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German tante 2 semox xxx
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Sunbathing in the Park It was a typical English Summer you had to make the most of the sunshine as you never knew when it would bother to come back. I'd already taken my young daughters to play in the small local park on both Saturday and Sunday but because it was nice and hot I decided to visit again, on the Monday afternoon for a little bit of sunbathing.

As I settled down on the grass with my book, cigarettes and a bottle of water the metal gate creaked open and a group of coloured youths noisily entered with a football. I'd seen them on both previous visits so wasn't particularly bothered by their presence as they had kept themselves to themselves playing football in the bottom corner.

It was difficult to tell how old they were as every male between 10 and forty seemed to dress and act the same in this part of London and very few of them actually worked. As I read my book I sensed them looking at me and after a few minutes the ball came bouncing in my direction. I stretched to stop it going past me and threw it back to the gangly youth who was running towards me.

"Thanks missus." He shouted as he caught the ball. When I heard their laughter I looked over the top of my sunglasses to see the boy making a crude replica of my large chest with his hands.

The cheeky 'so and so' had peaked down my loose cotton top!

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I suppose I was quite flattered that at 42 I could still turn a young man's head and smiled to myself as I found the line on the page that I'd been reading. After another couple of minutes I tucked my bra straps and the spaghetti straps from my top under my arms so I wouldn't get any tan lines.

As I lit a cigarette the ball came rolling towards me again followed by a different teenager. I leaned to my left and stopped it; making sure that my boobs bounced when I threw it back with both hands. A large stocky black youth easily caught it and thanked me with a cheeky wink and a broad grin. His return to the group was greeted with more laughter; so I guessed that I'd had the desired effect on him. Over the next half hour or so it became obvious that they were deliberately kicking the ball towards me as each took it in turn to retrieve it and get a good eyeful of my generous chest.

Pleased with the attention I was getting, I too became a little mischievous and tucked my white gypsy skirt high up my thighs and opened the top two buttons on the cotton basque-type top, exposing a little too much flesh to the sun and their young eyes. As I was lighting another cigarette the ball landed at my feet and was quickly followed by the boldest of the group; an athletic looking youth wearing a pair of England football shorts and corn rows in his hair.

"Have you got a spare smoke?" He grinned. Shocked that he had actually spoken I held out the packet and offered him a cigarette. He took it between his long spindly fingers and kicked the ball back to his friends and lay down beside me and waited for me to light it for him.


"Where ya from?" He asked in a London/Jamaican hybrid accent as he exhaled a plume of smoke. "Over there," I nervously replied, "behind the shops." I stopped myself being too specific. "No; where ya from?" He persevered, "ya don't sound local." "Oh," I blushed, "Cork in Ireland.

As he asked me a few more inane questions he slowly and deliberately ran his big brown eyes from my feet to my neck only stopping when he reached my heaving chest and nipples that were sticking through the thin material of my lace bra and cotton top.

"What's your name?" I asked him. "Niney." He grinned. "How old are you?" "20. Why?" He grinned. I smiled and nonchalantly shrugged my shoulders as I checked him out. He was a little taller than me, but not as tall as some of his friends.

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He was good looking and knew it; but he had 5 or 6 small scars on his forehead and the bridge of his nose. One of his front teeth was chipped probably the result of a street fight I guessed and his stomach was as flat as a pancake. His well-developed arms looked like he must work out in a gym.

"And you is?" Niney asked in his broken dialect. "Nanci." I admitted but almost immediately felt I should have lied. When I turned to stub my cigarette out in the soil I was stunned to see that his five friends were now shielding us from the gaze of a man walking his dog about 200 yards away.

"Is them real?" Niney grinned as he casually pulled the front of my cotton top down with a long thin finger; revealing even more of my cleavage which was in danger of tumbling out of my bra.

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"Yes." I croaked as my mouth became dry with fear and excitement. "Is you sure?" He cackled and prodded them as if testing a melon for freshness, "Can I see them?" I sat frozen to the spot, unable to speak as he casually unbuttoned the rest of my top. My teasing had been fun but things were now getting out of hand. "No…" I shook my head, which made my flame red pony-tail flash from side to side and my boobs wobble, "I mean…no…I'm not sure…no." Without saying another word he pulled the front of one cup down, revealing a full milky white breast and stiff pink nipple, and left it hanging out.

No one said a word but all six of them grinned as if they had never seen a breast before. "Get dem out for me; I wants to see ya tits." He said with no emotion in his voice. It wasn't a question or even a command; it was more a statement of fact. "I can't," I trembled, "…not here." "Over there then." He pointed to a hut in the corner where the attendant dispensed deck chairs at the week-end.

"Junior," he barked, "open da door for I!" The tall gangly youth with an Afro hair style wearing ¾ shorts and an Arsenal shirt immediately turned and ran towards the small wooden building. Niney jumped to his feet and held his hand out to help me up. As I stood up I tucked my boob back into the cup and went to fasten my top but he grabbed my hand, "No missus; leave it like that." An odd albino looking youth called Spook carried my book, cigarettes and water as they practically frog-marched me the short distance across the grass towards the hut.

I was becoming hyper as the high sandals that I was wearing made my tits wobble and bounce much to my new friends' amusement. I glanced around to see if there was anyone else in the park; but because it was Monday we were all alone. "How old is you?" Niney suddenly asked. "42, why?" I asked when we arrived at the hut. "I ain't ever seen an old lady's tits before." He smirked and his friends all nervously laughed as we reached the hut.

I was horrified to hear him call me an 'old lady' but before I could react; his hand firmly pushed me until I stumbled past the door with a broken lock.

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The hut was small, dark and stifling with only thin shafts of light coming through the warped panels of wood. It took me a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the gloom. When I did I found that I was at the far end of the cabin standing next to the small tattered armchair and wooden shelf that the attendant used.

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I swear that I could feel their breath on my clammy skin as Niney and his gang packed into the rest of the tiny area. "Show us." He demanded as I stood like a frightened rabbit caught in a car's headlights.

With trembling hands I unclipped the remaining buttons on my top and placed it on the shelf to my left then, nervously, the two flimsy hooks holding the back of my bra together. Like a stripper I quickly cupped my hands across my chest, stopping my bra from falling off. Unable to stop the chain of events I stayed like this for about 20 seconds but the electric atmosphere in the tight confines of the hut made it seem like an hour, then I gradually moved my hands away and peeled the bra from my breasts.

You could have heard a pin drop as the hand that was holding my bra flopped to my side letting the gang finally see their treasure. In the half light the white parts of my tits looked silly as they contrasted with the bright pink sunburnt skin of my chest, but Niney didn't care; he was finally seeing a woman's tits; not just a girl's unformed ones like he was probably used to. He stepped forward and prodded them with a black bony finger before holding my breasts in his hands like two small melons then suddenly he twisted them; making me wince with pain.

"Ha, ha, ha." Niney cackled as he turned to face his young friends, "these is real…come on…grab a piece!" That was the signal for mayhem as the gang all leapt forward and pushed me up against the wooden wall as their hands instantly mauled my tits as others pulled my skirt and knickers off; leaving me completely naked in the half-light.


In the chaos, I couldn't make out anything they were saying apart from an anonymous voice that shrieked, "Shit! She's got a fucking ginger minge!" "What did you fucking expect?" Another voice reprimanded, "She IS fucking ginger!" They were now growling and grunting like wild animals as their hands went everywhere grabbing at my tits and between my legs.

My heart was trying to burst out of my chest as I spread my arms to stop myself from falling over; grabbing a stack of deckchairs with one hand and a handle on the inside of the window with the other as at least three different hands forced their fingers into my soaking cunt while two mouths suckled my nipples and someone else began biting my breast as another slapped my arse.

As they squabbled like puppies at feeding time I felt one hand begin to dominate the others between my legs and the others pull away leaving the mysterious hand to force two then three fingers into my sopping quim. "Huh, huh, huh!" I panted as someone lifted my leg up and the youth then twisted his wrist until his little finger eased inside my stretched cunt.

My eyes were sticking out like golf balls as he curled his hand and the tip of his thumb slid into my quivering cunt. "It's in! It's in!" He shouted, "I've got my whole fucking hand up her twat!" It was the most delicious agony as he fisted me for the next couple of minutes; until Niney shouted; "Get outta the fucking way!

I want to fuck her!" He had to punch his friend in the ear before he finally let go of my pussy; leaving me standing spread-eagled in the dark corner; my gaping pussy actually dripping into a puddle on the floorboards. A shaft of light lit up Niney's powerful ebony body. My eyes were like saucers when I saw his long cock standing hard and firm with a purple plum poking out of his fore-skin. I'd never seen a cock that size before and guessed that his nickname was in respect of the size of his manhood.

"Open wide, lady." He laughed as he grabbed my hips and slid his monster cock between my shaking legs and along my greasy slit. The only movement I made as he awkwardly nudged the fat cock-head between my pussy-flaps was to tighten my grip on the handle and deck-chairs. "Uuuggghhhh!" I gulped as he roughly forced his long cock into my willing hole. I couldn't stop myself and instantly wrapped my left leg around his waist which let his cock slide even deeper inside my body making me puff and pant for breath.

Before I could actually catch my breath Niney began fiercely fucking me. I'd never felt anything like it as his hips rattled his long black rocket up and down my cunt. My pony-tail was swishing from side to side as I shook my head with delight when a flurry of hands unexpectedly grabbed at my tits; squeezing the soft flesh and twisting my tingling nipples making me shriek with joy as Niney bit my neck.

"Get back! Get fucking back!" Niney eventually screamed as he elbowed his friends in the ribs, "I'm cumming!!" There was a sudden feeling of emptiness in my cunt when he his big dick sprang out of my hole.


"Get down!" He growled, "Get on your fucking knees!" The look on his face told me more than words ever could that I should comply. In a split second I was on my knees in awe of his young body and Niney was shooting hot white spunk all over my face and tits. Without thinking I grabbed his shaft and hungrily fed it into my mouth so I could taste his sap. Niney was now groaning with pleasure and had a look of stupefaction on his face as I stroked his hairy bollocks and sucked on his tender bell-end until the last drop of his cum was inside my mouth.

Still groaning he stumbled to the side only to be replaced by the fat kids' cock. I was past caring what they thought of me and pulled him closer with one hand making his stubby dick fell my mouth; then I squeezed his balls with a vice like grip; making him yelp. I acted like a whore as I felt Niney's sticky spunk slide down my face and tits while I sucked and licked his short fat cock until I felt his balls tighten and twitch.

My blow-job became frantic as I desperately tried to make him cum in my mouth. I was soon rewarded with even more hot love-juice.

There was a lot less this time but this load had a strange fruity taste to it; Niney's had been salty like most of the other men that I'd sucked off. The boy said something to me as he turned away but I couldn't make anything out in the cauldron of noise as I was roughly pushed onto my back. The boys were soon squabbling for a better look as Spook knelt beside my head and offered his blotchy brown and pink cock to my mouth. Without any hesitation I opened my lips and let him put it in.

It was very cramped on the floor of the hut so it was difficult for me to suck his cock the way I would have liked but that didn't deter him as he grabbed my pony-tail and began fucking my mouth as my legs were suddenly pulled apart and the youth with a massive Afro lay on top of me and pushed his cock into my burning cunt. There was nothing I could do as they fucked my mouth and cunt ragged as hands grabbed, prodded and slapped my tits as they bounced like helium filled balloons with every plunge from the boy with the Afro.

The next few minutes were a blur until I felt Spook's seed fill my mouth as he tried to force his cock into my throat. I tried to swallow the mouthful of sticky spunk but the boy that was fucking me began hammering away as he neared his own orgasm making me spray his chest with spit and spunk as I gasped for air to fill my lungs.

His face was now so close to my own I could smell the tobacco on his breath. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist as he clenched his teeth; breathing heavily through his big flat nose as he pounded my cunt in his pursuit of a powerful orgasm. He wasn't disappointed and neither was I when he flooded my cunt and belly with jet after jet of sticky spunk. It seemed never-ending he held his weight on his out-stretched arms letting his cock easily glide in and out of my well lubricated pussy.

"Come on Junior, let me have a go!" A voice broke the silence. "Just fucking wait, will you?" Junior snarled, "I'm not fucking finished!" With that he powerfully rammed his cock deep into my cunt again knocking the breath right out of me.

Still resting on his arms and hands as if he was doing press-ups the muscular youth fucked me for another minute or two until I couldn't stand anymore and was coughing and struggling for air. "That was good." He smirked when he slowly pulled his cock out my pussy and I tried to make myself comfortable. In a second another stiff black cock was pushed into my mouth and another youth crawled between my legs and slid his young cock into my spunk-filled cunt; I automatically wrapped my legs around his slender waist as he pumped my cunt with his hard adolescent cock.

All of my dreams and fantasies were coming true as they fucked me rigid. I tried to suck the cock in my mouth but the two boys were desperately trying to cum and fill me with even more lovely spunk meaning all that I had to do was concentrate on my breathing as they pleasured themselves and me.

My senses were now so numbed I could hardly make out the sounds and voices from the gang as they cheered when the cock that I was sucking exploded all over my face and cum went into my left eye. As he drained the last few drops of his sour spunk into my open mouth the other youth began fucking me so hard when he came; we actually moved a couple of feet across the room making his friends step over us! When they'd finished with me they all began to look a little bit apprehensive as they put their shorts and t-shirts back on while I lay naked between their feet.

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"Are you okay?" Spook asked as I wiped the excess cum from my face and breasts with an old rag that was lying close by.

"Yes, thanks." I nodded and smiled, "Definitely!"