Friends mom best porn sex stories

Friends mom best porn sex stories
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The clock couldn't move any slower. Long, hot and humid is a typical work night. This particular evening however, I had an even greater, more exuberant amount willpower to bull through. My best friend was hosting a big party right around the time I'd normally be done work.

After a long work week during mid July, cold beer and music has been my "modus operandi." Best part was that this time is wasn't just going to be drunken fun. "She'll be there," I kept repeating over and over in my head. "She'll be there with her long brunette hair and perfect curves." I had already asked my partner to clean our station at work so that when our boss yelled "Kitchen's closed!", I could immediately punch out.

"15 more minutes." I'd remind myself as I wiped sweat from my forehead. Even after working 11+ hours, I wasn't fazed. It's amazing what knowing you're more than likely going to fuck somebody's brains out afterwards will do for you. Also having two days off in a row. I could feel the fire literally rumbling from my groin to my neck. Every chance I had to sneak out and take a few drags off a cigarette led to more vivid imagination.

"It's a humid evening, she'll probably be wearing very little clothing. Easy access to the body I've been dying to explore." My boss usually would hang out at the bar when the dinner rush subsided. This aggravated the rest of us since he'd get caught up in conversation and not give us the word to close.

Meanwhile the clock had read "10:00 PM" 15 minutes ago. Wandering around performing any little task to help expedite my departure only increased my lust for her. "I'm done with this work evening, I need to set free all this pent up nonsense in the best way possible." I told my partner I was going to ask our boss if I could leave and proceeded out the swinging doors into the dining room.

"Jenn said she's going to clean the station, everything else is done. Need anything before I leave?" I asked politely. My boss turned his half drunk grizzled face towards me and replied "Nah, go ahead man." I hardly waited for him to get to "ahead", as my right foot was already turned towards the door.

I hadn't stepped outside in the last two hours, and it had become surprisingly cooler. Perhaps it was being in the kitchen all day but this added to the pep in my step. Gazing upwards I saw almost a full moon surrounded by stars.

"What a perfect fuckin' evening for a party." I thought. I dropped my keys out of sheer excitement attempting to start my car. Once the car was on, I flicked on my headlights and headed towards home. The party was actually at my best friend's house on the very road I had to use. When I neared his place, that was the only instance I braked a little. There were at least 12 cars already parked outside and I could see people playing beer pong. "There she is!" rang in my head. I managed to catch a glimpse!

She was wearing short white jean shorts with a black strapless top. "Oh my lord." repeated at least 20 times in my mind. "The way her perfect breasts must look in that up close." Arriving home which was just two minutes up the way, I sped walked inside. I gave my black lab as much as a quick lovable "hello" as I could, and headed to the bathroom. Almost literally tearing my clothes off, I hopped in the shower.

As I was applying shampoo, I suddenly realized how incredibly stiff my dick had become. "Jesus." I thought. "I'm so fucking pent up and lost in deep raunchy thoughts." Instinct to stroke it almost took over before I managed to snap myself out of it.

"No, tonight, I want to unleash all I have on her." Stepping out of the shower I was greeted by my phone going off. It was a text from my best friend. "Yo man, Nikki is here. Sarah was already with her. I couldn't say no, I need some pussy too, man. Hopefully she doesn't stay the night." I couldn't believe my fucking eyes. "Nikki, my ex girlfriend is going to be there?!? What the fuck!" I began muttering many obscenities while I put on clean clothes. Once I fastened my belt buckle I sat down on my bed.

Nikki wasn't just an ex. She's also Danielle's best friend. "Danielle would never feel comfortable sneaking off or making any sort fun with Nikki in the general vicinity." I said to myself. "Nikki can be bat shit crazy, I don't want any drama." Deep down though I already knew there'd be drama, just perhaps not this evening. I was dead set on fucking Danielle stupid, and I had no care for how others thought of it.

The way her perfectly formed ass would peek out of those white jean shorts was all the reassurance I needed. I said a quick goodbye to my dog and departed. The music was bumping and things were more then lively as I pulled up to Harry's. The usual party ambiance immediately hit me like a train. I felt calm and cool, but still ready to give Danielle the sex of her life. I parked on the grass along the left hand side of his paved driveway. Beer pong was my immediate destination since Harry and my little brother were already there.

Danielle wasn't in range yet. Nikki however was very much in range. "Hey the man's here!" Harry's voice carried over the crowd of a dozen or so people. Some I knew from previous parties, some I didn't. All eyes turned to me which caught Nikki's attention from the porch leading to Harry's front door. She hadn't seen me since his front door was on the right side of the driveway. I put my hand up to wave and said nonchalantly "Hi everyone." as my eyes casually searched for Danielle.

I gave Harry a hug followed by my brother. "It's the big guy!" my brother exclaimed. "I know you just got here man but I got somethings to share with you," Harry said in my left ear. "Yeah Danielle has mentioned you more then once," my brother said in my right ear.

Got to love having friends for encouragement. I nodded to both of them and asked where I could find a cold beer.

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Harry lunged to the cooler and handed me one. "Dude if we both get laid tonight, I'll be so fuckin happy!" he said again in my ear.


"Harry as long as Nikki is either gone or distracted, I will fuck Danielle." I replied. After saying hello to a few familiar faces, I found my spot to relax. Wasn't quite in the mood to play any drinking games yet so I soaked in my surroundings. There were more then a couple good looking women around, but none compared to Danielle. Right before I was about to get lost in relaxation, Nikki approached me. "Hey!" she exclaimed. "Hey Nikki." I replied. Her reddish blonde hair was pushed back before she hugged me.

"You ok?" she asked surprisingly cheerfully. "Yes I am." I said. "Alright well have fun!" she said before moving back towards Sarah. I remained standing to observe the area for Danielle. She came out the front door with another friend of the "Sarah/Nikki" circle, Emily whom was also gorgeous.

"To have them both." passed through my mind. Both had practically the same body structure but Emily had darker hair in equal length. Danielle had bigger breasts but they're asses were near perfectly the same. Nice little bit of plumpness to their lower ass cheeks, slender milky thighs, and lips which would look heavenly wrapped around my hard cock.

It took a matter of seconds before they made their way towards me. Danielle's breasts bouncing in sync with Emily's. A black strapless top holding a perfect set of tits next to a purple tank top caused a rush of blood to my groin.

"Hey Bud!" they both yelled. The amount of sexual sensation I felt cannot be fathomed by any known scientist, or so called prophet.

Emily damn near tackled me with her drunken hug. Her dark hair left a scent under my nostrils that flared my desire to fuck the both of them until noon the next day. I slipped my middle finger from my right hands up the back of Emily's shirt just to feel the small of her back before she pulled away. Danielle didn't hesitate when Emily pulled away. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in tight, swaying back and fourth afterwards. Maybe it was just my imagination but I could swear I felt her hardened nipples against my chest.

When unlocking her grip, her lips grazed my right cheek. Such a powerful aroma radiated from her that I had to take an extra breath. Danielle's gleaming hazel eyes locked with mine. "How have you been?! I've missed you!" she said with a very subtle seductive voice. "Better now that I'm in your presence," I retorted. Emily laughed along with Danielle. "Oh bullshit you never text me!

Don't you have my number!?" she responded. Before I could answer Emily added "I see how it is all the love goes to Danielle. Whatever!" I chuckled without saying anything afterwards, my eyes still piercing every inch of Danielle. "Well I'll give you my number right now that way you can actually speak to me," Danielle said in a playful bitchy voice. That was another thing I couldn't resist about her. She wasn't only drop dead sexy, she had a sense of humor. "She's gotta be a total freak in the bedroom," popped in my mind.

I took my cell phone out and awaited Danielle to give me her number, scanning the area to assure Nikki wasn't catching this. A number alone would more than likely set her off. "Alright I'll text you sometime," I said as Danielle took a sip from whatever was in her solo cup.

"We'll see," she retorted with a voice that caused the sexual animal to go wild. Such a sensual way of speaking, yet I couldn't tell if she was actually flirting or just being goofy. I've always been a sucker for the "game" as some refer to it. When she smiled I immediately imagined her looking up at me. Her brilliant lips wrapped around my pulsating rod, her eyes locked on mine, speaking through them saying "You've waited for this, haven't you?

You've wanted to violate me in all the right ways. You've waited for me to suck this perfect cock of yours. Haven't you?" I swear it took all I had to bring me back to real life before naughty imagination took over. "Danielle! I need a beer pong partner!" Sarah yelled from the table. "I'm coming!" Danielle yelled back. That sentence alone was enough to further invigorate the wild animal inside.

"Can't wait till she says that to me." Before I could get lost in further tangent Danielle fired a look at me "We'll talk later, ok?" she sort of asked.

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Definitely sounded like a question but this time I without a doubt knew she was flirting by the way her eyes fluttered. "I'll hold you to that." I added with a slight smirk. She half smiled as she arched her head backwards a bit as if to insinuate "Yeah? What kind of talk do you think I'm talking about? Could you handle it?" I know that look anywhere.

Emily suddenly grabbed Danielle's hand and started dragging her towards beer pong laughing hysterically. I hadn't realized she left Danielle and I because I was so fucking enthralled with my thoughts. "Come on love birds break it up! Danielle get your ass over here!" Emily was a hysterical but rowdy drunk. Frisky as hell too from what I've heard. Danielle laughed and gave Emily one of those drunken girly hugs. "Buddy come play beer pong!" Emily hollered. "Perhaps later," I said with some stammer due to Danielle bending over.

I have no idea what she dropped during the hug, but her absolutely wonderful ass was taunting me hard. She didn't even bend her knees. Just bent straight down. "She's got to be taunting me. I'm going to rip those tiny little shorts off and wrap some of that lavish hair in my fist.

That's where I want to unload all of my juice after fucking her like a machine." The pair ran to the table without saying anything else to me. If they had I probably would've missed it anyway. I was a goner to my own filthy mind. Regaining composure for the most part I scanned the area for Nikki yet again.

She was talking on the phone with someone out in the back yard away from all the noise. "Good" I thought. "Maybe she has to leave or she has a boyfriend she didn't tell anyone and he's mad she's out partying without him." My mission was to sit comfortably and have a couple more beers without further disturbance to my pent up sexual needs. People were pretty well slickered now and some had already left.

Maybe fifteen at least remained. I watched my brother, Harry, and my two other best friends Jim and Bill have riveting debates about "the elbow rule" and "house rules" in beer pong. About twenty minutes passed before I was approached behind. Two hands were placed on my shoulders and the smell of 'woman' crept in. "Hey you." the voice quietly but powerfully entered my left ear. Inhaling deep with my nose in attempt to calm the intense surge throughout me, I tilted my head towards Danielle without looking.

"Why aren't you up and having fun?!" she asked. My tongue clicked behind my teeth for my defenses were obliterated; honesty was going to come out. "I've been so lost in the thought of you it's hard to focus on much else." I responded this time looking right at her.

She half smiled, patting my right shoulder with her hand three times. That was the signal I needed. I now knew she was in almost the same predicament as me. The urge to sneak off and savagely have at each other, but to behave whilst Nikki was present. Our eyes locked for what felt like 5 minutes but was only mere seconds before she released my shoulders and pulled up a chair in front of me.

She sat down and leaned in close, elbows resting just above her knees. "You know we can't right? I'm one of Nikki's best friends." Was I wrong? Had I mistaken the signal for a warning? Being the person I am I could never insist on really fighting to make Danielle and I happen but I had to put up a small argument. "That's a shame." I said kind of coldly. "You're really a wonderful person to be around and I've found you highly attractive since we first met." I said these words all sly like, but deep down I admit I was nervous for her next sentence.

Her hands came up to her chin and formed a fist together. I could get lost in her eyes alone, which had grown a different flare to them since she snuck up behind me. "Well." she finally let out in a slightly uprising tone. "I've always been very attracted to you as well" she added, with that hint of seduction. Still couldn't tell which way this was going to go, but my mind started racing down into the gutter again.

Danielle sat back, crossing her slender left leg over her right, arms on the rests. If I was an artist I'd love to draw/paint her nude just the way she's sitting. Every breath she takes brings those C-cup tits one step closer to popping out. I sank further into the abyss of fantasy. "If she was sucking on something right now. A lollipop, a bottle even, I'd blow my load right here." I crossed my leg over as well not only to hide my rising cock but to convey that I was 'playing', if she was making this a tactful game.

"Thank you," I said with confidence. Danielle half smiled then stood up, her beautiful brunette hair just covering her left triceps. "This conversation isn't over," she said with authority. If a decent buzz didn't take the edge off, I would've had to take a long walk by myself after what she did next.

Left hand on her upper ass cheek, Danielle slowly leaned to the right causing her ass to be within mere inches of my hand. Averting my eyes, I met hers, whose were already on mine. "See you later." With that, she let that left hand glide a little up her shirt to reveal the hip line. After she walked off, I was fully and totally erect. I needed a shot of whiskey but I couldn't stand. I was too hard for comfortable walking. "I'm going to fuck this girl. I'm going to rip her clothes off and gag her with that black top so she doesn't wake the neighborhood." Luckily my brother grew curious as to why I'd been absent from the festivities.

"Yo big guy, where have you been?! I ain't seen ya." I couldn't help but chuckle for he was hammered. "I've been here the whole time," I replied.

"Got any Jack Daniel's left?" I asked before he could. "Certainly! I'll take a shot with ya." He pulled the flask from his pocket and gulped. Passing it to me I tilted that bottle at 90 degrees and let it burn down my throat.

"Ahh, I needed that," I said with a tear in my eye. "Damn man I know you love whiskey, but what's with going hardcore?" my brother asked. I leaned towards his right ear and told him everything. When I finished, his eyes were wide with surprise.

"Dude I've got something to tell you!


You missed something while you've been sittin' over here in your own little fantasy." I leaned back in to listen. "I was texting one of my friends who also knows Danielle but isn't associated with Sarah or Nikki and she asked if Danielle was here.

I told her yeah she's here and she texted back saying 'Your Bud's younger brother right?' I said yes. Apparently Danielle has been talking about you with my friend quite a bit. I tried to dig deeper but this was the best hint I got was this text." Holding his phone up, I read this text; "Lol Danielle really wants him.

Like, she's masturbated while thinking about him." I looked back up at my brother whom had donned a huge smile on his face. "Want another shot?" he asked. "Yes, just one more." I didn't tilt this one completely back, instead a slow burn. "She plays with herself?! Over me?! I'll have her warm her little pink pussy up while she watches me stroke my eager member, then I'll slap her clit with it." "Alright man well I'll leave ya to yourself but you should really come party a bit before Danielle gets ahold of ya.

You need to relax." my brother stated, half seriously. He knew my relaxation would settle in soon from the whiskey, but he did have a point. I couldn't sit forever, I had to socialize otherwise it could seem strange, especially if Nikki or Sarah caught Danielle and I talking I wasn't even sure if Nikki was still there so I made my way to find Harry. Sure enough, he was around the liquor table, making mixed drinks for everyone.

Before I could so much as utter the beginning of a word to him, Harry patted my back hard and exclaimed "Yeeooo man! You want a drink?!" I gave an affirmative 'no' seeing as how I didn't want to risk getting too drunk and preventing my chances with Danielle. Besides, mixed drinks are not my cup of tea. We instead ended up laughing for a while about other nonsense, and conversed about things for a little while.

I checked my phone which read "1:20 AM." The party had dwindled down to only seven people not including myself. Looking around I saw Sarah, Emily, Jim, my brother, Harry, Bill and Danielle. "Yes!" I rejoiced within.

Nikki had already left at some point. Jim and Bill were calling it a night and going to sleep shortly followed by Emily.

Sarah, Danielle, and Harry went inside leaving me on a swinging bench alone on the front porch. I sipped my last beer, enjoying the evening sounds, patiently waiting to see if Danielle was coming back. Behind me was the living room windows. I faintly heard giggling and footsteps coming from inside but I couldn't make out who it was.

My left pocket suddenly vibrated so I pulled out my phone. The text read "Where are you?" It was Danielle! I told her I was on the porch and in mere moments, she had found me. Turning my head to the right to see the front door, there she was. She had put her hair in a bun but hadn't changed any of her clothing. Her skin gave off the sexiest glow in the moonlight. "Hey," she said sweetly.

I replied by lifting my legs up so she could sit next to me. Danielle gripped the metal railing with both hands on purpose. She could've just stepped over, but no. She completely turned around letting her ass be directly in my field of view. "How are you?" she asked while sitting very close to me.

She positioned herself so that her legs were curled underneath her and her torso faced me. "Better now that you're here." I was hanging by a thread with all this talk. I just wanted to tear her apart right there. This feeling heightened when she put her hand near my belt buckle while she was giggling. "Are you always this charming or is it because you want me?" she jokingly asked. "Bit of both," I said boldly locking eyes with her. How she looked in this moment I'll never forget.

Those deep hazel eyes drawing every ounce of my attention. The way her left arm supported her lazily rested head, but still maintaining a sexy kind of posture. "Well." she let out with a smooth sigh. "It's time for that talk." which broke out in a full seductive tone while her right hand undid my belt in a flash. I immediately moved in for the kiss. Our faces met halfway as if a strong gust of wind had pushed them together. Sliding my left arm around her waist to pull her closer I could feel the surge of blood rushing to my cock.

Her hand began stroking it through my boxers. She paused briefly from the wild making out to take a breath. It turned to a deep moan when we resumed. I grabbed the center of her lower back, letting my fingertips clench her warm skin. As if lightning had struck her, she stopped for another sigh of yearning.

That's when I took my right hand up her shirt to the hip and pulled her on top of me. Now straddling me, Danielle placed both hands on both sides of my face just beneath the ears. My hands ran in a systematic motion from her hips to the center of her back, occasionally gripping roughly and applying moderately deep scratching. The kissing came to a halt when Danielle leaned up and left both hands on my chest.

Taking a deep breath she guided her hands down to just above my rock hard member. The head was barely touching the ball of her palm. We didn't break eye contact at all. She tugged my boxers down just enough to expose my full on raging erection, still not unlocking her eyes from mine. It was me who took a deep breath this time. "You wanna know something?" she asked, while gently letting her fingers glide around my mast.

Her technique with teasing was unlike any other I had before. "What's that?" I managed to let out without sounding like I was going to explode. She didn't answer right away. Instead, she chuckled to herself and started to stand up. I caught an arousing glimpse of her tongue caught between her teeth as she tore away from my eyes to fixate downstairs.

She shot me a delicious smirk which will forever be burned into my mind as she pulled my boxers and jeans down to my ankles. Now on her knees, Danielle gave me the answer "Nikki would tell Sarah about her sex life, and I'd just pretend not to listen. You were the main highlight. She would occasionally go more in detail. My favorite was when she said how perfect your dick was." Finishing her statement, Danielle took hold of my cock, and began gently jerking me off, once again, locking her eyes with mine.

My left hand found hers placed next to my left thigh. I grabbed it giving a slow squeeze. I'm not sure if this dictated her next move but she moved her mouth down towards what she was stroking.

Hot air found the base of my cock and crept up slowly. I shut my eyes and leaned my head back in complete awe. A squeeze came from Danielle's hand to mine and then another.

Opening my eyes and looking down, Danielle had her left cheek rubbing against me. My cock loved feeling her sensational skin. I grinned down at her and gave another slight squeeze. She grinned back letting out a deep "Mmmmm." Her tongue finally came out, starting from the rim of my head. My legs tensed as firecrackers seemingly went off inside me. Suddenly before I could gain composure, she took me in her mouth.

I gripped the cushion from the swing as Danielle, moving at a turtle's pace devoured my cock. Her hand tightened on mine and she began bobbing her head faster. Some of her warm saliva dripped down my balls as she would gag.

About five minutes passed and the sucking came to an abrupt stop. "Okay." Danielle said in an excited shrill tone. She started jerking me off again causing that wet flappy sound. "We're going inside now." Practically standing me up by my cock, I staggered to my feet.

I kicked off my boots and held my pants up. Danielle didn't let me put my cock away. She opened the front door still holding my dripping hard dick. The kitchen light guided us to the hallway which Danielle led me down with a sense of urgency. We found the bedroom Harry saved for me and shut the door behind us. All I needed was the moon coming through the windows to see her, no lights. Still jerking my cock but with a rougher grip and quicker pace, she spun around and started that wild making out again.

I let go of my pants, kicked them off, and grabbed her ass. Another pause from the kissing for a breath. Her ass was even better then I could've imagined. Tight on the outer cheeks, juicy on the bottoms. My threshold had reached it's maximum, it was time to taste her.

I started walking her backwards towards the bed. When the back of her knees touched it I stopped the kissing, picked her up still holding her ass, and laid her down. Finally letting go of my cock, she removed my shirt at light speed and let her hands roam my invigorated body. Taking no time in removing those white shorts, my eyes came upon her lacy black thong. Danielle sat up, stretching her arms straight up in the air. We grinned at each other while my hands caressed up from her outer thighs to under her top.

I pulled upwards taking my eyes towards her soon to be exposed tits. That sexy bounce as her gorgeous breasts popped out made my smile stretch even further. I threw the shirt and found her lips. In missionary my cock was bulging against her.

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She was so fucking wet it soaked out to just before the inner thighs. She pulled at my hips to set the motion. "Oh my god," she whispered. "I have craved this so badly." I didn't say a word I just kissed her harder.

Her moans were becoming squeals and quick spasms of gasping. Gently lifting my lips off hers I moved to right beneath her left ear and gently placed a kiss. I saw her eyes shut from my peripheral. Working my way down to her collarbone, I kept my right hand at her hip, teasing her thigh here and there. Danielle's nipples were hard as they passed my chest. I let my nose nearly touch the bottom of her neck and let my hot breath pour out as I moved down between her boobs.

Shooting my right hand upwards, taking her right with authority. Holy hell, they were perfect. A cry of pleasure filled my ears as her lower back came upwards.

My cock relished in how soaked she already was. I maneuvered my tongue around her hardened tit, my left hand grabbing the other, causing her to jolt her hand back down to my throbbing cock. "I need this in me," she begged. "I've wanted you for so long.

My pussy has been aching for you." We embraced passionately, as I hovered up to her to meet her lips, but I had other plans.

I stopped the kiss by placing my right hand over her mouth. I moved to her side, feeling her back arch up, wishing my cock was still there. She moved her arms upwards but I snagged them with my left and locked them above her head. The window illuminated her fully nude quivering body leaving shadows only to the nether regions. Keeping my right hand over her mouth, I moved mine to her ear.

"I've thought about this for a long time as well." Her legs were already starting to twitch. I released my hand and dragged my fingertips down to her belly button. I turned my gaze to watch. Her legs were moving outwards as I descended. I teased the inner thighs for a bit before grabbing her entire pussy.

She moaned even louder then before and tried to free her arms. I pressed hard and said in her ear "This pussy is mine." Her eyes shut and tremors rippled through her legs.

I snatched the left string of her panties down and crossed to the right. She moved to each side accordingly. When the black panties were too far to reach, she curled her legs up so I could throw them off. I didn't give her legs a chance to find the bed before taking hold of her pussy again, scrunching my palm to rub the increasingly wet opening where my cock would soon go.

Without saying a word I released her arms and moved down on her. Fingers tugged and combed through my hair as I kissed and gently bit her all over. I couldn't keep the beast contained any longer, I wanted to taste her.

Propping her legs upwards from her ass I let my tongue slip on the outskirts of her pussy lips. There was no more whispering or light screams, now it was full on wailing. I watched her neck twist her head back and fourth, biting the pillow while I let the tip of my tongue savor her delicious taste. Before I would begin really eating her out I stopped only to bask in how amazing her pussy really was. Her lips weren't in the least bit saggy or had crinkles to them.

They were smooth, creamy and mirrored each other outstandingly. I gently pinched above her clit as I licked from her gooey opening up. Pressing my head on to her, Danielle twitched and squirmed. I kept moving my lower jaw up and down as my tongue pressed her enlarged clit. I wasn't kidding around with her, I was feasting.

She was so incredibly wet that my facial hair was damp. I slid my left middle finger inside without warning. The sheet beneath us came upwards due to her grabbing it with both fists.

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"Damn," was all I could think. Danielle was beyond tight, warm and snug. Her walls trembled within, I knew she was close. Wiggling my finger back and fourth still entrenched in her luscious pussy, I felt her walls building pressure. "Feels so fucking amazing!" Danielle exclaimed. She pulled my head up to look into my eyes, but kept it down by her pussy. A rivers worth of cum came oozing out from her, running down my knuckles.

This was it, it was time to fuck her. I was yanked back up to embrace her lips once again. Her hand found my cock in a flash and started slapping her pussy with it. "Fuck me," she said. "Make me cum all over this cock." I took her hands behind her head again, but remained on top this time, gliding my dick up and down that glistening tight pussy.

My head just barely went inside and we were both already gasping. We waited for what felt like an eternity for this. Locking eyes, I let myself go all the way.

She was so fucking tight I felt that sensation of a rising climax almost instantly, but we stayed at a slow pace.

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Danielle's legs trapped mine under them and I didn't mind. I picked up the rhythm gradually. Pulling out further, slamming back in. The smack from her wetness turned me on so damn much. "It really is perfect," she moaned. Complimenting my dick gave me the signal to really start hammering in.

Using both arms to hold hers crossed above her head, I started fucking her. We maintained eye contact as much as we could, for I believe we both loved watching each other's facial expressions. She would turn her head with her eyes shut and gnaw at the pillow, then she'd tilt it back opening her mouth to let out whatever breath she could.

When she'd look at me I'd usually be grinning as I slammed into her relentlessly. She'd bite her lip, smile then giggle mischievously. You can tell when somebody's over doing it and when somebody's actually letting out all their pent up lust. She was the latter. I don't know how much time had passed since I first started pounding her, but I was intensely greeted with another warm sensation all over my cock and down my balls.

She clenched on to me, digging her nails into my shoulders, shuttering and writhing with gasps and moans. After she let off me I didn't give her rest. "Turn over." I demanded still grinning. Taking her by the hips I motioned towards the direction and she complied without resistance.

She already had her wonderful firm ass up in the air as I positioned behind her, cock still dripping. "We're going to do this more often," she said looking back from the pillow.

I laughed a bit and shoved my cock back inside. Thankfully everybody was in deep drunken sleep, because the "Oh fuck!" she let out was not tame. Dawn was coming since more light seeped through the windows. I grabbed her ass with both hands, clenching every bit. Danielle's face was buried in the pillow, screaming god knows what. I had to see her face again. I reached with my left hand and grabbed her hair. She turned back towards me, and once our eyes met, I held the back of her neck just enough to keep that look on me.

"You're so fucking sexy," she said mid moan. "I love how you practically growl when you fuck." I wasn't aware I was growling at all. I've been so wrapped up just fucking her, let alone watching her. The fact that she talked dirty was such a huge bonus to everything else she had. I'd definitely keep on fucking her forever if I could. "Spank me" she pleaded. "Please don't stop." All the things she said while I rammed in and out of her will ring in my mind for who knows how long.

As I spanked her my dick began to swell inside. "Yeeeess. Yesss" she cried. A violent thrust of a movement from Danielle's ass stopped my thrusting. She had squirted all over me and some of the bed. Squirting, something that's always been a serious turn on, but never witnessed in real life to this extreme until now.

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"Fuck. yessssss!" she exclaimed. She then turned to me, laid on her back grabbing her tits and giggling. "Oh my god this is more than I'd hoped it would be." I attempted to keep going, but she grabbed the back of my neck and started kissing me. Her goal was to roll me over I found out. "I want you to cum inside me as I ride you," she said, nose to nose to me. "Don't worry I'm on the shot." I didn't say a word, I watched that goddess body sit down on my cum covered cock.

Her bun had long been undone, but watching her hair hang over me and sort of hide her nipples was enough to prime me for ejaculation. I knew I couldn't hold back much longer.

Both her hands rested on my chest as she let her ass lift up and down. At this point I didn't need 'hard and fast' to cum, hell I just needed her. "Can we keep fucking after this?" she asked. "I'd miss you and this cock too much." she grinned down at me. "I wouldn't have it any other way." I said back. "She laughed a little and then leaned back, letting me witness her shaved petite pussy taking my cock deep inside.

"I can feel you getting closer, Jesus, you're big," she moaned. Close was an understatement for I could take no more. All the spunk I had saved for this night had finally been released. Danielle played with my balls making sure I'd gotten it all out. When the muscles relaxed, we made out very quietly and very slowly for a couple more minutes, before falling asleep.

"What time did we come in?" I asked before sleep. "Two something," she replied. I glanced at the clock for the first time. "6:10 AM." I awoke to find Danielle dressing. I remembered she had to mentioned at some point she was leaving at 10 AM. I didn't say anything, I just watched her naked body get concealed by that sexy outfit. Girls who look just as sexy dressing as they do undressing are a treasure. Voices came from the other room and Danielle replied, "Coming!" I pretended to be asleep still.

Pressure hit the bed and I felt a hand behind my ear barely touching the neck. "Hey. Bud." she said lightly. I was going to reply with a grunt but she came down to kiss me. "You have my number, don't be a stranger." she said witty-like. "Only a fool would do that," I replied.

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She laughed and walked out of the room, giving me one last look into those eyes. My brother and Harry awaited me on the front porch sometime later, sitting on the swing where Danielle had taken my cock in her mouth. Harry got up without delay and handed me a cup of coffee. I nodded in thanks and lit a cigarette, groggily but cheerfully on looking the summer's bright landscape.

"Are you relaxed now?" my brother asked. Harry and I laughed. "Yes, yes I am," seeing her body in the moonlight in my mind once again.