Hood boy like thick dildos

Hood boy like thick dildos
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"How brilliant would it be to fuck a woman right now?" I commented to my best friend, Danny. "That would rule!" Danny confirmed. "If a woman came in right now and asked us to fuck her," I continued, "I'd be so happy!" "Yeah." "Guess it won't happen though." "We can dream dude!" My name is Cory.

I'm eleven-years-old, a slender blonde boy who, at this moment in time, was kneeling naked on a bed. Next to me was Danny Pearce, my best buddy in the whole world. He was also blonde, a freckle-faced kid aged ten, a year younger than myself. We were at his house, where he lived alone with his divorced mother. Danny was naked, like myself, as we knelt on his bed whilst flicking through a pornographic magazine.

It was nothing special, just a soft-core publication, but it was good enough for us two pre-teen horny little bastards! We may be pre-adolescents with no body hair, no pubes and still a good few inches below five-feet in height, but our bald nut-sacs seemed to be swelling with sperm and our cocks were rock hard.

"Look at her, she's hot!" Danny commented as he pointed to the centerfold in the magazine, a hot brunette on her knees and elbows, flashing a sexy smile at the camera. "I wish I could step into the picture," I declared, "and fuck her hard from behind!" We'd bought the magazine off an older friend at school, who swiped them from his dad and sold them to us kids. Danny and myself had put together our allowance to buy the mag, and though $5 was quite a lot of cash to two small kids in 1986, it was worth it!

I'd started masturbating a few months ago and had taught Danny how to do it, both of us often jacking-off together. "Hey, I got an idea," Danny said, "Why don't we try fucking each other?" "Er.how?" I quizzed. "Well, we can fuck each other in the arse. Remember that hard-core mag we saw once, round at my cousins?

It had a photo of a guy fucking a chick in the bum?" "Oh yeah." "Well, let's try that." "Okay," I grinned. It didn't occur to either of us that it might be wrong, or that it was gay, or any shit like that. It's only older people who end up being morally constricted and restrained by prejudices. For now, I just got down on my hands and knees whilst Danny got himself some hand-cream from the bathroom (his mother was out so we didn't have to worry about being caught.for now.) Soon, Danny was kneeling behind me, slathering cream onto his dick.

"Better put some on my arse," I suggested. "Okay," Danny replied. "Fuck that's cold," I shivered as I felt my friend paste some cream onto my arse. Danny edged up to me and placed his hard, hairless dick to my lubed bum-hole and pushed. It felt a little discomforting at first as my sphincter resisted, but then suddenly it gave way and Danny's prick eased up into me. His cock was only four-inches in length. I was only eleven so this was kinda big for my tight arse.

Nonetheless, it did feel pretty good, and I said so too. "Feels good for me too," Danny commented as he picked up a rythym, "Better than wanking!" "Go for it dude," I urged him, "This is making me feel real horny too.

I can feel your dick right up my bum! It's cool!" Danny increased his pace very gently, holding my slender thighs as he drove his ten-year-old prick up my rectum.

Five-minutes of pre-teen sodomy later and Danny cried out as he hit an orgasm. It was obviously pretty powerful for he banged my bum all the way in with his prick, hard and held my hips in a tight grip as his sperm filled my arse. "Holy shit that was fun!" my friend gasped as his orgasm finished, "Shit, you got to try that dude!" He slid from my bum and I knelt up.

"My cock is so hard," I said, stroking my dick which was so hard it felt like it would fall off, "Turn round dude I want to bum-fuck you!" "Okay 1 sec." Danny got on his hands and knees and I used the hand-cream to grease up my dick and then my friend's anus.

His bum was tight looking, pale little buttocks with a bald pink hole between them - it looked similar to a the assholes of the women bending over in the porn magazine, apart from the tiny nut-sac hanging beneath. I copied Danny in shuffling up and placing my lubed dick to his sphincter and pushed in. Progress was quite good and my five-inch prick was soon wedged up in my friend's arsehole.

"You're right," Danny gasped under my rough impalement, "it does feel good! It's making me feel horny again." "This is fucking tight," I panted, humping his bum, "It feels really hot in there!

Shit, I bet this is just what it's like fucking a woman in the arse or something." My hips banged against Danny's bum as I thrust into his gripping bum. My orgasm was not too long in coming and I hunched over Danny as I drilled his nipping arse with my cock, spewing my young jism into his bum.

In a dozen hard pumps, my youthful cock flooded Danny's arse with my sperm before I finally slid from out of him, tired and dazed. "That was a great idea dude!" I congratulated him. "Yeah," Danny grinned, turning round, "Shit, we'll have to do that more often. It's fun isn't it?" "I liked closing my eyes and imagining you were a woman. It works too, you can just imagine that you're doing a woman in the bum." "I guess we'll have to be content with each other for a long while though, there's no girls in our class who'll let us fuck them." Shame really.

Fuck it, each other's butts will suffice!" "I feel horny again, shall we fuck each other once more?" "We could." I was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and shutting downstairs. Instinctively, Danny and myself leapt off the bed and hurridly dressed, tugging on our clothes as the sound of footsteps came up the stairs. We were both dressed when there was a knock at the door.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Coming mom!" Danny called, quickly shoving the porn mag under his pillow, and then opening the door. "Hey kids," Monica Pearce said as she stepped in, "Hi son," she added, kissing Danny on the cheek, the boy squirming as all ten-year-olds do when kissed by their mom in the presence of a friend. "Morning Monica," I smiled, politely. "Hiya Cory," the woman greeted me, "Are you up to much?" "Not really," her son shrugged.

"Nothing much," I added. Monica grinned, probably easily able to tell that we had indeed been up to something, but not something we'd want a mother to know!

Danny's mom was a 'cool mom', a friendly and laid back woman who almost seemed like a big sister to me. Monica had given birth to Danny was when she was only eighteen-years-old, and so was now still youthful at twenty-eight - a lot younger than my mom and most of my mate's mothers.

She was blonde, tall with lovely big brown eyes and flowing golden hair. She was very pretty and had a warm smile, and she was also slim, the tight jeans and tight white T-shirt she wore showing off her curvey body. Her tits were not necessarily huge, but they did seem big beneath her top, the nipples slightly poking through as she didn't seem to be wearing a bra.

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My arsehole still burned pleasurably from it's recent fucking and my dick stirred as I appreciated Monica's body. "Anyone hungry?" the young mother asked.

"Yeah," Danny replied, "I'm starved mom!" "Me too," I added. "I'll cook something up then," Monica announced, then turned and left the room. "We'll have to leave it until later before we can fuck each other then," Danny said after shutting the door. "Yeah," I agreed, "Will your mom go out later?" "I think so.

She often does on a Saturday afternoon." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monica didn't go out that afternoon, however. Danny and me sat on his bed, in our jeans and T-shirts, a little folorn. "I thought your mom would go out," I said, idly wiggling my big-toe through a hole in my white sports sock. "I thought so too," Danny sighed, flicking through the porn mag, "She often goes shopping." "Shit, I wish we could fuck.

I'm horny again!" "We can't risk gettin' caught though dude." "Yeah. My parents never go out so we can't go there." Danny sighed again. "Maybe," he began looking up with a look of inspiration on his cute, freckled face, "we could ask my mom." "Ask her what?" I wondered. "For a fuck," grinned Danny. "What? She'll go mad!" "She won't! Mum taught me about the facts of life a few months ago and she was really cool about it, she didn't get all embarrassed or anything.

Seemed to be quite forthright in explaining that sex was as much for fun as it was for making babies." "Doesn't mean she'll want to fuck us though!" I laughed, though I was beginning to like the idea and saw that Danny was serious. "We can always ask," Danny continued, "C'mon, my mom's too laid back to go mad at me! The worst that will happen is that she'll say no, moan at me for being cheeky, and that'll be that! Let's go for it!" "You ask her though dude, she's your mom." "Sure!" agreed Danny.

He was very confident for a ten-year-old. He slid off the bed and, followed by me, went downstairs.

Dressed in her tight jeans and T-shirt and drinking a cup of coffee, Monica was lounging across the sofa in the spacious living room. It was about four o'clock and she was watching a quiz show, half-paying attention to the TV. "Mum?" began Danny as he strolled into the living room, myself hanging back and biting my lip with anticipation as to whether my pal's plan would work! It alternately made sense one moment and absurdly surreal the next. We new 'motherfucker' was an insult, but so was 'jack off', even though most boys jacked off!

Danny knew that fucking his own mom was not exactly a normal thing to do but neither of us thought it was in anyway 'wrong'. "Yes honey?" smiled Monica, a look of understanding on her face. Like all mothers, she knew that the word 'mom' spoken in a certain way by her child would be followed by some sort of request. "Can I ask you somethin'?" Danny said. "Sure honey," his mother replied. "It's.more of a favour really.

You see.well, me and Cory.can we have sex with you?" Monica, not unnaturally, blinked in some surprise at this. "Cory and me," began Danny, stumbling over his minor hesitation and just going for it, "are really horny! We've been, you know, jacking off and stuff and thinking about sex. We really want to have sex with a girl you see, and you're the nicest looking girl we know mom! Plus, you're er.the only one around! Heh! Er.so whaddya say mom?" "It's not quite what I expected you to ask me," Monica said, Danny and me relieved by the way she smiled softly, "but I guess we could arrange something?" "Really mom?" exclaimed Danny, excitedly, "Jeez, I wasn't really sure if you'd say no or tell me off or something!

Wow, this is cool, isn't it Cory?" "Yeah!" I agreed, stepping up, "This is going to be fun! You won't regret this Monica!" "You can't tell anyone about this though," Monica began, "Either of you!


We could get in trouble, especially me because you two are under the age of consent (16)!" "We won't mom!" Danny agreed, "Boy, this will be great! Thanks mom, you're the best! I got a real stiff willie about you. I bet Cory has too!" "Damn right!" I confirmed, my cock indeed bulging in my Superman underpants. Smiling, Monica put her coffee cup down and stood up. Without any warning, the sexy woman tugged off her T-shirt, revealing that she wore no bra, her nice round tits plump and sexy on her slender frame.

Clearly very aroused at being watched by two appreciative little boys, my friend's mother continued to strip, now removing her socks and jeans.

Finally, off came her lacy white panties so that she stood naked. Like I said earlier, she was twenty-eight years old, still fairly young for a mother of a randy boy approaching puberty and still with a very beautiful figure and face. "Come and explore me boys," she invited us, "I'm all yours!" Danny and me flashed a grin at each other and went for it! Monica knew that all me and her son wanted at first was just to explore a real life, nudey woman! Danny knelt in front of his mom and peered up at her cunt, which looked tight and hot between her slightly parted legs, topped with blonde hair.

Standing next to Monica, my eyes were level with her tits, and I stroked them gently. "Wow, your cunt looks nice mom!" Danny observed. "And I love your tits," I commented. "Thanks boys," Monica responded, enjoying the attention. After feeling up her tits I knelt behind her and stroked her buttocks.

They were firm and smooth. Meanwhile Danny had finished getting a good look at his mother's cunt and he stood and fondled her breasts. "I love your arse!" I said to my friend's mom shortly, still stroking her buttocks.


"Thanks boys," Monica responded, "Now it's my turn to see you naked! I haven't seen naked boy-flesh for a while, I must say." Danny and myself moved away from Monica and, with the lady sitting on the sofa, we both stripped naked. Monica was clearly impressed, for she looked hot and aroused as her eyes roved over our nude, prepubescent bodies.

"Come over here my sweethearts!" she invited us, "Come here, I want to explore you." We did so, standing in front of the sofa whilst Monica, with a great deal of enthusiasm, ran her hands over our bodies, stroking our bellies and chests then moving to our dicks. Our cocks were hard and grew stiffer as the woman's fingers delicately stroked over them. Then she took her son's prick in her mouth. Danny hadn't expected this and closed his eyes in pleasure as his mother sucked his cock.

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Then she moved to myself, her mouth warm and wet round my member, her fingers tickling my bald scrotal sack that tightened under her gently touch. "Such lovely hard little dicks," Monica crooned once she'd removed my penis from her throat, "I can't wait to have these in me. Are you looking forward to fucking me kids?" "Yeah!" cried Danny. "Me too!" I added. "Let's do it then," Monica announced and stood up. She offered her hands to us and Danny and myself took one each.

With a young, pre-pubescent boy in each hand, Monica lead us out the room. She was five-foot-eight, much taller than her son and myself. It would have been fantastic had there been someone to take a photo of that moment, the lovely lady walking up the steps with her son and myself holding her hands, all three of us nude, our bare bums wiggling as we ascended the stairs.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We went into Danny's mom's room. There was a large bed under the window, the covers stark white to match the light tones of the room.

Monica got onto the bed naked and invited us to sit up next to her. "Okay," she began, "Who wants to go first?" "Me," I piped up, selfishly. "Aw, I wanna fuck her first," whined Danny, just as horny as me, "She's my mom." "Now now," Monica calmed us with a knowing smile, "There's plenty of time for both of you.

Here, Cory, you can fuck me first. Danny? Sit back and stroke your dick, you'll be fucking me before you know it." Danny moved aside and his mother lay on her back, spreading her legs and revealing a hot slit between her parted thighs.

I licked my lips and followed her gentle instructions to mount her. I placed my hands flat on the bed either side of Monica's shoulders and looked down. My cock jutted out stiffly from my groin, pointing towards her cunt, but without me knowing exactly how to guide it in.

Luckily, Monica took me in hand, literally, and held my dick in between her finger and thumb. "Now just lower yourself honey," she said. I did so, my cock being guided elegantly into the woman's hot cunt. I let out a sigh of pleasure as I relaxed on top of Monica, her body warm and soft beneath my small firm frame.

"That feels brilliant!" I panted. "Good sweetheart," Monica purred into my ear, "Sex is meant to be good! Now, fuck me honey, start fucking me.that's it.thrust into me." My arse rose and fell between Monica's spread thighs, my small hard dick driving up into her cunt.

She was tight and hot down there and I was in utter heaven as I shafted her neat cunt. "I'm gonna cum," I began to stammer after just a few minutes. I knew only a little bit would come out since I just fucked Danny a few minutes ago.

"Pull out Cory," Monica said to me, "Slide out and cool off a minute." With great willpower, I did so, dismounting my friend's mother, my prick slick with cunt juice as it slid from out of her. I moved aside, stroking my cock as my imminent climax ebbed away for now, whilst my friend mounted his mother just as I'd done. Guided and instructed by his mother, Danny was soon pushing his stiff dick into his mom's cunt, laying out flat on her and grinning with pleasure.

"Fucking hell it's great!" he announced, "Shit, mom, you're so hot!" "Fuck me son," Monica panted. I was delighted to see that lust and enjoyment were clearly in her voice. Danny fucked his mom's tight twat for several minutes, pumping his pelvis as he drove up into her cunt, his head barely reach up past her tits he was so short compared to her!

Not that I was much taller myself. As she had done with me, Monica instructed her son to pull out before he climaxed. Once Danny had done so, I took his place and re-inserted myself into Monica's cunt. It was lovely to be back fucking her again and I shafted her cunt at a good speedy rate. My orgasm began to rise and, with no possibility of stopping, I cried out as I drove my dick up into Monica's womb and ejaculated there.

My climax was harder than it had been when I'd arse-fucked Danny. For a good twenty-seconds I was close to fainting with pleasure as my youthful prick pumped out thick wads of sperm up into the cunt of the horny woman beneath me. I kissed Monica on the lips and dismounted her.

In no time at all Danny got back on top of his mom and fucked her. He shagged her just as fast and as zealously as I'd just done, Danny's climax shortly hitting him. He sucked on one of his mom's erect nipples as his prick spasm inside his mother and fired thick sperm into the cunt from which he'd been borne from ten-years and five-months ago.

"You boys are good for beginners," Monica said once her son had clambered off from her. She was disheveled looking and had clearly enjoyed it just as much as we'd done. "Thanks mom," said Danny. "My pleasure," his mother responded. "You're so sexy Monica," I told her, "Shall we do this again? I'm feeling horny already!" "Me too," Danny added, stroking his semi-stiff dick. "And me aswell," his mother said, sitting up and giving us both a kiss, "I want to drink your young sperm next.

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How d'you horny rascals fancy a nice BJ?" "Yeah!" exclaimed Danny, as if his mother had told him he was going to Disneyland or something, "That'll be wicked mom!" "Would you like me to suck your dick?" Monica then casually asked me. "Yes please Monica," I replied, politely. "Right then," the naked woman began as she got onto her hands and knees, "I fancy a spit-roasting. Danny sweety?" "Yeah?" "Get up behind mommy and put your dick in my cunt from behind. You can fuck me doggie-style whilst I give Cory a blow-job." Positions were taken up.

In no time at all Monica was being seen to from both sides - her son thrusting his young cock into her tight cunt whilst his mother sucked on my dick. I'd never had my prick sucked before but there was no doubt Danny's mom was skilled at this.

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Tingling pleasure rippled up my hard shaft and through my body. Her tongue felt fantastic as it ran over my throbbing little bell-end whilst I lightly humped my hips and fucked Monica's ruby-red lips. Danny was having a great time too. He knelt at the other end of the bed, gripping his mother's firm bum-cheeks and slamming his little dick into his mom's cunt. Ten-minutes passed until Monica took my dick from her mouth and asked me and Danny to swap positions. As fantastic as it'd been getting my dick sucked, I was more than happy to go round to the other end of Monica at her out-thrust bottom.

Her buttocks were smooth and firm looking, and her puckered anus lay between them. Under that tight rear-hole was her cunt, wet and inviting looking, it's pink lips glistening with juice. I slid my prick into that tight cunt and began humping Monica hard. Danny was already getting a nice cock-sucking, his mother deep-throating the boy's cunt-juice slick penis, taking it entirely into her mouth. Across from his mother's back, Danny and me grinned happily at each other as we fucked away, my grin containing admiration for my friend's nerve in just blatantly going downstairs and asking his mom for sex.and getting some!

We looked down at Monica as she began to fuck and suck us harder. Her tall, slender body squirmed with pleasure, banging her bum back against my dick whilst her head bobbed as she deeply sucked her son's prick. Though muffled, you could hear Monica moaning and grunting in pleasure, Danny's member stifling her deep moans of ecstasy. "We're making her cum!" I announced, knowledgeably. "Shit yeah!" laughed Danny, "We're making my mom orgasm!

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Yeah, go for it mom! Take our cocks! Haha! This is great!" A dick in her cunt and mouth, Monica wasn't able to reply but nonetheless, on her hands and knees between us pre-teen boys, was able to confirm my conclusion by letting out more loud, muffled cries of ecstasy, her body bucking between us. "I'm gonna cum too mommy!" Danny began to pant, "Oooh, yeah.in your mouth.SHIT!

UUUH!" His eyes rolled back and ecstasy fell across his young face as he began to squirt his seed. Still banging Monica's cunt from behind, I could hear the horny woman gulping as she swallowed her son's sperm, her own climax having finished just as her son's began. As Danny fired the last of his jism into his mom's mouth, I began my orgasm. It was a good, hard one, long pent up, and I hunched over Monica's back and let out a long cry of joy as I ejaculated deeply into her cunt. My sperm fired up into her womb, joining the cum myself and Danny had shot up there earlier.

All the while, Monica was greedily licking her son's wilting prick. Finally, I pulled out of her and lay back along the bed along with Danny, Monica between us and just as tired. A few months after this incident, Danny's mom invited me into their house to make an announcement. She smiled and joyfully explained how she was pregnant. Danny and I were shocked but Monica was so happy so we smiled as well. I wonder who's child it is.