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Stunning nikki is down for some dp
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Twenty-four: Homecoming Visit my blog at "It's time to go home," I told Mary. "Yes," Mary sighed happily. "All the sluts miss you so much." We were lying in my mom's bed, cuddling after we made love. For the last two days, I had been under some spell. A nun had turned my baby sister into a trap that would spring when I slept with her.

There was a spell, the Ritual of Mowdah, that would let me recognize a nun by seeing people's auras. I needed to fuck my sister to perform the spell, and, somehow, the nun must have known, had tracked my baby sister down on her vacation to Miami.

I looked at Mary, a faint, red outline about her body, her aura. Hers was red, like mine, signifying she was a Warlock, someone who made a Pact with the Devil. I concentrated and a red glow sprang about her. We were touching, and strings and chains radiated out from Mary. They represented all the people that were in some way connected to Mary. Two, red threads, tightly entwined connected the two of us. Five black chains headed off to the living room where my mom and Mary's sluts waited.

And a single, gold thread pointed north. "Mary," I said in alarm. "You have a golden thread touching your aura." "Do I," Mary frowned. "My sisters had the same, golden thread." "Summon Lilith, I think we need to talk to her." "I can't," Mary said, then took a deep breath. "I used my last boon today. To save you." And then she explained how Lilith tempted her by giving Mary a cock, how Mary fucked all our sluts, enjoying the pleasure of having a dick. She was tempted to keep the dick, but her love for me overcame her lust.

She used her boon to get the same power I have, the power to control others with her words. That's how she got her four sex slaves that helped subdue me: Joy, Via, April, and Felicity. She confessed that she slept with her father, Sean, and bound her slaves with the Zimmah ritual, making her slaves immune to another person's control.

I had all our sluts bound with the same ritual. "What do you think it means?" Mark asked. "I must know someone who is a nun," Mary shrugged. "Or someone under the control of a nun, I guess. Damn, we really should have had Lilith explain all this." Then her eyes widened. "She mentions a book. The spells of the witch of Endor or something like that." "Endor?" I asked, trying not to laugh, a smirk creepign across my face.

"Like Star Wars? Do we need some Ewoks to help us?" "Maybe I heard wrong?" Mary wondered, then glared at me and wiped the smirk off my face. "Anyway, she said it would complete our magic education." Mary stood up and I enjoyed the sight of her naked body as she walked over to her clothes. Her auburn hair fell loosely about her shoulder, her breasts were perky and freckled, and her ass was pleasantly plump.

She bent down and I caught a glimpse of her freshly fucked pussy, my cum leaking out of her shaved lips, down her legs. She stood back up, her phone in hand and came back to the bed. "Here it is," Mary said after searching on her phone. "It's called the 'Magicks of the Witch of Endor'.

Let's see, Wikipedia says, 'its thought to be a thirteenth century pseudepigrapha attributed to the Witch of Endor from the First Book of Samuel chapter 28 verses 3 thru 25.' That's the Old Testament, hmm." "What's a pseudepigrapha?" I asked. "Um," she tapped the screen of her phone, "Let's see, Wikipedia reads, 'Pseudepigrapha are falsely attributed works, texts whose claimed authorship is represented by a separate author; or a work, whose real author attributed it to a figure of the past.' I guess that makes it a forgery?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The Witch of Endor, sometimes called the Medium of Endor, was a medium who apparently summoned the prophet Samuel's spirit, at the demand of King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel in the First Book of Samuel, chapter 28:325," the Wikipedia page read.

This was seeming more and more promising, I thought as I scanned the Wikipedia article. All the money I was paying Doug, my P.I., to watch Mark was really paying off. If I could only get my hands on this book, I might have a real, fighting chance to beat Mark and get my wife, Desiree, back from his clutches.

"Only three known copies of the book exist," the article read. "The Institute for Ancient Studies at New York University have one copy. A second copy is in the private collection of the August Alfred Bernard, Altgrave of Salm-Reifferscheid-Dyck, who resides in Cologne, Germany.

The final copy lies in the Motherhouse of the Order of Mary Magdalene, in Rennes-le-Château, France." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ".Rennes-le-Château, France." Mary finished reading from the Wikipedia article.

"Well, this is starting to seem more and more likely," I said. "The Order of Mary Magdalene, that's what Karen said her nun order was called, right?" Marry nodded. "And if they have this book." I smiled, we wouldn't have to consult any unreliable demon like Lilith. Thank god she was gone from our lives, I could always sense hatred and contempt from her. She had already tried to hurt me once, using her succubus powers on me to drain my energy.

Luckily, my wish for unlimited sexual stamina protected me. "So, which one do you want?" Mary asked. "Want to go to New York?" Mary's grin answered that question. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "NYU, Ancient Studies," a bored young woman answered.

"How may I help you." "Yes, I was hoping to take a look at the Magicks of the Witch of Endor," I said. "What's your name, sir." "Brandon Fitzsimmons," I answered.

"What's your field of study." "Uhhh," I floundered, not sure what to say. "Ehh, just an amateur." "I'm sorry, sir, only someone in an accredited graduate program or who has a Ph.D. in a related field can see our manuscripts. They are far to valuable and fragile to let just anyone look at them." "Do you have a transcript available then?" "Uhh, let me see." I could hear typing on a keyboard. "No, not on that book, yet, I'm afraid," the young woman replied.

"Our grant ran out before we finished transcribing all of our manuscripts. Is there anything else I can help you with?" "No," I said, sighing, hanging up the phone. I guess I needed to go Europe. I'd try the nun's first. That was the same order Sister Louise belonged to. Surely they would help me fight Mark and rescue Sister Louise. In his P.I.'s surveillance photos, he could see Sister Louise amongst the harem Mark had gathered in his house going by the name Karen, according to Doug's transcripts.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We should leave after my dad's funeral," I said. A tightness gripped my chest. My emotions were all mixed up with my dad. I hated him for how abusive he was to me and mom. But part me, the little boy inside, missed his dad. I didn't blame my mom for shooting him, hell I might have done the same thing myself. "When is the funeral?" Mary asked, wrapping her arms around me, supportive and gentle. "Friday at noon," I told her. "At the Dwyer Funeral Home.

They're cremating him." "So, I guess we'll need plane tickets," Mary muttered. "I'll get on Travelocity and get us some plane tickets." I laughed. "Why don't we get our own plane." "Ohh, with sexy stewardess?" Mary smiled, those cute dimples appearing on her face and I just had to kiss her. "Mark, I think we need to protect our families," she said, her face growing serious.

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"I can control your mother, you can control my father." "Yeah," I sighed, catching Mary's drift. "We'll also need more bodyguards." "I guess we'll have to hold more tryouts," Mary archly said. "C'mon, let's get dressed. Your mom may want her bedroom back." "For what?" I asked.

Mary rolled her eyes, she always did it when she thought my question was stupid. "For her and Betty." "Oh, right." Betty was my mom's lover. That had been a shock. My straitlaced, Christian mother had been having cheating on my father for years, and with a woman, no less. "I'm going to play matchmaker," Mary happily said. "Your mom and Betty looked so cute together." "And what did you do with my sister?" I asked, suddenly remembering Antsy.

It was weird, an hour ago she seemed like the most important person in the world, and now she was back to being my annoying little sister. Last I saw Antsy, she had been off to answer the door. That's when my mom had lured me into the bedroom so Mary and her slaves could overpower me and break the spell.

"Oh, she's up the street with the bodyguards," Mary answered as she pulled her skirt up her waist. "I'll give them a call." Dressed, Mary and I found my mom talking with Mary's new sex slaves. I knew three of the slaves. Joy was a Vietnamese stylist that gave Mary her wax. April and Felicity were high school students that Mary and I deflowered last week.

The fourth had black hair with red streaks and was dressed as a nurse with blue scrub pants and a white, flowery scrub top. Apparently, her name was Via. "Sluts," Mary said in a firm, commanding tone. "This is Mark. He's your Master. You'll obey him as happily as you obey me." All four voiced their agreement, smiling happily. "Where do you keep finding these women?" my mom asked. "They are absolutely delightful." "Would you like one?" Mary boldly asked.

My mom flushed. "After I spent the night at your house, with Jessica, it's all I could think about." "Well, choose one," Mary said, "and she's yours." "I." my mom swallowed. "I couldn't. It wouldn't be right." "Sure it would," Mary cooed. "They'll happily be your slave." My mom looked them over and then motioned to Joy. "Can I have this one?" my mom asked. "I know its so wrong's so exciting, too." "Joy, this is Sandy, from now on she's your primary Mistress." "I am so happy to be yours," Joy gushed in her heavy accent Vietnamese, and sat on my mom's lap and I felt my cock stir as they started making out.


Even at 43, my mom was still a beautiful woman. She exercised daily to keep her body as thin and fit as a twenty year-old. "Damn, that's hot," Mary said and sat down next to my mom, spreading her legs. My cum had run sticky down her thighs. "April, come clean me up." "Yes, Mistress," nerdy April excitedly squeaked and knelt before Mary, her tongue running wetly up Mary's thigh, licking goblets of cum up. The door banged open and Antsy walked in.

She looked at me and flushed. "Hey," she said, awkwardly. We both remembered are passionate, spell induced affair. For the last two days, we had been fucking almost none stop.

I barely found time to make arrangements for my dad's funeral between fuckings. "Uh, hi," I said. "Listen, we were under a spell, okay." "Sure," she muttered. "Did you have sex with any women, in Miami?" Mary asked, patting the couch next to her. Antsy sat down, licking her lips. "Yeah, this chick, Theodora. We had a threesome with a guy we picked up in a bar and she went down on me, I think. I was pretty wasted." "Theodora, huh," I said. So that was the nun's name.

I would have to remember to ask Karen about her. Mary put her arm around Antsy's shoulder and caressed her face. "Mark and I shared my sisters, and I was looking forward to sharing you.

But, well, stuff happened. So, I want to eat Mark's cum out of your snatch." On the other side of Mary, Joy's blouse was open and my mom was nuzzling at her Joy's apple-sized breasts, sucking at her dark nipples. My cock was hard and I walked over to my sister, pulling her to her feet. Antsy licked her lips nervously. "I.I'm a little scared, big bro. What we went through was so intense, I." "It'll be fine," I reassured her, my cock achingly hard.

I sat down next to Mary and put an arm around her as I unzipped my cock. "Come and sit on my dick, little sis." "This is so wild," she muttered and unzipped her jeans, shrugging them off her thin hips.

Her cunt was shaved bare and she was sopping wet as she mounted my cock. I groaned as she slid down my cock, her pussy wet and tight, squeezing wonderfully on my cock. Mary, her face flushed with pleasure as April was eating out her cunt, leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Whose cunt is the best?" Antsy's cunt felt great on my dick, but it wasn't the earth shattering, mind numbing pleasure from last time I was in my little sister.

"Yours, Mare," I whispered back. "Good," she moaned. "Hmm, April, have you been practicing your pussy licking?" "Yes, Mistress, with Felicity," April answered from beneath Mary's skirt.

"Oh, bro, it feels different," Antsy moaned as she rode me a little faster. "You still feel pretty damn good its just not." "The best sex you've ever had," I finished. "Yeah, sorry big bro," Antsy said with a grin, her hips writhing a little faster.

"You're forgiven," I moaned, pushing up her shirt to expose her perky breasts. They were larger than Mary's by a cup size, and topped with cute, pink nipples. I captured one her hard nipples as she rode me, sucking the pink nub into my mouth and swirled about it with my tongue while Antsy moaned in pleasure. Mary's hand reached out and began to fondle Antsy's butt as she writhed in pleasure on April's tongue.

"Ride my horny stallion!" Mary panted, fondling Antsy's ass. "Give him a good fuck!" "I am Mary," Antsy moaned. "Oh yes, I'll make sure he shoots plenty of cum inside me for you drink." Beyond her, my mom was diddling Joy, her mouth sucking on the Vietnamese slut's nipples. "Yes, yes, yes, Mistress!" Joy was moaning.

"You finger so well!" Via and Felicity were on the floor, making out. Via's bottoms and panties had been pulled down and Felicity's jean skirt flipped up and Via was grinding her cunt into Felicity's.

God, I loved watching girls tribbing. Mary's pants and moans were growing higher in register as her orgasm neared. Her mouth was nibbling at my neck and licking at my ears. "Oh, you fucking slut!" Mary gasped. "You naughty little minx, I'm going to cum all over your pretty little face." She bucked once, moaning loudly as her orgasm rolled through her. "Oh April, you did so good!" April's face appeared from beneath Mary's skirt, smeared with cunt juices, her glasses fogged up.

"Oh, I'm so glad, Mistress," she happily said, rubbing her face against Mary's thigh like a cat. Mary ran her fingers through April's bushy hair. "I'm cumming, big bro!" Antys moaned, suddenly, her cunt quivering on my dick. I slammed my hips up into her and unloaded three blast into her cunt. Antsy rotated her hips once more, before settling down on top of me and kissing me. Her tongue was as nimble as I remembered, but the kiss wasn't anywhere as sweet as a kiss from my Mary.

Mary stood up and patted the the spot she vacated. "Let me get a taste." "Sure," Antsy breathed. I groaned as my cock slid out of her pussy as she rolled into the empty spot. "I'm not gay, or anything," Antsy told my fiancee, "but you're just so beautiful, that I'm gay for you." "You can thank your brother for making me bi," Mary told her, licking her lip as she stared at Antsy's messy cunt. My cum was running out of her lips, milky and mixed with her juices.

"Hmm, looks delicious," Mary husked, as she knelt down between my sister's spread thighs. "Antsy, would you like to be one of my bridesmaids." "What?" Antsy asked, looking down at Mary between her thighs. "For the weddings?" Mary asked. "Mark has three groomsmen and I need a third bridesmaid. I would absolutely love it if you were one of them." "Sure, Mary," Antsy said. "How can I say no to a girl about to go down on me." I watched eagerly as my fiancee's tongue dug through my little sister's slit, gathering a huge gob of cum and gulping it down.

April was watching and I pointed at my cock. The girl was a good slut and knelt down next to Mary and began licking my cock. She remembered all I taught her about cock sucking, her tongue licking softly up my shaft, tasting my sister's tart and spicy flavor upon my dick.

Joy was slipping down on the floor, unbuttoning my mother's jeans while mom licked Joy's juices off her fingers. Mom lifted her ass up, allowing Joy to pull her pants and panties down her legs, exposing her hairy, brown fur. "Oh, yes, sweetie," my mom moaned as Joy began lapping at her cunt.

"Hmm, lick momma's cunt." Antsy looked over at mom. "You're so beautiful, momma." My mom's hazel eyes flickered open and she gazed lovingly at my sister. "Not as beautiful as you've become, Samantha." I just about flooded April's sucking mouth as my mom leaned in and kissed my sister on the lips. Antsy closed her eyes and leaned in, her hand reaching up to stroke my mom's cheek as they made out. April was bobbing her head on my cock, sucking and twirling her tongue while her fist pumped up and down on my shaft.

I looked down and saw Mary's hand rubbing on Antsy's thigh as she devoured my sister's cunt. I reached down and placed my hand atop hers and Mary looked up, smiling, her lips stained with my cum and Antsy's juices, and then she dived back in.

The doorknob rattled and everyone froze as the front door creaked open. "Hey, Sandy," a woman called out. "My mom baked a casserole for you." Betty Cooley, my mom's lover, walked in holding a glass casserole dish and a look of stunned hurt painted her face mocha-skinned face.

Disbelief gleamed in her blue eyes. Her lips worked soundlessly as she took in the scene. Her lover was making out with her daughter while an Asian woman went down on her. Her son was getting a blowjob from another woman, and her daughter had a red-head going down on her. And, in the center of the living room, two girls writhed atop each other. It must have been quite the shock to her.

Betty was my own age, in fact I once asked her out to a school dance. She said no. She was half-black and half-white which gave her this beautiful, light chocolate skin and brilliant blue eyes.

She was so exotic looking. When the economy tanked, Betty moved back in with her parents and she and my mom became close and somehow fell into being lovers.

Last Saturday night my dad caught them in bed together. My mom believed he was going to hurt Betty, so she shot him in the back. He probably was going to hurt her, the guy was an abusive, drunken asshole. Mary was the quickest of us to react, standing up and reaching the stunned woman, placing an arm around her shoulder.

"It's okay. It's just a family that's expressing their love for each other." "I'm sorry, Betty," my mom said, covering her face in shame. "I.I don't know what to say." "It's okay, Sandy," Mary soothed taking the casserole from Betty and handing it off to Via who scurried off to the kitchen with it, her naked ass flashing beneath the hem of her scrub top.

Betty was wearing a flowery sundress and Mary reached beneath her dress and pulled off a racy pair of red panties. Mary tossed the panties to me and I gave them a sniff. Betty had a spicy musk. Mary led her over to me and I saw that naughty glint in her eyes. Mary knew I once had a big crush on Betty when I was fifteen. "April, why don't you finish Antsy off," I told her.

"Yes, Master," April said, my cock popping out of her mouth. She scooted over and Antsy gasped as April dived into her cunt. "Betty, just sit down on Mark's cock and everything will feel better," Mary whispered in the girls ear. "Okay," Betty whispered. She glanced at my mom, who smiled and nodded at her while Joy nosily ate out her pussy. I groaned as Betty's tight cunt slowly sank down on my cock, wet and tight.

It was my boyhood fantasies come true. I spent so many nights jerking off into my sock thinking about Betty Cooley riding my dick. Betty sank all the way down on my cock, her eyes closed, her mouth open in silent pleasure.

Mary sat behind her on my legs, pressing her body up against Betty's back and licked at her ear. "Mmhh, doesn't Mark's cock feel great inside you?" "Yes," Betty whispered, her hips slowly starting to move on my cock. "Ohh, I haven't had a cock in me for years." Mary reached her hands up, pulling the straps of her sundress off Betty's round shoulder, pushing the dress down to expose a racy, red bra supporting her round breasts. Mary released the clasp and her beautiful, chocolate breasts spilled out before me, dark nipples erect.

I rubbed my face between them, enjoying the silky softness as Betty rode my cock. "Now, Betty, do you still love Sandy?" Mary whispered into Betty's ear. "I do," Betty moaned, her hips moving a little faster, her nipple hard against my cheek. "I love you, Sandy!" "How about you, Sandy?" Mary asked.

"God help me," my mom admitted, looking surprised. Joy was still eating her pussy out. "I, I guess I do. Even though its wrong." "Love is never wrong," Mary told my mom, firmly. "Now, Sandy, I have three orders for you and you can choose to ignore any other thing I tell you, okay. One, you will be available to Mark so he can perform the Zimmah ritual whenever he needs to." For me to perform the ritual, I need to fuck my mom, cum in her cunt, and have whatever Thrall I was binding drink our combined fluids.

It was an important ritual. The only way to ensure our sluts couldn't be controlled by someone else was to bind them, otherwise a nun could turn them against us.

"Two, you will let me perform the Zimmah ritual on you. Three, you will move into our neighborhood and let Mark and I protect you from our enemies." "O-okay," Sandy admitted, then she gave Betty a tremulous smile.

"Would you like to," she took a deep breath, ".move in with me?" "Yeah," Betty gasped as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Mary reached around, her soft hands playing with Betty's breasts as I nursed at her Betty's nipple. "I'd love that, Sandy." "This is Joy, she's our sex slave," Sandy introduced.

Joy looked up, her almond eyes shining with happiness, her lips sticky with mom's juices. "I hope to make you very happy, Mistress," Joy said to Betty in her thick, Vietnamese accent. Betty's eyes nodded, lust shining in her eyes. "Betty, I'm going to give you a few orders and then you can ignore whatever else I tell you. First, having a sex slave if perfectly normal.

Second, you will let me perform the ritual of Zimmah on you. Third, incest is perfectly all right. Okay, sweety?" "What's the Zima ritual. Isn't that the weird alcohol from the Nineties?" asked Betty, turning her head to look back at Mary. "It's a spell," Mary told her. "And it has nothing to do with any alcoholic drink." Mary caught her lips in a kiss as Betty's cunt rubbed velvety wet against around my cock.

Next to me, Antsy gave out a little shriek and shuddered on the couch, her eyes fluttering as an orgasm washed over her. "Ooh, that was nice. Can I have a sex slave?" Antsy eagerly asked.

"They seem kinda neat. It's nice having someone available to lick your pussy when you get horny. I released Betty's nipple.

"Sure," I told her and pulled my sister's face in and kissed her on the lips. "Love you, baby sis." "You can have Via," Mary said. "Ask to pee in her mouth, she loves it." "I do," Via said, kneeling down before Antsy, behind April.

"Would you pee in my mouth, Mistress?" Antsy blinked at her. "Um, I guess I could." Mary gave Antsy similar orders that she gave my mom: to move into the neighborhood and to let Mary perform the Zimmah ritual on her and then she could ignore any other orders Mary gave her. Betty was riding my cock pretty fast, working hard to make us both cum. Mary was sucking at her neck, one hand playing with her breast, the other reached down and found Betty's hard clit and rubbed it between her fingers.

Via had been pestering Antsy, and my sister had finally caved in and agreed to piss in Via's mouth. "Fine, I'll piss in your mouth," Antsy said, standing up. Via excitedly knelt before her, sealing her mouth tight to my little sister's cunt. Antsy just stood there as everyone, except Betty, watched her. Betty kept right on fucking me, her hips writhing as she fucked me, my hips thrusting up into her. She was nearing her orgasm, her gasps and moans growing louder and higher in pitch.

"Please stop looking," Antsy muttered. "I can't go if everyone's looking. Mom stood up. She had cum a few minutes ago on Joy's mouth, and walked up behind Antsy, pressing her body into her daughter's back and licked at Antsy's ears. "It's okay, Samantha. I think we are all passed being embarrassed about the nasty things we like to do," mom whispered.

Antsy nodded, and I could see her body relax and then I could hear the urine splashing in Via's mouth. Antsy sighed, "Fuck this is nasty." Antsy through back her head as mom found her tits and begin pinching her daughter's nipples. Antsy finished peeing and Via started licking at her cunt, a trickle of yellow liquid ran out the corner of her mouth and down her neck, soaking into the top of her scrubs.

"Fuck, you're one nasty slut, Via," Antsy moaned, rubbing her ass into mom's stomach as she writhed on Via's face. Betty was fucking me faster, grinding her clit into my pubic bone as she bent down and kissed me on the lips. "I should have said yes when you asked me out to that dance," Betty whispered into my ear. "Your cock is amazing!

I just didn't want not be popular." She moaned into my ear, and then her cunt was squeezing my cock, hard, as she rode me. Her body trembled in our arms. Mary was licking at her ear as I groaned and spilled my seed inside Betty's cunt, inside my mom's lover. Mary got off my lap and sat down next to me and I put my arm around her, pulling her close. "Thank you, Mare, you're the best." I told her and kissed her. "You found a winner there, son," mom said as she walked over from Antsy.

She bent down and kissed Mary, too. Then she grabbed Betty and pulled her off my cock. "Come on, my chocolate bunny, I want to eat my son's cum out of your cunt." My mom led her lover and her sex slave away, down the hall, to her bedroom. Antsy was shuddering on Via's mouth. "Fuck, that was hot." "So you'll pee in my mouth again?" Via asked, hopefully. "Hell, ya, slut!" Antsy excitedly said. "I came so fast and hard on your nasty, pee drinking mouth. What should we do tonight?" "Well, there's this great club called the Clam Diver," Via said.

"I'm not twenty-one," Antsy said, looking crestfallen. "Oh, they'll let any pretty girl in," Via confided. "You'll love it." "Sure, let's go," Antsy said, then led Via off to her bedroom.

"Let's find something for us to wear. You look about my size." "Are you going to tell her that the Clam Diver's a lesbian club?" Mary asked me. "That's the club you went to last week?" I asked Mary. "Yeah, I met Via there." I laughed. "Well, Antsy may not be gay, yet." We got our clothes straightened out and headed for my Mustang. Mary had one of the bodyguards, a black gal called 25, drive her Eos while 30 followed us in her squad car. Mary wanted to stop by her family and give them the same instructions.

Her dad just lived up the street from my mom. Turned out we both went to Washington High School, I was the class of 2004 and she was the class of 2012. Small world, huh. I gave her dad identical orders to the ones my mom got. Since Mary was putting my family under her control, I would control her family.

We gave her dad Felicity for a sex slave. "So you can have your very own high school student to fuck, dad," Mary fondly says. "I just bet there are loads of your students you've been secretly fantasizing over." Sean had an embarrassed smile on his as he took his new sex slave off to his bedroom. Missy, Mary's younger sister, was also home, she was still in High School, and her boyfriend Damien was over.

I talked to Damien's parents and they quickly agreed it was for the best that Damien moved in with his girlfriend. Last Saturday, at Missy's request, I ordered the two teens to love each other forever. I gave the two teenage lovebirds the same orders Mary gave my sister, and we were going to give April to Missy and Damien, but she insisted on a classmate, Dawn Cooper. "She always picked on me," Missy complained. "We shared a bus stop and she would always say mean things to me." Mary hugged her sister.

"I remember the little skank. It'll feel really nice when she's yours to abuse." Mary kissed her little sister on the lips. "Damn that's hot," muttered Damien. "Could I have Mrs. Corra, my math teacher. She has these amazing knockers and always dresses to show them off." I laughed, remembering Damien mentioning some busty teacher he had a thing for last Friday.

"Sure, do you know where she lives?" Damien shook his head. "Her first name's Polly," he added helpfully. What the hell, I liked the kid, so I promised I'd track his teacher down for him. Mary knew where Dawn lived, it was just up the road from her dad's house. When we knocked on the door, a middle-aged man, balding, with salt-and-pepper hair.

"Hello?" he asked, annoyed. "If you're preaching or selling I'm not interested." "No, no," I told him. "Is your daughter, Dawn home." "Yeah," he frowned. "Who are you." "My name is Mark and I have a wonderful opportunity for your daughter," I said, smiling.

"You are just so proud that your daughter has been chosen to be a sex slave." A proud, fatherly smile blossomed on his face. "How wonderful for her." "So, she'll be moving out of your house, of course, but don't worry, she'll be very happy." He just nodded his head.

"Dawn, come here, there's a man here to see you. He's got some great news." A voluptuous, teenage temptress in daisy dukes and a tight, low cut halter-top, sauntered up. There was a sneer on her face, framed by bleached-blonde hair. She eyed me and glared at her dad. "What? I was texting, dad!" she had a bitchy tone to her voice. She was still texting, her fingers flying across the keypad. How did teenage girls text so fast? "Precious, Mark, here, has chosen you to be a sex slave," her father told her.

"Isn't that wonderful?" An incredulous look crossed the bitches face. "What the fuck, dad! Have you lost your mind!" "Dawn," I barked. "You're going to be a sex slave from now on, you'll do whatever your Master or your Mistress wants you to do, slut!" "I.yes," she mumbled. "She's a handful, isn't she?" I asked her dad. "Yeah, she can be quite a trial," he admitted. "I bet you've always wanted to rip off those shorts and spank her naughty tush," Mary said, licking her lips.

"That pert ass is just begging to be spanked." "No, I never spanked her. I believe it's wrong to spank a child," Dawn's dad admitted. "It causes all sorts of development problems." "Well, if you don't want to," Mary said with a wicked smile and she grabbed Dawn and boldly went inside the house, "then you can watch me. I love spanking naughty little sluts asses. And I remember how mean you were to my little sis." I followed my fiancee in the house, leading April.

Mary was pulling off her halter-top, exposing a nice pair of teenage melons. Mary squeezed a tit. "No, bra, slut?" "No, I like boys to see my nips," Dawn admitted with a flush. "Did you know how much of a whore your daughter is?" I asked, sitting down on the couch. April knew what to do, and fished out my cock and started sucking.

Mary was tugging down Dawn's daisy dukes, exposing a tight ass, a pair of cute dimples dotted her cheeks. Mary stroked her ass and then pulled Dawn down across her lap. Dawn squirmed, her firm, teenage ass shaking in fear. Mary smacked her ass, a loud, stinging sound, that brought a cry of pain from Dawn.

I could see a red handprint on her ass.

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April was bobbing her head on my cock and I leaned back into the couch and enjoyed the show. Mary did love spanking naughty sluts and I loved to watch her do it. "Oh, that hurt," Dawn objected. "Daddy, help." "I'm sorry, Dawn," her dad said evenly, "but you have been a bad girl, and I don't know how to control you anymore." Mary reached under her chest, to her hanging tits, and pinched a nipple, hard, bringing a yelp from Dawn's lips. "A good slut counts the spanking and says, 'Thank you, Mistress.' Understand, slut?" "Y-yes," Dawn stammered.

"One, thank you, Mistress." Mary released her nipple. "Good." Smack! Dawn's ass jiggled from the force of Mary's spank. "Two, thank you, Mistress." I stroked April's bushy, brown hair, as she gobbled my dick, my cock brushing the back of her throat.

I grabbed April's hair as Mary spanked Dawn again. "Three, thank you, Mistress." I forced April's head down and she didn't fight me as I pushed my cock all the way into her mouth, down her tight throat.

Smack! "Four, thank you, Mistress!" The room was filled with stinging spanks, April's sloppy blowjob, and Dawn's count. Her father was staring at his daughter's ass, at her shaved cunt peaking wetly between her thighs, a bulge growing in his pants. Mary saw it too, smiling naughtily. Smack! "Eleven, thank you, Mistress." "You sure you don't want to spank your daughter's pert ass?" Mary asked, caressing Dawn's red cheeks, her fingers dipping down to run through her shaved cunt.

"God, she's soaking wet. What a slut. She's been practicing to be a sex slave all her life, hasn't she. Dressing slutty, cock-teasing any poor man who saw her, dropping her panties to any half-way handsome guy that looked at her. Don't you want to punish such a wanton daughter?" "I." her dad started to say and then he moved forward and grabbed his daughter's arm and pulled her to her feet and dragged her over to the couch and bent her across the chair arm. He drew back his hand and smacked her hard on the ass.

"One," she squeaked. "Thank you.daddy!" Mary got up, walked over to me and pulled April's mouth off my cock. "Thanks for getting him ready, slut," Mary told the nerdy girl. "You're welcome, Mistress," April smiled as Mary sank her wet cunt down on my hard dick. As Mary rode my cock, we watched the father spank his daughter's ass over and over. "Fucking whore!" he suddenly shouted.

"You're just like your cunt of a mother! She was a whore, too! And you grew up to be just like her!" Spank. "Nine, thank you daddy!" Mary's cunt felt amazing on my dick as she rode me. I slipped a hand up her blouse and found her perky breast and played with her hard nipple.

Mary squeezed her cunt appreciatively on my dick as I fondled her. I pulled up her blouse and found her dusky nipple, and sucked it into my mouth, playing with the hard nub. Spank! "Thirteen, thank you daddy!" "Fucking whore," her dad moaned.

"You were always dressing like a fucking slut!" Then he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock. "Not caring how your slutty clothes were affecting your poor father! Well, you're a sex slave, now," he muttered. "And sex slaves get fucked." Dawn gasped as her dad thrust his cock into her cunt, fucking her frantically fast.

He pumped in her maybe ten times and then spewed his cum into his daughter's teenage cunt. He pulled out, stumbling back, breathing hard. Mary was fucking me faster as we watched, her breath quickening as her orgasm approached.

Dawn walked over to her dad, who sank down into the chair, and sat on his lap. "I'm sorry, daddy, for being such a bad girl. I promise I'll be the best sex slave, ever. I'll make you proud, daddy." I spilled my seed into Mary as her cunt clenched on my cock, her body bucking atop me as her orgasm rolled through her.

I let go of her hard nipple, and captured her lips in a kiss. Mary felt nice as she rested atop me, her lips soft and gentle as we kissed, before she rolled off me. Father and daughter cuddled on the chair as Mary had April clean up her cunt. I pulled out my phone, searching for Damien's teacher on His teacher was the third P. Corra I called and she was more than happy to be Damien's sex slave. I asked her to send me a photo of herself, curious to see what Damien found so hot about his teacher.

A minute later she sent me a photo of her taken using her closet door mirror. She was in her early thirties, brown hair, dressed in a tight, black pencil skirt that showed off her curvy hips and ass, a low-cut blouse that her rather large tits almost seemed to be about ready to spill out of. Her face was beautiful, horn-rimmed glassed were perched on her cute nose, and beneath those frames were these big, pouty lips just made for cock sucking.

She had a Mrs. Robinson vibe that must have every boy she taught jerking off into socks and Kleenexes thinking about her. I called Mary's older sister, Samantha, next. She lived in Milton with her boyfriend, George. Farther than I wanted to drive today. She answered the phone and I spoke to the two of them on speaker phone and gave them the same orders I gave Missy.

"If you guys want, I can get you a girl, like the ones at my house," I told them. "Really," George eagerly asked. "One of your bang-maids." "Oh you horny devil," Samantha giggled.

"What, you said we could have another threesome," George pointed out. "All right, George," Samantha fondly said. "Mark's.bang maids seemed quite happy." "Any requests?" i asked. "Hot," George said, then he laughed. "Stop tickling me Samantha." "Ooh, that's all you want is hot," Samantha chortled. "Nothing else? No blonde with giant tits?

No petite, Asian schoolgirl that's eighteen but looks ten?" "Smoking hot, I guess. I don't know," George laughed. "I give up, you can pick sweetypie." "Your secretary," Samantha answered. "Starla?" "I've seen you panting after her," Samantha answered. "I've seen how she bends over, showing off her ass to you.

She's been trying to seduce you for weeks. The little tramp." "I'd never cheat on you," George promised. "And you won't, not if she's our bang-maid," Samantha declared. "And she can be your bang-secretary at work. Keep you from straying when I'm not around." George laughed. "How could I cheat on the best girlfriend in the world?" George gave me Starla's number and Starla was so happy to be their bang-maid.

"I've had a crush on him for so long," Starla confessed. "I'll be the best sex-slave for them." When I hung up, I looked over at Dawn, who was still cuddling with her dad. "Dawn, go to Missy Sullivan's house," I ordered. "She's you new, primary Mistress." "Okay," Dawn said, getting off her father's lap and bent down to grab her daisy dukes.

Mary slapped her ass. "Did Mark tell you to get dress, slut?" "No, Mistress," Dawn gasped and disappeared naked out the door, she didn't even put shoes on. We got in my Mustang, April in the back seat, and I drove us towards 512, our bodyguards following. We passed the naked Dawn, walking as quickly as she could on her bare feet towards Missy's house, her red ass swaying a she walked.

I reached over and placed my hand on Mary's thigh, stroking her silky skin. "You're so beautiful, Mare," I told her. She gave me a sultry smile. "Do you want me to suck your cock, Mark?" I smiled and nodded. "It's just too dangerous while you're driving, Mark." "You're so amazing, so perfect," I told her, sliding my hand higher on her thigh. "I'm just so horny for you." I stopped at a light, and bent over and nuzzled at her beautiful neck.

"I just love you so much, Mare." "Fine," she said. "But this is the last time." She always said that it was the last time, but I always managed to convince her to do it again. Mary bent over, unzipping my pants, fishing my hard cock out of my pants. Her mouth was wet as she sucked my cock. I turned onto 512, accelerating quickly as my fiancee swirled her tongue about my cock's head. "Damn, your mouth feels great, Mare!"I moaned. Mary was cupping my balls, now, her deft fingers playing with my nuts.

She started bobbing her head, sliding down my cock and then sucking as she slid up. I groaned, enjoying the suction on my cock's head. Every time she went down, more and more of cock disappeared into her mouth. I was brushing her throat, and then I was sliding down her throat. Mary worked my entire cock into her mouth.

Her throat was tight, and rubbed deliciously on my cock head. When Mary got all my cock down her throat, she would slid up my shaft, flick at the head of my cock with her tongue, and then deepthroat me all over again. Over and over, bringing me close and close to flooding her sweet mouth with my cum.

"God, you're the best, Mare!" I moaned, my balls tightening. "About to cum, Mare." She pulled up my cock until only me sensitive head was in her lips, swirling her tongue about it while she fisted my shaft.

My balls tightened and then I was spewing into her mouth. She swallowed my entire load, squeezing my cock as she slowly stroked it to draw out the last of my cum. Mary sat up, smiling, licking the little bit of cum that stained her lips. "Thanks, Mark. I missed that." "I thought you didn't like blowing me when I drove?" "I didn't say I hated it," Mary smiled, "Just that it's not safe." Mary's phone beeped and she pulled it out and smiled.

She showed me the picture as I was stopped at a light. It was Dawn, licking Missy's foot. "Thank's for the slut! :-)" Missy captioned. "I think you may have corrupted your sister," I said with a smile. "That's an understatement," Mary laughed wickedly. The sluts were all waiting when we got home, dressed in their non-slutty clothes. "Master!" they happily squealed. Allison, her bubblegum-pink hair flowing behind her, was the first to reach me. She threw her arms around me and kissed on the lips.

Desiree, Allison's fiancee, hugged me, next. Her nut-brown face was flush with excitement. "Welcome back mi Rey!" All the sluts had to kiss me: strawberry-blonde Fiona, doll-faced Korina, Thamina in her headscarf, busty yet petite Xiu, sandy-blonde Noel, cinnamon-skinned Willow, Chasity in her cop outfit, Karen the former nun, teenage Violet, caramel-skinned Jessica, and goth Lillian.

"Sluts are supposed to be naked or in their slutty outfits in the house," I scolded the sluts after they had their kisses. "You said our ugly bodies should be covered," Thamina said. "W-we were just following what you said, Master." "None of you have ugly bodies, so go change," I told them. "I want to see all of your sexy flesh exposed, sluts!" The happy sluts all scampered away and returned in a few minutes.

Most were dressed as sexy maids with transparent tops that showed off their hard nipples, and short skirts that would reveal their asses if they bent over even a little bit. Thamina and Willow were in their sexy nurses outfits, sheer tops that revealed off their dark breasts and nipples, and short skirts. Jessica had a sexy, office lady outfit, extremely short business skirt, sheer blouse, and fishnet stockings. Noel and Chasity had on their sexy cop uniforms, short skirts, thigh-high, black boots and blouses half-unbuttoned that showed off their ample assets.

Korina had her sling on, and nothing else. She got shot before she was able to get her maid outfit. "I have a present for all my sluts," I said, motioning to April and the Kay Jeweler bag she held. On the way home we stopped by to pick up the jewelry I ordered last week.

It was ready yesterday, but I was just too busy fucking Antsy to pick it up. When we picked these up, I ordered one for April, so it would be a few days before she got hers. I pulled out the first box, opening it up. Inside was a gold choker. Lillian's name, written with emeralds, adorned the front and underneath was engraved, "Mark and Mary's slut forever." Lillian stepped up when I called her.

Her black hair was streaked with blue and purple highlights, and tied in two pigtails. Her face was pale, with black lipstick and dark mascara. Her lip, eyebrow, and nose were pierced with delicate, gold rings. She was trembling when I clasped the choker tight about her pale throat. Lillian fingered it. "Now everyone will know who I belong to," she whispered, tears glistening at her eyes. "Thank you, Master. I'm so happy you came into my work and made me yours!" Lillian knelt down, rubbing her face against my hardening cock.

My zipper rasped metallically, my boxers pushed down and Lillian had my cock out, her tongue happily licking at my cock. Mary fished out the next box, opening it up. Inside was a silver choker with a sapphire name.

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"Noel," Mary read. Noel's gray-blue eyes shone with happiness. Mary brushed aside her sandy-blonde hair as she put the choker around Noel's neck and then kissed the FBI slut on the lips.

"Thank you, Mistress." Noel dropped to her knees, pushing up Mary's skirt. Mary smiled, rubbing her hand through Noel's sandy hair as the slut began licking at her cum-filled pussy.

Willow got a gold and ruby choker and joined Lillian on the floor. They both were servicing my cock, half-licking my dick and half-french kissing each other. Mary placed a silver and emerald choker about Xiu's neck, and the Chinese slut knelt behind Mary and started rimming her ass.

I place a gold and amethyst choker about Violet's throat. Willow had my cock in her sucking mouth, now, as Lillian kissed at the shaft. Violet walked over to April and took her hand. "So, you're our new slut-sister?" Violet asked. April nodded shyly. "You're so cute with these glasses," Violet told her, stroking her face then the two teenage girls were kissing. My balls were tightening from Lillian and Willow's hard work on my cock.

The little sluts were taking turns sucking my cock into their mouths, passing them back and forth. Violet was kneeling down and lifting up April's skirt and pulled down the girls white panties. "Umm, that's good," moaned April as Violet began to devour her cunt. Violet was a sweet girl. Mary gave Allison a gold choker with her name written with diamonds and pulled the teen to her and kissed her on the mouth. I could tell by the way Mary's body writhed that my filly was having a great orgasm on Noel and Xiu's lips.

I grit my teeth and came in Willow's mouth. The slut released my cock and aimed it so the next blast caught Lillian in the face, then the final blast splashed on her own happy face. "Thank you, Master," Lillian purred and then started licking my cum off Willow's cheek.

I placed a gold choker about Korina's throat with her name written in opals on it. "How was the doctor's appointment." Korina had been shot last week when the nun attacked us. Yesterday, Korina had a checkup with her doctor, but I was too eager to fuck Antsy to check up on her when I got back home last night. "I'll get the sling off next week," Korina answered.

"And I have to go to physical therapy three times a week." I caressed her doll's face. "I haven't fucked you since you got hurt, have I?" "No, Master," Korina said, a smile on her beautiful, doll's face. Her blue eye's sparkled with lust. "Do you feel up to it?" "I do, Master," she cooed. "Fiona's been licking my pussy for a few days, but I need your cock in me, again.

We just have to be careful." I sat down on on the recliner and Korina careful straddled my waist. Her large tits swayed, partially covered by her left arm in the sling.

I could smell the musky, sweet smell of her arousal. She was smiling happily as her tight cunt slid down my cock. She was warm and wet and started rising up and down on my cock so achingly slow. "Oh, Master! Your cock feels so good inside me," Korina moaned.

"Oh, thank you! Umm, I missed this so much!" Mary continued passing out the chokers while Korina slowly rode me. She never went fast, and I could see her wince in pain as her arm would get jostled, but she persevered. Her cunt was tight and so very wet. "You feel so good on my cock," I moaned. "Wet and velvety tight!" A smile played on her lips and she bent over and, careful not to jostle her arm, kissed me on the lips as she rode my cock.

Her slow pace was amazingly sweet as her pussy walls rubbed velvety against my cock's head. Every slow rise and fall of her cunt on my cock was bringing me closer and closer to cumming. "Fuck, I'm going to flood your slutty cunt!" I grunted. "You ready for my cum?" "Yes!" she shrieked, throwing her head back. Her hips started moving faster and faster, a flush creeping across her body. "Cum in me, Master!

Use my body as your cum dump! Fill my naught cunt with your spunk!" Her hips were moving faster and faster as her orgasm neared. She was no longer caring about the pain, she was too close to cumming to care. Her head was thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut and she let out a low, throaty moan as her cunt contracted on my cock. She slammed down on my cock, burying me all the way into her cunt. I squeezed her ass cheeks and gasped as I flooded her cunt.

"Ohh, thank you, master," she murmured, kissing me gently. Fiona was smiling as she watched Korina cum on my cock, a silver choker with her name written in yellow heliodors tight about her throat. She helped Korina off of me, kissed her tenderly, and led her over to the couch, sitting the doll-faced slut down. Fiona knelt on the floor, her strawberry-blonde hair spilling across Korina's thighs as she began to lick my cum out Korina's cunt. Fiona's short, maid's skirt had ridden up, exposing her curvy, freckled ass.

I could see her brown, puckered asshole winking at me. I looked around the living room. Mary was naked now, lying atop Chasity, tribbing with our cop slut.

Chasity had a gold choker, her name written with rubies, around her throat. Desiree and Allison were sixty-nining. April was going down on Violet this time while Lillian was going down on Willow, my cum licked clean from both of their faces. Karen, a silver and amethyst choker about her neck, was making out with Jessica, a gold choker set with sapphires tight about her caramel throat.

Thamina was pulling on Xiu's nipple piercings as the two rubbed their cunts on each other's thighs. I knelt behind Fiona. My cock was lubed with Korina's cunt so I slid easily into Fiona's ass. Fiona moaned lustfully into Korina's cunt as I began to fuck her ass.

I smiled, looking around the room. I almost lost all of this. If Mary had not freed me from the nun's spell, I would have been chained to one cunt for the rest of my life. There was one cunt I could be satisfied with for the rest of my life.

I caught her green eyes as she rubbed her cunt against Chasity's. Mary smiled at me.

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She was so beautiful. I could be happy only with her. I needed to speak with Karen about this new nun, Theodora. About the golden thread that I saw touching Mary's aura. But Fiona's ass felt too good on my cock for me to be worried about that right now. There would be plenty of time later on tonight or tomorrow to talk with Karen. "Ohh, fuck me Master!" Fiona moaned.

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"I love your cock up my slutty ass!" I smiled, I was home, balls deep in a sluts ass. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Master!" Jessica shouted, half in a panic, turning on the television.

I was cuddling with Mary on the couch. Scattered about the room were the sluts, napping and cuddling with each other.

Everyone one of the sluts wanted to get fucked by me, and I came in at least one of their holes. It had been a wild few hours. I had April sit on my face while Violet rode my cock. Mary had put on her strap-on and we double-teamed busty Xiu. I fucked her ass while Mary fucked her cunt. Then Jessica was sucking on my cock, kneeling like a dog, while Mary pounded Jessica's ass and Willow rimmed my ass. "What?" I asked as she changed to channel five.

"I got a tip, KING 5's about to run a story about you, Master," Jessica answered. Jessica was a reporter for KIRO 7. I recruited her to keep tabs on the media. "It's suppose to lead the eleven o'clock news." The credits for some NBC show raced across the screen. KING 5 was the local NBC affiliate for Seattle. Then the news music played and it cut to the anchors. "Good evening, I'm Larry Siemen," the male anchor introduced. "And I'm Natalie Kramer, bringing you Seattle's best news.

Tonight we are joined by investigative reporter, Carlos Guiterrez, for an explosive story about sex, bank robberies, and corruption in Pierce County." "Thank you, Natalie," a middle-aged Hispanic said. "Nearly two weeks ago, in Puyallup, this man," a surveillance photo of me at the Best Buy appeared in the upper right corner of the screen, "used some as yet unidentified gas causing the now famous Best Buy Incident.

This same man reportedly robbed a Kay Jewelers the same day. He was seen with two women," pictures of Mary and Allison appeared on the screen. "This same man appeared in Seattle a few days later, and held, by all accounts, a wild sex party in the Sky City Restaurant at the Space Needle and was briefly implicated in the disappearance of Violet Matheson." "Wow," the female anchor interjected.

"And do we know who this man is?" "Authorities do," Carlos said. "His name is Mark Glassner. Last week, he robbed several banks in Pierce County, using his gas to make the branch mangers open the safes while he sexually assaulted several female bank tellers." "Mark Glassner, isn't that the guy who the FBI raided last Thursday morning?" the male anchor interjected. "I believe the FBI spokesman said they were mistaken, that Mark Glassner wasn't the person responsible for these crimes." "You are referring to Special Agent Kip Peterson," Carlos nodded.

"He famously gave that interview to Jessica St. Pierre from KIRO 7 news." A clip played from the interview. "Mark Glassner is an innocent man," Peterson said. "It was all my fault.

I was too eager to make an arrest in the case, I didn't use good judgment and our raid has terrorized an innocent man and his family." I smiled, remembering how I made Agent Peterson give that embarrassing interview. The clip ended, cutting back to the news desk. "I have documents here," Carlos said, holding up some papers, "from a source in the Justice Department that show Agent Peterson is being investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility, the FBI's Internal Affairs.

He's being investigated for corruption and incompetence. The FBI had concrete evidence on Mr. Glassner, yet Peterson, after raiding Mr. Glassner's house, claimed he was innocent." "The FBI thinks their Agent was bribed by Mr. Glassner?" the female reporter asked in astonishment. "Yes," Carlos answered.

"Mr. Glassner has stolen over forty million dollars." "Wow, that is unbelievable," the male anchor said. "Today, I received a series of surveillance photos from the home owner," Carlos said. "The house the FBI raided is owned by Brandon Fitzsimmons, who claims his wife is living with Mr. Glassner. Mr. Fitzsimmons had hired a private investigator to watch the house and the P.I. caught the entire raid on film." A video played, showing the backyard and left side of our house.

A little of the front yard could also be seen and the cul-de-sac in front of the house. You could just make out police cars and swat vans parked before our house in the gray, pre-dawn light. "Son of a bitch," I muttered. "Master, that had to be taken from one of the houses on Shaw Road," Noel said in alarm. "Figure out which," I ordered, anger burning inside me.

Chasity and Noel headed for the back of the house. "The interesting part came after the Pierce County Sheriff Department's SWAT officers raided the house on the FBI's behalf," Carlos continued.

Photos appeared, close up of various windows on the rear and side of the house. You could see SWAT officers in various states of undressed fucking our sluts, blurred to hide any nudity. Fuck, the sluts had all gotten horny that morning and saw Mary fucking two SWAT officers. The sluts asked if they could play with the handsome officers, and I didn't seem any harm in letting the boys in blue get laid.

"What am I watching here?" the female reporter asked, stunned. "In the surveillance photo's we've received there are upwards of a dozen women living in the house," Carlos answered. "They appear in various states of undress, and they appear to be giving sexual favors to the SWAT officers as some sort of bribes." "This is just astounding," the male reported stated.

"To think an entire unit of SWAT officers, and an FBI agent would engage in this sort of behavior. It's just disappointing." "Two FBI agents," Carlos corrected. A picture of Noel appeared on the screen. "Special Agent Noel was also on the raid, and has appeared in many of the surveillance photos of the house in various states of undress, engaging in sex acts, along with Jessica St. Pierre, the KIRO 7 reporter who Agent Peterson gave his original interview to." A picture of Chasity appeared on the screen.

"This is Officer Chasity Vinter of the Puyallup Police Department, also seen in surveillance tapes participating in sex acts. There have been reports of unusual activity around the Shaw Road vicinity of Puyallup for the last week, and these reports have fallen on the deaf ears of the Puyallup Police Department." Chasity and Noel returned.

"Master, we think we know which house is surveilling us." "Take all the guards and raid that house!" I barked. "Bring me whomever or whatever you find!" I grabbed my phone, and looked up Sheriff Erkhart's phone number. "Erkhart," the Pierce County Sheriff answered. "Have you seen the news report on channel 5?" I demanded angrily. "Yeah, just caught the end of it. This is bad, Mr. Glassner." "Put out an APB on Brandon Fitzsimmons," I growled.

"I let him have his independence and this is how he repays me! I want him found and dragged before me!" "I'm on it, sir," the Sheriff answered and I hung up. "He's been watching us, Mark," Mary grimaced angrily. "You can see our bedroom on these photos." "Brandon's going to regret this," I told her. "Fuck, we're going to have to do a lot of damage control." I squeezed my fists.

"When I get my fucking hands on him, he's going to howl!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "When are you coming home, Doug?" my wife asked me as we spoke on the phone. "I don't know, Tina," I answered, tiredly.

I was standing in one of the second floor bedroom of the house Mr. Fitzsimmons rented so I could watch Mark Glassner. I was checking all the cameras and the laser-mikes I had pointed at various windows of the house I was surveilling.

I was about to turn in for the night and wanted to make sure everything was working. "The check cashed, right?" "Yeah, honey," Tina answered.

"Its.quite a lot. This isn't know." "No, I'm just surveilling him, Tina." There was a pause. She was chewing on her lip, I realized. Tina always worried her lower lip when she was nervous. "What is it honey?" There was some movement outside, on the street, and I frowned, missing what my wife said. Mark had a group of women that dressed like slutty cops. Maybe they were cops, their equipment looked real, and there were a dozen cop cars parked on the street.

But, no cop wore uniforms like those. They looked like sexy cop outfits you'd get at a porno shop. His 'cops' were pouring out of their houses, heading for their cars.

What was going on? "Are you there, Doug?" my wife said, loudly. "Oh, sorry, Tina, something's going on at the place I'm surveilling." I grabbed a pair of binoculars, tying to figure out what was happening. "You're safe right. This Mark guy your watching, he was just on the news." I frowned, watching as Mark's cops were piling into their cars. What was going on. "What's this about the news, honey?" The lights on a half-dozen cop cars turned on, flooding the night with strobing red and blue lights, and the cop cars started peeling down the street towards Shaw Road.

"They had pictures from your surveillance on the news," Tina said. "This guy sounds dangerous, are you sure." My stomach sank, adrenaline pumped icily through my veins. "Shit, I got to go, Tina." I hung up my cell phone, shoving it into my pocket and grabbed my laptop, ripping out cable connecting my laptop to the USB hub all my surveillance equipment was hooked into and ran for the stairs.

Oh, shit, oh shit, my heart was hammering in my chest. Fuck! What the fuck did you do, Brandon? Tires squealed outside and police lights were flashing through the front windows, as I thudded down the stairs. Shit, front was no good. I reached the bottom of the stairs, turned to race for the dining room and the glass sliding door that led to the backyard. Behind me, the front door splintered in and I could hear booted feet pounding into the house, shouting, "Police!" I ran down the hallway for the dining room.

I knew my exit routes. There was a pile of wood against the fence, I could be over it and into the neighbors yard.


My own car was parked a few houses down the street. I just needed to be quick and I could get away. I reached the dining room, the sliding glass door in sight. I was going to make it. And then my hopes were dashed away as I saw the two cops rounding the house and reached the sliding glass door, their guns drawn.

Fuck, I was trapped. I turned to face the cops pouring in the front door. God damn fucking Brandon Fitzsimmons! "Police!" the lead cop shouted, a blonde with a gold choker about her throat, a bulletproof vest over her trampy cop outfit, and her gun leveled at me.

"Hand's on your head! Do it now!" I set my laptop down, slowly, and put my hands on top of my head and knelt down. Another cop walked up, grasped my wrist and handcuffed me. Anger boiled inside me as fear pumped through my veins. What the fuck have you gotten me mixed up in, Brandon? Fear coiled about my heart. These weren't real cops, anymore.

Tina's face floated up before me, the way her smile transformed her chubby, plain face beautiful. Please, god, I prayed, let me see my wife again!

Please!" To be continued.