Sex machine sex toy cd homemade sissy

Sex machine sex toy cd homemade sissy
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As stated before, all involved are 21 and over. Travis (me) 25, single 6', 175 lbs Jackie, 3rd cousin 42, 5'4, 100 lbs, blond, C cup breasts Allison (Alli) 21, 5'5 150 lbs, blond, C cup breasts Nicole (Nikki, my mom) 43, 5'6, dirty blond, 130 lbs C cup breasts Julie (my sister) 21, 5'5 110 lbs, dirty blond, C cup breasts As stated in the last story, I got out of the Navy after 6 years.

I was a CB (Construction Battalion). When I got out, I came back home to Oklahoma, where jobs were scarce. One day, after a few weeks home, my mom was talking to her cousin Jackie.

Jackie needed some things repaired on the farm she owned, and asked my mom if I would be interested in coming down to her place, which was a couple hour drive away, to do this work. Jackie's husband, Bruce, was working in the barn one day, up in the loft, where he slipped and fell, breaking his neck, which he died from. That was 3 years ago, and ever since, Jackie has relied on farm hands, who aren't the most reliable, to take care of the dairy aspect of the farm.

But no one was taking care of the house, that needed some major repairs done to it. After talking it over with my mom, I decided what he hell, and said yes. I remembered back to my younger years and the fun my sister and I would have with Alli, even though they were both a few years younger than me.

Julie, my sister, and Alli, our cousin, were thick as thieves too. I guess after I went into the service, they became even closer. My mom, Nikki, would go down almost every other weekend to be with Jackie, and of course Julie went along too. I remember too, when I was still not in the service, where the three of us would go down on weekends.

Most of those times, Juli, Alli, and I would be out playing, swimming, or just staying out of the house until almost 10 or 11 at night. Little did we know what the adults were doing, until Jackie spilled the beans to me, after she and I just had sex for our first time.

Chapter 1 Showering again, after the torrid sexual adventure Jackie and I had just concluded, I dressed and made my way upstairs.

Jackie was in the kitchen, in front of the sink. She now was wearing some old, cut off jeans, that did nothing to conceal her lovely ass, and a loose fitting halter top. From the side, you could easily see her pert breasts.

I was getting ready to go to Walmart, which was a good 40 minutes from us. I was going to buy a 60 inch flat screen TV. Replacing the small 32 inch they had in the living room. I came up behind her, and just wrapped my arms around her waist, and kissed her neck lightly. "MMMMMM. Good. I was a little nervous how you may react to me, after this morning." she softly said, then turn around in my arms and hugged me closer.

"Jackie, I'm good with it. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought you would want me, like that. But, like I said earlier, you are amazing. Do you think Alli will be okay with this?" I asked, as my hands slipped down to her exposed cheeks. "MMMMMMMM. You like that ass, don't you stud?. But yes, she will be more than fine with it. And, why wouldn't I want a hunk like you. Age is nothing, especially when two are very compatible, especially in bed, and find each other very attractive, which I believe we both do." she said.

"You do have a great ass Jackie. You are smoking hot. Hell, I am getting hard now, just holding you. But I have to leave for a bit, and just wanted to get a quick bite to eat, before I left." I said.

She giggled a little then said to me, " I know, I can feel it. Thank you for the compliment. While you are getting hard, I am soaking wet, and not from that gallon of cum you shot in me either. But from this point on, I won't deny you this body, well almost never.

Here, let me make you a quick sandwich." then kissed me softly on the lips. As I was eating, Jackie made a comment to me, that showed that these two ladies share everything. "So, you have heard Alli and I, at night. Turned you on too. I'd love to watch you masturbate sometime. Bruce and I used to do that together. Then he would shoot his cum all over my pussy and belly. But what I loved most, was when he would lick it up and feed it to me." I looked at her with a stunned look on my face.

I never knew that they could be so kinky. I mean, when growing up, I thought of Bruce and Jackie, as the all american couple, never dreaming they got into sex like that. Jackie smiled, "What? You don't think we enjoyed sex? Until his death, we were at least 5 times a week, if not more. And, to be totally upfront with you, Nikki enjoyed that too. But I was the one usually doing the cleanup. Or, after Bruce came in me, she would clean me, and I would return the favor.

Christ, when you three used to come for weekends, we couldn't wait for you kids to head out to the river on that Gator. That thing was an alarm for us. For when we heard starting to make its way back here, we had to stop, and get dressed." All I could do was shake my head.

"Damn" I thought, "Even my mom was into sex" Then I thought, "I wonder if I could do it with mom, like that. And Julie too. Both are quite attractive." Jackie brought me back to the present and out of my now, fantasy. "Look. I shouldn't even be telling you this stuff, but, here is a secret I'll let you in on, and will deny telling you too, your mom would love to go to bed with you." Again, all I could do is shake my head.

Then I told her I had to get going, if I wanted to make it back in time for dinner. She again asked if I was alright, after all of these revelations she laid on me. I was, and I told her so, then got up, pulled her into my arms and kissed her passionately.

Then left. Before I went to Walmart, I spotted an Adult shop and went in there. I wanted to get a DVD. Something really hot, involving 2 women and guy, threesome.

There was many to choose from too. I also saw these mess style, I guess, underwear. It was thong style, but the mess left noticing to hide. I picked up a pair of white, and a pair of black. Then I saw all of these lotions to prolong a man's orgasm. I read the bottles, but didn't get any. But I did settle on some cock rings. I had a buddy, in the service, who swore by these things. Kept you hard, and killed off the sensation to cum. So I bought a couple of them.

Then off to Walmart. After viewing all these different TV's they had, I settled on this one 60 inch one, by Samsung, then a DVD player and sound system. Paid for it, and then a guy helped me put it in my truck, and off I was, back to the farm. I got back about an hour before dinner would be ready. Both Jackie and Alli were in the kitchen preparing stuff. So I went to the living room and removed the smaller TV from the entertainment stand they used. As I walked the TV down to the basement, Jackie asked what the hell I was doing.

I told her she'd see in a few moments. After coming upstairs, I had Alli come out and help me bring in the new set. It's not heavy, just to big for one to carry in. Alli said "Oh Shit. Mom is going to die seeing this" I asked why, and she said that she has been bugging her mom to get a bigger one for a long time, but Jackie couldn't see the need for it, since the other one worked good, as it is. When we got inside, Jackie saw what it was. "Travis Johnston.

Just what the hell are you doing?" she asked, with a tinge of anger, but not really. I think it was for show. "Look Jackie. Let's just call this my small contribution to the household. I like watching a big screen TV. And wait until you hear the surround sound I have for it." I said "Ahhhhh Trav. You really didn't have to do that. I can afford things like that, easily. I just never saw a need for a new one yet. The other works great.

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Plus, what happens when you finally move back home?" she asked. I chuckled and said, "Who says I am moving from here!" Both girls mouth went agape, but then none of said anything after that.

But, I could see Alli was really happy I said that. They went back to finishing dinner, while I set this system up. The TV was easy. It took longer to pair the damn remote, from the satellite system, then setting up the TV. Then hooking up the sound system, which had bluetooth speakers. Man, I couldn't wait to see the movie on it later. Jackie came up and hugged me, after I had everything put together and working.

She said thank you and kissed me for a good bit, until Alli laughed and told us to get a room. I told Jackie and Alli it was a gift from me for all of their wonderful hospitality they have shown me. Then we sat down for dinner. Not much was said during the meal. You could feel the sexual tension in the air. Just how wild this night was going to be, I had no clue. But I was over the fact that I was related to these two nympho's. After dinner, we retired to the living room.

I had a beer and both girls opted for wine. We sat down and watched a couple half hours shows. Both girls loved the new TV, saying it looked like the people on it, were right there with them. I wondered to myself, what they'll think later when the porn movie starts.

Chapter 2 Then Jackie suggested we all go change for bed, and then meet back down here. I figured they were going to wear their nightshirts, like they always do. But I had a surprise for them. I went downstairs and changed into my mesh thong.

Even soft, it barely contained my package, Christ, I doubt it would hide anything when I was hard, but who cares.

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It was for looks anyways. I even put a spritz of cologne on too. I came back up and noticed the girls weren't there yet. I also brought a towel with me, so i could cover myself at first.

I did pop in the DVD while they changed, so it was ready when they finally came down. A good 15 minutes past before they finally descended the steps. My jaw had to have hit the ground. Both had on super sheer white teddies.

I mean they hid nothing, but still looked so sexy on them. Each wore a matching thong, that hid nothing either.

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I could easily make out their pussy lips. Both also wore thigh high stocking, and 3 inch white pumps. It's like they just jumped out of the Victoria Secret magazine. That definitely made blood start rushing to my groin, Jackie chuckled, then said, "Close your mouth Sweetie. Unless you want something to fill that mouth" "Like what you see Sailor?" Alli said in a seductive voice. "You 2 look absolutely gorgeous.

Actually, angelic." I stammered out. Jackie giggled, then said, "We may look angelic Stud, but tonight we are your little devils. Extremely horny Devils" They stood directly in front of me, then turned around and showed me their exquisite asses. I leaned in and kissed each ass cheek, which made them moan. Then Alli turned and faced me and noticed the towel.

She reached for it and grabbed an end, and as she started to pull it, she asked, "Whatcha hiding under this Studly? As she then pulled it away, revealing my thong to them.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh. Niceeeeeeeeee. Very sexy Trav. Very fucking sexy." Alli softly said. Jackie turned around then and looked. Then gasped. "Damn. That looks so hot Honey. Glad you like dressing up too. We all look, and I dare say, feel really sexy tonight. Let's get this party started." as she turned and went to get the wine bottle to refill their glasses, and brought me a beer.

Once the girl sat down, one on one end of the couch, and the other at the opposite end. Then they turned so they could face me.

Both had their knees bent, and legs spread, teasing me. So I took the remote and started the video. Alli asked what movie was this. I told her to just watch. It was supposed to be a guy, his girlfriend and her mom. Kind of fitting, I'd say. It didn't take long before the two women had him naked and sucking his cock. Once they saw the guy naked, Alli and Jackie both started playing with their pussy's. Both watching the action on screen.

Jackie would make a comment about some position, like we should try that. Alli asked me to take my cock out and stroke it. So I did. "Damn, that looks so hot Trav." Alli cooed. I looked over at Jackie then and she was watching me. She took her fingers out of her wet pussy and brought them to my mouth, and let me suck them clean.

Alli then did the same, letting me taste her sweet nectar. I joked that we should make a movie like this one, and both girls said hell yeah.

Jackie must have had enough and said, "Fuck this. Let's get upstairs and really enjoy each other." Once we all made into Jackie's room, the two ladies stood in front of me, then kissed each other passionately. The moans escaping their lips was very erotic, to say the least. The mesh thong was no longer containing my engorged cock.

A few inches peeked out from the waist band. The girls finished their kiss and faced me. Not a word was spoken, but the lust in their eyes said everything I needed to know. I reached for Alli's hem of her teddy. Then start raising it up, as she lifted her arms, to allow me to finish removing it from her. As the teddy hit the floor, my head leaned in and my mouth licked, then sucked in her hard nipple.

Jackie also took a nipple into her mouth, as we started pleasuring this gorgeous vixen. A soft " Ahhhhhh" escaped Alli's lips. I broke away from Alli and now turned my attention to Jackie, and repeated the same process.

Only this time Alli and I suckled her nipples.

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" Oh Goddddddddd" she softly said. After a few moments of this I broke away again and smiled at them both. I wanted us all to get on the bed, but they had other plans. Both girls dropped to their knees, then started rubbing my thighs, then up and over my crotch. Each of them placed a finger inside the waistband and slowly pulled the thong down until it hit the floor, which i stepped out of. Both girls then noticed the red cock ring, that I had stuck down there for easy carrying. "Ohhhhhhhhhh.

Looky here" Jackie said, as she held it up. "Bruce used these once in a while too. Those nights were usually long sessions, remember Alli?" I raised my eyebrows, and thought of what Jackie said earlier in the day about the 3 of them playing together. I then wondered if my sister and mother as free spirited as these two are. If so, I would love to explore that with them.

Jackie's hand encircled the base of my hard cock now, and held it 90 degrees to my body, and offered it to Alli, who wasted no time in starting to lick the shaft.

Jackie then started licking the other side. Each woman took turns in sucking me, while the other sucked my balls. God, they felt amazing to me. As they should, for this was my first time with two women, at the same time. "Oh Fuck" I softly said, when Jackie took most of my cock into her mouth.

Then Alli did the same. They were driving me nuts, and knew it too. They finally gave up doing this to me, telling me they didn't want me to cum yet. Jackie then took the cock ring and slipped it on.

The girls then got on the bed and fell into each other's arms and started making out. When they broke from kissing, they got into a 69 position and just started lapping each other's pussy's. I had wished now, that I had brought my phone with me, so I could have filmed this. Seeing two women pleasure each other is a sight every man should experience. I just sat on the edge of the bed and watched, and slowly stroked my cock.

The girls did everything they knew to please each other. Fingering each other and sucking pussy's. It wasn't too long before they both started cumming. Both women were very vocal when this was happening.

I had to let go of my cock then, or I would have lost my load for sure, ring or no ring. Jackie then sat up against her headboard, and Alli moved between her legs and started lapping her juices. Jackie motioned to me to come up by her, which I readily agreed to do. We started kissing, while Alli ate her. Then Jackie asked me to feed her my cock, so I got into a position that would allow that and she eagerly started sucking on the head of my cock.

Somehow she had enough concentration to suck me and enjoy Alli's ministrations on her pussy. I loved when she moaned because of Alli, and me lightly pinching a nipple. After a few minutes though, she let my cock fall from her mouth and quietly told me to get behind Alli and fuck her. You could easily tell, Jackie was running this show tonight.

I already knew, in my head, that Jackie was Queen Bee and would follow anything she suggested. When I got behind Alli, her ass was up in the air, and both holes were begging to be licked. I started with her pussy lips, which were already super wet from Jackie eating her, and I believe because of Alli eating Jackie. When my tongue slipped between her labia, then down to her clit, Alli let out a long moan. Then my tongue started tracing her lips and up to her rosebud anus opening.

When my tongue made contact, she body twitched some, and she lifted her head and looked back at me. I knew what she said about exit only, but I didn't think she'd mind my tongue.

When I started licking harder and then opened her hole with my tongue tip she let out a long moan and said, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

Fuckkkkkkkkkk. That feels so good." then put her head back down and continued eating Jackie. I only partook in this for another minute, then kneeled behind her, took my cock and rubbed it up and down, from one hole to the other.

Then slipped it in in waiting pussy. "Oh Fuck Yesssssssssss. Fuck me Trav." Alli said. Jackie just smiled and winked at me. We started slow and after a few minutes, Alli was doing most of the work, while still latched to her mom's pussy. I, at one point, leaned over Alli's back and played with Jackie's tits and nipples. I was rewarded with lots of moans from Jackie. This also got Jackie close to cumming yet again. When she started to cum, Alli yelled out for me to fuck her harder.

At that point I could feel her inner walls getting warmer and clamping down on my rigid shaft. All you heard now was Ohhhhhhhh's and Yessssssssss, coming from Alli, until she started cumming, and cumming hard.

Once she finished, she rolled off to her side and curled up in a ball and just shook. I wasn't sure what to do next, but Jackie took care of that, directing me to lay next to her and she then mounted me and buried my cock deep inside her. She smiled down at me, then started rocking her hips backwards and forwards, grinding down on me hard.

"Oh Fuck Trav… Your cock feels so fucking big" she softly said as she then started gyrating her hips in a circular motion. My hands were playing with her tits then.

She loved when I pinched her nipples some, because she would moan out and say yes to that. She leaned down and started kissing me then as we started to fuck up and down now.

As we started doing that, Alli came up and lay next to me. She reached in between Jackie and I and started rubbing Jackie's clit while we fucked. I, in turn, reached down with one hand and rubbed Alli's clit, and then so did Jackie. So we both were working on Alli. Jackie started speeding up now, she wanted to cum, and boy, did I want to as well. The ring had helped in keeping me from cumming to soon, but I really wanted to shoot deep in her pussy. I started pumping back into her.

Moans and skin slapping is all any of us could hear at this point. I was close now, and so was she. "I'm going to cum Jackie." I yelled. "Give it to me Trav. Shoot it deep inside me…&hellip.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.Damnnnnnnn" she said as she started cumming. I didn't disappoint her and started shoot bigtime inside her. As she came, she fell forward, on top of me and held me tight, as her body shook and shook, as her orgasm took hold of her body.

After a few minutes, Jackie rolled off of me, then snuggled up close. I had Alli on one side, and Jackie on the other. To me, life was good. The three of us just lay there, resting, without anything to say. I wasn't sure yet if they were okay with what we did. But judging from the caresses from both women, they were fine, and so was I. "So" Jackie said, "Were you serious about staying here after your projects are finished?" "Yeah" I said.

"As long as you two are okay with that. I really like it down here, and that was before what we have done together this weekend." "Good" Alli said. "We were kind of hoping you'd say that Trav. We really like having you here. You make us feel safe, and this tonight, is one of the fringe benefits to living here." "Yes Trav.

We would like you to stay. I mean after you finish up with the projects, I am sure I could rustle you up work at some of the neighboring farms. All of us are always on the lookout for a decent Handyman. Plus, there is always plenty of regular farm work here too, and I'd pay you a good wage" Jackie said. "Well then, I'd say you have a new border and Handyman in your life." I said back to the both of them.

Jackie then got up and went to the bathroom. Alli and I just held each other and kissed a little bit. By the time Jackie returned, my dick was growing again. Hard not too, when you are with two sexy women, like I was. Thank god I'm only 25. "Ok you two. Why don't you guys head off to Alli's bed. I'm beat and want some sleep. But, just for the record. Now that we are all intimate with one another, clothing is quite optional, especially in the evening, when all the hands are long gone.

I like being naked." Alli and I both kissed Jackie good night and made our way to her room. Once in bed, we started kissing and fondling one another again. It wasn't too long before I was between her legs and my hard dick started sliding back inside her.

"God Trav. I love your dick in me" she cooed For the next 15 minutes we made slow, passionate love. Not saying anything, but moaning galore. We even rolled so she was on top. She told me she loves being on top. My hands played with her nipples as she rode me.

Then one hand went down and started rubbing her clit. This was when I noticed she was bald now. I asked, "When did you get rid of your patch of hair?" "Yesterday, when I was out. I had it waxed. I hope you like it." she said. "MMMMMMM. Yes I do. I can't wait to actually see it in the morning." as I shoved hard up into her. That set Alli off to started going a bit faster.

She leaned down and started kissing me again, as my hands went to her ass and held it, while we built to another orgasm. This time though, we just let our orgasms overtake us without much noise. But we both knew we came, and almost together. As we lay there, she kept covering my mouth with little kisses, until she slid off, and curled into me. "Can I tell you something Trav?" she asked. "Sure. Anything" "You are the first guy I have ever spent the whole night with.

And I hope you want to a lot more with me." "I'll spend all of them with you, if that is what you want." "No. Not every night. There will be night's Jackie will want you too. We share around here Babe." All I could think then, was how lucky I have become. I mean what guy wouldn't want to be with two beautiful women, and not just sexually. I just hope I have the stamina to keep up with them. My biggest fear is hurting one or the other, by not showing enough attention to one, while showing too much to the other.

Chapter 3 The next morning, I got up and headed down to my room, so I could shower and change for the day. Neither Alli, or Jackie were up at that point. By the time I was finished, and came back up to the kitchen, starting breakfast. Both had on their silk nightshirts, which was fine by me.

Both acted normal towards me, like what we did the night before was an everyday occurrence to them. As we ate, we talked about what I was planning on for the week, and Jackie wanted to know if I was really serious about staying there for good. I told her I definitely was very serious about it.

I had always loved coming down here, to this place, and now that they would like me to stay on, why not? I mean job prospects were kind of bleak up by home and I loved it there. Plus the fringe benefits they offer could not be taken lightly. Once the dishes were done, Jackie poured us each, another cup of coffee and said to sit at the table, and let's talk. "First off Trav, Alli and I are so happy you want to stay here with us." Jackie started.

"But, if you ever feel pressured to stay and want to leave, we will understand. I mean, let's face it, what we have started is not what most people would consider normal. But fuck them. We're not hurting a soul. And, if last night was any indication, it was really great." Alli piped in "Great?. Hell, it was beyond great. I can't find the words to describe it." Jackie smiled and agreed with Alli, then added, " Now Alli and I probably aren't normal, when it comes to sex.

We both crave it a great deal. Most women are good with a couple times a week, but we were blessed with raging hormones and like it as much as we can. You may not like it as much as us, but seeing we come from the same blood line, I kinda find it hard to believe…&hellip.

What I am saying is, if you feel like it, approach either of us, and chances are good, we'll be more than happy to indulge." I chuckled and said, "It must run in the genes. I have a pretty high sex drive too, so feel free to indulge when you want it too." Jackie smiled and started up again, "Good to know Sweetie. Now the only time we'll probably say no is when our friend makes it's monthly visit, and even then, we'll more than likely say yes, if you aren't too squeamish. Bruce never minded." I just nodded and kept my eyes on the both of them.

"Now Alli and I have worked out a plan for the three of us, and hopefully it will meet with your expectations as well. Let's put Saturday's down as our time together, for the three of us. Then during the week, maybe a night, or two, you and I spend the night together, and the rest of the time, you and Alli share a bed." Jackie stated. Talk about having this all worked out. "I'm not saying every time will be sexual. But it is nice to go to bed with someone and wake up with them, with no sex involved.

I really miss that……… Now for one other situation. … Your mom and sister are coming for a visit in two weeks." "Really?" I asked. "She never mentioned it to me the other day, on the phone." "That's because I didn't know until yesterday afternoon……… But, and God I hope you won't get upset, or begin to hate me, but your mom and I will sleep together Trav." "Jackie. You already told me about you two, and about Julie and Alli&hellip. That's between you four.

So I'm cool" I said. "Yeah, but Honey, there's more… See your mom and I are in love too. I have always hoped they would move down here as well.

Maybe with Julie now done with school, they could find jobs down here and move in. Talk about one big happy family." she said and laughed. Ever since Jackie told me about mom and sis, I have had thoughts of what they do, and what they may look like naked and in the throws of passion.

I know that if my sister offered herself to me, I'd do it, especially if Alli was there too. But mom, I just don't know. "Jackie, I'm serious, I'm cool with all of this. Just don't be too disappointed if I don't feel like sometimes.

And you are right, it is nice to just go to sleep with someone next to you, then awaken with that person" I said. "Well Good. Now that we're all on the same page, life should be fun around here again.

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You two go ahead and find something fun to do today. No work." Jackie said. The rest of the day was pretty much just laze around the house, except for a couple of hours, Alli and I went swimming down by the river. That evening, after dinner, we enjoyed some pie that Jackie made and just watched TV. During that week, Jackie and I did spend one night together. We didn't have wild sex, but just normal, slow lovemaking, which she seemed to enjoy a great deal.

The other nights, I spent in bed with Alli. Of those nights, only three included sex. One thing I learned though, she loves oral, both giving and receiving. And she has been asking me to lick her butt hole now too. Alli also has been making it a point to shower with me. When we do, she shaves me every other day. She says it looks sexy to her and she likes there are no hairs when she gives me a blow job. Trust me, this girl knows how to suck a man. That Saturday, the three of us went into a town that was a good half hour away for dinner.

It was nice getting away from the farm for a few hours. Jackie said it had been awhile since she went to dinner like that. Both ladies wore summer dresses that evening. Judging from the nipple erections I could see, no bras were worn, and it wasn't until we got home later, and the dresses hit the floor, did I know they were completely naked under them.

On the ride back, Jackie and Alli would make out a little. Then Jackie, who was sitting next to me, started rubbing my crotch and whispering in my ear, all the naughty things they were going to do to me later.

To say they were horny, was an understatement, but so was I. It was well past 8pm when we got home, and like I said, their dresses hit the floor as soon as they entered the house. Jackie, who seems to like controlling these get together's, said the hell with TV, let's go fuck. I watched these two fine asses walk up the stairs, swaying their hips as they ascended the stairs.

My shirt was off before I hit the stairs and by the time I got Jackie's room, I too was naked. Unlike the previous week, where the girls played together first, all three of us were involved from the get go.

This time too, the girls brought out the toys. One time, Alli and I were 69ing and Jackie had a strap on attached to her and fucked Alli, while we ate each other. Then while I was fucking Jackie from the side, Alli was using a vibrator on Jackie's clit, while we fucked. That made Jackie explode with an orgasm. As soon as she started cumming, I did too, filling her tight little hole with a large deposit of my seed.

While Jackie rested, Alli got busy sucking me hard again, which to my surprise, did not take long at all. Once hard, she got between Jackie's legs and started licking her clean and asked that I fuck her now. With ass up high, and exposing both holes to me, I couldn't resist licking them both "That's it Baby. Lick my ass&hellip. I'm really liking that now." Alli said loudly. Jackie smiled and said, You really like that now, huh baby girl?. Maybe one day you'll let his nice cock up there." Then we started fucking again.

I have no idea how she concentrated on her mom's pussy with me fucking her pretty hard. When I spanked her ass, she let out a loud moan and begged for more from me. As we continued our sexual dance, I looked into Jackie's eyes, and she in mine, and we just smiled, knowing full well, we both were receiving pleasures from Alli, but also giving as well. When both girls started cumming, they each let out loud moans, with plenty of "Oh yesssss", from each of them. I took a little longer, but a few minutes later, I felt that tingling feeling deep within my ball sack, letting me know I was about to fill Alli's juicy pussy with my seed.

I grunted and moan as it shot deep inside her. When finished, I was spent. I made a mental note to myself, to start working out more, like I used to in the service. These two women were sexual freaks of nature. All of us were pretty much spent now, as Alli lay in between Jackie and I.

But this night, we all decided to stay in one bed for the night. Jackie and I turned on our sides, facing Alli. Then Alli said "God, what a great evening… I really love you guys". When I heard that, I sort of froze up. I really never contemplated loving either of them, except as family. Jackie saved me from speaking, when she said, "We love you too Honey" Chapter 4 Late in the afternoon the next day, only Jackie and I were at home.

Alli had some errands she needed to attend too, and wanted to do some shopping for herself. I offered to go with her, but she said she wanted some alone time. Of course, my mind thought back to the night before. "Maybe she really doesn't like the three of us playing, and wants me all to herself." Right after she left, I busied myself with setting up a little workshop out in the barn. After about two hours, I called it a day. I was sweating, from the 95 degree heat, so I decided on a shower.

When I came in, Jackie was in the kitchen, fixing up a jug of ice tea. Her hair was wet and was just in a pink, silk robe, so she just had a shower too. I told her I was going to shower, and went on down and did what I had intended to do. I let the warm water cascade over me. God it felt good. I spent more time than I usually do in a shower, only because it felt nice. When I finished, I dried off and left the bathroom, naked. Anymore, clothing was optional to us three. In fact, I was enjoying the fact we three could be naked, and not think a thing of it.

When I entered the bedroom, Jackie was sitting on the edge of the bed. Now her seeing me naked, was no big deal now. I kind of wished she would have lost the robe, because I love looking at her sexy body. She patted the bed next to her and said, "Sit Sweetie… Let's chat", so I did.

"About last night&hellip. I think you did not know how to handle what Alli said to us, about love. That's fine Trav&hellip. But I knew it would happen one day. She has very strong feelings for you Honey.

Not hard to understand, especially how you treat her. She loves the attention you show her, and what you show to me as well. I'm even growing to love you more than just a family member. I'm beginning to love you as a man. I hope that doesn't scare you!" she said.

"I'm not scared at all. I'm really not. I just wasn't expecting it to be said already. I have growing feelings for her as well. To be honest, for both of you. I just don't want to have to pick one or the other." I said. "Oh Sweetie… Don't ever worry about that. I am a firm believer that you can love, and I mean truly, and deeply love more than one person. And show each of those people how you feel." Jackie explained.

"Really?" I asked. "Yes&hellip. Really. Case in point. Bruce and I were in love. But so was I with your mom. In turn your mom was, and still is, with me, and she and Bruce were in love as well. When we were all together, we did have wild sex, but we also made love to each other too. None of got jealous, and we encouraged each other to show our love for one another." "Wow…&hellip. We definitely are different from other families." Jackie chuckled. "That's an understatement.

In fact, we haven't been as affectionate as we usually were back then. So many times I have wanted to just come up and hug you and kiss you, and Alli has felt the same. And we crave it as well, from our man, or woman, in my case." "Does mom know we three have been sexually active?" I asked "Oh yes… She is quite happy with that.

So is your sister. They are happy because they don't have to hide this part of their life anymore&hellip. I hope this isn't to weird for you. Let's face it, we live in a bible thumping area, and most people would never understand, or accept what we do." I laughed, "Yeah.

I can see that. I'm sure some preacher would keel over from a heart attack if he knew." as I said this, my hand went to the tie, on her robe, and undid it, slipped the robe open, revealing her luscious body to me. She then moaned when I caressed her one breast. I was already growing to a hardened state, and Jackie took notice. Her hand wrapped around my cock now and slowly stroked it. My hand left her breast and wandered down to her slit, which was very wet now.

A soft moan escaped her lips. "Trav" she said. "Lay down for me" So I did and she straddled me and sunk down on my hard dick. She then leaned down and we kissed. It wasn't the hot, passionate we had been used too. This one was more like two lovers would do. Soft and sensuous. Tongues lazily searching each other out. The whole time, slowly rising and falling on my love pole.

No words were spoken, just two people making love to one another. Just before we were about to achieve orgasm, her arms went around my neck and pulled me even closer, as my arms embraced her as well. I started cumming first. My seed was shooting deep inside her, as I moaned out with pleasure.

Jackie then started cumming, and as she did, she softly said, "Oh God Trav… I love you Baby" "I love you too Jackie" I softly said in her ear. Her body seemed to quake more, when I said it. After a bit, she sat back up, with me still inside her, mostly hard too. "Promise me Trav… Never say those words unless you truly mean it. Especially to Alli" "I meant them Jackie. When the time is right, I will let her know.

That I promise. I too have been growing feelings for her, and not just as friends and lovers." "Good. She really does love you Trav&hellip.

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I have to admit something. I was secretly hoping you two would fall in love. Then one day, make me a grandmother. But not yet. I'm way to young for that." I chuckled and said, "Well, I think we too are a little young in this relationship for that as well&hellip. But, you'll make one sexy looking grandma." "Nana" she said. I had a puzzled look on my face, after she said it.

She giggled and said, "Grandma sounds old, I want the kids to call me Nana. And I bet your mom will want that too." I laughed and as I did, I raised my back up, so i could go deeper inside her. "Damn Baby.

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Don't you ever go soft?. I gotta admit, I love your cock." she said and laughed. "Question Trav." "Okay. Ask" I said "If by chance Nikki and Julie move down here, would you be okay with that?" "Yes.

Of course. Not sure how mom will feel about me naked around the house." "Honestly. She is dying to see you naked now. Especially since I have told her how nicely endowed you are, and you know how to use it&hellip. To be really honest. I would love to have you join her and I one day next weekend. She said, as she ground her mound into my groin. "Oh God Jackie.

I really don't know about that." She smiled and said, "Babe. What better way to express love than making love to that person&hellip. I'm pretty sure she would be quite receptive to you." After that, she got off of me, then headed to the bathroom to clean herself up.

When she returned she had a smirk on her face. "What" I asked. "Damn Trav. Did you pump a gallon inside me, or what? One day I need to teach you proper etiquette.

Bruce learned, and so should you." "What's that?" I asked. "She giggled, then said, "You'll need to go down on us lady's once we finish, and clean your cum up. I loved when Bruce did that. Then we kissed hotly." I kind of laughed, but said, " Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But if I don't like it, that stops." " Deal&hellip. And thank you for making love to me.

I've missed that", then kissed me on the lips and left. After a bit I went outside and just walked around, thinking. Never in my wildest imagination could I think that I would be living with these two gorgeous women, let alone being their lover. If this is a dream, then I hope I don't wake up soon. I was watching two of the farm hands getting the cattle back to the barn, so they could milk them soon. I didn't even hear her come up. " Penny for your thoughts, Trav?" Alli said. " Oh hi.

I didn't even hear you come up." She giggled. " No kidding. You were somewhere, but not here. Everything alright?" "Yeah. Everything is great. Just thinking about what we have been doing now." I said "Oh" she said, and had a frown on her face. "Are you having second thoughts?" Alli asked. I stumbled with my words, "Yes. No. I mean I did at first, but not anymore. You have to admit, what we three have going is not the norm in society. But it feels like it is working for us.

I just don't want hurt feelings from any of us." "Trust me Trav. It's cool. I believe like mom does. You can love more than one person. Hell, Julie and I have been in love with each other for years. And I am falling for you too and I am not giving either of you up." " That's cool Alli. I wouldn't ask you too. If I can't handle it, I'll just move out. But, I think I will be fine." "Well, just to let you in on a little secret Babe. We both want you to join us in bed one night.

She knows quite well what is going on down here, and she has had a crush on you most of her life. We both want you to watch us make love too. It's not always wild sex between us." she said. "Let's just play it by ear on that one. I've never looked at Julie in a sexual way before. Or at least until recently." She reached up and kissed me on the cheek, then said, "Just keep an open mind Trav, and enjoy what we have to offer.

No other man will be offered this", then started walking back towards the house. That night, Alli and I made love, and not just sex. I was surprise I could even get it up, after what we all did the night before, then Jackie and I earlier in the day.

Like her mom earlier, there was no talking, just moaning and "oh god yes" being said. We then fell asleep in each other's arms. Alli never repeated the love phrase, which was good. I'm not ready for that, just yet. The rest of the week went by quickly. All three of us were showing more affection to each other now too. Little hugs and kisses shared.

Light squeezes of the ass between us all, if we were near one another. Alli and I slept every night together and made love three more times that week. But, Jackie and I did not. There was a few long kisses and grope sessions, but at night, she excused herself for bed early. I also was starting to figure out how to redo the kitchen. That Thursday afternoon, Jackie and I sat at the computer and picked out new cabinets.

She decided to gut the whole kitchen and get new stuff, appliances and all. As we were looking, her hand came to my crotch and started rubbing on me. "Fuck Baby.

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I really miss this cock this week." she said with a grin. "You could have had it anytime." I said. "I know. But my little friend showed up Sunday evening. Luckily it's slowed way down. Just hope it is gone by tomorrow." she then explain and had a frown. We then picked out which style she wanted. White cabinets on top and gray for the bottom. Tile and granite could be picked later. But she then decided on the granite. I told her I would go tomorrow to the supplier, which was over an hour away and place the order.

Chapter 5 The girls that night were all excited about Julie and my mom visiting this weekend. The way Jackie sounded, it was unlikely that they'd see the outside of the house. Alli wanted me to go out with Julie and her, either Friday evening or Saturday. Wherever we went, we would have to drive a bit, since the town close to us, did not offer much, but two bars, and dives at that. Friday morning, Alli was up and gone early. She had to go to the Co-op, to discuss pricing for the milk.

I went down to my room, and then showered. When I was done, I came back into the bedroom and found Jackie leaning against the headboard, rubbing her slit. "MMMMMMMMM. All clean and shaved I see. Come here big guy and fuck me. I need a good pounding." she said, and had this wicked look on her face. I didn't even get a chance to make her cum with my tongue. She let me eat her for maybe a minute when she commanded me to fuck her, and fuck her hard. My time in the Navy taught me to obey orders.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and sunk my cock in her fiery hot pussy. She was sopping wet. We fucked like that for a good ten minutes, then she came and asked to go doggie style. She said she loves it best this way when she is super horny. I think the thought of my mom and her getting together this weekend had her this horny, and I was just a diversion for her. It didn't take quite as long this time for her to cum, and the sounds of our skin slapping together, coupled with her dirty talk, put me over the edge, and as she started calming from her orgasm, I shot big inside her.

When I finished, she had already started laying down on the bed, and I followed her, laying on my side. I remembered what she said about cleaning up and started moving down there, to do just that, but Jackie stopped me. "Leave it Honey. Let's just say it will be a gift for someone later." she said, then giggled.


I left shortly after that to go order everything I would need for this part of the remodeling. I was surprise at the money I had been spending too. None of these projects were done cheaply either. She wanted the best stuff. Mom had made mention that Jackie was well taken care of, after Bruce passed away. I got back to the house a little after 2pm. I saw that both my mom's car, and my sister's car was in the drive.

I thought that kind of strange, as to why they just didn't bring one car. I went inside and dropped the paperwork on the kitchen counter and headed downstairs. When I got in my room, I saw a note on the pillow. It was from Alli, telling me to come join her and Julie at the river, at our normal spot. Now, knowing Alli better, I am sure those two are naked, and if not playing, they would work up to it.

I changed into a pair of loose fitting gym shorts, sans any underwear. Then made my way back upstairs. I got a bottle of beer out of the fridge, for the ride to the river. As I shut the door, I heard a moan coming from upstairs. I stood for a second and heard it again. Curiosity got the best of me, so I slowly ascended the stairs, and walked quietly down the hall to Jackie's room. Her door was partially open, so I looked in.

On the bed was Jackie. Her legs were spread wide, her upper body was up, being supported by her elbows, and her eyes closed. Between her legs was my mom, in all her naked glory. She was on her knees, and her ass up high, and her head buried between her cousins legs, eating her out. I was frozen. I could easily see mom's puckered rosebud and her pink slit, which was glistening with her own juices. The sight of just that made my cock begin to grow.

Then coupled with seeing Jackie enjoying her ministrations, really got me going. Part of me wanted to drop my shorts then and slide my cock into mom's waiting hole. Then Jackie opened her eyes and locked onto mine, and she just smiled. She took a hand and started running through Nikki's hair. I could tell by her breathing that she was getting close to cumming, and I am sure me watching, turned her on even more.

"Fuck Nikki, Fuck Baby&hellip. That's it, eat my fucking cunt&hellip. I'm gonna cummmmmmmm" Now Jackie likes to talk dirty, but that was the first time she used the cunt word. It sounded so dirty, and yet erotic when she said it.

As Jackie started to cum, her whole body convulsed as her hips left the bed, pushing her pussy into Nikki's hungry mouth. As they finished, I slowly, and quietly backed away, and headed out of the house, making sure mom would not have heard me.

I'm sure she would have been mortified to know I was there watching, and have a raging hard on. I went out to the barn to retrieve the other 4 wheeler, but when I got there, it was gone.


So the girls must have taken them both. My only other option was to walk, or beat the shit out of my truck going through the pasture. I opted for the walk. It was only about a mile, so it was no big deal. I'll catch a ride back with one of them. I was in the tree area, just before the river, and I could hear moaning. So I walked as quiet as I could until I saw this beautiful sight. My sister Julie, was laying on a big beach towel, but all I could see was the top of her blond head.

Alli was on top of her, in a 69 position, with both of them oblivious to anything around them, except the pussies they were licking. So I stayed back and out of sight and enjoyed watching these two give each other pleasure. My hand went inside my shorts and started stroking my very hard cock. It wasn't long before they started their orgasms, and almost at the same time.

Julie was first, then Alli not mere seconds later. When they finished, Alli rolled off of Julie, and I could see her heavenly body, well most of it.

Because of the way she was laying, I could not see her slit, but I am pretty sure she shaves, like mom does. One thing I did notice that her breasts were just as tan as the rest of her body. Alli, tan, but not as dark and has tan lines from her bikini. Her and Jackie don't lay out much and only on the weekends, when most of the farm hands are off.

Alli was now laying on her side next to Julie, and she kissed her. It was a long, passionate kiss, and I am sure, both there lips were covered with each other's cum, from their mutual orgasms. Then I heard them both tell each other that they love one another. I was just about to move, to join them, then Julie spoke, "Damn. Where's Trav at? I thought he'd be here by now…&hellip.

Al, tell me, what's he like in bed?" I stopped, just to hear what Alli would say. "OH Fuck Jules…… He's the best I have ever had…… It's nice and fat, and a good length. He isn't like a porn star, but as long as Daddy was, and he knows how to use it&hellip. You want to fuck him, don't you Jules?" Julie just smiled, then said, "Hell Yes. You know damn well I have crushed on him since we learned what sex is about.

I know it's wrong, but I don't care. At least I love him, not like any of those boys I've been with. I'm wet just thinking about him fucking me." Alli giggled and said, "Uh Jules. I think you are wet because we just had sex. But trust me, he is as good as daddy was with us. And the stamina he has, Whoooooo Girl. He can go and go." "Holy shit" I thought to myself. "Bruce fucked her too, and she wants sex with me as well?" I heard Alli then say to give me 10 more minutes, and if I didn't show, they would head back to the house.

I decided to start walking back, and once I hear the 4 wheelers, I'd make it look like I was walking to meet them. By the time I heard the engines start, I was almost halfway back, so I turned around to make it look like I was meeting them.

In no time, they were on top of me and killed the engines. Alli got off and ran up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss, then whispered in my ear, "You missed out on watching us together." Then Jules got off of her ride and came to me and hugged me tight, then kissed me on the lips. Now that was unusual for her to do. "Damn Bro… We were waiting for you." Julie said "Sorry.

I got held up with placing an order. You are looking great Jules." "You too Trav. Farm life agrees with you. Have the cousins been good to you?" Julie asked I smiled, then looked at Alli. "Oh Yes. They have been quite good to me. What's with you having your car here too?" I asked.

"Well" she said, as she looked at Alli. "I'm staying for the week, but maybe longer. I want to see if I can find a job down this way. You okay with that?" Oh wow, I thought. "Sure sis. I'd love to be close to you again. I have missed you" "Good. I've missed you too, and I have really missed Miss Sugar Butt, over there. Let's head back to the house, and clean up for dinner." Julie said and smiled. Alli told me to drive, while she rode behind me.

Just before we took off, she whispered in my ear. "You better take some vitamins Stud. You have three pussies to satisfy now" as her hand went inside my shorts and grabbed my cock. Julie took note of this and just smiled.

On the ride back, all I kept thinking that this was just a dream. That, and how in the hell am I going to be able to please them all.

Maybe I should build a room in the barn, so I can have some peace and quiet.