Petite blonde European prostitute fucks for cash

Petite blonde European prostitute fucks for cash
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Hi, I'm Daniel, a 31 year old average looking guy. I have a relationship with my good looking 29 year old girlfriend, Sophie. Sophie and I are together for about four months now. Sophie is, let's say, someone to handle with care, she is definitely the dominant one in our relationship.

I have to say that when having sex, that's great, as you can imagine, no complaining there. But outside of the bedroom, I sometimes have trouble to prevent her from walking straight over me, if you know what I mean.

She knows and admits she is this way, but just tells me I have to become more manly. And I guess she is right, I am to sensitive at times, but you can't change that overnight. Again, I shouldn't be complaining because our relationship is far from boring, at least from my point of view. Recently she told me, she has had some bi-sexual fantasies and dreams lately. Now I know she has bi-sexual feelings, she had told me when we just dated. But now Sophie told me she would actually like to experience sex with a girl.

It made me feel a bit concerned because, hey!. am I, as a man, not good enough?! But on the other hand, the idea excited me, and in my mind I immediately pictured us in a steaming hot threesome. When I asked her what she had in mind, she told me about a sort of couples-club a friend had told her about.

This made it clear for me that she had thought about this earlier and might even had discussed this with that friend of her. Sophie wasn't demanding it or something but she hoped I would allow her to. She suggested we'd go together, of course for safety, and maybe there's a girl who's interested in a bit of male attention too.

I don't know if this was just a strategy to convince me, but it worked. I agreed, and told her to think about it, to make sure she really wanted it, and that she was free to plan this if she felt ready. It didn't take her long to think about it though, because just a few days later she was already busy e-mailing, to sign us in at this club.

We had to send our pictures and received general information together with the "code of conduct". It is apparently quite a private society, visited by couples and singles. The club is near unknown to non-members, so most members were somehow tipped or introduced by another member. It's total members isn't more then a few-hundred, and they don't of course visit the club all at the same time.

The key to the success of the club is, so we've been told, of course it's members, but also the code of conduct that every member has to live by. It's simple, and because of it, the members feel free to experience a sexual adventure.

This code of conduct is as follows: 1. Any sexual activity without consent is strictly forbidden. You will not push anyone into any sexual activity what so ever. Respect someone's boundaries and obey the safeword and stop-signs. Violation of this rule can result in a lifetime ban and prosecution.

2. Members shall be discrete and respectful to each-other. Every member is allowed to expose and experience their sexual preferences and fantasies.

Whatever happens inside the club will stay inside the club and shall not influence relations, events and proceedings outside the club in any way. Any form of, or attempt to discredit a member (of staff) with sensitive information about anything regarding the club, will be settled with severe penalties. 3. Inside the club, everyone is of equal status regardless of age, gender, social status, job, wealth, ethnic background etc.

Therefore, the dress code is strict and affordable for everyone: Males wear a simple, plain coloured boxers-short without visible brand signs. Females wear simple, plain coloured lingerie without visible brand signs or recognizable brand shape. The free provided half-face mask is a requirement, even when undressed.

The mask may be replaced by another comparable item to match a specific outfit, like bondage gear. The third part of this code seemed strange to me, I couldn't help but think about communism. However, in the club, it presumably works great. Everyone feels comfortable and unrestrained (unless one is restrained in a bondage play I guess).

Another odd thing is that you don't pay entrance, the entrance and membership are free. It must be affordable to everyone, not just the wealthy. The club is apparently owned by a very rich, but anonymous guy.

Eventually, the club is funded partially on voluntary donations of it's members that can afford it. Of course in the e-mails, they kindly asked for a donation, which we did of course. By the way bragging about money and showing-off is apparently highly inappropriate, which seems great to me.

Having money, a phone or other items on you in the club isn't even allowed, drinks and food are included. And now two weeks later, here we are, in front of what must be "The Club".

It doesn't look like anything I had in mind. It's just a rusty metal door in a back-alley of an industrial zone, but the address is correct. We look at each-other and walk to the door, where without a bell, there's no other option than to knock.

A strange though excited feeling runs trough my body. A muscular doorman opens the door, looks at us, welcomes us, and lets us in. We walk down the stairs to the reception desk where a woman check us in. When we've checked-in, we are directed to the dressing-rooms to take a shower and change. The small but luxurious two-person dressing-rooms each have a private shower. We pick a dressing-room and take a shower.

I feel incredibly nervous, and I can see even Sophie is, and that is quite exceptional. The idea of what we're about to do excites me, I already have a hard-on, Sophie gently jerks my dick under the shower while she nervously smiles at me.

After the shower, we change. We only dress up in our underwear and strap on a face mask the woman handed out to us. This looks a bit like a Venetian mask, but made out of soft black fabric. We also pick a colour-coded bracelet from a jar. The function has been explained to us. The colours represents your sexual orientation and preferences. An orange one means you are Hetero, Pink means you are bi-curious, Red for Bi-Sexual and Purple for gay.

Optional are black stripes if you prefer a sexual Dominant role, white stripes for sexual Submissive and grey if you prefer, or want to try both roles. The bracelet is voluntarily, it's only thin and discrete, but it's appreciated if we wear them. This too looks strange and even discriminating, but apparently when introduced as a trial, everyone loved it and it has been a tradition ever since.

The explanation was, that when you expose your preference this way, you immediately share a secret, for some even their biggest secret. This of course makes you vulnerable, but at the same time much more accessible to others who normally might feel uncomfortable to approach a stranger. Anyway, I picked an orange one and Sophie a red one. When we are ready and dressed, we leave the dressing-room and store our clothes in a locker with a code-lock.

We follow another couple to the club, I can't help but to look at the beautiful bum of the girl in front of me. When we enter the club my eyes have to adjust to the darkness a bit. The club has a very sensual and romantic atmosphere with warm colours, dim, coloured lights, a calm background lounge-music, mixed with the smell of incense. We follow the couple who probably go to the bar. We've been told that this is where people gather and chat-up at the beginning of the night.

We walk trough the front section of the club, past many corners and semi-open rooms with couches or beds, hidden behind normal or semi-permanent curtains. Some are more obscured and private, others are quite exposed. There are little height-differences with small stairs, and some coves with jacuzzi's, it is quite a maze. After a while, we arrive at the bar area. It is luxurious, with bar-stools around it, and along the walls, small coves with a circular couch around a small table.

Next to the bar is small stage where we've been told, hired performers give away erotic shows a few times a night. We've been told that the rear section of the club is pretty much like the front section, but equipped with kinky stuff for the members who like, or are interested in BDSM. Again all rooms, corners and coves are open and accessible to everyone. Some members of course want more privacy then others, so they can use the more hidden places of the club. Others however prefer the exposed spots.

The rule is that you are allowed to watch everyone, but respect the members who seek privacy.

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I feel, I have to admit, still a bit uncomfortable, but very excited though. We both look around at all the people in their undergarments, I'm stunned. In an attempt to try to hide the fact I'm stunned, I walk to the bar and order two drinks. While the drinks are being prepared, I see an empty couch and suggest to Sophie that we sit down there first.

A few minutes later, we sit down and let our eyes enjoy the view, and I ask Sophie what we should do next. Sophie tells me she is looking at a girl, who's apparently alone, she sits on the side of the bar. I saw her too, and I have to admit she does look hot, her body at least, I can't see her face very well. Sophie says "Shall I just go and talk to her?". With a bit of doubt I say "Well, uuuh.Yeah, sure, go ahead". Sophie suggests she approaches her alone, she might feel uncomfortable if we are together.

I agree and I'm happy that Sophie does this because I know I'll be rubbish at it. Sophie walks over to the bar, right next to the girl and orders another drink. She smiles at the girl, and a few seconds later starts to talk to her, I admire her sleek strategy. They start to chat and giggle, I can't understand a word of what they're talking about. Then, I see Sophie pointing at me and the girl looks, I stick up my hand and smile at them, while I try to look as manly as I can, they giggle back.

It seems to go very well. They keep talking and laughing, and by the look on Sophie's face, she really likes this girl, and from what I have seen, I agree with that.

She has a hot body and for the few seconds I saw her face, she looks very pretty. She is slim, her firm bum on that bar-stool looks amazing, and she has by the looks of it, nice perky breasts. If this is the girl Sophie is going to have sex with, let alone if I'm allowed to touch her, then.holy shit. After 20 minutes or so, they get off their bar-stools and walk this way, I again try to sit as muscular and manly as I can.

When they arrive at the table, the girl says "Hi Daniel, I'm Emma". I say "Nice to meet you Emma, I'm Daniel". "Yes I already knew that, but nice to meet you too Daniel" and the girls giggle while I feel a bit silly. I do have a better view on her now, and god what a hot body this girl has. She has long brown hair and I estimate she's about 22 years old, with indeed small but firm breasts.

She of course also wears a face-mask but her eyes are bright and beautiful. They sit down, with Emma in between Sophie and me. Emma says to me "So this your first time here huh, what were your expectations?".

I'm a bit confused by her direct question and don't really know what to answer, I can't just say I want to have sex with her? I hesitate a bit "W-well, uhhh.I-I didn't really know what to expect". Sophie says while giggling "I think you've made him a bit shy Emma". Emma says "Oh yes? ow that's cute" while she lays her hand on my leg and and smiles at me.

Yeah, that didn't help to be honest. She says "maybe you'll find out later if your expectations were realistic or not". I'm not sure if this was positive or not, but as I hope it is, and I smile at her. I need a moment to think about how I'm going to prevent myself from saying stupid things, so I tell the girls I'm going to get another drink, and ask if they want something too. Sophie answers "thank you honey, but we just came from the bar".

I turn around, and while I walk over to the bar I hear them giggle. I order a drink at the bar, look around, and get distracted by al the girls in lingerie. I stare at a girl at the bar, a few meters away from me. then I hear the barman say "helloooo!", I look at him, and he says "here you are ", while he hands me my drink. I excuse myself and thank him. When I walk back to our table, I see that Sophie and Emma are kissing, it excites me, but have no idea what to do next.

I sit down next to the girls, I don't even think they have noticed me. Then, all of a sudden, Emma turns around and starts to kiss me full on my I didn't expect that! But I close my eyes and answer her kissing. Our tongues play with one another, she is very good at kissing. After a minute or so, she looks at me and asks if this was part of my expectations, I smile at her. Then Emma turns around again and continues to kiss Sophie again. A few minutes pass with the girls still kissing, and I get increasingly excited, it would be even more excited to sit in between them at the moment though.

Then they stop, and Emma says she'd love to get to know us better at a more private place in the back of the club, and asks us if we would like to join her. Sophie smiles at her and agrees, I silently agree with Sophie.

We stand up, Sophie and I let Emma in front to guide us to that private spot. Along the way we walk past a spot, already occupied by three other members. Through the semi-transparent fabric of the curtains I can see a woman on her knees, getting fucked from behind while she sucks the guy lying in front of her.

The sound of their moans, groans, heavy breathing and the soft slapping of his hips against her bum is weird but incredibly exciting. Sophie and I hold our paces for a moment to admire this show with open mouth, Emma looks over her shoulder and smiles at us, she glanced over it but it seems she is used to seeing thinks like this.

We arrive at the spot Emma had in mind, It's quite a private hidden cove, I prefer that too. Emma holds the curtains aside for us, and we climb on the mattress.

It's wine-red, about the size of a double bed, and although for obvious reasons made of some sort of plastic material, quite comfortable, soft and warm. Emma closes the curtains behind us and climbs on the bed too. She gently pushes Sophie on her back and start to kiss her passionately. They immediately start grabbing and rubbing each-other, while holding each-other tight.

I can hear their breathing increase, and my dick is now as hard as it can be. I position myself right next to their side whih enables me to watch every detail, of what is turning into a private lesbian show.

Now Emma starts to remove Sophie's bra, exposing Sophie's breasts and hard nipples. She starts to massage and lick her breasts making Sophie bend her head back and moan.

Then Sophie removes Emma's bra, as I watch her cream-coloured perky breasts become exposed. They aren't big, but man they look firm and smooth, with small hard nipples.

Sophie grabs her breast and starts to massage and rub. Then Sophie guides Emma on her back, I now have full view of her beautiful breasts. Before Sophie bends down to explore Emma's chest, she briefly looks at me and smiles.

She sticks out her tongue and starts to run it around and over Emma's breasts and erected nipples. The sight of her breasts and nipples, glisten from the saliva in the dim light looks amazing and makes me want to throw myself upon her.

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But I decide to wait, wait until I see a sign of one the girls that I can participate. Sophie meanwhile is licking and sucking Emma's breasts and nipples very passionately, Emma is clearly enjoying the stimulation, oh how I wish I was Sophie at the moment.

Then I see Sophie slowly working her way down, kissing and licking Emma's belly. She now has reached Emma's panties and licks and kisses along it's border. She slowly starts to slide Emma's panties down while she continues to kiss. I gasp as Emma's panties slowly unveil her pussy. Emma's pussy is completely shaven and smooth, what a treasure.

Emma lifts her legs, and Sophie gently slides her panties down her smooth skinny legs. There she lies, Sophie and I take a moment to admire this beautiful nakedness right in front of us, ready to be desired. My god, what a beautiful slim and smooth body she has. Sophie bends over and continues her exploration by kissing and licking along Emma's legs.then, Emma looks at me and reaches at me with her hand.

This is it. this is the sign I've been waiting for. I move closer and bend down towards Emma, we start to kiss passionately. I now lie down next to Emma, continue to kiss her, and gently cup her breast. Her breast feels warm, smooth and firm with a hard nipple on top. I gently start to massage and play with her breasts, while Emma wiggles her body of excitement, we kiss like two madly in love teenagers.

Then Emma starts to breath heavy, we stop kissing, and I look down. Sophie has began to explore Emma's pussy and is licking her like.I don't know, but very intense by all means. Emma moans, gasps, groans and wiggles her body because of the intense stimulation. I use this opportunity to start an oral exploration of her breasts.

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I start to lick her breasts, I can feel her hard tiny nipples on my tongue. I suck her nipples and take them gently between my teeth. Emma moans and groans of excitement from the licking, kissing and sucking, and I think her climax is getting near.

I realize It's time I should give Sophie some attention too, and use my last moments to lick, kiss and suck all over Emma's naked chest. I look at Sophie, she's on her knees, bend over, still licking Emma like her life depends on it. I give Emma a kiss before I crawl towards Sophie and position myself behind her, with her beautiful bum right in front of me.

I slowly slide her panties over her bum and down her legs, the wet glistening spot on her panties shows her excitement.

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I remove her panties and kiss Sophie's beautiful bum, before I bury My face in her pussy and start to lick her soaking wet pussy. I know how much Sophie loves this and although it doesn't stimulate me physically, I really love it. I decide to do it gently though, reserving her climax for Emma. After a few minutes I can hear Emma start to orgasm, she moans are loud and she gasps for air. She moans "OOH GOD, OOOOOOH!" and I can feel Emma's body spasm through Sophie's body while my face is still buried in Sophie's pussy.

After Emma's intense orgasm, I slow down and with a last kiss on Sophie's bum leave the rest for Emma. Sophie gets up and reaches over to kiss Emma, they kiss for a moment before Emma guides Sophie to take her position.

Now Emma takes Sophie's old position, right in front of me, with her tight bum in the air. I gasp for a moment because of this delicious wet pink pussy right in front of me. I decide not to go down on her immediately, she just had an orgasm so I'll give her a moment to recover.

I also want to give her a moment to settle down on Sophie. Emma starts slowly, but immediately with licking Sophie's pussy, because she's so wet I can hear Emma lap. I too bend over and give Emma a few kisses on her bum, to see if she allows me down here.

It seems she doesn't reject me so I continue and kiss her some more. I then start to lick and kiss her buttocks, and work my way closer to the prize in the middle. I can already smell the exciting wetness of her climaxed pussy as I move closer. Then, with a little touch of my tongue I arrive at her pussy, holy shit. she is incredibly wet. Her warmth and wetness of her pussy is amazing, my tongue nearly slips as I start to lick her. I can hear her start to moan again, this is so great. I would love to give her a second orgasm, but I also desperately want to fuck this wet, tight, perfect pussy.

I decide to give her another orgasm first and enjoy her pussy as close as I can get. I lick, kiss, and suck, and move up every now and then, to lick her butt-hole and along her butt-crack. She is getting closer as she tilts her hip and pushes her pussy even more in my face. I bury may face in it and stimulate her clitoris as best as I can. I now can hear Sophie getting closer too, maybe I'm able to give them a simultaneous orgasm.

I start a final attempt to give this girl a climax, my tongue starts to feel cramped and exhausted, but it's working. I can hear Sophie gasping for air and groaning, Emma's moans are silenced as her mouth is covered by Sophie's pussy. Then it happens, both girls have reached their climax with loud groans and rhythmic spasms. I catch and lick an extra load of wetness gushing out of Emma's pussy, before she goes weak and tries to catch her breath again.

I know her pussy is now extremely sensitive, so I clean her up with only a few last gentle licks. Emma drops down on the mattress, next to Sophie. Two beautiful, but for the moment exhausted naked girls with half-open eyes lie in front of me.

I know my chances of fucking Emma, are now next to nothing, but I have at least licked her lovely pussy. Emma says "you guys were great, thank you so much". Sophie says "it sure was great, my body is still shivering" I smile at them, though I'm disappointed that it's over already but it was great, and I'm sure Sophie will help me reach my orgasm too.

The girls kiss again before Sophie says "want to share a dick now?". I look up, while Emma says "oh yeah absolutely!". Sophie gets up and pushes me on my back, she says "you thought we've forgot about you, don't you?". I smile, "hey of course not, ha ha". Sophie pins me down and starts to kiss me, Emma joins, and the three of us share passionate kissing.

Then, I can feel my boxers are being pulled down, and a hand wraps around my dick. Emma reaches down and starts to lick along the length of the shaft, Sophie gets down and joins her. They lie down on either side of me while they lick my dick, kiss and play around with their tongues.

Sometimes one of them sucks in one of my balls in her mouth. This teasing continues for quite a long time while my desire to push my dick in one of their mouths becomes almost unbearable.

Then, Sophie grabs my dick and points it towards Emma who sucks it in her mouth. The feeling is incredible after al their teasing, I moan loud while it's hard not to cum instantly. Then Sophie sucks it, and they start to swap my dick between their mouths. I can feel my orgasm getting closer, the stimulation of their mouths is incredible.

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The girls can hear by my groaning that I'm about to cum, they look at me while they let the tip of my dick slide between their warm wet tongues and lips. Then, with a long loud groan and "OOOH YES AAAAAAH", I reach my climax. The intensity of my orgasm forces me to arch my back and neck with closed eyes, and uncontrollable spasms take over my body.

I can feel their tongues try to catch, what must be a huge load of sperm. I can feel my balls pulsate, and squirts of hot cum drip on my belly, the feeling is incredible. When after a few seconds, I'm able to open my eyes to watch the result of my orgasm, I see two giggling girls with huge squirts of cum all over their faces and face-masks. Emma says "Oh my god, you cum a lot", before they start to kiss.

They kiss and take turns in licking the cum of each-others faces. The sight of their cum-drenched faces is awesome. Then without saying a word, the girls reach over to me, and kind of force me to join in with their kissing.

Even though they had already licked most cum of each-others faces, there is still a lot left that they unfortunately share it with me. Even though I dislike the salty sticky taste of cum, I enjoy the erotic presence of two kissing licking girls-tongues on mine. Here I am, lying in between two hot naked girls, after an incredible intense orgasm. Unfortunately I didn't get to fuck Emma, but then again, we are here for Sophie's bi-sexual experience, not for me to fuck another girl.

Then, after a few minutes of kissing and cuddling with the girls, I hear a male voice say "Emma?!". It makes me realize again we're in kind of a public place.


Emma answers "Ethan? hi honey!, come in!". The guy, presumably Ethan, slides the curtains away and looks at us, "Hi, I'm Ethan, Emma's boyfriend". I'm a bit stunned. I didn't even know Emma has a boyfriend, let alone for him to be here too. Anyway, I say "Hi, I'm Daniel, nice to meet you." Sophie introduces herself too. Ethan says he had already located us about ten minutes ago, but he didn't want to spoil the moment for us. Figuring, we might have finished by now, he came back.

Emma asks us if it's okay for him to come in and sit down, we're okay with that.

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Ethan is tall and muscular and I, as a hetero, can even tell he's good looking. As I look at Sophie, it's not very difficult to see she is impressed, so to say.

Ethan sits down on the end of the mattress and asks if we've enjoyed ourselves. With a bit of giggling and laughing we tell him we absolutely did. Emma asks him if he had a good time too, he explains he enjoyed a little bondage play with a girl. Emma explains to me, they have a kind of open relationship and visit the club regularly to have a bit of erotic fun.

It's a bit weird for me to hear her say all these things but then again, if they're both okay with it, who am I to judge?. Then Emma says "I'm sorry to say you can't fuck me any more after two orgasms honey, but come over here and let me finish you". Then she asks Sophie "Hey we have another dick to share Sophie, ha ha". Ethan says "Oh yeah!. but only if he's okay with it?", and points at me. Emma says "Sure honey, they're here aren't they?". She looks at me "Are you okay with it Daniel?".

My whole body and consciousness tells me NOOO!, but with three pair of eyes staring at me, expecting me to say yes, and what we did with Emma, I mumble "uh.yeah.sure.". Sophie wisely didn't say a word before, I can only guess why, but now she smiles at me and says "thank you honey", and blows me a kiss. Ethan kneels down in front of the girls and lowers his boxers, I'm stunned as I see a huge dick jump out of it, and hear Sophie gasp and mumble "Oh wow".

Both girls kneel in front of him while Emma grabs his dick and starts to suck. Her bum wiggles right in front of me, but unfortunately after two orgasms, I'm sure she's had enough stimulation for one night. Then she pulls her head back and looks at Sophie, who swallows of excitement. Sophie bends over and takes his huge dick in her mouth, Ethan says "Oh yeah girl" and pushes his hip forward. Sophie starts to suck and wank his dick, she clearly enjoys it, while I feel a huge knot in my stomach.

Ethan now grabs Sophie with one hand by her hair, and I can see he starts to control the tempo of her sucking. I can't believe she allows him to do this, in our bed, Sophie is the one who takes control and sits on top. I start to understand the role he had in that bondage play he mentioned earlier.

He now pulls her head back before pushing his dick back in. He repeats this multiple times, and pushes deeper with every thrust. Sophie starts to cough but still allows him to continue.

He now pauses for a few seconds every time his dick is buried down her throat, and pulls out when she gags to let her gasp for air. I am stunned by the way Sophie is being dominated, and even more stunned that she allows him, and seems to enjoy this unlikely role-change.

I do watch kinky porn videos, and I kinda like being dominated myself, but this is different, this is my girlfriend sucking another guys dick right in front of me. After a while, he pulls out and guides Sophie to turn around towards me. I'm again stunned by what I see. She still gasps for air, her eyes are red, and tears are running from underneath her mask down her cheeks, her mouth glistens from the saliva and I've never seen her look as horny as now.

Ethan says "did you thank Daniel yet?, most guys wouldn't allow you to do this". He's right, most guys wouldn't, including me. but yet, she is doing it. Sophie, still on her knees, reaches over to me and whispers "thank you honey", and starts to kiss me, my god, her face is moist from the saliva and sweat, her breathing is heavy and feels hot.

We kiss passionately when I hear, and feel by the movements of hear head, that Sophie is being repositioned. Now Sophie gasps and groans, and I know what is happening, Ethan is working his big cock inside my girlfriend from behind. I hear her mumble "Oooh fuck, yes." and groans loud. I decide to keep kissing her to avoid having to watch my girlfriend getting fucked by another guy. The knot in my stomach begins to tighten, as I can feel Ethan begin to fuck Sophie.

I can feel his thrusts through Sophie's head and lips bumping into mine with increasing force, and hear and feel her moaning. The sound from her groaning and horny cries, is being muffled by my mouth and our horny kissing.

The fucking-sounds from Ethan's body, slapping against Sophie's bum become louder with every thrust. Then, a loud slap!, a little jump and shiver runs trough Sophie's body, with a load cry-like groan from her mouth. That was unmistakeably a slap on her bum, as I hear Ethan say "Yeah! you like that huh!". Then it's followed by another slap, and another!

Sophie's muffled moans and cries give away she does, my god she's horny. Then all of a sudden, Sophie is being pulled back with an abrupt end to our kissing. Ethan has grabbed her by her hair and pulls her head back while he fucks her with force.

"OOOH YESSS!" and "AAAAH FUCK" sounds and loud groans escape from Sophie's mouth. Now I can't do anything else than to watch this, and sit it out.

I look at Emma, who seems fascinated by the show in front of her. But she has a mutual agreement with Ethan and accepts this open relationship, maybe introduced it even. But I didn't, we visited this club so that Sophie could experience female love, and now look! Then Ethan let's go of Sophie's hair, her upper-body drops down and she rests her head on my lap.

Ethan immediately uses this opportunity to grab her arms and pull them back. He then crosses her wrists and grabs them with his left hand. I can hear Emma say "Oh wow Sophie" while Ethan continues to fuck her. Without her arms to support her, Sophie's head on my lap bumps and jumps with every thrust of Ethan's dick. Sophie's moans and groans mixed with "OH GOD" and "OOOOH YESS" aren't muffled any more and sound loud and intense.

While I watch them right in front of me, Ethan continues to fuck her with a steady powerful pace as I can hear Sophie is getting closer to an orgasm. Ethan noticed this too and says "Oh yeah, are you going to cum for me huh?", Sophie answers "OH YES, OH YESS!". Then, Ethan pulls out and quickly forces Sophie on her back, she rests her head on my lap, and I'm able to see her sweaty used face again. Within seconds Ethan has pushed his big dick back inside my girlfriends pussy, and continues to fuck her again.

I look at the moaning and cry-like-groaning facial expressions of Sophie, and she tries to look back with her half-open red eyes. In between her groans she says "Oh, Honey.OOOH!, he's so.AAH! s-soo, big! OOH YES!" She grabs my hand and clamps on to it "AAAAH!.T-Thank OOOOH, you honey AAAH". Ethan's groans are getting louder too, mixed with things like "OOH FUCK YEAH!" and "AAAH!".

The only thing I can hope for now, is that Sophie reaches her climax first, because after that she always needs some time to recover. Maybe then, Emma can take care of Ethan's orgasm. Then, Sophie moans "OH YES, OH YES, OOOH OOOOOH!", and I know she is about to reach her climax. Unfortunately this excites Ethan too "OH YEAH AAAAH".

Sophie grasps my hand with full force, and then starts to orgasm with loud groans and uncontrollable shaking movements all over her body "OOOOOOH GOD AAAAAAAAAH!". I watch in horror as Ethan now cums too!. With nearly closed and deviated eyes, His head bend backward and loud animal like groans escaping from his mouth, he pushes his big dick deep inside Sophie's pussy with a few final very powerful thrust.

I feel sick from the sight of him forcing his cum deep inside my girlfriends pussy. In a porn video this would be great to watch, but this is real. This is my girlfriend he has ejaculated in. After this intense orgasm, he kisses Sophie on her mouth and pulls out.

He sits down and wipes of his sweaty face as both Sophie and him gasp for air. Emma now bends over towards Sophie's pussy and eats her out.

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With a smiling mouth full of cum, she reaches over to Sophie and kisses her, sharing a huge load of cum. Sophie stays passive and still needs a moment to regain full consciousness. There she lies, with a warn out pussy, a sweating body and another guys sperm around her mouth and running down her cheeks. I hear her mumble "Oh my god.".

After a minute or so, she seems to have regained consciousness and starts to sit up. When eventually she sits, she says to Ethan "This was.incredible. thank you.". Then she turns around to me and while moving her head closer says "Thank you so much for allowing this Honey" and before I know it, she kisses me on my mouth. I think she had forgotten about Ethan's cum, now unintentionally sharing his disgusting salty sticky cum with me. After kissing, I wipe down the remaining cum of my mouth, I'm relieved that this is over and that Ethan now safely sits next to Emma, where he belongs, if you ask me.

The four of us continue to talk for a while, they're nice people really, but I still feel bad about Sophie getting fucked by him, I can't blame him, but it feels so wrong. I'll just try to forget it and try to erase the images from my mind. After saying goodbye, we find our way to the dressing-rooms and take a shower. We both don't speak very much, and that's quite extraordinary for Sophie. Under the shower Sophie thanks, and kisses me again, this time without any cum. In the car on our way back home I still think about what happened, I'm sure Sophie does too.

I am in doubt if I should ask her if she knew in advance that Emma's boyfriend would eventually join. Maybe she was just overcome by excitement and too horny to think straight when Emma invited her to share him, that would make a difference to me.

On the other hand, it would be an accusation if she didn't knew, so eventually, I decide to avoid the fight.

Past Times Avi Summer b

What I will discuss, is that if we decide to visit the club again, I'll make sure we agree on some clear limits.

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I have a few more ideas for stories that take place in "The Club" and I like to know if there would be any interest in them. This story was not based on any real persons, everything else was fiction too.