Sex video scandal of newly wed

Sex video scandal of newly wed
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Meg is almost exactly like any girl her age.


She goes to school, puts up with annoying teachers, and occasionally tries to get laid. I say almost because Meg is not like other girls because due to a mixing in her 23rd pair of chromosomes she was born with a female's body and a male sex organ. However that was the only affect of this strange mutation, the rest of her body developed like any average female.

Meg lay asleep in her bed like she did every morning when her mom woke her up for another day of school. Meg shook the morning grogginess from her head and headed for the bathroom. She took her usually place in front of the toilet for her morning piss. She let out her long stream while rubbing the base of her shaft and thinking about the day to come. After finishing she hopped in the shower and turned the hot water on. The feeling of the warm water on her nipples brought her semi-erect cock to full attention.

She began to pump her cock while myriads of fantasies drifted through her head. She knew that she couldn't spend all day in the shower so to speed things up she dribbled a long line of drool onto her left hand and began massaging the juices into her asshole with one hand while continuing the masturbation with her other hand. She began to imagine what it would feel like to have someone lick her asshole while jacking her off.

Then she removed the hand from her ass and began sucking her index and middle finger deep into her throat. After she thought enough lube was applied she move them back to her ass and began pushing first one and then two in and out of her ass. Meg started to imagine what it would be like to have someone fuck her asshole while someone else sucked her rock hard cock. The more she got into it the harder it was to control her moaning and soon she was letting out little whimpers each time her fingers would reach their max depth.

Chris woke up to the sound of his sister getting into the shower. He lay in bed a while thinking about how unfair it was his sister got to shower first cause she usually used up most of the hot water and he always had to hurry his showers as the water got continuously colder. As he lay their thinking mean thoughts at his sister a sinister idea snuck into his head. He filled a cup up with ice cold water and then tiptoed to the bathroom with plans of giving his sister a taste of cold showering.

As he slid open the door he was shocked at what he saw. The shower curtain was closed but it was transparent enough to clearly make out his sister vigorously stroking a large appendage that originated from her groin.

This would have been enough to make Chris leave but as he was quietly shifting the door back close he heard his sister's quiet whimpers. This aroused his curiosity enough that he had to take a little closer look. Leaning forward from his spot just inside the door he noticed the two fingers constantly working back and forth into his sister's ass. Figuring he had already cut it close enough he slipped back out of the bathroom and hurried back into his room.

Chris had always thought of himself as a pure heterosexual. He masturbated to thousands of pictures and movies of chicks on the internet and always fantasized about women in his class.

Yet he didn't deny that porn with anal sex in it usually made him more aroused then just regular sex.

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He also noticed how much his sister seemed to be enjoying it and as someone always looking for the best way to get himself off he thought he might try it.

So he fired up his computer and went to one of his favorite sites to get himself warmed up. He started rubbing his dick while surfing for a good porn video.


Once he was hard and had a nice anal feature up on his screen he began to suck on his index finger to get it nice and lubed up. He started rubbing his asshole to get it loosened up while stroking off to the chick on the screen stretching her ass with a long dildo.

He realized he would need more lube if he wanted to really penetrate himself but he was kind of grossed out at the thought of licking his finger once it had been all around his asshole. What choice did he really have though? Once he tasted the finger he realized he actually kind of enjoy the musky sweaty flavor of his own ass. Once he realized the part he thought was going to be the worst was actually kind of fun in itself he really went to town. He plunged his finger in as deep as he could and started really beating his meat.

The more he got into it the more he enjoyed the feeling of the finger in his ass and the hand on his cockflesh. Soon he had the volume on his headphones cranked and two fingers deep inside himself. Meanwhile Meg who had gotten an earlier start was almost reaching her climax. She started to imagine what it would be like to meet two other lady boys like herself and what it would feel like to be sandwiched in-between them with one of their cocks up her ass and one of their assholes stretched around her aching boner.

Just then she heard an urgent knocking sound from outside the door. "Hurry up Meg," Her father huffed, "I got to take a shit and I'm late for work as it is!" "Fuck." thought Meg as she was ripped from her fantasies. She quickly finished up the rest of her shower and stepped out to change.

"No time to get dressed honey, if I'm late for work one more time I'm going to get fired and I'm prairie dogging it out here as it is." Peter said from the other side of the door, "Just grab a towel, you can change in your room." As soon as Meg started to turn the handle her father was pushing the door open and flying past her. She exited as quickly as she could and headed for her room. While passing Chris's room she heard the unmistakable sounds of loud porn on headphones.

She figured she would pop in to give him a little scare. She told herself it was just to teach him that he wasn't fooling anyone with those headphones when he turned it up that loud but deep inside she also knew she wanted a look at that cock. She had fantasized about her brother's cock ever since two summers ago when she saw the unmistakable huge bulge in his shorts when their family went swimming and Lois had worn her skimpy two piece swim suit.

As she slid the door open she was amazed at what she saw.

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Chris had his chair turned around and was kneeling on it backwards. He had his ass poked up in the air and he was sliding two fingers in and out while keeping pace with the fist he had wrapped around his massive member. Once Chris noticed that Meg had just walked in he quickly jumped up and tried to hide his ass by pointing it towards the wall.

However this only served to aim his massive member right at his sister. "Well, it seems we have a bit of an anal fetish, hey Chris?" Meg asked with a wicked grin appearing on her face. "Ya, well you didn't seem to be to disgusted by it this morning in the shower." Chris said, his face turning bright red.

"Oh you saw that," it was Megs turn to change a few shades. "Well… umm… what did you think about it?" Meg said, purposely averting her eyes to the floor.

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"Uh… I guess it made me curious," Chris said looking around, "I guess that's why I came in here." Chris began to wonder if maybe his sister would let him fuck her ass, after all she did look pretty sexy in just that towel. "I mean I was surprised it felt as go— "No, I'm not talking about anal I'm talking about… you know&hellip. It." Meg said gesturing towards her still semi hard penis. "Oh, right" said Chris, " Ya I've know about that for years" Chris lied. He had decided to play it cool because he was still imaging his sister sitting on his cock.

"Oh," sighed Meg with relief "Ya I think I like it a lot, although it's not quite as nice as yours." And with that said she reached out and took hold of Chris's cock. As soon as her hands came in contact with it immediately sprung to attention and grew to its fully engorged size.

"Ha-ha," Meg let out a little laugh as she began to slide her hand up and down it and it bobbed to Chris's heartbeat. Then Meg lowered herself and started moving her head in to suck the head of Chris's dick when suddenly she stopped.

"Oh I'm sorry do you mind if I suck your cock," she asked Chris with a deviate smile on her face. "Ah shit, you can do whatever you want Meg," Chris said with a big grin on his face. "Ok, but I'm going to hold you to that," Meg said while winking. Then she plunge her head onto his shaft and began bobbing her head up and down like it was the only cock she was ever going to suck.

"Mmmmmm were you jacking off with the same hand you had in your ass?" Meg asked, "I think I taste ass on this cock." And with that said she moved her head up under his sac and began to lap at his asshole. "Oh ya defiantly got some ass taste," she giggled while moving her head back to the tip of his cock. Chris just sat speechless, shocked by his sisters boldness.

Meg continued sucking his cock with the same vigor she showed before. Occasionally she paused to let some of the extra spit drip onto her hand which she preceded to rub into Chris's anus. Soon she had two fingers worked up into his ass to the first knuckle. She began pistonning her head in sync with the pumping of her two fingers.

"Holy shit Chris," Meg exclaimed, "I have to stretch my arms just to reach your hole while sucking your cock!" "My arms are getting tired just from holding them out. Here let's try this." Having said that she took his hand and led him to the bed.

"Here lie down on your back and put your knees up in the air I want to try something." Chris happily obeyed laying just as she directed.

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Meg then slide up next to his ass and began rubbing the head of her cock on his ass. "Whoa I don't know." Chris said "Hey you said I could do anything," said Meg. Then she started to slide her cock into his practically virgin asshole. "You're just lucky you don't have to try to take this beast, that monster is going to be tough even for me" Meg said while moving his cock towards her face.

Because of the position they were in and the size of Chris's member she was able to take his cock in her mouth while sliding her cock into his tight tube. Once Chris realized what she had been planning all along he relaxed, also he didn't miss the comment about her taking his massive dong into her little hole. As they both got into the stride of this strange position their pleasure increased tenfold. Soon Meg was crying out every time she pushed her cock into the tight warm hole and Chris was grunting every time she swallowed his cock down as far as she could.

" Wait, "said meg " We should do this again when were both going to cum, but I got to try out this monster before we finish." Then she pulled her cock out of his ass and took her mouth off the huge member. "I think she should be lube up enough by now," Meg said.

Meg then stood up over Chris and began to squat down onto Chris's anaconda. As she slowly started impaling herself her ass had to stretch to accommodate such a huge object. She sat still for a while after the first few inches and waited for her ass to adjust itself.

Then she began bouncing up and down on it slowly taking a bit more each time. As she got used to this new size and it started feeling good she started stroking her cock. They started getting into a rhythm with chips grunting every time she reached the max she could take and Meg moaning every time she started pulling off. After a bit more Meg complained her legs were getting tired.

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"Okay I can't take much more of this position let's move again." "Wait, wait just a little bit more of this then we can change," bartered Chris.

"Oh, you mean you really like it like this hey?" Meg questioned with a little grin.

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She then started to piston up and down on his cock faster than ever. "Oh ya you like it like that don't you, you big fuckin' machi--- Just then one of Meg's legs slipped out from under her and she fully impaled herself on the full length of Chris's huge slong. "GAAAAAAH", shouted Meg. "Oh shit," gasped Chris as he tried to remove himself from his wriggling sister's anus. "No, No don't do that" winced Meg. "Just leave it there. Give me a second to adjust." Meg then tried to move her ass off a little at a time by rocking back and forth.

After a couple minutes doing this it started to feel really good to be so fully penetrated. She started stroking her cock and told Chris to start humping her tight little cheeks. Soon she was sliding him almost all the way out and slamming back into him. "Oh ya give it to me hard," said Meg her voice rising in her lust. "Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me. Oh ya fuck your sister's tight little asshole. Fuck it like you mean it!" "Oh shit," said Chris the combination of dirty talk and the intense anal action almost pushing him to climax."I'm going to cum if we keep this up," he gasped.

"Wait no, I want to taste your hot spum," commanded Meg. She then pulled Chris's cock out of her ass with a little *pop*. Once again she returned to the position with her cock in Chris's asshole and his cock pushing deep into her throat.

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"Mmmmmm thats more like it," Meg said smacking her lips, "Now I get a nice ass taste too." That last comment was enough to send Chris over the edge. He began pumping his hot load into his sister's mouth. She greedily sucked out every bit she could find. Meanwhile the combination of the taste of the salty sweat sperm in her mouth and the new tightness around her cock caused by the contraction of Chris's muscles during climax was too much for Meg and she started spewing hot ropes deep inside Chris's love tube.

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She continued humping and sucking until she was sure every bit of cum and escaped both of them. Then she got down on her knees and spat the hot cum from her mouth into Chris's gaping asshole. With that done she started tonguing his ass mixing the semen in a double cum ass cocktail which she preceded to slurp down hungrily. "Mmmm my two favorite flavors. Cum and Ass juice. "Oh man that was great," said Chris, "We got to do that again sometime." "Ya, maybe… how about after scho--- Oh shit!

We're going to be late for school if we don't both hurry up," remembered Meg. "Shit I need another shower, We don't have enough time for both of us to though. I guess we'll have to share," said Meg winking and then grabbing her towel and running to the bathroom. First story so if anyone likes let me know I'll try to right more similar ones depending on votes/comments.