DOUBLE ANAL fucked twink covered in semen

DOUBLE ANAL fucked twink covered in semen
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The Gymnast, My Mom & sister 4 I heard Mom come down the hall and tried to open my door. When it didn't open she knocked and said Bobby let me in, I need to talk to you. "Go away, I don't want to talk to you or see you." Please Bobby we have to talk.

I can't let the night go by without at least explaining that situation.


"There's nothing to explain, go away." I could hear her heavy breathing and she was crying. Please Bobby, open the door, she whispered.

Go to bed Mom, if I decide I want to talk to you I will knock on your door. Right now I'm to upset to talk. Alright but please come, I can't let the night go by without talking this out. I heard her go to her room. I was sitting there quite pleased with myself. Played that just right I thought. Rachel came to the door and said what's going on? Let me in. Go to bed Rachael I'll explain it all to you tomorrow. I took a quick shower and put on a touch of colon.

I put on a fresh pair of clean boxer's on and after about forty five minuets I went and knocked on her door and walked in. Mom was in bed and she sat up pulling the covers up to her chest. Thank you Bobby please come and sit here; she patted the bed beside her.

In stead Instead of sitting I lifted the covers and got in bed beside her. I sat up leaning my back against the head board. Ok talk I said, trying to be as stern as I could. She looked at me like a startled deer but didn't say anything. Oh Bobby, it's going to be hard to explain what you saw but I will try. For the last two years your Dad has been working in town every week and only comes home on the weekends.

That was Ok because he took care of my needs and I was able to get thru the week without any problem. But for the last four Months he has been exhausted when he comes home and just drinks a few hi balls and goes to sleep.

Do you under stand what I'm saying? "I believe so, you're saying that when you got horny Dad always took care of it but for the last four months he hasn't." Yes that pretty much sum's it up, she said. "Well is that any reason for tonight" I said trying to be indignant. She put her face in her hands and started to cry.

What I am about to say is very hard for me. Remember a couple of weeks ago when we were watching TV and I was in my robe? Yes I said. Well for several weeks before that I was getting pretty horny from being neglected by your father. You left your door partially open one night and I saw you come out of your bathroom.

You didn't have any clothes on and I saw how well built you were. It made me real horny and I went into my bedroom and masturbated. I got real upset with myself for getting turned on by my own son. However I couldn't seem to get you out of my mind.

I even started bating you. "How did you do that," I said. Well I purposely walked in front of the sliding door knowing you could see thru my gown. When I saw the effect it had on you I got even hornier. So when we were watching TV that first time I let you see up my gown and really got turned on when I saw what it did to you, I almost had an orgasm it made me so wet.

I started fantasizing about you. What it would be like to have you inside me. And then that night when I came in with only my robe On and let you see my breasts and my vagina I couldn't stand myself anymore. I felt so ashamed for doing that to you and not controlling my emotions. All the time she was talking my dick kept getting harder and harder.

She was sobbing and here body was shuddering. I reached over and pulled her to me and she buried her head into my chest.

It's Ok Mom, tell me about Teri. Well the next night after going over the new routines we took a shower together.

I knew she was a butch but didn't think anything of it at the time. She suggested we take a sauna and I said Ok, I really need one. We sat in the sauna talking for awhile and I didn't realize how close she was. She reached out and put her hand between my legs and leaned over and kissed me. I was stunned and didn't know what to do. She pushed her hand up forcing my legs apart and put her finger into my vagina. I just sat there looking wild eyed.

I knew I should have stopped her but when she took her finger and rubbed my clit I just came apart. I opened my legs to her and she pushed me down on the bench and went down on me. She made me cum so many times I soaked the bench we were laying on and we have been doing it almost every night since.

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I figured that now was the time to act. Oh Mom, I wish you had come to me. I have been fantasizing about you for over two years. Ever since I stole that picture of you when you were naked I've wanted to fuck you. What picture? One of those you have in your closet. You know the picture with you squatting looking directly at the camera. I think it was while you were going to college.

She said oh my god I had forgotten all about them.


I lifted her head and leaned down and kissed her. I put my hand on her breast and squeezed. She pulled back and said no Bobby we can't even though I have wanted too we can't its incest and it is against the law, I could go to jail. Which to me meant she didn't say she positively wouldn't. I scooted down and pulled her down to me. I said no one will ever know and I put my arm behind her neck and kissed her, forcing my tongue between her lips. At the same time sliding my hand between her legs and I shoved a finger into her pussy.

Boy was she wet I think it may have been because of being with Teri earlier. She tried to push me away but I held her tight and continued to explore her mouth with my tongue while running my finger in and out of her pussy. When I began to finger her clit she lost all pretenses of struggling.


Her tongue began to explore my mouth with a vengeance. She spread her legs wide and let me put another finger inside her hot box.

I finger fucked her for awhile before sliding down between her legs and opened her beautiful cunt lips and mashed my face into her pubic hair driving my tongue deep into her.

She cried out, Oh christ Bobby it feels so good, I know it is wrong but I can't help myself I want you so. Oh Bobby I can't believe it, I'm, I'm, oh honey I'm going to YES I'm Cummmmmming.

I was licking and sucking her pussy lips and running my tongue over her clit like a mad man. I felt like I wanted to swallow her whole pussy. Finally after a long time I scooted back up taking one of her beautiful firm round tits into my mouth and began to suck.

Her nipple popped out and I ran my tongue over and around it. I inserted my cock into her hot box. She was not as tight as Rachel but it was so nice to be fucking my Mother at last. Her pussy lips locked onto my cock and I felt her milk my cock as I slid in and out of her. Oh she felt so good, I was in paradise. I began fucking her nice and slow because I didn't want to cum to soon.

I was in heaven. I think the only reason I lasted as long as I did was because I had fucked so much the night before. She was Cuming in bucket loads and drenching the bed. All the while she was softly screaming. OH MY GOD, OH, OHMYGOD I can't stop Cuming. I can not believe what you are doing to me. You have me so hot my vagina feels like it's on fire. Christ, I can't believe it I'm starting again already, yes, yes Bobby oh yes it's almost there, don't stop, OH SHIT YES.

I said shuuuush you'll wake Rachel. She grabbed the pillow and screamed into it ahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug, and she shoved her pelvic bone up to my crotch as she came. That did it I lifted and spread her legs wide and began to pile drive that wonderful pussy that I had come out of. I forced every inch of my seven inches down into that wonderful hot fuck hole. I was going so fast it's a wonder we didn't start a pubic hair fire.

I felt my balls well up and I shoved down as hard and as far as I possibly could and shot my load directly into her hot cunt. I moaned Oh Mother you feel so good, you make me so hot I'm never going to stop fucking you. She hugged me real hard and came again. I laid there for only a few moments before starting to fuck her again.

My cock was still rock hard. I couldn't seem to get enough of her. She said, Oh Bobby I don't know if I can go any more, I think you have drained me. I smiled to myself thinking lets see. I again started slow and easy and her pussy was as slick as it could be.

I slid in and out of her with ease. It took only a few minutes before I felt her pussy lips lock again onto my cock squeezing the sides as I slid in and out ever so slowly. She began to push in unison with me and I increased my tempo a little. I worked her pussy for the next thirty five minuets and she was whispering, I can't believe I'm still able to have more orgasms and she shoved her pubic bone hard against me and grabbed my ass and I felt her cum all over my cock.

I kept right on that same tempo and after about four minutes I felt her cum again. Now she would just murmur mmmmmmmmmmmmm when she got off. We were in another world she and I, and about every three or four minutes I would hear that mmmmmmmmm.

As she would cum again and again. They were not as intense as before but she still kept Cumming. I heard the clock strike two and realized we had been at it since just after ten.

My cock was so hard and I didn't feel any inclination of shooting my load. It was like it was frozen stiff. I thought I had better do something before I got what the kids at school called the blue balls which can be very painful. I again raised her legs high and spread them as wide as I could and began to fuck her like a piston out of control.

I was sweating like a pig after about ten minutes and there was no indication I was going to cum. Mom was Cuming again like a fountain. She was screaming into the pillow as she came time after time and said Bobby I can't handle anymore. I reached down and took a hand full of her cum and massaged it into Moms ass. Her sphincter muscle was tight but pliable. I pulled out of her honey spot and forced it thru that tight muscle and she opened up and I buried my rod deep into her ass.

Mom said Oh shit that hurt. We lay like that for a few minutes until her ass hole relaxed and the pain subside. Then I began to fuck that tight hole. She whispered, oh Bobby, it's been so long since I have had that done to me. I had forgotten how good it feels.

I had her legs bent clear over her head and was driving my cock deep into her anal cavity. Yes, Bobby fuck me oh yesss fuck me hard Bobby, god it feels so good. I pounded her like that for about six or seven minutes when I felt that familiar urge. I whispered, here I come ready or not. That seemed to really excite her. As I would drive my seven inch pole into her ass she was trying to push her ass towards my cock.

She couldn't move much but she was trying. I shoved it in deep and grabbed her butt and pulled her tight against me an shot a good size load deep into her anal cavity. She began to shake her ass and milk my cock as she had a last orgasm. She said I have never been made love to like that in my whole life. We fell asleep with my cock up her ass. About four o'clock I woke up because Mom was on her back moaning and thrashing around.

I looked down and saw a head under the covers and between Moms legs. I realized it must be Rachel. I looked under the covers and she looked up and I swear her eyes were twinkling as I grinned at her. I laid back and waited to see what would happen. It didn't take long before Mom woke while having a climax. She looked over at me and realizes it wasn't me. She thru back the covers and saw who it was making her feel so good.

CHRIST RACHEL, what do you think you're doing? Eating your pussy what does it look like mother? Mom tried to push her head away but Rachel had her arms locked around Moms legs so she couldn't get away and went right back to eating Moms pussy.

Mom looked at me and said christ Bobby do something. I put my arm across her body and kissed her ear and whispered. Don't fight it just lay back and enjoy. She started to cry and said my god what kind of a slut mother have I become, letting my son fuck me and my daughter eat me and I'm loving it.

I gave her a passionate kiss running my tongue into her mouth. I whispered you're the most wonderful Mother any son or daughter could want. We love you so very much, she thru her arms around me and kissed me passionately as I felt her rear her ass up into Sis's face and I new she had climaxed once more. Rachel continued to eat Mothers pussy and she continued to have one climax after the other.

I crawled up on Mom and sat on her tits and stuck my cock into Mothers mouth. She gagged and I wasn't sure if it was because I was so big or the fact I had not washed myself off after fucking her in the ass earlier. Anyway it didn't take long before she was sucking me like a pro. I was surprised when I noticed she could take more of me than Rachel. I was hitting the back of her throat and she was trying not to gag but open her throat as much as possible.

I had almost all of me in her mouth as she sucked my cock. It wasn't to long before I felt that urge and I told her I was going to cum. She sucked even harder as I drove my cock in and out of her throat and mouth. When I came Mom choked and coughed but swallowed most of it. Rachel finally came up for air. She had Moms love juices all over her face chin and chest. I hope you saved enough for me Bobby; I need a good fucking since you wouldn't let me come to your room earlier. Mom looked at me with her eyes wide and said, My god Bobby, are you fucking your sister too?

Rachel chimed in, I practically forced him too when I caught him fucking Jennifer and Margaret. I had wanted Bobby to fuck me since I was twelve years old. Now we can all live happily ever. We can make love to each other for as long as we live. Mom just shook her head in bewilderment and said you have been fucking some of my students too? Rachel then leaned over and took me into her mouth and began to suck. It only took a few minutes to get me hard again.

Sis than jumped on top of me and buried my cock into her already wet pussy.

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She rotated her hips and ground her pussy into me and then began to ride up and down my cock. It must have excited Mom watching Sis fuck me because she was finger fucking her swollen pussy. I said no need to do that.

Come over here and sit on my face and let me suck that wonderful pussy of yours. She crawled over and knelt over me lowering her pussy onto my face. I stuck my tongue up into her pussy and began to lick and suck her clit and pussy. Our timing was perfect; we each climaxed within seconds of each other.

I laid there with Rachel and Mom on each side of me with my arms under their heads.I looked at the clock and it was almost six o'clock in the morning. I remembered that Dad would be coming home this morning and didn't know just when. I suggested we get up and take a shower since Dad was coming home today. Shit, your right said Mother. I better change the sheets too, she said with a grin.

Dad got home about nine thirty and we all sat down to breakfast. What mischief have you two been getting into this past week? We both grinned like banshee's and said "Dad you know we never do anything you would be ashamed of." Dad started telling Mom about the operation, so Rachel and I went out and fed the horses.

While I was brushing My horse I looked over and Rachel was rubbing her pony's dick. It came out of the sheath and she said look Bobby he's bigger than you.

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I said and to big for you. I wonder, and she got that far away look in her eyes. "Do you want to try," I said. Sometimes I used to, but now that I have you to fuck I won't. She walked over behind our big eucalyptus and bent over an old stump and pulled up her dress and said well! Come over here and fuck me before I change my mind and let my pony do it. I laughed and looked over at the house to make sure no one could see us and I took my dick out of my pants and put it in her mouth.

I need to be primed first I said. In spite of all the fucking I had done she was still able to get me hard. I gave her little pussy a good going over; making her cum several times before I faked having a climax. We walked back to the house. Rachel's pussy always seemed wet and she was always ready to fuck at a moments notice.

She still like to eat her own pussy and would do it when there was a lull in fucking. The rest of the day we just fooled around the gym. We snuck in the sauna and I fucked Rachel again. I wasn't able to cum then either but she sure did. I faked it after she had cum a few times. That night Rachel and I watched TV while Mom and Dad went to bed about eight thirty. About thirty minutes after they went to bed we snuck over to their room and listened.

Sure enough Dad was fucking Mom. What a coincidence, she was finally getting fucked by Dad but after she had been fucked all night by me. I wondered if Dad could notice how puffed her pussy lips were. Sunday was pretty much the same except at lunchtime Dad and Rachel were out in the gym working out and I slipped up behind Mom and pulled her dress up and bent her over, she wasn't wearing any underwear so I stuck my cock into her pussy.

She was as wet as if we had been petting. I said been thinking about me have we? Shit Bobby, what if your Dad comes in? Just watch out the window and we will be OK. I began to pump my cock in and out of her and she was pushing back at me. I fucked her good like that for about twenty minutes and she was moaning and shoving her ass hard back at me on every thrust of my cock.

I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her tight and shot my load deep into her pussy. She said, Oh Bobby what am I going to do. I can't get you and your wonderful cock out of my mind.

I seem to want you inside me all the time. Even while your Dad was making love to me I was thinking of you. It made me cum more than I usually do with your Dad. Just keep feeling that way I said and I felt like superman.

"By the way what are you going to do about Teri?" Break it off I guess. Now that I have you to fuck and my daughter to eat my pussy I don't need her she giggled. Ok, I said I thought maybe you might like her to join us. Christ no, I never want an outsider to know about us. If some one found out they could turn me in and I would got to jail and your father would divorce me. Rachel asked me if it was all right to come to my room tonight, but I said we better cool it.

No sense in taking a chance of ruining things, besides I thought I needed a little break. We all went to bed about Ten. I woke up about one o'clock and went into the kitchen and drank a whole quart of milk.

Mom came into the kitchen and said, I thought I heard you up. I couldn't sleep, I kept thinking about you she said. We embraced and I pulled up her nigh tie and bent her over the kitchen table and inserted my cock into her already wet cunt. She through her legs up around my waist and I began fucking her. Suddenly Rachel appeared and said no fair starting without me. She climbed up on the table and squatted down on Moms face and she grabbed Moms head and forced her face into her pussy.

What a sight we must have been. My Mom eating her daughter's pussy and getting fucked by her son. We were so turned on that it wasn't any time before Mom was Cumming on my cock, and Rachel was Cumming all over Moms face. I finally drove my cock up into her dripping cunt and blew another load deep inside her womb. I told Mom she better wash her face before going back to bed, we didn't want Dad smelling his daughter's pussy juice on her face. We all giggled and went to our respective beds.

Monday Morning Dad got up early and went back to the hospital. Rachel and I must have gotten the same idea, because as soon as we heard Dads car drive away we both ran into Moms bedroom and jumped into bed.

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Snuggling up to Mom we all went back to sleep. I woke up with Rachel sitting on my lap with my cock in her pussy. She leaned over and said I wanted to get some first because I know you prefer fucking Mom.

I said that's not true, I love fucking you both. Mom woke up and watched Rachel ride up and down my cock. She said when your thru I want to make love to Rachel while you fuck me in the ass doggy style. Ever since Saturday, my ass has been aching to have your wonderful cock in it. I started rearing up into Rachel making her cum and then I grabbed her by the ass & waist and faked Cumming.

I rolled Sis onto her back and Mom positioned herself in front of her and went down on her. I took a little jelly Mom had by her bedside table and massaged it into Moms ass hole.

I inserted my cock into her ass and shoved it all the way in. I fucked her real good, long slow strokes in and out of her shitter. Rachael was Moaning something about Mom being a great pussy eater.

I watched Rachel cum several times before I grabbed Mom by the hips and shoved my prick deep inside that very tight ass blowing my nuts all over the inside of her shit hole.

We snuggled up to each other and laid quiet for about a half hour before showering and getting dressed. We had breakfast without incident as Mom was already in her leotards.

Rachel and I fed the horses and the dogs. Our biggest Dog was a German Shepard and weighed about a 110lbs. There had never been an incident with him until about four days later. We had fed the animals and Rachel was sitting on that stump behind the tree. Rachel had started her period (thank goodness) when Shep (that was the dog's name) came up to Rachel and shoved his nose between her legs and stuck his nose against her panties.

She squealed and jumped up and pushed him away saying bad dog. I laughed, and said looks like even the animals want to fuck you. She said you think so?

Looked like it to me I was grinning from ear to ear. I was shocked to hear her say maybe I will give him a chance tonight after every one is gone. Why don't you help me? Bring him to the gym later. Hell why not, I kind of got excited thinking about it. I'll do it when I go out and clean up.

You can let him fuck you in the sauna. At noon Mom came into the house for lunch and told us that she had told Rita that under the circumstances she would have to let her go. She said Rita cried a little but understood and left. Mom looked so cute in her leotards that I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table and pulled her leotard crotch aside and shoved my cock into her. She said Oh Bobby you alway feel so good inside me. I sometimes think how nice it would be if your cock would stay inside me 24 hours a day.

I said well I would do the best I could in that respect. We fucked like that until she had to go out to her afternoon class. I didn't cum but I made Mom cum a half dozen times. Mom Said, you know son I have climaxed more times in the last several days than I have my whole life before you and Rachel. That night after supper I told Mom I was going out to the gym to clean up for tomorrow's class.

Rachel said I'll help you. Mom said Ok, I'd like to take a nice long bath anyway. I told Rachel to go to the Sauna and I'd bring Shep in. I went over to Shep and said looks like this is your lucky day. I undid his chain and snapped his leash onto his collar. I led him into the gym and turned off the gym lights and went into the Sauna.

Rachel was sitting there with nothing but her tampon strap. I undid the leash and Rachael took off the holder and pulled the tampon out of her pussy.

She spread her legs and old Shep dove right in. licking her vagina and running his tongue about three inches up her snatch.

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She started moaning, Ohhhh Bobby his tongue feels so good, it's a little rough but it… Ohhhhhh, shit he is making me cum she said before she finished her sentence.

Oh christ, there, yes, yes, that's it Shep, lick my cunnie and her legs began to tremble and she came all over Shep's nose. The more she came the harder and faster he licked. Finally she pushed his head away and said that's enough now I want to be fucked.She turned around getting on her hands an knees.

He again started to lick her cunt from behind. I reached under him and gave his cock a couple of pulls. We had used Shep a couple of times for breeding. His cock began to slid out of his sheath and he jump up on her back and his front paws began to dig into he back, She started crying, so I pulled him off her and said I'll be right back.

I went to the bathroom closed and got one of our big terry cloth towels. I went back to the sauna and Shep was still trying to eat her pussy. She got back down on her knees again and put her arms and chin on the bench. I draped the towel over her back and helped him mount her again.

He started humping and trying to find a hole to drive his dick into. All of a sudden Rachel screamed, pull him off Bobby he's in my ass. I looked and sure enough he was fucking her tight ass a mile a minute.

I reached around and pulled his dick out of her ass and guided his dick into her pussy and let him go. She said shit that hurt. She soon forgot about it as Shep started fucking her pussy.

His dick was going in and out of her like a jack hammer. She said oh my god what's happening. He is swelling up inside me and his knot was slamming in and out of her pussy until he shoved it way in and held her there and you could see him giving her these short little jabs.

She said Oh Bobby I can feel him shoot his stuff way up inside me. My pussy won't stop Cumming Bobby. I'm having a climax every time he squirts up inside me. I was fascinated and I got a hard on. Shep finally stopped pumping her and soon turned around so they were ass to ass. She said oh god Bobby it won't come out. I'm tied to him. I lifted her head and got between her and the bench and sat down and I took my cock out and placed it in her mouth.

You might as well do something while we wait for him to shrink his knot I grinned. She took me into her mouth and began to suck. What a sight, her sucking my dick while being tied to the family dog.

We both herd the "Plop" as his knot pulled out of her. My god Bobby I have never felt as hot as to when that knot was in me and I could feel him shoot stream after stream of his doggy juice up inside me. His dick was so damn hot. I said, do you think he loosened up your ass enough for me? I laughed. No, it really hurt. I thought my ass hole was being pulled out. To bad I said, you have such a wonderful ass and it should be fucked some time.

No way she said.

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Well, how was it, do you think you'd like to do it again. It was wonderful and different but I'm not sure I want to try it again. I like fucking you. And she finished sucking my dick until I came in her mouth and like a dutiful sister she swallowed it all. It turned out not to be true. Two nights later I was cleaning the bathroom shower in the gym when I heard this horrible scream come from the sauna. I ran over and opened the door and there was Rachel with Shep mounted on her back.

Oh Bobby he hurt me so. I looked and he had fucked her in the ass and his knot had swelled up in side her ass hole and tied her. There was blood Cuming from her ass and her pussy. She was crying. I went and got a wet towel and when Shep's knot finally popped out I rubbed and cleaned her sore ass and pussy.

Her ass was wide open and I grinned because I knew I would have access to it from now on. I was fucking both Mom and Rachel almost every night at least once each. I didn't always come but I made sure they did at least three or four times.

I was fucking Rachel in the ass now as often as her pussy and she had cum to like it. Mom would go awhile not wanting it there and then she would want it in her butt every night for several nights. Mom could now take my cock all the way down her throat.

We were one happy family. The only time we were not fucking was on the week ends when Dad was home. Mom would get fucked by Dad about every other weekend. It was also a time when I got a little rest. Rachel after about a month started letting Shep fuck her again. She could now take his knot in both her ass and pussy. Rachel had an insatiable appetite for sex. I was wondering when she would get board and give her pony a shot. I had always enjoyed it when Rachel ate herself but now I fuck her in the ass while she is doing it.

When Mom first saw Rachel eating herself she couldn't believe it.

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Mom said as limber as she was she didn't think anyone could do that. Why don't you try and see if your as limber as Rachel? So she sat on the floor and tried to bend herself in half as Rachel and I watched. She came within about three inches of her pussy but couldn't quite make it.

I tried to push her head down further but the best she could do was another inch closer. What a turn on. A couple of days later after her class was gone I caught her trying again. She said she got close enough to touch her pubic hair ends. I laughed and said keep trying. She said I will, I want to know what it's like to eat one's own vagina.

I bet she does I thought. Well That's about it for now. I will write another chapter if something interesting come along. (The end) all rights reserved to the Author.

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