Claudia and antonia share a big cock

Claudia and antonia share a big cock
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Jessica remembers wanting to get a tan but the sun is partly covered that afternoon so instead she swam around in the pool. It is at least two hours before the sun came out strong enough, at which time she climbed out of the pool, spread out a towel and lay down on it.

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She lay there for a while reading a book when she begins to feel somewhat drowsy so she put the book aside and lay down to nap. She was awoken abruptly to a noise outside the fence. She can't have been asleep that long because the sun hadn't moved that far. The noise sounded very different from the normal ambient background She is used to around the house. Normally out by the pool you can hear leaves and sometimes branches falling to the ground, the squirrels running around looking for nuts, and the occasional possum or deer also hunting for food through the leaves.

This sound is similar to those, She hears leaves and branches rustling but the animal itself sounds bigger than she is used to.

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Jessica got up and walked over to the fence holding her towel around her and gazed out into the woods. She couldn't see very far in because of the closeness of the trees and bushes, but she didn't see anything moving, nor could she hear anything anymore. Thinking it is probably a deer she walks back over beside the pool and lays down. She had almost drifted off again when she hears a thump from behind her and the sound of feet.

She jumps up from the blanket and looks around, but no one was there. As she turns around to lay back down she hears a deep voice and that's when she sees me. " Hi Jessica." Standing watching her from about ten feet away. I stood there staring at her with lust in my eyes, watching her every move. Not knowing what to do she decides to stand up and calmly walk away but as she begins to get to her feet I suddenly move closer " Your not going any where Jessica." She pauses for a moment, trying to figure out what to do.

When I just stood there she starts to stand again, I walk closer to her. I'm less than a foot from her and she can smell my expensive cologne as I look at her. Jessica is scared she can't think straight, she knew that if she got up and tried to run I would probably catch her and hurt her. So she slowly lay back down on the blanket, keeping her eyes on me. When she is laying on her back on the ground again I move forward slowly and kneel down next to her, this scared her, she starts to cry.

" It's time for you to get to know me." I said. " Good John. " She said, " I did not know you were here?" She kept trying this tactic but I ignored her. I got up walking around her when I finally stopped on her left side. " Get on your hands and knees, Jessica." I stood there and begin concentrating on her butt. Jessica starts to squirm a little when I spread her legs wide, then got between her legs, when she moved I slapped her butt hard. Jessica is wearing a one-piece swimsuit, which covered her ass completely, she is looking back watching me; I'm caressing her butt and then looking up at her.

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She has no idea what I want, if she did she would have run because she is going to get hurt either way. I start to make my move.

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I reach up with my hands grabbing her swim suit tearing it away. Jessica begins screaming and crying I didn't care, I tore her bottom part of the suit off and it fell beside us. Completely in shock Jessica just lay there with me sitting on her, tears running down her face, her ass exposed. Turning to look behind her she sees me looking down at her butt, then I bent over and begin to lick her pussy. I slowly move my tongue down her pussy lips.

When I run my rough tongue over her pussy she jumps involuntarily, at which point I groan again. When I'm satisfied she isn't going to move anymore I resume my inspection of her. Jessica can't stop crying, She has never hated anything more! No one has ever touched her there sexually including herself and now this disgusting man is touching me!


This continued for several minutes and she eventually stopped crying. She is sitting there with her head on the ground, her legs pulled up under her body, in the perfect position for me to mount her.

I slide forward resting my arms over her shoulders; she feels my chest hair rubbing on her back. My hard cock rubbing against her ass for a few seconds before I hunch my body driving my hard cock into her tight pussy. Since she is already wet from my saliva and her juices the insertion itself didn't hurt that much but it is an amazing shock! Jessica has never had anything so big in her before, her own fingers are not as big as my cock and the newness of it surprises her enough that she stops struggling for a few seconds giving me time to anchor myself on her body and then thrust my hard cock further into her pussy.

Here I met resistance when the head of my cock hit her small canal, I pause briefly, pulling most of my length back out and then ramming it back in again as hard as I can stretching the walls and sending waves of pleasure and pain through her.

She is screaming again as I start groaning. Panicked she begins to try to get away on her hands and knees but I'm stronger than she is and hold on to her, although her efforts did make me stop fucking her.


She manages to go about four feet towards the house when she feels me grab her shoulder and my hands clamp down hard enough to hurt. Jessica froze in place. When she stopped moving I relax again, give a groan, and then resume my violation of her body. There is nothing she can do. She could scream for help but no one will hear her, she can't run or fight because I will probably hurt her, so reluctantly she slowly puts her head to the ground and took it.

I took this as a sign of acceptance, begin moving my body around until I finally had the position I wanted. Then I start moving back and forth as fast as I can shoving my cock deep into her tight pussy.

From her vantage point she looks under her body and sees it happening, sees my cock shaft penetrating her over and over, blood and juice leaking out of her from the pressure. I pushed it in and out of her, its smooth surface sliding inside her and with every thrust it feels better and better. Jessica is humiliated and embarrassed by what is happening to her, and she can't stop crying, but a part of her is enjoying it.

Every thrust produces a low moan of pleasure from her and fresh tears of shame from her. As my thrusting came faster and faster she hears me over her shoulder breathing heavy and drooling on her back from my open mouth. The sensations of pleasure at my actions are flooding her body and over riding the pain I'm causing her, her body responds on its own pushing back against me in time with my thrusts.

This excites me more and I'm slamming into her faster filling her up inside. Jessica is moaning, she is enjoying it, wanted it to last forever. then she feels me spasm and a new sensation in her pussy it was filling up with my cum. Then her first orgasm hits it drives her to the ground! Her body is on fire with ecstasy. Then suddenly it is over and I remove myself from her. Jessica lay on the ground with blood mixed with cum seeping out all over the grass when the realization of what she had done, what just happened to her came flooding back.

I had raped her, in the backyard. Worse she had on some level enjoyed it. It takes her a minute or so to compose herself after which she begins to walk towards the house, not looking back because she is afraid of seeing me looking at her. Jessica didn't get far when she hears me, then feels me grab her ass again with my hands. " Where are going Jessica?" I said. " Oh god!" Jessica said " Oh god please no.

don't.John please. Please." " Jessica, were just getting started." I replied.

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Jessica thought for a moment about running for the house, making me work for raping her, but before she could she feels my hands close again on her waist with enough pressure to make my intentions clear. I'm going to have her again, Jessica is now my bitch whether she liked it or not. All she knew is that I want to fuck her again and that if she didn't let me, I would be angry. So again Jessica got down on all fours putting her head down on the grass, wiggling ass higher in the air, and accepting what is going to happen.

I spread her legs wide, then mounted her again, this time my cock went in easier and deeper. Jessica shifts around to give me a better position and I drive my cock in so hard she is surprised, I shove her onto the ground so hard her neck begins to hurt.This time instead of resisting Jessica is thrusting back from the beginning, Jessica telling herself at the time it is to get the whole experience over quicker, but now she knows that she is wanting it as bad as I do.

I keep fucking her, driving her forward into the ground over and over as she moans and begs for me to stop. My cock thrusting in and out of her sending waves of sensations through her.

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Finally we both came together and she scream when her orgasm surges through her. Exhausted Jessica collapsed back to the grass and slowly got up going to the house.

She awoke a short time later to find me sitting on the edge of the bed. When I seen her eyes open I said " Again?" " Please no more John, please no more," She begs. So again, Jessica gets on all fours pushing her ass up and I mounted her. We did it three more times before the sun went down, each time rougher and more painful than the last.

After the first two times she can't feel the pleasure anymore only the grating and searing pain that came with every thrust. She bleeding from her vagina now, the virgin skin inside is unable to take the strain it is being put to. Jessica collapsed on the bed and watched me leave the bedroom. Standing up, she quickly threw on a robe, she limps into the bathroom and hops in the shower to rinse the fluids off of her. After showering she gingerly rubs some lotion on and then changes into gym sweats and a t-shirt that she hopes will cover up the hickeys on her neck.

She came into the living room when I came in the front door. Jessica is a frequent guest at my ranch.