Mom entreats for cock in her twat

Mom entreats for cock in her twat
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With this new discovery I could become immortal I would not need to fear death anymore. I used the doll to wake up Britney. "now from now on cunt you won't cum without permission or next time ill make it much worse you won't get breaks like you did this time." she nodded her head and sat up on her knees.

ash walked over smelling of piss and cunt juice. "ok Britney go home and take a shower but just like with ash your not allowed to tell anyone anything I would not want them to know when your done eat and be back here before the moon is high in the sky." She did not even respond she just got up and left. I looked ash who was trying not to think about how she smelled. "you going to shower at my place I don't think your parents will care if you're gone all day and night." she nodded her head.

"I actually live alone I got emancipated." "master" she added quickly. at the moment I did not care for titles this was perfect how could so many good things be happening in a row for someone like me. "right let's go I have more research to do," I said heading out of the clearing.

she followed not saying a word. I was almost proud of how fast she was learning, but that did not mean I would take it easy on her. when we got back to my house I gave her what she needed for her shower and then followed her to the bathroom. "I will be showering with you and you will clean me and then yourself while I watch," I said as I stripped naked. she nodded her head and stripped off her only remaining clothing being her almost see through top.

"good now get the water right." I did not even need to use the doll to command her.

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She got the water right and I stepped into the shower and she followed me inside. my shower was a double wide standing shower with a frosted glass door. it had a seat in the corner that I sat on with my back to her.

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she cleaned my back with easy smooth strokes and rubs. it felt amazing to have someone else cleaning you. her hand soon made its way to my chest and I felt her breast for the first time on my skin. they were soft and smooth. I turned around and spread my legs. "clean it" I ordered her. she took it in her soft hands and gently rubbed it with the wash cloth.

Her touch caused my cock to begin to harden. I closed my eyes as I felt her put lower her mouth onto the head. she started to enthusiastically suck. she had more energy as tho she was enjoying herself. she took her mouth off and went back to cleaning it. I opened my eyes and looked down at her.

her long black hair was wet and her pale skin shined from the light and the water. I suddenly felt something in my heart that scared me. I jumped to my feet knocking her back onto the floor of the shower.

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I quickly grabbed her and got her on her hands and knees with her head under the falling water. she let out a small scream as the hot water ran down from the back of her head to her face. I quickly rammed my dick into her cunt creating moans from her.

she quickly began to fuck herself against my cock. I could tell her pussy had been waiting for this. ever since I enslaved her I had not once touched her cunt. she started moaning louder and louder. I quickly picked her up by her thighs and placed he against the wall of the shower and fucked her deep and fast the water and the wetness of her pussy made crazy sexual noises.

"can I cum master?" she asked. I reached around and twisted her right tit moving my left arm under both her legs to keep her from falling. "beg for it, slave." I ordered. "Please master can I cum my cunt burns from your master meat," she begged. "not good enough," I said as I slowed my pace so I could slam myself deeper with each long stroke. "o god master please let your slave cum your master cock is so deep please can your slave cum master can she cum on your godly cock?!" she yelled out.

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I felt her body close to breaking. "cum for me, slave," her back arched against me and she came hard on my cock. "yes yes master thank you! I don't deserve to cum on your god meat." I pounded her through her orgasm.

her cunt became so tight as she came her calling me god threw me over the edge. I felt my balls tighten and the cum came gushing out. "O fuck I can feel you cumming inside me!" she yelled. I soon as I emptied my balls into her womb I sat her down and got out of the shower grabbing a towel.

I left her there cum running down her legs. I sat on my computer looking up things to make my voodoo strong without a full moon. I soon found several ways to do it. I would use at least one of these tonight. I went into my room and grabbed the three dolls I had made. "ash, Britney, and Jessica. I was sure Jessica was a virgin so having her here tonight was key. I whispered my orders to her doll and went back to the living room.

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I found ash waiting naked. "master I have no clothes to change into." she said. I went to my room and found her a shirt and pants. "take these go to your house clean your clothes and put some fresh ones on then get back here asap." she nodded and left.

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I was left alone to plan things out for tonight. Ash returned an hour later in skinny jeans and a loose avenged sevenfold t-shirt. she sat in the floor next to my as I sat in my father's chair. I had a surprise for my loving parents when they got back from work. soon Britney arrived and a few minutes later so did Jessica. "they all three sat by my feet while Jessica was under the power of the doll Britney and ash, were now willing.

Jessica was not able to speak or do anything that I did not command her to do. she just sat there. I soon heard the car pull into the driveway. "Ok get to your places," I ordered. they all got up ash and Jessica hid behind the couch I had given them shoe laces for this little trick.

and Britney was behind the other couch that was next to the door. to lock it when they got in. the door opened and my mother walked in first. my mother was thirty-six but beautiful with large breasts and long brown hair. she was the secretary for the boss of a major business so she made a lot of money." next my dad walked in he looked almost like a clone of me only taller so need to describe him.


he worked as a professor at a college "hey son how was your d." my mom stopped as she saw the look on my face. "Mom dad have a seat we need to talk.


they shut the door and as I expected left it unlocked. they sat down on the couch that was hiding ash and Jessica. "now!" Britney locked the door while ash and Jessica jumped up and wrapped the laces around their necks. "don't let go until they have passed out." they struggled and fought but in the end the voodoo dolls power made it so they would not win.

They soon passed out going limp. the girls let go and Jessica started crying. "you will get used to doing my bidding and being my plaything. of crouse your so smart you must know you won't be able to escape me." I walked over to her and backhanded her busting her lip. "that's for being such a smart mouth to me in school.she the power of the doll did not let her flinch or move at all without my commands.

"Ash down in the basement I have rope get it," she nodded her head and left returning shortly with the rope. I took it from her. "ash, Jessica takes my dad to the clearing." "Britney help me take my mom," we lifted and carried them out to the clearing in the woods. lucky for me they stayed out the whole way.

I had ash and Jessica tied them to trees then had ash tie Jessica to the stump from the fallen tree log that was next to it. I got the dolls ready and placed the hair from Britney's sister inside one and then took a hair from my mom and dad and put them in two other dolls.

three dolls for tonight. I turned to Jessica. "I'm going to use your virgin blood to make these dolls I'm not going to touch your hymen ever you are now my blood bank so that I can make strong dolls without the full moon.

she was crying and mumbling incoherently, "I took out my knife and made a shallow cut on the underside of her arm.

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she screamed as I cut her. "I let her blood drip onto the three dolls and then added my own blood while I did the chant. the three dolls glowed bright and took the shape of their victims.

then I took a fourth doll and plucked a hair from my own head. I let more of Jessica's blood drip onto it than normal and then added even more of my blood. I did the chant and all the dolls began to glow. they changed shape and became even more like their victims like a barbie doll of each victim but with joints and a lot more detail. "I would have to do more research on this later. I heal Jessica and myself and then gave my own doll its first order.

"heal all wounds that I have and will have in the future." I suddenly felt my body become stronger and all my scars from my childhood vanished I had no acne or scratches I was flawless. I felt amazing so much energy that the human body lost from such simple things. I grabbed my parents dolls. "wake up and obey." I commanded. they jerked awake and looked at me. "Aaron whats going on why are we tied up?" my dad demanded.


" "Silence!" I told them, "you are both going to go about your lives like normal giving me ninety percent of all your money keeping only what you need to do your daily tasks. you will not ever question anything I do you will not notice anything odd you will let me do whatever I want when I want." the dolls forced them to obey the rules I set and they nodded their heads.

"untie them," I told ash. once let go they went back home like things were normal. "now for the guest of honor to arrive. I whispered into Britney sisters doll. she would be here soon and when she got here I was going to make her suffer just cause I'm a sick fuck.