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As i've mentioned before, my girlfriend's little sister is quite the looker. she's a typical highschooler, 5'3'', 110lbs, jet black hair over a pretty face, with a tight little body and long lean legs with bcup breasts. other than spying on her changing, she comes across as innocent and naive.

im sure many guys have encountered this type of girl, shy, demure.and kinda stupid. i found out that she does stupid things, how stupid, i wasn't totally sure at first, but when the whole mystery unravelled, i was shocked, but used it to my advantage.

at my gf house there's 3 computers and my gf and her little sister share the older one mainly for homework and netsurfing. one day when no one was home, i was using that computer to do my online courses when i came across a folder named "personal stuff". i thought it was my gf's so i opened it up and found out that it was full of pictures, video clips and journal entries.of her little sister. curiousity killed the cat so i decided to preview the pics quickly to see what was on them.



i could see that they were all pictures of her and her friends at parties doing naughty things like drugs and sexual situations. i immediately started to open the files to take a closer look. drinking, smoking, drugs, topless, makeouts, was all there, this little girl was going wild when she was at parties!

there she was with her girlfriends and guys going buckwild; in one picture she was leaning naked over one guy but nothing more, although her friend had a guys cock in her mouth and smiling!

i needed more, so i opened up the video files. i found what i was looking for. it looked like 3 different occasions, but in each video she was having sex with different guys.

i think her and her friends go to these parties and get fucked up while getting fucked up. on one of the nastier tapes, i found her getting gangbanged by 3 guys; they were running a train on her, filling her with cock and she just smiled for the camera.dirty slut!!!

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i could hardly contain myself, i watched the video on loop and started jerking off. typical highschool guys, they were banging like jackhammers. they could barely hold their load and each one started spewing jizz all over her chest and stomach. one girl jumped into the shot and started licking the jizz of her boyfriend off little sister's tit.

it was so fucking hot that i started to cum, luckily i caught my jizz with her underwear, although her thongs are not up to par :) when i got myself together, i looked through her journals and it seems that she's going through a really shitty faze in her life where: she feels lonely, she feels insecure, she's not attractive enough etc.everyone has been there, but she can't seem to get over it and is compensating with sex and rebellion.

this was fucking gold for me! i decided to leave a note in her folder to find, it read: (i see that you're going through a tough spell in your life right now, but obviously you're making up for it by having a "goodtime" at these parties.

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i don't want to see you get into trouble with your family, you and they have worked too hard for you to "fuck" things up. fake sick and stay home on friday, i'll drop by and we'll talk) friday came along and i proceeded to head over to my gf's house to meet her little sister.

we'd have the privacy since everyone is out to work for the day; i was looking forward to the little one on one i could provide her with.

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i entered the house and called out, she was in the basement in her room. i went downstairs and pushed open her door. she gave me a timid look from her bed, it looked like she was crying. i walked to the bed and sat down, she wore a thin white tanktop that showed off her killer body and breasts, and a xxxxsmall boxer brief; i was hazy from the sight of her.

the boxers really accentuated how long her legs were, tan and smooth which led to the tips of her sexy feet. i asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was ashamed that anyone would ever find her personal stuff. she asked me how much i had read/seen and i told her "everything". she slunked lower, but i pushed forward. i told her how glad i was to find it, that maybe i could help break the news to her parents."NO", she pleaded to me to never tell a soul, this was her own personal hell and she'd work through it.

i told her that i couldn' t let her continue the drugs and sex and craziness, it was destructive behavior. she asked me what she could do, how could she channel all that energy; i had a plan.

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i told her that i would provide her with all the drugs and stuff, but in a controlled manner. i wouldn't tell her parents, but she'd have to have sex with me in the morning when i sleep over. she was shocked at first, but told me that she's through feeling inferior since all her schoolmates think she's a whore. if it meant cleaning up her life, she was going to give it a try and purge all her closet demons. we both smiled in relief, then i jumped on top of her and told her that our sessions would start as of right now.

she didn't resist, she removed her top and exposed her luscious breasts. her light brown nipples were puffy and i sucked them until they were hard. she was moaning in exctasy and i shoved my tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply.

she spread her legs and felt the lump of my penis rubbing against her crotch. i rolled over and took off my shirt while she pulled off my pants. my cock sprang to attention as she rang her fingernail on my ballsac while flicking my cock with her tongue. i had a little ejaculate on my tip and she rubbed it into her lips, circling the outer edges; until i forced my cock into her throat.

it was sudden, she nearly gagged, but i pressed her head down and she accomadated my shaft. the gurgling was making me hornier, all the peeping, pictures, video could not prepare me for this. i wanted to cum, but kept control.


i pulled out of her mouth and a huge stream of drool stemmed from her lip to my cock. i massaged the saliva into her breast and smacked my cock into her face. laying her down, i removed her boxers. underneath was the thong i had jerked into while watching her clips!

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i asked her where she got those and she told me that she found it soiled in the hamper and after reading my letter, knew i had jizzed into them! i was raging, i ripped off the thong, breaking the straps and stuffed them into her mouth to taste.

this revealed that she had shaved her pussy, i knew that she had a bush, but she must have went clean for this occasion; the bareness was fitting of her age. i dug into her pussy, licking up the juices that were permeating her body. the lips were so tight, everything was just perfectly tense, i was gonna break her in with my rigid cock. she was not a virgin, but when my cocked broke her barrier, she let out a loud yell.


im guessing that those "boys" did not have what it takes to make her cum. she bucked against my thighs as i pumped her missionary.

i kissed her feet as i admired her legs resting over my shoulders. i leaned into her, stretching her legs behind her ears, while i pounded deep into her. i kissed her mouth, she was moaning uncontrollably, i squeezed her tits, the nipples were as hard as my cock. i rolled off the bed and picked her up, she put her hands around my neck as i inserted my cock for a standup fuck.

we swayed together as she rode up and down on my shaft. my arms were tensing to keep her from falling, but i held on as our breath and sweat from the closeness was stirring the intensity.

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i looked her in the eyes and told her i was ready to cum. she dropped to the floor and asked me where i wanted it. i told her to open her mouth. my cock was swelling and as my cock passed her lips, it pulsed a wave of cum into her mouth. she stuck out her tongue to lick my sac, but it must have been painful for her as i relentlessly slammed into her tonsils.

i finished ejaculating, weak in the knees, but she was holding it in her mouth. my cum was all over her lips and tongue; holding it in the back of her throat for me to see. i told her to swallow and she neatly fingered any lingering bits into her mouth and obliged.

we didn't have much to say, but i picked her up off the ground and lay her in bed so we could sleep off our passion. luckily, my gf's sister has gotten her life back together. as promised, i supply a little weed and drinks when she needs it, but she has started to realize how meanless that shit really is.

as for the sex, it still continues. i stay over sometimes to do my courses and we fool around before she heads off for school. i told her that if she was on the straight and narrow that i wouldn't tell her parents, but apparently i created a nympho. she enjoys our morning romps and hopes that i'll keep up my end of the bargain of sleeping with her!

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i don't have to buy her drinks/drugs AND i get to fuck her still? No brainer.;)