The teacher hibiki tell me yuki sakuragi sound

The teacher hibiki tell me yuki sakuragi sound
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Hailey and her husband Craig were sitting in the breakfast room watching their daughters play outside with their family golden retriever, Sam. Hailey knew that something was up by the tone in his voice as he said, "Hailey, you know that temp in the office, Julie, turns out she is quite rich." "Here we go" thought Hailey to herself, now we are going to hear all about Miss Fucking Wonderful who her husband and prattled on about since she started at her husband firm, "I wonder if he is fucking her, he certainly wants to." Hailey thought.

Craig carried on, "It will be great love, Julie has given me her villa for nothing, we just had to pay for the flights. The four of us as a family in a beautiful villa in the Andalusian hills in southern Spain for a week before the kids had to go back to school. It has a pool, maid service, Julie has even let us use her car, what more could you ask for?" Craig said between mouthfuls of toast.

"What do you mean had to pay for the flights?" said Hailey picking up on Craig's body language and words that seemed to indicate he gone and done something impetuous. "We are booked on the flight out Stansted tomorrow morning to Marbella and a Hoppa will be picking us up to take us to the villa," said Craig looking very pleased with himself.

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"What about Sam?" asked Hailey glancing towards the dog who had padded in from the garden and was lapping up water from his bowl in the corner of the room. "All taken care of,'" Craig said smugly, "I called that nice guy you got Sam from and he has agreed to pick him up this afternoon and look after him for a week at a very reasonable price." Hailey was stunned into silence as he went on, "I will take the girls shopping, you deal with Sam and packing and we will be ready to leave first thing." Hailey could feel her legs go weak and nodded dumbly as Craig carried on nattering about the arrangements and needing to get some euros at the airport.

Hailey wasn't listening, all she could focus on was that she was about to come face to face with the man who had taped her being fucked by Sam.

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***** After lunch and Craig had left with the girls promising to be back at 4 p.m. and Hailey sat there with her head in her hands as she clicked play on the video for the hundredth time and watched herself appear on screen.


The video was poor quality and no sound but was clearly taken of the view through her kitchen window, and as the scene unfolded Hailey watched herself get mounted and fucked. There was no mistaking it was her as a couple of times she lifted her head with her eyes screwed tightly shut as she orgasmed on the dog cock.

It was the message that accompanied the video that sent chills down her spine and Hailey read the message again out loud to the empty kitchen, 'nice show, should be on stage, and it will be&hellip. Soon." The message had been signed 'Harry your dog man," which was the kennels Hailey had gone Sam from some months earlier.


It had been four weeks since the video had been sent, but to date there had been no further contact, but that was about to change in the next few minutes. "What are we going to do Sam?" Hailey asked but Sam, the family golden retriever, just sat and wagged his tail hoping that whatever he had done wrong would soon be forgiven so he could resume breeding his human bitch.

Since that fateful day the video first arrived Hailey had stopped playing with Sam, though somewhat helped by the fact that their two daughters were on school holiday so no opportunity had arisen. That morning over breakfast when her husband had dropped the bombshell that bought her to this moment, she had replayed the conversation in her head over and over to see if there was any way out of it.

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Hailey jumped like a startled rabbit as the front door bell rang and walking slowly to answer it she opened the door to stare into the face of the kennel manager who had sold her Sam.

"Hello Mrs le Ather," the man standing there said as he smiled showing his crooked teeth. His slightly sweaty face glowing as he rolled her name round his mouth as he went on, "Hailey le Ather, dog fucker of the suburbs, coming to a stage near you soon." Then laughed cruelly as Hailey went bright red and opened the door wider to allow him to enter her home.

"Harry the Dog at your service," said the man and then tapped his jacket pocket where his phone was and winked at Hailey as he went on, "dog handler, and video producer on the side," then tapping the side of his nose as he spoke, "and soon to be the producer of a sex show coming to a kennel near you soon." "What do you want?" Hailey said trying to keep her voice strong but inside her heart was fluttering like a small bird trapped in a cage as her stomach churned and she tried to keep her breakfast down.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself Hailey glanced at the clock and saw it was just past two and said, "My husband will be home at four so think it would be best if you had gone by then." Harry just looked at her with a leer and then spoke one simple word, "strip'." Hailey paused not quite sure what she was hearing when Harry said it again louder," STRIP, you silly tart and then you can suck my cock, best be quick though don't want hubby catching you do we now?" Hailey knew she had no choice and stripped quickly wanting to get the deed done and the man out of her house.

Harry had already fished his cock out of his jeans and was working it with his hand as he watched Hailey strip, "Next time," he leered, "you can do a little dance for me at the same time," and reaching out and pawing Hailey's breasts before sitting down in the kitchen chair and holding his semi-erect cock in his hands.

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Hailey sighed and holding her stomach in check at the smell took his cock into her mouth and it was all she could do not to gag as she tasted the unwashed cock. Harry sat enjoying Hailey working on his cock as Sam stood up in the corner and started to take an interest in what was going on.

He could see his human bitch was on all fours and presenting so perhaps she had forgiven him for whatever misdeed he was supposed to have committed and this was his reward. Bending his head, he sniffed at Hailey's pussy and ass before taking a long lick trying to find some juices. His action bought a muffled moan from Hailey and Sam took this as encouragement which was confirmed when the man who had looked after him before his new bitch made encouraging noises. "Nooooo" said Hailey in a panic-stricken voice muffled by the cock in her mouth as she felt Sam's tongue and realised what was about to happen.

"Oh my God yes," said Harry excitedly as he realised that Hailey was about to get fucked as she blew him and encouraged Sam, "That's it good boy, fuck your mistress, good boy." Sam had already started to show and rose up gripping Hailey's hips and levering himself in, stabbing wildly trying to find his target.

It wasn't helped by Hailey shifting around, thwarting his aim and just as he was about to give up she stopped moving. "Either you let him or I will send this video to your husband," snarled Harry with his hand tight in Hailey's hair holding her in position. Hailey knew she had no choice and held still allowing Sam to complete his mission.

Hailey groaned round the foul cock in her mouth as Sam buried his cock deep into her, his own pre-cum lubricating the passage allowing him to drive deeper.

Sam set off in a very fast pace fucking Hailey with the vigour and intensity that a 4-week abstinence of sex brings. Hailey's head was spinning partly due to lack of oxygen as Sam's fucking was pushing her onto Harry's cock and forcing it down her throat. Sam was intense but quick and before very long and had pushed his knot into Hailey and began pumping his seed as his knot swelled and locked him inside.

To her shame, Hailey felt her body respond to Sam's frantic fucking and almost without warning she felt her orgasm rise like a tsunami about to hit. The intense feelings was too much and Hailey moaned and groaned as her climax burst inside.

Harry was beside himself as although he had watched videos and witnessed Hailey through the window this was the first time he had been this closely involved in a dog sex scene.

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Not caring about Hailey gagging Harry grunted as he ejaculated into Hailey throat causing her to choke and cough back the fluids he was releasing. Sam had turned and was standing ass to ass with Hailey still pumping his seed deep into his bitch, breeding her before finally spent pulled away with a plop as his knot and cock slipped from her body.

Harry stood and wiped his cock in Hailey's hair and looked down at the mess on his jeans, "I should send you a cleaning bill," he sneered though it was unlikely that the jeans had ever seen the inside of a washing machine. Tucking himself away, Harry picked up the lead and clipped it to Sam's collar before patting Hailey on the ass saying, "see you in a week, enjoy your holiday&hellip.

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Oh and when you pick your boy up come prepared for a treat." Hailey was still on all fours trying to catch her breath, the tears streaming down her face as Harry walked out of the door taking Sam with him.

Glancing at the clock Hailey realised she had less than an hour to clean up the kitchen, get showered and packed for their holiday before her family came home.