Casada danda para e exibindo na internet

Casada danda para e exibindo na internet
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Author's Note: This story I have taken time to write for people's enjoyment. I would love comments, both good and constructive&hellip. I would really like for those who wish to insult, to keep their opinions to themselves. Please over look grammar, and spelling errors Disclaimer: This is a true story. I lived this but I added things that were not true to make it a more filling story. If you think you know what parts are true or really want to know, send me a private massage and I might tell you lol The Ride David was dead tired; all he wanted was a cold beer and his favorite recliner.

As he pulled into his drive, his wife Tina, his daughter Kelly and her best friend Tara came out of the house.

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David groaned he knew what was coming. Every time Tara comes over it is always up to him to take her home. It is not like he didn't like her, in fact she was a hot little fourteen year old girl, and she always wore the skimpiest out fits, like the one she was wearing right now. A short white skirt and a red skin tight half t-shirt. "Sorry honey but Tara's mother called and she has to get home.

The girls were planning to spend the night together but something came up. Do you mind taking her home?" Even though Tina made it sound like she was asking after twenty years of marriage he knew better than to think it was anything but an order. He didn't even bother shutting the car off; he only put it in reverse. He was so lost in his brooding that at first he did not notice the front door being open and Tara sliding in.

Normally both girls sat in the back sit and giggled all the way to Tara's house. Seeing his confusion Tara smiled. "Kelly had to help her mom with something." She said For about the sixth time Tara shifted in her seat, as if she had to pee or something, he glanced over and saw that again her little skirt slide farther up her firm smooth thigh.

"Thank you for taking me home." She said. "No problem Tara." Although less than ten minutes ago he was pretty ticked off because he had to make this long drive, and all he wanted was a cold beer, looking at her silhouetted in the early evening sun through the window he really didn't mind, and that cold beer didn't seem very important anymore. He had to admit she was a knock out, even at fourteen. Her hair was long down her slim back and the color of polished gold, in the sunlight there were natural red high lights, giving her a fiery glow.

Her skin was smooth and deeply tan from all the time she spends outdoors. She has high firm breasts, that he guess were a solid c cup, a slightly pooched stomach, not really fat, or chunky, but sexy.

Her hips flared nicely. Her legs, god how he loved those legs they were long and shapely looking at them a man had images of them wrapped around his head, his waists, squeezing him. He felt his dick stiffen. He quickly looked back out the windshield. "You know the girls at school have you at the top the most fuckable list?" She said this as if she were commenting on the weather. David's hands gripped the wheel tightly.

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"The what?" Tara giggled it was a musical kind of sound. "The most fuckable list, it is a list we make of men and boys we wouldn't mind fucking, and you are at the top, in fact you're third on the list. With four stars." She said this as if impressed.

"What do the stars mean?" God help him he didn't know what made him ask this what he should be doing is changing the subject. She giggled again. "Those are guesses." "Guesses?" She shifted again, this time turning to face him. Her skirt slid even farther up her thighs, his blood picked up speed if she moved one more time he will get a clear view of her panties.

David mentally kicked himself, what kind of pervert was he that he was trying to get a glimpse at a little girl's panties. "The stars are a guess at how big your cock is. I guessed at least 8 inches long and at least 1 in a half around." She giggled again at the shocked look on his face. Tara laughed again and slid a little closer. "Am I right?" she asked boldly placing her hand on his leg, just above his knee. David knew a tease when he saw one, and this one was a big tease, judging by what she said.

"That is none of your concern." He said taking her hand off his leg, and trying to sound disapproving. He thought the rebuff would cool her jets, but it only made her laugh.

She turned more in her seat; David noticed that her skirt went up a few more inches. "So are you saying you never wondered what I look like down here?" she asked boldly, placing her hand right on her crotch. He tried to laugh it off. "Does it really matter if I have? You are only a child." Again if he expected this to offend her, or put her off, he was wrong. "I know you have. I have seen you watching me. You really get turned on by my chest." She ran her hands up her body to cup her breasts.

He had to admit that at the tender age of fourteen she did have a nice chest. More than once he had wacked off to thoughts of this hot little piece. She cupped and pinched her nipples it was then he realized she did not have a bra on.

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Her nipples poked and stretched the tight material of her top, in the most mouthwatering way. She moaned softly, and slid her hands down to her crotch again. "I'll make you a deal, you show me yours and I'll show you mine." She purred grabbing a handful of her skirt. David sat there not daring to move or talk, he wanted to see just how far she was going to take this.

Part of him wanted her to stop, while he was still rational enough to walk away; But there was a deeper part that did not want her to stop, and if he was honest a bigger part. She must have seen that in his eyes, because she shifted again, this time placing one small foot on the dash and slowly lifting her skirt. What he saw made his heart slam into his rib cage, she was not wearing any panties, there facing him was a small smooth breath-taking pussy.

There was moisture on the perfectly shaped outer lips, and her clit was large and looking very tasty. He inhaled deeply, he smell her sent already, she was warm and wet, and if he was mistaking she was very horny. She ran a small finger up her slit, "come on daddy show me how big you are." She whispered, running a hand up his leg.

"Oh daddy is very hard; and those pants must be very tight on daddy's cock." She slid down his zipper, normally David was a boxer man but he did not grab a pair this morning. She nearly purred as she released his throbbing cock. "Oooo daddy you're bigger than I thought!" Her small hands wrapped around his aching flesh. "So hot and so hard." She whispered. She leaned over and allowed saliva to slide out of her parted pink lips, over his hot cock head; he could swear he heard a sizzling sound, as the spittle ran down his aching shaft.

Squeezing his rod, she ran her hands up and down his pecker. David closed his eyes he was in heaven. Roughly he shoved her off of him, for a second she looked confused. But when he jerked the car into gear, she smiled when she saw they were going in the opposite direction they had been going before. With a giggle she moved to place her back against the window. Spreading her slim legs as far as the seat would allow; she pushed her skirt up to her waist.

David felt his cock twitch as he looked at that beautiful bald pussy. He could not seem to look his fill of it, when her hand slid down; he nearly crashed into the back of car parked at the red light, as her finger slid into her sopping wet pussy.

"Mmm I'm so wet." She purred pulling her finger out; sunlight glistened off a drop of pussy juice clinging to her finger. He had to taste that, grabbing her hand he pulled it to his mouth and sucked her finger hungrily. Thankfully the turn off he was looking for was there before him, he did not know how much longer he could stand her teasing. As he turned the car off, she slid back over to him, and slid her hot tight mouth over his engorged flesh.

He inhaled deeply as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft; her small hand wiggled into his pants to cup is heavy balls. She seemed to swallow his whole cock with each bob. He couldn't help but groan when he thought about his eight inch cock sliding down her throat.

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He didn't know when or how, but all of a sudden he was fucking her mouth, and she was taking every inch of him in. His hand rested on the back of her golden head, but he was not pushing her down, he was pumping forward into her. She moaned and purred each time his cock head slipped down her throat, the vibrations sent waves of pleasure through his cock and settling in his balls, churning the cum inside them, until it felt like hot lava rolled in his sacks.


" AHH fuck stop! Stop, I'm about to cum in your mouth." He groaned out, his wife never let him cum in her mouth. He tried to pull her off, but she sucked harder.

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Swallowing hard causing her throat to constrict on his hot rod. This was too much. He couldn't hold on any longer. " Ohhhhhh fuck… holy shiiiiiiiiit." Load after load of hot cum shot down her throat, he could hear her slurping and gulping, some slipped out, running down his cock. He held her still as he pumped.

He had never exploded like this before, but his cock shot off like a machine gun, white stringy cum filled her mouth. When he finally stopped it seemed like five minutes later, she let is softening cock slip from her lips.

She licked the cum from his shaft. " MMMMmm daddy you filled my tummy up." She sat back rubbing her tummy as if full from a huge feast. She opened her legs, he could see the wetness on her thighs. " Oh daddy I'm so wet." She moaned running her fingers over her swollen clit. He felt his cock stir, he could not remember the last time his cock was ready to go again so shortly after cumming, not even in the early years of his marriage; but this little minx had his cock jumping.

He watched mesmerized as her hand flashed up and down over her clit. Little moans and mewls slipped from her parted lips. David nearly leaped from the car; reaching in he pulled her out.

At first she was little worried, but he picked her up and placed her on the roof. He nudged her knees apart. Placing himself between them, he buried his face in her sweet snatch. She moaned and cooed as his tongue slipped inside her hot little hole. She tasted of honey, and wild places. David could not recall the last time he tasted a pussy this sweet. In a few licks she was humping into his face, rubbing her hard clit on his nose, and fucking his tongue.

Her small fingers were buried in his hair, pulling him even closer to her. Her legs were tossed over his shoulders. She bounced and pushed against him, he had to grab her hips. "Oh fuck daddy, eat me, eat my fucking pussy." She moaned, "Right there, oh yesssss!" she was like a wild hell cat, her nails dug into his shoulders his scalp. She thrashed against him. "Fuck daddy I'm gonna cum!! Ooh shiiit!! Oh god!!" David clamped his mouth over her sweet fuck hole.

His tongue pushed up inside of her as far as he could get it. He loved it when a women's juice coated his tongue. Hers not only coated his tongue but filled his mouth, the force of her orgasm pushed his tongue out of her. Her cum ran down his chin. David was amazed at how much cum her little body shot out Tara was in a daze, she had masturbated many times, but this was the first time she ever had an orgasm by another person.

Her body tingled all over. Her heart felt as if it were about to break out of her chest. She was so lost in the afterglow, that she did not notice he was lifting from the car until she felt the roughness of his shirt against the inside of her thighs.

She opened her eyes to look into his. There was such a hunger in his eyes, it was almost animalistic. Hypnotized she didn't understand what was happening until she felt the head of his steel hard cock, until it was stretching the opening of her pussy.

Panic hit her. This was not what she wanted, she was a virgin! And this was not what she had planned. Before she could say anything, he slammed home, driving his cock deep within her. The pain was unbearable. She thought she was going to faint. David froze he did not expect her to be a virgin!

Oh god what had he done? The small frame was shaking in his arms; he felt her sobs more then heard them. He tried not to think of how tight she was, how her pussy was squeezing his cock.

But god damn she felt so fucking good. "I'm sorry." He moaned in her ear, rubbing her back gently. "Tara?

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God I did not know I am so fucking sorry, but Tara I can't stop! You feel so fucking good. I'll make it good I promise. Tara say something." He pleaded he need her to agree god help him if she turned cold now.

Tara didn't know if it was his pleading or the pain in his voice, or the fullness in her pussy, but the pain vanished; in its place was a warm wetness that seemed to seep through her whole body. She moved her hips a little. The feeling was amazing, she felt her body stretch and move to make room for him. After that she couldn't keep still, she pushed against him, needing to get more of him inside of her.

David's jaw clenched, He didn't move.


He did not know where he found the will, but he had to stay still, he had to make it good for her. "That's it baby, fuck yourself on my cock." He purred. With his strong hands supporting her firm young ass, he slid her up and down his shaft. "Help me daddy I am so hot." She begged. "What do you want baby, tell me." David slid her a little harder down his cock, holding her still when she tried to slide back up.

"Daddy? Please. Please" She wasn't sure what she was asking for; but he knew. "Tell me what you want baby?" he demanded rotating his hips a little. She bit her lower lip as a moan slipped from deep within her chest.

"Oh god daddy fuck me, fuck me hard please fill me with your cum." Her claws dug into his back. Those words shattered his self-control. With a primal growl he slammed their combined bodies on the hood of the car, "God yes daddy take me." She wrapped her legs around him, nearly squeezing him to death, but he did not notice.

All he knew what that his cock was in heaven. Her body held him like a glove, as if she was made for him. He pumped deep into her, with each stroke his cock would ground out; he had never had a pussy this tight. He looked down she was thrashing about pushing into his every thrust. Her golden hair flowed about her head spilling onto the car hood.

"Yes fuck me… fuck me daddy." She pulled at his shoulders, squeezing him her pussy pulsed and quivered around his cock. David held off, as he watched this wild untamed sex goddess pound herself into him, using his cock to please herself. "That's it baby, cum for me. Cum all over my hard cock deep inside of you." He encouraged. Tara couldn't hold still her heart was racing; her blood was pounding in her veins like a pagan drum.

"Oooo fuck daddy!! Oh I'm going to cum all over your cock. OH MMMMmm fuck dddaaaaaadddddy!" her body rocked as wave after wave of hot release washed over her, her small hands dug deep into the strong muscles of his back, her legs locked around his hip.

Her juices gushed out and around his cock, soaking his pants, running down his legs. That was all David could stand. He began pounding into her flesh until his own release exploded. Filling her little womb with his cum.

She felt his hot seed splash against her inner walls, felt every twitch every jump of his dick as his hot seed ran out of her pussy and down her butt crack. This feeling cause her to gush again.

David collapsed on top of her, his legs felt like rubber, his head pounded with every beat of his heart. The hot air around them was filled with the scent of sex normally he would be heading to a shower right now, but the smell only increased his glow.

He didn't know how long they stayed that way, with his cock still buried deep inside her tight pussy, but the sun had fully faded from the day. He slipped out of her; their combined juices ran like river out of her body.

That site rocked his world; her small body laying across the hood of his car, her pussy stretched wide open from his cock, and his cum leaking out of her. For the first time in his life he wanted to bury his face between her legs and feast on the taste of their love; but it was getting late.

He pulled his pants up and looking in the car, he found a t shirt in the back seat. Gently he cleaned her up. She didn't seem to have the strength to move.

When she was all clean he picked her up and cradle her in his arms, she was so small, and so beautiful in the moonlight. She touched his cheek.

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"I am sorry I took your virginity, but I am not sorry we fucked." He knew it sounded stupid, and he wasn't sure why he did. She laughed. "I'm not sorry. At least not anymore." She reached up and kissed him full on the mouth. In that tender moment, David knew he was lost, this small, wisp of a girl owned him.

Body and soul………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………