Latina PickupSex Raven Redmond Taste Test

Latina PickupSex Raven Redmond Taste Test
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My girlfriends little sister! Jen(my girl friend)(16) Jess( her little sister)(12) Dave(me)(15) This is a story about how I lost my verity to my gf little sister. It all starts one day I went to me gf house to see her I walk in and her younger sister was sitting at the table eating, in a shirt 3 sizes to big.

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I could see her pink panties with her sitting there. Then Jen came down stairs. Jen: hey hunny.

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Dave: hi babe. I hugged her and kissed her once then again then we started to make out when her mom stopped us. Jen: sorry mom. Her mom: its ok. We then walked out the door and when to school. Then next day when I came over jess was wearing the same thing but blue panties instead of pink. Dave: is jen here?


Jess: shell be right down its Friday she always takes long on Friday. Dave: ok. Jen: babe are you here? Dave: yes. Jen: come up here. I walked up the satires and went to her room and saw she was in her bra and jeans she grabbed me and stared to kiss me I felt her Tung on my lips so I let it in my mouth we sat like that for a good 2 minuets before her mom walked by and knocked on the door.

Her mom: jen dear where's you bf? Jen: umm he must be late. Her mom: can I come in? Jen: no im not dressed. Her mom: ok dear. Dave: that was a close call. She looked at him Jen: clime out the window and come to the front door. Dave: ok. So I climbed out her window forgetting she was on the top floor I jumped and landed on the roof of her car and then jumped down to the ground.

Went to the front door and knocked and then went in. The next day I came over to see jen it was the weekend so we had the whole day together I knocked and went in to see jess in the same shirt that iv seen for past 3 days but this time no panties at all just seeing them made me so hard. Dave: is jen here? Jess: nope just me. Jess got up put her plant in the wash started to walk by me when I grabbed her looked din her eyes Dave: where's your panties ?

Jess: you looking up my shirt? Lol She then lead in and kissed me hard I grabbed her ass and picked her up and slammed her agents the wall and was kissing her back I slid my Tung in her moth and it danced with hers.

Jess; lets go up satires.

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Dave: ok whose room? Jess: Jens got the bigger bed. So I cared her up the stairs to my gf's room and laid her on the bed she pulled the shirt off. Jess: you want me don't u. Dave: yes.

She grabs the belt of he belt and then takes off his pants and underwear off in one swoop. Releasing my 15 inch dick. Jess: WOW SO BIG!!!!!! Dave: can you take that big. Jess: lets find out. She grabs my dick and points it at her wet pussy and brings my inches from it I just push forward and plant her in one stroke. Jess: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I sit there for a little big then start moving back and forth slamming her down on to the bed. Jess: oh……………god…………&hellip.yessssss Dave: im……………&hellip.cummmm……………&hellip.inggggg Jess: do it in me!


I just grabbed her hips and pushed forward and busted my nut in her. I could feel shot after shot of cum going in her. Jen: JESS!

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Where home! Jess: run! So I pulled up my pants and jumped out the window just like I did the day before.

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I stayed away for a wile2 weeks later jess came up to me Jess: im pregnant! Dave: oh shit.