Schmutzig schwarzes Mädchen gefickt

Schmutzig schwarzes Mädchen gefickt
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Christian was a college sophomore who was a former member of the varsity swim team at his D1 school. He had decided to quit the team in early December, mainly because his love for the sport had slowly dwindled and the 20 hour a week time commitment was a lot to ask anyone to do if they didn't love it anymore.

Although he remained friends with the team and still hung out with them all on a regular basis, it was simply time for him to move on. When he went home over Christmas break after quitting the team, he decided to get himself his first tattoo to symbolize his new life without being an athlete.

Christian knew that his highly conservative parents would never approve of the tattoo of a bald eagle, which he got on his shoulder, so he had kept it hidden from them.


When Christian arrived back on campus after his 5 week break at home, he decided that he wanted to commit to lifting weights on a regular basis to both stay in shape and try to gain weight. Being a swimmer for his entire life did not help his naturally slim build.

At 5'11', Christian still only weighed 135 pounds. He knew that he had abs and muscles, however he felt as though the only reason they were so apparent was because he was skinny. With a new goal of gaining muscle mass, Christian began hitting the gym 5 days a week and started a regimented program of protein powder. Although Christian was no longer a member of the swim team, he still had the numerical door code to the varsity locker room and couldn't resist from using it whenever he finished working out at the gym.

He knew that he was not supposed to use the team's locker room, since he was no longer a member, however what harm would it cause anyone when they were not there? Besides, it gave him privacy from everyone else who was in the "common area" of the locker room.

One evening after working out, Christian decided to go for a quick swim for old time's sake to loosen up after a good lift.

He broke out his old speedo and swam for a short 15 minutes before heading to the locker room. He was not in the locker room one minute before he heard someone on the other side of the door punching in the door code. Christian couldn't help but immediately feel nervous, since he was not supposed to be in the varsity locker room. For the life of him he couldn't think of anyone who would be entering the locker room at this time in the evening, three hours after the team had finished their practice.

Before he could move, the door flung opened and a tall, white man with dark hair and a trimmed beard walked into the room. The man immediately looked at Christian and asked "Who are you? What are you doing in here? The team left hours ago." Christian quickly replied with a slight lie "My name is Christian, I'm a swimmer who just finished working out and am getting changed, who are you?" "My name is Jason, I am the custodian who works the night shift.

I've never seen an athlete in here this late. Usually the coaches like to get out of here earlier to get back home. Was this a late practice?" Christian couldn't help but feel like this guy was seeing right through his lie.

He decided to come clean and let him know the truth about his situation rather than make matters any worse, after all, he had never done anything wrong in his life and didn't want to start now. "Well, I'm not actually on the team anymore. I was, but I quit at the end of last semester. All my friends are still on the team and I still have the door code. I am not doing anything wrong and figured that I would just quickly get changed in here since nobody is using it now." Jason was staring at Christian from across the locker room.

"I see. So you really shouldn't be in here. I figured something might be up when I saw someone here this late. Tell me, what is your full name?" "Christian Vankerkay" A lightbulb went off in Jason's head.

"The same Vanderkay family that just donated all the money for the new addition they are making to this building?" Christian nodded his head. Jason then noticed Christian's eagle tattoo on this left shoulder. "Nice tattoo there, looks pretty new based on the coloring. When did you get it?" "I got it two weeks ago while I was home for the holidays." "Wow, what did your parents think of that?" Christian didn't feel like chatting with this guy much, but figured he had no choice since he was not supposed to be there.

He just hoped that Jason would let him leave and give him a warning not to use the locker room any more. "My parents don't know that I got the tattoo, they are opposed to them and always told me that they would not pay for my college education if I got one. " "Wow, quite the risk getting one then!" Said Jason. "Well, before I head out, I think it is only fair that I give you a quick spanking as a punishment for being in the locker room when you shouldn't be." Christian didn't believe his ears at first.

"Excuse me?" "I said, before I go, I will need to give you a spanking. The way I see it, you broke a rule by coming in here and need to be punished. A good old fashion spanking should do the trick." Christian felt a huge knot forming in his stomach.

This guy couldn't be serious. "I'm sorry, but there is a misunderstanding. I know I shouldn't be in here, and I'm sorry that I came in anyway, but I won't do it again. I didn't hurt anyone or steal anything, I will just grab my things and go." Jason just grinned and calmly replied "I don't think you understand.

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If you want to stay in college, you are going to get spanked right now. I can easily find your parent's contact information, everyone knows the Vanderkays. I am sure they would love to hear that their wonderful son has a large eagle tattoo on his shoulder and has been hiding it from them.

I'm sure they would also like to know he is breaking into areas on campus when he shouldn't be." Christian's heart sank. What would he do if his parent's found out about his tattoo? What choice did he really have? He knew they would cut his college funding without a second thought. If he wanted to stay in school he had to go through with this. "What do you want me to do?" "First, walk over this way" Jason pointed to a large empty wall that was just for hanging equipment. The only thing on the wall now was a few hooks, however there was nothing hanging.

Christian went to grab his shorts to put on top of his speedo (he quickly realized how close to naked he was), but Jason quickly said "you won't be needing those shorts, just keep what you're wearing." Christian, who had been used to wearing speedos since the time he was 5 years old and began competitive swimming, never felt so uncomfortable in a swimsuit in his life. He slowly walked over to the wall, feeling somewhat nauseous for what was about to happen. When he reached the wall, he turned to Jason and asked "Now what?" "Turn and face the fall and bend completely over, so that your head is between your knees." Christian did as he was told.

He was not overly flexible, so his ass stuck out slightly over his knees, which were still slightly bent. Jason appeared behind Christian with what like a cord of some kind.

He walked to Christian's left side and knelt down. "Okay, place your left hand on your left foot so that I can tie them together" Jason said.

"Wait, you didn't say anything about being tied up." Christian replied. "Well, I don't want you moving around too much, now do as I say or this whole thing is off and I contact your parents." Christian put his left hand on his left foot and Jason quickly began wrapping the cord around them.

Once they were tightly bound, he did the same to the right side. "You look great with your ass up in the air like that" Jason said. "Now, inch by inch, I want you to walk as close to the wall as you can" Christian walked, one foot (and hand), at a time until he could feel his back and head touch the large empty wall.

He was now bent completely in half, with his head between his knees and his ass up in the air. He was pushed up against the wall with nowhere to go.

All he was wearing was his speedo and was at the mercy of this janitor.

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Jason walked over to Chistian and stroked his hand across Christian's ass. He was massaging it and getting a really good feel. Christian did not have much of an ass to begin with, since he was so slim, but that did not seem to be bothering Jason. "You've got a tiny ass, boy. I'm going to love smacking it around for a while." Jason moved his hands down a little to feel Christian's balls. For what Christian was missing in ass, he made up for in balls. He had two golf ball sized testicles that seemed out of place on such a slim build.

You could say that he hadn't quite grown into them yet. "Nice balls you've got there". Said Jason Christian didn't say anything, but was in complete agony. Why was this guy feeling his balls? Jason went out of sight for a second and came back with a two by four that was about four feet long. "They are doing some construction upstairs, so I figured I would borrow this two by four to help me out with your spanking.

I'm sure they won't miss it in the mean time." Christian's heart jumped into his throat. He really could not move. His ass was up in the air, his head between his knees. The only thing protecting himself from the massive man holding a two by four was his speedo, which was not going to provide much cushioning. Jason lined himself up behind Christian, and held the piece of wood like a baseball bat.

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"Everyone else has left the building, since it is well past closing time, so feel free to scream as loud as you want, this probably won't feel too good for you." Jason wound up and swung with all his might. He put his 6'4" frame into the full force of the swing and landed the blow directly in the middle of Christian's ass.

The wood landed completely flush on both cheeks, making a loud clapping noise when it hit. Unfortunately for Christian, his body did not give any since the wall behind his back held him firmly in place. The sheer power of the impact sent a shooting pain through his entire body for a couple of seconds and left a sharp stinging on his ass directly where he was hit.

Christian had never felt anything quite like the pain he was feeling. His ass felt like it was on fire. He had never been spanked in his life, never mind with a two by four. He decided that he would not give Jason the satisfaction of screaming. He would hold his breath until he passed out for all he cared, but he would not scream. "I hoped you like that one, boy, because I am just getting warmed up!" Jason took his time swinging away at Christian's poor ass.

Christian was hoping that his ass would eventually go numb, but after a good 20 swats, each new smack hurt just as much as the last. He could tell that Jason was getting tired, because he was longer breaks between each lick.

Finally, Jason dropped the two by four and said "I'm disappointed that you didn't say a peep that entire time boy, I know I will find a way to make you squeal like the little pig you are though." Christian couldn't believe his ears. What was this guy talking about? Didn't he already get spanked? That was the deal, no more.


"You've already spanked me, no let me go" said Christian. "I'm only getting warmed up, boy" said Jason, who now had a pair of scissors in his hands. Jason walked up to Christian and once again stroked Christian's now very sensitive ass.

He put one finger underneath Christian's bathing suit and pulled at is slightly. He then slipped the scissors under the suit and began cutting it away. Within a few seconds the tiny speedo dropped to the floor, leaving Christian's tiny, red ass up in the air completely exposed.

Since Christian's ass was tiny, his little ass hole was very much exposed, with tiny cheeks on either side. He had a small, little hole that was a very light pink color. It was clearly very tight and had never been touched before. He had light fuzz, that could not really be considered hair growing on either side of his boy hole, but for the most part was hairless.

His impressive testicles, which hung down in a drooping fashion in a hairless sack, were also a slight shade of pink. On such a young looking 19-year old, golf-ball sized testicles looked out of place. His teenage penis hung down with his balls. He was well endowed and showed a 4.5 inch penis hanging down with his balls. Jason took a nice, long look at the view bent over in front of him.

He had never seen such a tiny, pink hole, or such large, hairless testicles. "Wow, boy, you really do have an impressive set of balls for such a tiny punk. Not a bad cock either, although I think I've got you beat in that department." Jason reached out and grabbed both of Christian's balls in his hand. Together, they were quite the handful, but Jason managed to grab them both and firmly pull on them. The sensation was somewhat uncomfortable to Christian, who let out a tiny grunt.

"That's okay boy, feel free to scream anytime you want, I like it better that way". "Fuck off.

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I will never give you the satisfaction you sick pervert." Replied Christian. "hahaha, that's what you think now". Jason let go of Christian's balls and they swung loosely back to their natural position.

He then positioned his hand directly behind Christian's testicles, placed his middle finger against his thumb and "flicked" Christian's right testicle as hard as he could. The impact of his finger on Christian's right nut was so hard that Christian thought his ball would explode. The pain was deep in his stomach and it quickly turned to nausea.

He felt light headed and on the verge of passing out. Through it all, however, he did not make a noise louder than a low grunt and some heavy breathing.

"Impressive pain tolerance boy, that one had to hurt like a bitch! " Jason walked away for a moment and Christian had nothing to do but wait in that same position, bent over. His legs and back were aching from being bent in the same position for so long, but he barely noticed due to the overwhelming pain in his gut from being hit in the balls. When Jason returned he had a bottle of conditioner in his hand, which he must have taken from one of the open lockers in the other room.

He squeezed a generous amount into his hand and walked up behind Christian. He then placed his hand right in the middle of Christian's ass crack and began rubbing the slippery cream on and around Christian's tight, pink hole.

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"STOP THAT!" Christian knew that there was nothing he could do, but he had to try and say something. "Stay away from me, leave me the fuck alone!" Jason circled Christian's tiny hole with his pinky finger, then lightly pushed it in. Christian's hole was so tight that Jason could feel it wrapped firmly around his pinky. He slowly, and very gently inserted his pinky all the way in (about 3 and a half inches), and all the way out.

He applied more conditioner three times to make sure that the hole was very greasy. Never once did he force more than just his pinky into Christian's tight boy hole. He wanted it to be nice and lubed up, but kept as tight as possible for his next plan.

Christian had given up on trying to tell Jason to stop fingering him. He realized that it only made Jason happier to hear him fight back, and Jason would never listen to him anyway. The sensation of having something shoved up his ass was completely foreign to Christian.

He hated the feeling and wished that Jason would stop. When Jason shoved his pinky into Christian's ass, Christian was so tense that it felt tight and uncomfortable, but the pinky was not large enough to cause any time of pain, for that Christian was thankful. Once Christian's tight hole was completely lubed up, Jason took a step back began to unbutton his shirt. Once the last button was undone he took it complete off, showing his large, muscular chest and firm abs.

He had dark hair covering his chest that thinned out on his stomach, leaving a narrow trail down into his pants. His hands then began working on his belt buckle and pants.

Before Christian could think about what was going on, Jason dropped his pants and underwear in one quick motion. Jason's completely erect, 8.5 inch cut cock was all Christian could see. It nearly had the girth of a soda can, and was accompanied by two, large, dangling balls. "What are you doing?!!" Christian asked, although he feared that he could answer that question himself.

"You are about to get a lesson that you will never forget, boy. Don't worry though, I was nice and got your tight boy pussy night and lubed up for this". Christian knew that there was nothing Jason could have done to make what was about to happen painless.

"Please, don't do this to me. Just let me go, I just want to get out of here!" Jason, now completely naked, walk up behind Christian. He grabbed the bottle of conditioner and squeezed a few globs onto his throbbing cock. He then stroked it all over so that his dick was nice and lubed up.

"Alright boy, here comes the part when you truly become a little bitch." Jason walked up behind Christian and lined his monster cock up to the boy's pink hole. Christian could feel Jason's dick head pushing against his opening. The pressure was light, but noticeable. Then, with one easy motion, Jason let all his weight lean forward onto Christian. The weight of his body squished Christian up against the wall tightly. Jason's 6'4" build was completely resting on Christian, which meant that his massive cock had just completely immersed itself into Christian's virgin boy hole.

At first, there was no pain, only a pressure on Christian's stomach. Then, Christian felt the excruciating stretching of his anus caused by this man's member being forcibly shoved up his rectum.

Christian let out an uncontrollable scream. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! TAKE IT OUT!! PLEASE, YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, TAKE IT OUT!!!! As quickly as he shoved his entire member into Christian, Jason pulled the entire thing out again.

Christian's ass looked a little different than it had a mere 5 seconds earlier. It almost returned to its old shape, only now it was clearly looser looking and had some traces of blood from the intense stretch it had just been subjected to.

There was no tear (thanks to the generous lubrication that Jason had done), however his ass had been stretched past what it should have been without being "warmed up". "I knew I could make you scream boy! Now, I want you to squeal like the little bitch that you are." Jason shoved his dick back up Christian's violated hole. This time, however, he did not just stand there. He grabbed Christian's hips in his hands and vigorously began fucking Christian.

He was thrusting his entire cock up Christian's ass, and pulling it nearly all the way out each time. Every time we pulled his cock back a little, Christian's tight ass would grip around it so tightly that it would stretch backwards a little.

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The feeling for Jason was incredible as Christian's tight ass ring was gripping his shaft so tightly. For Christian, on the other hand, his ass felt like it was completely on fire. He screamed at the top of his lungs until his voice ran dry. His ass felt like it had been ripped in multiple places. Every time Jason thrust himself into Christian, Christian could feel Jason's balls slap against him. He could feel Jason's dick pushing against his stomach, which felt like it was rising up into his chest.

It was unimaginable that Jason's cock could reach that far into him, but he was sure that it was pounding right into his stomach. After what felt like an eternity, Jason finally yelled "Oh yeah, I'm going to cum Bitch! I'm going to bust my nut all up in your little boy pussy!" Christian felt him unleash his load when it finally happened. The cum filled his insides for a good 30 seconds and left him on a new level of violation.

When Jason pulled his cock out of Christian, he toop a good look as Christian's ass. The tiny little pink hole that used to be there was not a gaping hole that you could easily fit a golf ball in. It slowly began leaking Jason's cum from it, which made Jason laugh. He slapped Christian's ass one last night for good measure. "Alright boy, I think I've had about enough of you.

Just one more thing to do" Jason walked over to Christian and untied him, allowing him to stand up straight. Jason was holding his two by four in his hand again. They looked each other in the eye, both standing there naked, and Jason said.

"Get down on your knees and clean off my cock. Lick it dry and make sure nothing is left. If you do that, I will let you go. If not, I am going to have to smash your head in with this two by four, your call." Christian just wanted this entire ordeal to be over with.

He could feel Jason's cum running down the back of his leg and his asshole was still burning. His entire backside ached from the spanking and all he wanted to do was get out of here and report the whole thing.

He knew that Jason was capable of anything at this point, so he slowly got down on his knees and found himself face to face with Jason's member. It was semi-erect now and still covered in a mixture of cum, conditioner and his own ass residue. "Open up your mouth boy" Christian took the back of Christian's head and forced it closer.

When Christian slightly opened his mouth, Jason quickly shoved the first 2 inches of his dick inside. "Suck it nice and good now, come on." Christian began to slowly suck on the penis being forced into his mouth. It tasted horrible, and was making him almost gag. "Look up at me and tell me you love socking my cock, boy.

Tell me you love having it down your throat." When Christian didn't look up and say that right away, he quickly was smacked in the head, much harder than he had ever been smack before. "Hurry up and tell me you love sucking my cock, boy!" Christian, look up at Jason and said "I love sucking your big cock", in the most believable way he could muster.

As soon as he said it, Jason turned around and walked over to his own clothes and got dressed. "Thanks boy, that was great. Now, don't try reporting this to the police. If you do, I will let them know that I caught you in the team's locker room when you were not supposed to be here. I'll let them know that you begged to suck me off in exchange for me not telling your parents about your tattoo and you trespassing on campus.

I videotaped you sucking my dick and saying you loved it, so I have evidence to back up my story. It will be your word against mine, and I have the video on my side. I suggest you forget this whole thing ever happened." With that, Jason turned around and left the locker room, leaving Christian naked on his knees. Christian crumpled to the floor sobbing.

He could not believe what had just happened to him. It took all the strength he had to limp to the shower, clean himself off, get dressed and hobble on home.