across the hardwood floor of the living room.

She soon stood at the door of the bedroom, and sexily struck a pose. Ms. Dyers' was still wearing her school clothes, which consisted of a white business shirt, covered with a black V-neck vest and a knee length black skirt. She turned on some music to set the mood before she sashayed her stocking clad legs the few feet from the door to the foot of the bed. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Ms. Dyers said as she gripped Jake's cock "I see somebody can't wait to get started" before slowly sliding her hand up and down his 7" shaft, causing Jake elicit a moan of approval.

Ms. Dyers' withdrew her hand from his cock so she could tie her hair into a ponytail. "Don't want hair to get in the way while I shove that fat cock down my mouth" She seductively said before dropping on her knees. She ran her fingers across Jake's thighs, her nails lightly scratching his exposed skin, causing a jolt of pleasure to shoot through his body and he involuntarily bucked his hips upwards. Ms. Dyers quickly noticed this and lowered her lips so that the tip of his cock met them while his hips were at their highest point.

She quickly parted her lips and let his member into her mouth, as his hips fell back to the bed, his cock momentarily slipped out of her mouth before she found it again and started to slowly take his cock down her throat.

Jake's hands moved to the back of his teacher's head and held her down on his cock, enjoying the feeling of her tight throat around his cock. She continued to bob her head on his cock after he released his grip on her head. Jake just lay back and enjoyed the experience of his second blowjob of the day.

The front door opening again caused Jake to snap to reality, "Relax, we have someone joining us" Ms. Dyers softly informed him, taking a break from sucking his cock. "Besides, I think you already know her." She said with a wink, before resuming her slow blowjob. Jake allowed himself to relax and continued to enjoy the pleasure on his dick. He raised his head when he saw a shadow standing in the doorway, and immediately grinned from ear to ear. Standing in the door way was the pink and white masked vixen, who was standing completely nude in the door way, her pierced nipples were rock hard in the cool air of the house.

She walked to the side of the bed, leaned over and met her lips with Jake's. Their tongues immediately began to dance with each other as the two began to passionately make out for the next five minutes. "Hey you two lovebirds," Ms. Dyers' interrupted them causing them to break their kiss.

"Jake why don't you move up on the bed so Mystique can help me with your cock" Jake didn't need to be told twice and adjusted himself so that he was completely on the bed with his legs splayed allowing the two women to lay on their stomachs between them.

Soon he could feel both mouths working their way along his shaft, a wave of pleasure shot through his body as the two women got in unison and focused on bringing him to the brink of orgasm before suddenly stopped. "Sit up against the head board" was all that Ms. Dyers managed to say. The ladies stood up and Mystique slowly undressed Ms. Dyers as they kissed at the foot of the bed. Once she was fully undressed, Ms.

Dyers pointed Mystique to a dresser drawer before climbing on the bed and crawling over to Jake, kissing him as soon as she arrived. The teacher passionately kissed her student for a minute or two before breaking the kiss and kissing her way down his body until she arrived at the missile between his legs. She resumed a slow and steady tease of his cock, not wanting him to erupt too quickly. Jake looked up and saw Mystique climb onto the bed behind his teacher, she was sporting a massive strap on dildo and rubbing lube along its length.

As she got into position, Mystique slowly inched the fake penis into the teacher between them. Soon, Jake's cock was resting deep down Ms.

Dyers' throat while her pussy was filled with Mystique's rubber dick. "Let's switch it up," Mystique called out from behind the teacher. The two switched spots, and Jake quickly entered his teacher and started fucking her from behind as Ms.

Dyers started cleaning up her juices from the dick between Mystique's legs. Soon, Jake felt his teacher's pussy walls clench around his cock as she came, the flood of juices slicking up the increased tightness as he picked up the pace of his thrusts, pushing himself closer to his own orgasm.

Jake's balls started to boil after a few more thrusts and announced he was going to cum. "Fill her cunt up with your jizz," Mystique called out as her fake cock filled the teacher's mouth. With her mouth filled up, Ms. Dyer's couldn't verbally consent or object to the location of Jake's orgasm but was able to gyrate her hips on his cock, and clinched her kegal muscles, tightening her grip on his head. This was enough to bring Jake over the edge as he brought his cock home, and fired rope after rope of sticky cum into his teacher's womb.

Jake shuddered in ecstasy as the warm sensations continued around his cock before Ms. Dyers leaned forward and his cock left her wet folds, exposing it to the cool air in the house.

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Ms. Dyers told Jake to move so that she could lay at the end of the bed, with her head off the side. Jake knew where she was going with this and once she was in position, he fed his softening cock, slick with their mixed juices to her. Mystique had re-adjusted herself so that she was between Ms.

Dyers spread legs and started lapping up the mixture of cum that was oozing out of the 32 year old teacher's snatch. The three stayed like this as they let the post-coital bliss wash over them.

Jake withdrew his cock from his teacher's mouth so that she could catch her breath and regain her composure. He backed up a few steps, and leaned against the wall behind him, his cock dangling between his legs glistened in the light.

Mystique moved her way up and kissed her way up Ms. Dyers, before sharing the remains of Jake's seed with the teacher, the two women shared a few moments before Mystique stood up and removed her strap on before she moved over to Jake, leaning her 5'4" frame against him. Her head rested squarely in the middle of his chest and Jake absent mindedly played with her hair as he two held each other.

Mystique turned towards Jake and gave him a kiss on the chest, "I don't want this to end," she said softly into his chest. Jake read the situation, and placed two fingers underneath her chin, and pulled her in for a kiss. The two quickly resumed the passionate make-out session they were in when Mystique first arrived in the room. They were to engrossed in themselves to notice Ms. Dyers leave the room. Jake grabbed the girl by the butt and easily picked her up.

Mystique squealed in delight as the muscular man picked her up like a toy before she wrapped her legs around him, the wetness of her cunt smearing against his muscular belly. Jake walked her over to the bed and gently set her down; he broke their kiss and started kissing his way down her body, paying special attention to her pierced nipples, and belly button before finding his target.

Jake wanted to give her a little tease, so he kissed his way along the inside of each of her thighs until his vixen was writhing in anticipation.

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Knowing how ready she was, Jake then used his tongue to lap at the slit between her legs, he gently lapped his way up and down, using the tip of his tongue to spread her lips and plunge into her folds before arriving to her clit, and latching on to it.

Jake worked her clit until she neared orgasm, and slid a few fingers inside her wet snatch, and pushed her over the edge. Jake didn't slow down his assault on her clit, despite when her legs clamped down on either side of his head, locking it in place. As Mystique came down from the wave of pleasure that rolled through her body, she loosened up her grip on Jake's head which, in turn, caused Jake to slowly stop lapping at her nub.

Jake moved himself up, and let his vixen taste her juices off his tongue, which she eagerly sucked out of his mouth. Mystique hand moved down and wrapped around Jake's cock, which was just now regaining it's rigidity, and after a few minutes of gentle stroking and ball play, he was fully erect once again. She lined up the tip of his cock towards her entrance and guiding him inside her.

Jake could hear her moan as her pussy stretched around his thick cock and inched his way in until his the skin of his balls rested against her ass cheeks. Once she was adjusted she told him "Use me as your fuck toy, give it to me hard and fast. My pussy belongs to you." Jake needed no further invitation, and quickly picked up his pace so that he was jack-hammering himself in and out of her wet cunt with reckless abandon. Jake lost himself in the pink contacts that Mystique wore, and they maintained eye contact for several minutes before they felt more movement on the bed causing them to look over.

"Oh don't mind me" Ms. Dyers said casually, with a towel around her hair, seemingly fresh out of the shower. Ms Dyers lay on the bed next to them and played with herself as the teacher watched Jake's cock pound in and out of Mystique's pussy.

"Oh, yeah, fuck that wet cunt" Ms. Dyer's muttered under her breath, getting off on the visual stimulation in front of her. Mystique started to gyrate her hips a little more, a sign that she was approaching her second orgasm of the session. "Oh, yeah, keep fucking me, just like that, I'm gunna cum!" She cried out, as Jake's cock hammered away between her legs. A gush of liquid emanated from between her legs, slickening Jake's shaft as she came on his dick.

"Fuuuuck!" She cried out in pleasure, using her legs to pull Jake's cock deeper inside her, wanting to prolong her stimulation as much as possible. Jake instinctively knew this and lightly thrust into her a few times as her orgasm subsided.


Once she composed herself Mystique patted Jake on the arm telling him, "Roll over, I want to ride you." Jake complied; withdrawing his cock from the tight, wet and soft tunnel it was in and rolled on his back, waiting for his masked lady to get on top of him. Mystique straddled him a few seconds later and quickly impaled herself onto his cock, causing a moan of approval to leave Jake's mouth as the warm depths wrapped around his shaft.

Mystique quickly started riding her masked lover's hard cock, her pace picked up as Jake's breathing started to intensify after a few minutes of being ridden. "Yeahhh, are you going to cum for me baby?" Mystique asked sexily, "Let me taste that cum, I want to feel you shoot down my throat," she continued.

Jake only managed to give a brief grunt before he lifted the lean body off of him, using every ounce of self control to not unload his seed inside her. It was five seconds of agony, as he held his orgasm off until he felt Mystique's tongue touch the bottom of his cock, her hand jacking off his shaft. He unloaded the remaining semen stored in his balls, which were depleted from the day's events.

"That's all you have for me?" She asked mockingly, licking her lips and savoring the remnants of his seed after she swallowed his load. "Yeah, sorry, I've been a bit drained today," Jake said as he caught his breath. Mystique gently planted a few kisses on Jakes torso, before she leaned over and shared a passionate kiss with Ms.

Dyers. "Thanks again," Mystique said to her teacher after breaking the kiss. She got up and left the room, her but wiggling as she walked out the door and into the bathroom. Jake lay there dumbfounded as his sexual goddess walked out of the bedroom one more time. "Who is she?" Jake asked his teacher. "You'll find out when she wants you to find out.

In the meantime, just enjoy your time with her. You should really get going though. I'll see you in class tomorrow." His teacher told him, causing Jake to get out of bed. He quickly got dressed and left his mask on the kitchen table before walking out the door.

It was 6pm by the time Jake got home, his mother was putting the finishing touches on dinner. "Go ahead and take a seat Jake, dinner will be ready in a few.

Have you seen your sister?" She asked. "I haven't seen Alexis since school mom, and I'm going to wash up first," Jake said, knowing he smelled like sex. "Ok hun, don't be too long." His mom called out to him as he jogged up the stairs. He shed his clothes and quickly hopped in the shower, ensuring to clean off the dried juices around his groin. As he finished washing up, he could hear his mother yell up "Jake!

Dinner's done, come downstairs!" "Be down in a minute!"he yelled back, as he dried himself off. He threw on a pair of athletic shorts and a tank top and went downstairs for dinner. Right as he sat down Alexis walked into the kitchen and was greeted by her mother before she sat and joined the table.

The dinner conversation started off with the typical "How was your day" before moving onto the subject of Prom. "I'm so excited for you two!" the twins' mother said. "It feels like yesterday your father and I went to our Senior Prom" as she started getting nostalgic. "Yeah, I'm excited" Alexis said. "Are you going with anyone?" Their mom asked "Yeah, Candice and I are going together, don't really have any guys in our league" She said in a chipper manner.

"Oh that should be fun" their mom replied. "What about you Jake? Have you gotten everything you need for this weekend?" "Yeah, Katie made the reservations. I just need to pick up the tuxedo Friday afternoon." He responded between bites. "Great, I can't wait for this weekend, I'm so excited for the pictures" their mother said, becoming as giddy as mothers tend to get.