Wife shows pussy and tits ttruckers as husband gets her we driving

Wife shows pussy and tits ttruckers as husband gets her we driving
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A few weeks later, I received a call at work from Ruby, Bill's boss and Mistress. Bill was Samantha's (Sam) husband. We had partied with her once before, but she had a very interesting question for me. Apparently, she had some friends who had voiced a possible scenario to her and she couldn't fulfill the request herself, but was calling to see if I could assist.

After saying hello, she got right to the point. "John, I have three friends who have this fantasy in mind. They want to exercise it, but I don't have anyone who fits the bill right now. They, all three of them, want to kidnap and sexually assault a pregnant woman.

It would take place in my house. They would pretend to break in while I was watching TV with a pregnant friend, lock me in another room, and then have their way with the pregnant woman. It would require her to take all three men in all three holes at any time, and there would be some bondage because she is supposed to be struggling and being held against her will.

Bill told me that Cindy was pregnant, so I thought I would call. She didn't seem to be this kind of slave, to me, but I thought I would ask. They are willing to pay handsomely." I listened carefully and thought about it.

"What would be our cut?" "$10,000." "Whoa! That's a lot of money. I can't say that Cindy would be up for that, and our dom/sub relationship is not such that it is something I would command her to do. Let me check and get back to you." "Okay. It would have to be weekend after this one, so don't take too long. I have to let them know by this Friday." "Okay.

I'll call back this afternoon." I waited until I got home and approached Cindy. She looked at me a little weirdly.

"So now you want to whore me out?!" "No, not at all. Cindy, I have no intention of commanding you to do this. We are not in that sort of dom/sub relationship and you are my pregnant wife. Also, it's not for the money. It would have to be because you want to and the money would just be a bonus.

Should I just call her back and say no?" Cindy looked at me carefully and grinned. "Do you think they would like TWO pregnant women?" I looked at her, smiled at her idea, and picked up the phone to call Emily. I explained the situation and Emily was overjoyed at participating in something like that. I could tell she was not getting enough dick at home. I told Cindy. "You want to participate, too? Or should we just let Emily do it?" She mulled it over.

"John, if you have no problem with it, I would like to do it.

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However, I want you there for two reasons. First, for safety. I don't know these guys at all. Secondly, if you don't mind, I'd like for you to film it." She grinned and snuggled up to me. "Wouldn't you like to have a movie of your pregnant wife and pregnant neighbor being ravished by three men?" I grinned at her. "You know me so well!" I called Ruby at home and she answered right away.

"Well, what did she say?" I smiled and made her wait for a second. "She said she would only do it on two conditions." There was a pregnant pause while Ruby waited for them. "First, she wants me there for safety and, believe it or not, to film it." Ruby answered that right away. "That's not a problem. I can understand wanting to be safe. I know these guys well, but you don't. Filming it will require their approval and I think I can get that. It would be cool to watch something like this.

What's the second condition?" I drug it out. "Well… we have a friend across the street that we like to play with named Emily. She's also pregnant and wants to play, too. Cindy will only do it if she and Emily can both play." Ruby started laughing. "Oh, my god! That will be the easiest thing I have ever had to convince someone to agree to.

They will love this idea. Holy fuck! Two pregnant women! Who would've guessed that?" I chuckled at her enthusiasm. "Okay, Ruby, call me back about being there for the filming and let me know what time." She agreed and hung up and we waited for the response.

I could tell that Cindy was getting antsy and wanting to do it. By the time we finished dinner, she was a horny bitch who wanted me to fuck her like crazy. I did! Ruby finally called back about 10pm and said that not only had they agreed, but she got them to pay more for the fact that there were two pregnant women. Our share would be $12,000. Wow! For doing something these two horny bitches would have done for free! When the day finally came, it was only a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Emily came over and the two of them looked like two kids that I was taking to the mall for a Santa picture. They were gushing, giggly, and horny as hell. Their bellies were expanding rapidly and they both were very obviously pregnant. They were told to wear clothes that could be cut off, so they were both wearing old t-shirts and jeans, nothing else.

We were to show up at Ruby's around 5pm and be ready for the "event" to start at 6pm. We piled in the car and headed over. When we arrived, Ruby was also in a joyous mood and kissed us all like we were long lost relatives. She led us into the den and told us the plan. The three would approach like they had broken in thru the sliding glass doors on the far right hand side of her basement den.

It was the same one we had used for the slave orgy. It had a pool table, a poker table, large seating area in front of a very large flat screen TV, and a bar. The sliding glass doors were well off to the side on the other side of the pool table and bar. There was a couch and chairs in front of the TV. Ruby got everyone a drink, albeit non-alcoholic for the pregnant ladies, and I sat at the bar, waiting with my camera while the three women drank and watched some HBO movie.

Suddenly the sliding glass doors opened and three guys rushed in as quickly as they could to subdue the women. They were all carrying knives and handcuffs, and wearing little half-hoods. The mask part only came down to the bottom of their noses across their face, but covered the entire back of their heads. I was glad to see this, because this would make it easy to film without them being identified.

The women all screamed, but the men shouted at the women to stay still, shut up, and brandished the knives. They had them all stand, and then big smiles spread across their faces as the women trembled.

The chosen leader spoke. "Yum… pregnant ladies. You ladies are in for a real treat tonight. We just happen to love preggers and are going to give you ladies more cock than you've gotten lately. You're going to love this. B, get this older bitch out of here and handcuff her in the other room." Emily and Cindy hugged each other tightly and tried to look scared. They whimpered. "You got it A." Apparently, they had settled on A, B, and C as their "stage" names. B removed Ruby, who after getting out of my camera shot was released to come over and stay with me while I filmed.

B returned to the center of the room. A walked up to Cindy and B went to Emily. They roughly pulled them apart and spun them around facing away from them. They both proceeded to take the knives and make a cut in the back of the t-shirts so that they could tear them off.

It was pretty effective and looked good on camera. Both had foregone their bras, so their swollen tits hung over their protruding bellies, looking particularly sexy. The men cooed their approval. Then they directed the women to remove their jeans and be quick about it. Moving too slow, they said as they again brandished the large knives, might endanger their tits.

Cindy and Emily stripped off and had not worn panties either, so they now stood stark naked in front of the men. The men all walked around the two lovelies, stroking the nice tits, feeling the beautiful asses, discovering the hot pussies, and especially feeling their pregnant bellies. "Okay, boys, cuff 'em!" A ordered the other two while he stripped off his clothes.

He was probably around 40 and had a bit of a belly, but was in pretty good shape. His already hard dick appeared to be average and was surrounded by a trimmed patch of pubic hair.

The other two handcuffed the girls with their hands in front, probably so they would still be of use, but to make it look like they were under control. Once cuffed and pushed to their knees, while still trying to whimper and appear scared for the men and the camera, B and C stripped. B was almost exactly like A in shape and size, but C was a different matter.

C was probably the same age, but in great shape, and was sporting a large, shaved dick. Emily and Cindy both stared at it.


A immediately went over and buried his dick in Emily's mouth and her ability to control her gag reflex was tested. B went to Cindy and did the same, while C just stood and watched for a second. The two women started sucking dick as best they could. C decided to get in on the action.

"Hey A, let's spit roast this older bitch. She's got an ass that is just begging to be fucked!" A agreed and ordered Emily onto all fours. She looked fantastic. Her nice ass and pussy on display, her now pregnant belly showing as she arched her back, and her swollen tits hanging there.

She looked up at the two of them. "Please!" She begged as she stared at the dick on C. "Please don't let him put that big, hard, throbbing dick in my poor little tight virgin ass!" She played it up pretty well and the guys loved it. A slapped Emily lightly. "Shut up, bitch.


This guy has fucked more ass then everyone else in this town put together. He's going to get your little fucking ass-cherry right now. Go ahead, C. Get that ass warmed up while the bitch blows me." A kneeled in front of her, grabbed her by her hair and shoved his dick in.

C kneeled behind Emily and started feeling her pussy and asshole. He found, as I always did, that Emily got wet at the drop of a hat (or pants as the case may be). He pulled his hand up and showed it to A. "This fucking slut is already wet.

She really wants to be fucked!" That said, he started taking his fingers and sticking them in her pussy and then smearing her wet juices up around her ass. I panned the camera around to the other two when I heard B tell Cindy to sit in the easy chair.

She sat there and he pushed her legs up over the arms. I had helped her make sure that she was shaved around her lips, but left a pretty wide strip over her pussy. She looked gorgeous to me… and to B.


He looked up at her. "Nice pussy, babe. I love the strip of hair. Now I'm gonna taste that pregnant pussy and then I'm gonna fuck you 'til you scream for me to stop. You ready to be fucked, bitch?" Cindy looked a little scared and I wasn't sure it was all acting, but she answered with a meek. "Yes, sir." B buried his face into Cindy's pussy and started lapping up her juices.

She was also very wet already. I think the two of them had been wet since about 4pm! While he was munching my wife's rug, I panned back to Emily. She was still sucking A, and now C was fucking her pussy.

He had his dick in her cunt and two fingers sawing roughly in and out of her ass.

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She was arching her back, trying to make sure she had the best contact with both his dick and his fingers. I figured they might be going back and forth from pussy to ass and back, so both women had had enemas. "Now it's time for that ass, baby!" He slapped her on the ass and pulled his dick out of her pussy.

Emily protested, pulling her face away from A's dick. "Please, sir, don't put that monster in my tiny virgin ass!" "Just relax, sweetheart." C was lining up his dick. "I'll go slow… for a couple of microseconds! Then I'm gonna fuck you senseless, you pregnant cock-hungry bitch!" He had found the mark and started pushing that monster into her ass.

Emily would have protested more, but A had grabbed her by the hair and shoved his dick back into her mouth. All Emily could do was mumble and moan. C was loving it. "Fuck, that ass is tight.

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I always forget how tight a virgin ass is. Hey, A, when I'm done you should have no problem dumping a load back here." "I'm not dumping a load in her ass." A responded while thrusting into her mouth. "I'm gonna dump it on that pregnant belly. In fact, let's turn her over on top of this coffee table so I can do that." They both pulled out and manhandled Emily onto her back on the coffee table.

C pushed her legs back to the side up near her chest. It wasn't easy with the protruding belly that she had. A grabbed her legs and held them. C lined his dick up and fucked her pussy twice and then reentered her ass; A bent her head back and started fucking her face. Emily handled it pretty well and was getting face and ass-fucked.

I could hear her moaning around A's dick. I looked over to see that B was fucking my wife and rubbing her pregnant belly. He was about ready to cum and she was rubbing her clit and trying to get there before he did.

Her gorgeous tits were bouncing around and my dick was now as hard as theirs as I watched this scene. Cindy finally grunted her indication that she was cumming and started jerking, almost like she was doing sit-ups, but she couldn't with her pregnant belly in the way. "Oh… fuck&hellip. Argh!" she managed to spout. B found it all too much and ripped his dick from her belly and jacked off over her stomach. He came several spurts and kept his dick aimed down at her belly. Her handcuffed hands she had kept up under her tits, so he just kept cumming and cumming all over her mound.

"Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum all over this bitch!" C announced his orgasm, so I swung the camera back around to the threesome as he yanked his monster from her tight little ass and jerked all over Emily's pregnant belly.

He was cumming and covering it well when A joined him. "Shit… fuck… this bitch is swallowing my dick… oh, fuck… I'm going to cum!" he jerked his dick out of her mouth, leaned forward and started adding his cum to C's on her belly. Emily assisted by raising her head up and trying to lick his balls and ass. He unloaded a pretty good load. They both stood up, helped Emily up and laid her on the floor. B led Cindy over to the floor as well. They laid them next to each other, head-to-toe.

They then removed the handcuffs. A directed them to do a couple of things. "Okay, ladies, I took your handcuffs off, but remember that any time you try anything, we will cut you. Now, I want you two to turn and face each other on your sides and try to rub our man-lotion into each other's bellies." Emily and Cindy turned and started rubbing the cum into each other's bellies.

"Nice! Okay, now each of you lift the other's legs up and play with the other's pussy." Emily spoke up at that. "Please, sir, I'm not a pervert, please don't make me touch her pussy." A smiled at Emily's attempt to play the game. He squatted down and grabbed Emily's face. "Listen up bitch. Just for that, I'm gonna make you eat her pussy until she cums. You don't get to stop until she shudders from you tonguing her pregnant cunt. Got it!" Emily hesitated briefly.

Then finally she agreed. "Yes, sir." She tried to keep the smile off her face. After just a couple of minutes of the ladies playing with each other's pussy, the men were starting to get hard again. "I have a wonderful idea." A finally spoke while the three starting stroking their cocks, trying to bring them back around. "Let's get the dirty blonde up on the table on her back." They helped Cindy to her feet and put her on her back.

She laid back and let her legs fall open. Her pussy was bright red and glistening with her juices. The inner lips were sticking out, begging to be sucked. And that was what A wanted. He grabbed Emily by her hair, pulled her up to her knees, and made her crawl over to Cindy's crotch. "Now, bitch, eat her until she cums!" Emily tried to resist him, but he pushed her face into Cindy's pussy and she began slurping Cindy's wetness.

A looked at the other two. "Okay, boys, the blonde bitch is going to blow me until I get hard, and then I'll start fucking the other one's ass while blondie gets the next guy ready." They all agreed. A went first to Cindy's mouth and face-fucked her. It only took a few strokes and she had him raring to go. He went around behind Emily and proceeded to fuck her pussy a couple of times before pushing his dick into her ass. She moaned into Cindy's pussy.

Cindy was moaning as well, but it was difficult because B was now fucking her face slowly and pulling out so he could run it all over her face, leaving some pre-cum on it. A was fucking Emily's ass hard and even though he had already cum once, it was obvious he just wanted to get another nut. He was sawing in and out and Emily decided to play along. She lifted her face from Cindy's pussy.

It was glistening with Cindy's juices. "Oh, fuck! I don't care, just fuck my ass you horny bastard. Fuck me hard!!" A renewed his efforts at that and started pounding away. There were loud slaps when his hips met Emily's ass. Her ass would shake and quiver whenever he pounded her and her whole body rocked forward into Cindy's. Then he reached his orgasm. He yanked his dick out of Emily's ass and, still crouching, moved quickly up over her until he was at the middle of her back.

He yanked her head up by the hair with his left hand while he jacked his cock to completion with his right. "Take this, you fucking horny slut!" He came and his spurts went up along Emily's face and onto Cindy's pussy. He spurted several large spurts like that before the last couple dribbled onto Emily's back.

B had finished face-fucking Cindy and was now moving into position and waiting for A to get out of the way. "That was fucking hot, A. I'm going to do that, too." A moved over and collapsed on the couch to watch. B, without any prep, just plunged his dick into Emily's gaping asshole. Emily moaned while trying to clean up A's cum from Cindy's pussy. C, meanwhile, moved into position over Cindy and laid his balls on her mouth to suck and lick at them. He was jerking his cock as it returned to full hardness.

B was every bit as short as A when it came to fucking Emily's ass. He was pounding into her, just dying to cum again. He lasted no more than a couple of minutes before he did the same as A.

He moved up over Emily, pulled her head up, and came over her face and Cindy's pussy. C just watched as he lazily rubbed his balls over my wife's licking tongue. When B was done, Emily returned to licking Cindy and licked up what little cum made it to her pussy. Most of it was on her face and she was rubbing it all over Cindy's thighs while eating her. C looked down at Emily and grabbed her by the hair. "Come up her, darling. I need you to suck me a little." Emily crawled up over Cindy's body and started sucking the end of his cock while Cindy continued to lick and suck his balls.

Finally, he was ready to fuck again, but he didn't want Emily's ass. He had already partaken of that. He stood up and grabbed Emily by the hair.

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"Move out of the way bitch. I want to fuck the blonde slut." Emily sat back and moved to the side. He went around getting between Cindy's legs. He pushed Emily over to the far end of the coffee table. "Lick her tits while I fuck her." Emily latched on to Cindy's left tit while C lined up his monster cock and slowly worked it into Cindy.

She moaned.

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When he finally got it all the way in, he started slowly fucking her. It was slow, but full. He pulled all the way back until you could see her inner lips just clinging to his head, then he would push it back in until he met her pubic bone. She was moaning loudly and starting to thrash her head around as the two of them pleasured her. A and B were just sitting there watching, completely spent, as C started finally picking up speed.

He had a strong hold on Cindy's hips as he powered his way into and out of her cunt. There were squishy sounds from his dick and Cindy's pussy, moans from Cindy, slurping from Emily as she moved from nipple to nipple, and even C was started to make noises. "Oh, fuck yes, that's a nice tight cunt. Fuck me, baby. I know that you want this big dick.

Tell me you like it.

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Tell me you want me to fuck you hard." Cindy raised her head up. "Fuck me, you pregnant pussy fucker! Pound that pussy. I need that big dick. Make me cum!" C renewed his efforts, fucking Cindy hard and then taking his right hand and rubbing her clit. That was it for Cindy. "Oh, fuck. I'm cumming. You fucking asshole, I'm going to cum… fuck me… fuck me… oh, fuck! That put C over the top, too. He groaned and stood up, ready to cum. He jerked his cock from about 3 feet above the ladies and Emily turned her head from Cindy's nipples just in time.

His cock spurted the first three times up over both ladies. It went over Emily's head onto Cindy's neck, pooling just below her Adams apple. The next couple spurts went directly onto Emily's face, and the last several went onto Cindy's belly, running all over her mound.

Emily immediately went to Cindy's belly and started slurping, drinking up cum. C stepped back and sat down on one of the easy chairs. Emily finished with Cindy's belly and then worked on her neck until Cindy was pretty well clean of cum.

Then she moved up over Cindy so that Cindy could lick her face free of cum. The two ladies shared that cum as Cindy would like and slurp and then share a wet kiss. Finally, when that was all done, they sat back. A, B, and C all stood up and looked at Ruby. A made the slash across the neck motion and I stopped filming. The three took off their masks and assisted Cindy and Emily to their feet.

"Thank you so much, ladies." A was shaking their hands, which seemed a little incongruous since they were naked and had just sucked and fucked each other. "We really appreciate you going along with this. It was something we had wanted to do for a while, but never imagined that we could fulfill this fantasy." They were getting dressed and my dick was finally softening after being hard most of the time I was filming.

The guys were all dressed and left when Emily started dragging Cindy towards the bathroom. "C'mon, girl. I need a shower bad and I need to get off. I only came once all that time." Cindy grinned and followed. She turned back and said over her shoulder as they left. "Care to join us, honey?" Ruby smiled at me and I was undressed and in the shower immediately, my dick back to full hardness in seconds.

It had indeed been a special night. I couldn't wait to see what else might happen in the future with Ruby around.