Excited teen enjoys older cock

Excited teen enjoys older cock
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Steve came back to the room, his wives start to get up but he says that is ok relax you do not have to stand. He gets a glass of water goes over to rose, hands her a pill, then goes to Hanna and gives her one too. Take this pill it will help with the pain! Both of them pop the pills, lay on the bed, then they pass out. Steve goes over to his computer to check on his accounts back in the USA to see if they had any problems or viruses.

After about a half hour there is a knock on his door, he opens the doorit is Jane in her burka. She comes in and says that Omar sent her to keep him company while his wives were out of order for a day or 2. Steve says to her that he thought she was getting married to Omar? She says yes she is but that doesn't mean Omar can not loan her out to a friend!

For the next day it will be like the old days ok Steve! Steve says " we are going to fight" Jane says "i do not do that, i know my place master" she goes over kneels in front of him, start kissing his pants in the crotch area.

Steve's cock is getting bigger in his jeans. Jane reaches up to open then pull down his pants and underwear, her mouth is now starting to suck on his cock.


(Years ago Steve had a hard time getting girls to suck his cock now he gets it all the time and he loves it ) Jane stops sucking says let use the room next door so we have a bed. They get up go to the next bedroom, get in the bed, Jane starts sucking again, Steve is just loving this because when they were dating she never love sucking cock so this is something really different.

He now shoots into the back of her mouth, she swallows every drop then licks the tip dry. I just love sucking dick now, tasting each mans different tasting come.

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Jane now takes off all of her clothes, takes Steve's off, gets up on Steve, puts his dick in her pussy and starts riding up, down, up down. (those pills from Omar are not only making his cock bigger but it now lasts a long time) Jane rides, rides and rides Steve's cock until he is shooting again way back inside her womb, she pushes her self all the way down on his dick and holds herself there until Steve stops shooting. Jane gets off Steve, cleans his cock with her mouth, then curls up next to him and they go to sleep.

The next day Jane and Steve wake up, Steve goes into the bathroom for his morning pee, Jane comes in and turns the shower on. Jane then pull him into the shower, starts washing him, his legs up to his ass, then his balls, cock, she kisses it again.

She has finished washing him now has him out drying him with a great big towel. Steve wrapped himself in the towel to go next door to get a change of clothes and see if his wives were awake. When he got there both woman were still sleeping, hugging each other wrapped up together holding each other tight. Steve dresses, gets ready to leave, looks over at his wives, they are still out. He goes down to the dinning room for breakfast. Omar meets up with him so they decide to eat together.

Omar tell him that in a month Hanna will be coming off of her shot and rose has 3 months to go. Steve says what shot? My doctor gives every woman a birth control shot that lasts 6 months or 1 year depending on the woman and what I have planned for them. Steve says he was wondering why Hanna was not getting pregnant! Omar asks if him wants them to have another shot or is Steve going to have children? "yes I want them to have children so we will skip the shot" Omar says that is why he has not married Jane yet!

I am waiting until the shot wears off so she can get pregnant on the night we get married. Sasha comes in sits down and tells Steve that they need a new computer in her private quarters so Jane can call home on skype to made sure her mom and dad know she is ok. Steve ask "that will not be problem?" Sasha says that Jane is completely in love with us and will do anything to stay here with us.


She will not tell her parents that she is a slave and that she will be marrying someone who has another wife but everything else she tells them will be the truth. "Jane is a real great girl now, she will do anything you want without asking a question." we can not wait until she marries us, starts having Omar's babies, she will look good pregnant!

Steve goes back to his room, his wives are awake but still in bed they can barely move. He goes over helps Hanna to the bathroom to do her thing then it is roses turn then back to bed. Steve gives them another pill and out they go again. Steve is ready to leave, go do some computer work when there is a knock on the door. It is Jane, she has another woman with her in their burkas she says "Steve do you need someone to help you with your work today" Steve says that he really does not but if she is offering she could help.

She says that she has other things to do but I would leave Nasim here with you to help, she speaks English so you two should get along ok. Jane leaves Nasim there then goes off. Steve tells her that we have to change computers in several rooms and now we have a new one going into Sasha quarters. I have some new computers in the computer room so we need a cart to load them on then we can go do some work.

A little while later they are at the computer room, pick up the computers go from room to room changing out computers, setting them up and test them. Nasim says she would like to learn this computer stuff it seams cool. Steve says well listen to you, you sound American with cool in your vocabulary.


Nasim says we watch a lot of tv from the states that is were I learned English so good. The day goes good ! They get everything done, go back to Steve's room to talk. Steve says how long have you been a slave? Nasim says since she was a little girl! My mother was a slave too! Do you like it? Yes now I do now, before I was a slave to this other master who was very nasty and cruel. He beat me, raped me treated me like dirt, then Omar bought me, everything changed!

I will do anything for Omar, he is the best master you could have.

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Steve says "can I see you without your burka on? Nasim starts take her burka off without even a question. First her head piece, then the rest of it drops on the floor. Steve looks, says wow another beauty!

Long dark hair, bright blue eyes, and a killer shape. Nasim takes the rest of her clothes off and is standing in front of Steve says is this ok master!

He says yes it is very ok. Nasim says do you want me to do anything for you? I am yours for the night! Steve says I guess we should go to the other bedroom and sleep there while my wives sleep here. They go next door to the other bedroom Steve ask her what is the one thing you do the best?

She thinks for a little while then says you will not like this but I am a good kisser! I do everything else but I really enjoy kissing, I really get into it.

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She goes up to Steve, starts kissing him, tongues go in, out of his mouth. She keeps it up, wraps her hands around his head, keeps kissing and kissing. Steve has to pull away to get his breath. He says if you are that good at that it is going to be a exciting night!

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Nasim say yes it is! She start kissing again then works her way down to his breasts, start sucking and biting them. He really loves this !

his cock is hard, her hand goes down start rubbing it, jacking him off. She now moves down to his belly button, starts kissing, tonguing it.

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At first Steve is very ticklish there but then it fades, she keeps up the love making to his belly button. His cock is getting bigger as he wants a blow job or a fuck but she keeps on with his belly, he is moving around pushing his cock up trying to get her to drop down to it and take in her mouth, but she keeps on with his belly button.

Finally she moves down, opens her mouth real big, takes his cock in but does not let it touch the side of her mouth. She breaths in, out, the hot air goes over his cock, he pushes up trying to feel her mouth. She has his cock all the way in but is not touching it, she then closes her lips around the base, gives it a real big suck. Steve explodes right away in to her mouth, her swallows and swallows.

Steve looks at her and says that he would say that was the best thing she does then it is kissing is second. She just has a devil smile on her face. His cock is still hard (Omar's pills) Nasim get up on top of him puts his cock into her pussy, move down then up again and again.

She pushes all the way down, gives out a little yell as his cock hits her cervix and pushes past it. She ride him for a half hour before Steve explodes again, there is sweat all over her face, her tits her breath is short as she collapses down on him. They lay that way for awhile then she pulls off of him, cleans off his cock with her mouth then moves up and lays next to him.

He says that with everyone of you girls sex is different, he can not believe that sex could be so good. The next morning nasim give him a big kiss, get dressed and leaves. He gets up, puts a robe on, goes next door to his wives, they are now getting up and feeling good. They are looking at the brands and are so happy to have them, they go over start kissing Steve. He says my 2 beautiful wives I love youwe are going to have a long life together!

They both say yes we are! All 3 go into the shower, the women bathe Steve as he looks at his brand on them, he loves it.