Solo teen babe fingering tight pussy on steps

Solo teen babe fingering tight pussy on steps
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This is the third part in Jason's story. You'll notice that Nicole from Part 1 is not really in these anymore. I only really kept her in the title so it would be easy for followers of the series to find the next part. For those of my readers who have followed these, thanks for the support and feedback. Unfortunately, I think this is going to be the last part of the series. It'll be longer because of that. I have enjoyed writing these ones, but have many other ideas I would like to pursue. However, if I get to a point later on where I feel like I want to continue with this, I might add a part 4.

Thanks again and enjoy! — — I was in Spanish class now, my last class period before our hour of lunch time.

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I had always been good at languages, and enjoyed Spanish a lot really, mostly because I had an awesome teacher. However, today I just couldn't focus, for obvious reasons. My mind kept drifting to what Laurie and I were going to do during lunch. There couldn't be many reasons she invited me to the storage closet in the Science building except for, you know. My mind wandered to her luscious blond hair, and how it perfectly framed her face.


Then to her full, kissable, sexy lips that almost had a magnetic pull tempting me to meet them with my own. Down to her boobs, not too big or too small, firm and perfectly shaped yet so erotically silky to the touch. Then down to her ass, round and plump, but not too big. And, just like her tits, firm and smackable yet somehow also soft and smooth.

Finally, her pussy, standing out pink against the glowing tan of Laurie's classic California girl skin. The lips soft and mesmerizing, inviting you to softly push them apart and take a peek at the wonders hidden within. She was completely shaved down there, as I had learned yesterday.


"Jason! Care to take your mind out of the clouds and answer a question for me perhaps?" said my Spanish teacher Señor Gallardo. I hated to disappoint him because he was one of my favorite teachers and I respected him greatly, I just couldn't seem to focus.

I was too embarrassed to speak, and so covered up a little squeaking sound I made and simply nodded my head. "How would you say: I need to listen in class so I can learn the material well?" "Uh.Necesito escuchar en clase para aprender la lección bien," I said.

Señor Gallardo grumbled a bit and then said: "Very well, just try to pay more attention next time. I expect more of you Jason." "Yes sir," I said, still feeling bad about not paying attention.

I looked at the clock quickly and noticed that it was still only 11 AM. STILL 20 MINUTES UNTIL LUNCH! I wasn't sure that I could control myself for that long. Just thinking about what could happen during lunch with this angel of a girl Laurie was giving me a raging hard-on. I just hoped nobody was noticing. My friend Chris leaned forward from the desk behind me and whispered: "Hey dude, you getting distracted thinking about Laurie?" "How did you know?" "I saw how close to you she was walking this morning.

Are you guys a thing now or what?" "Nah man, we've just been hanging out a bit more recently and I think she's a little into me." "A little?

You must be doing something right man because when you're not looking she's staring at you like you're a meal or something. And she's doing all that stuff girls do when they like a guy, you know?

Like twirling her hair and batting her eyelashes. You should make a move man." "What do you mean? Like ask her out?

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We still don't really know each other that well." "Who cares?! That's what first dates are for, getting to know each other. I know you want to anyways dude, don't pretend you don't want her." We then both noticed that Señor was beginning to turn away from the board as he finished writing down lesson notes so we abruptly ended our little conversation.

The last 10 minutes of class, I swear, felt like 3 hours to me. It felt like the hands of the clock were frozen, taunting me and my lust for Laurie, I could almost hear the clock chuckling to itself. Then, finally, the torture was over. The bell rang for lunch and everyone stared at me as I hopped up from my chair, grabbed my things, and lunged out the door so fast I could have been in the middle of a track and field event.

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As quickly as possible I unlocked my locker, threw my school stuff in, and rushed over to the Science building. She hadn't yet arrived, and I so I attempted to casually lean against the wall near the storage room, but it was proving harder than I thought.

I was suddenly overcome with that awful nervous feeling that makes you feel like someone shoved a brick into your stomach.

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What if she didn't like what I did this time? Does she have feelings for me or am I just a toy to her? My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I was astounded that nobody could hear it. I was actually feeling so nervous that my boner had vanished. I looked out the sliding glass doors to the Science center, across the quad, and saw Laurie.

She was chatting with a friend, heading in my general direction. She hadn't yet seen me, but I had definitely seen her. My heart stopped as her beauty, once again, really struck me.

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And I knew at that moment that I loved her. Even though I didn't know her very well, and even though I hadn't even been friendly with her for very long, I knew that I wanted to make this girl happy, and that I wanted her to like me too, and that I wanted to ask her out on a date.

As all this rushed through my head I suddenly felt the need to not be there, and so headed to the nearest hiding place I could think of, the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and walked over the bar of sinks. I rinsed my hands with cold water and then splashed some onto my face. After wiping it dry, I looked at myself in the mirror. "Come on! You can do this Jason.

You've already done it once and she seemed to like it that time. Just be confident, be sexy. You're the man!" That incredibly inspiring self-pep talk completed, I slowly headed out of the bathroom. I opened and closed the door, having now stepped into the little hallway at the end of which was the storage room.

Laurie was nowhere to be seen. So, I headed over to door and stood there. I decided to knock, just in case there might be one of the cleaning staff in the closet or something. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. No reply.

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As I reached my hand out to the door handle, it opened on it's own accord. I had little time to be confused because a slender, tanned arm reached out from the doorway, grabbed the collar of my shirt, and tugged me into the room. It was pitch black in there, and I was a little disorientated. I heard the soft click of the door locking, and then the flick of the light switch. I slowly turned around to see none other than Laurie standing before me, wearing nothing but her socks, school skirt, and one of the sexiest bras I had ever laid eyes on.

It was pink and lacy, with little frills around the edges. It somehow managed to push her boobs out while not making it look like she was trying to make them look bigger than they actually were. " look incredible." "Hey hot stuff. The last class period took SOOOOO long.

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I was so horny waiting for you. I want you inside me so bad." "I know baby, it felt like hours. But we're her now, together." "Yeah." She grabbed me by the collar again and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I was noticing things in much more detail than I had been noticing them the first time we did it in her room yesterday. Her lips were soft and velvety, feeling like a warm cloud was touching my lips.

Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and into mine, delicate and sensual. I responded with my tongue, and she moaned as we explored each other's mouths. As we did this, our hands were everywhere. Slowly caressing ever part of our bodies. I slid my hands down her shapely figure to her tight little ass cheeks, and squeezed them. She giggled in delight. "Take your shirt of Jason.

I want to see those toned abs of yours, they make me so hot." I needed no convincing. I broke our kiss quickly, throwing my shirt over my head and to a corner of the closet. Then I kicked off both my shoes and went straight back in for the kiss.

I groaned as she began sliding her soft hands all over my chest and abs, her nails tickling my skin in that way that is just an indescribably fantastic feeling. I reached my hands out behind her back as we continued kissing, and slowly unhooked her bra. It fell to the ground as she slid her arms out of the loops, and her magnificent breasts bounced into view. I wanted to make this as romantic and sensual as possible for her, and so I went James Bond style, kisses all the way :-) I planted a kiss behind her right ear, nibbling her ear a little as I continued down.

This made her squirm and giggle. Then I planted one on the side of her neck, slowly working my way down to her tits. I placed one on her collarbone, her clavical, the soft mound of her right breast, and then ever so lightly licked her already erect nipple. She squealed in delight, and we both froze as we hear footsteps stop outside the closet.

You see, the closet was right near the entrance to the girls bathroom, and so there was some traffic flowing past the door, and we hadn't really been too quiet. "Did you hear that?" said a girl just outside the door.

"No, what?" said another. "It sounded like.oh nevermind, let's just go to lunch. I'm starving." Both Laurie and I breathed out relieved breaths, and I continued working on her tits. I started circling her areolas with my tongue, slowly working the circle inwards until I was sucking on her nipple. While I was doing this I could feel her slender hands beginning to cup my crotch, searching for my belt buckle.

I continued to suck her nipple as I reached down, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled them off of me. With one hand she began to stroke my cock through my boxers, and with the other she reached under her skirt and began rubbing her bald mound.

Remember, she was not wearing any panties to school that day ;-) Her breaths began to quicken as I switched to her other nipple and played with the other with my free hand. My other hand was caressing her body, face, and ass. It was the her turn to make me moan as she took my hands off her breasts and began kissing down my bare chest towards my belly button. Shivers ran down my body as she got to the waistband of my boxers. Then, like a porn star, she grabbed the band with her teeth and slid my boxers off.

Laurie giggled as my cock, already hard as a rock from all the hotness of it all, sprang free from its cage. The whole situation made everything that much more racy, knowing that students were walking around just outside the door while we were about to have sex in the closet. I loved it, and I could only assume it egged her on too.

I groaned as she slid her hot tongue down the length of my shaft, and then slipped her perfect lips over the head.

My cocks was engulfed by that warm, slippery feeling of her mouth as she began to slowly bob up and down on me. Then, to my surprise, the took the whole thing in her mouth, and I felt the back of her throat on my head. While she was doing this I was struggling to keep from moaning too loudly, and was running my hands through her silky hair. "Oh god baby that feels amazing. Keep going." As she began to increase her speed, swirling her tongue all around and now tickling my ballsack with her other hand, I began to feel that tingling sensation in my balls.

Obviously she felt it too. "Uh uh uh big guy, I want all that hot man milk saved for my little pussy." She abruptly stopped sucking my dick. I clenched my muscles and let out a shuddery sigh. God it's hard to stop yourself from cumming. However, it didn't matter how many times she came, I could make her cum as many times as I wanted. Without warning I grabbed her by the armpits, yanked her up from her kneeling position, flipped her around, and shoved her against the wall. She stuck her sexy little ass out at me.

"Oh Jason! I love it when you play rough with me baby." "You like that huh? You like it when I play rough baby?" And before she could reply I had knelt down and plunged my tongue into her pussy. I felt that, because of the situation, delicacy was not the way to go. I twirled my tongue around in there for a bit and then began to flick it up and down, left and right, along her perfect slit. Then, the mother load, I began to make little circles around her clit.

I could see her playing with her boobs and stifling little moans so as not to make too much noise. "Your tongue feels so good on my pussy baby. I'm so close." With that encouragement, I moved my tongue to her asshole. I was a little hesitant to do so, never having licked there before, but it didn't taste bad at all.

And she certainly seemed to like it, squirming against the wall and pinching her nipples, moaning in ecstasy. I continued to lick her tight little hole as I started to finger her pussy with my other hand as well as rub her clit. After a minute or two of doing that her legs were shaking and her whole body was trembling. "Oh Jason! Cover my mouth with your hand, I'm not gonna be able to keep quiet. Oh GOD!! I'M CUMMING!!!" I quickly moved my hand over her mouth while keeping the other fingering her pussy, slowly decreasing in speed.


Her breath was pumping, hot and steamy, into my hand as her body was racked by a powerful orgasm. She was leaning heavily against the wall, her ass still stuck out a little, but she was evidently tired out by the orgasm.

So I did all the work to start it off. I lined by dick up with her pussy, gently teasing her by sliding it along her slit back and forth. Little whimpers were escaping her mouth as she felt the pleasure start to build again. Then, I put just the tip of my cock in her pussy, slowly moving it around. Then, to continue the rough play theme, I slammed myself all the way into her hot, wet, slippery hole.

She audibly gasped in surprise, but I could tell she was delighted. As I began thrusting in and out slowly, she turned her head and we tenderly kissed. As you can see we were alternating between rough and sensually romantic, which I have to admit I really enjoyed.

So, I slowly started speeding up my strokes, both of our pleasures soaring as I did so. Her breaths were coming out ragged, mine as well. She began thrusting back against me, and we became one body, rhythmically twisting and thrusting, lost in the throes of pleasure and lust. She quickly dragged one of my hands over her mouth again, and I clamped it there hard as I felt her pussy begin to contract around my dick.

The tightness was mindblowing. Once again I could hear her muffled screams of intense pleasure and hot breath against my hand. As she was having her second orgasm, I began to feel my own coming on. "Oh Laurie! Fuck! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your pussy baby!" When she heard this she turned and locked lips with me, beginning to rotate her hips to stimulate my dick even more. And that sent me right over the edge, to the point of no return.

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My dick erupted with hot ropes of cum, and we were both gasping and trying to stay quiet as we shared an orgasm together. "I love the feeling of your cum filling me up Jason." "I know babe. Oh Laurie, I think I'm in love with you." She turned her head and stared deep into my eyes, just as I pulled out of her and came down from my orgasm.

"I think I love you too Jason." And we hugged, pulling each other close and wrapping our arms tightly around each other. Not sex, but almost more intimate in a deeply connected, human way. Then, we glanced over at the small clock hanging on the wall in the closet. There were only twenty minutes left of lunch, and neither of us had eaten yet. So we threw on our clothes, and began to head out. First, we made out a bit, still filled with as much passion as the first kiss in the closet that day.

"Laurie, I'll go out first and check that the coast is clear, then I'll knock on the door and you walk out a couple seconds after that okay?" "Okay." I pressed my ear against the door, listening for the slightest sign of students outside. I heard nothing, and so quietly twisted the door handle, slowly pushing it open.

I stuck my head out, looking side to side. Coast clear. I closed the door behind me, looked around again, and then knocked.

Right after knocking I quickly turned and walked around the corner. — — Later that night I got a text from Laurie. Laurie: Jason, thanks again for the amazing time today.

And I really meant what I said, I love you. Jason: I know you meant it. I love you too babe. Laurie: Do you want to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Jason: Did I make you scream earlier today? Laurie: ;-) Jason: <3. Listen, do you want to go see a movie this weekend.

There's some really good ones that just came out. Laurie: I would love too. I smiled inwardly with the joy you can only get when a girl says yes to a date. Even when you know that she was going to say yes. As I felt how happy I was, I knew this was going to be the start of a beautiful relationship.