Hugetitted milf fucks teen couple in bathroom

Hugetitted milf fucks teen couple in bathroom
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SET UP MY WIFE AND MY FRIEND You have been pressing me to tell you about my ex-wife, what happened, what caused her to leave me. It's a subject I don't like to dwell on because it was totally my fault. But here goes. I belonged to a rugby team. It was our custom, to play hard then party hard. Our wives or girlfriends would join us at the tavern. My wife made sure she made the scene, drank and danced late into the night. It all started going downhill the night my wife complained that she was chilly and my teammate, Tom, rushed to throw his jacket over her shoulders, blatantly brushing her breasts as he did so.

It all added up - the time she spent near Tom at these gatherings, how she laughed at his jokes, how he made sure he got one slow dance with her every time we met. I decided to test her fidelity. The first thing I did was stop making love. Since our wedding day we had established a comfortable routine, making sweet, gentle, passionate love 3 times a week.

I began to make excuses, work pressure etc. I kept this up for two months. Unless she was jilling herself in private, she had not had an orgasm all that time. It was now high summer, a precious time for us in the north.

My wife loved to sunbathe. Made my move on a Saturday when my wife, in the tiniest of bikinis, went to the back porch, book and glass of wine in hand, to work on her tan. I told her I had to run some errands. Then I called Tom. Tom had been bugging me to borrow my router. I kept forgetting to bring it to our weekly matches.

I told him to come over and get it, where it was in the garage in case I wasn't home. Then I got the video cam out. Tom arrived 20 minutes later, hollered out to me from the garage. I kept silent but my wife heard him. Come on out back, she said. Watching from the kitchen window, I could see them chatting.

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They couldn't see me. When I saw Tom pick up her wine glass, I hustled out of the kitchen. He refilled her glass, helped himself to a hefty glass of my bourbon. When I got back to the window, they were chatting again. I wished I could hear what they were saying but could only guess.

Tom picked up his chair, moved it closer to my wife's chaise lounge. She was on her back, her tits spilling out the sides of her micro top. Clearly, they thought they were alone. I don't know who suggested it, but Tom picked up the baby oil.

Starting at her shoulders he rubbed the oil into her skin down to her toes. Then she rolled over. He massaged the oil into her back, taking his sweet time. Her butt cheeks were almost fully exposed, her crack covered by a mere string. He poured oil on them, kneaded it in. I turned the camera on.

Watched as a finger 'accidently' slipped under the string, must have touched her anus. She didn't flinch. Thought I saw her sigh. Tom resumed oiling her butt, moving ever closer to her crotch. She parted her legs, giving him room to oil the inside of her thighs.

He did this in a way that his pinky finger had to be rubbing the fabric over her slit, didn't move his hand farther down her legs. She raised her hips, an obvious invitation.

Tom untied the knot of her bikini bottom, the tiny patch dropping away, exposing her pussy. Her bald as a baby pussy. Jesus! She had shaved herself! My wife undid the string of her top. Tom rolled her over. They mashed their mouths together as my wife tossed her top to the floor. Kissing still, he mauled her breasts before returning to her cunt.

He jammed for fingers in her pussy, something I'd never dared to do. Worse, they were lengthwise, stretching her to a degree I couldn't imagine. Worse yet, her motions betrayed her mounting excitement. Suddenly they stood, embraced and started walking into the house. I beat a retreat from the kitchen.

Now I had sound but no visuals. They were in the kitchen when I heard her say, Fuck me right here. Heard them collapse to the floor, heard her moan as he entered her, heard the skin-to-skin slaps, the rhythm of his thrusts much faster than my own. I found myself wondering how big his dick was. She screamed in orgasm, a sound I'd never heard.

He grunted like an animal, came. Then silence before she said O Tom, Ive been thinking about this for months. Me to, he said, but I'd better leave. I'll call. Heard him dress, heard them kiss goodby, heard the garage door close. As my wife walked to the bath, I caught a glimpse of her naked buttocks. I went to the den, popped the tape into the VCR.

So stupified by what I'd witnessed, for the first time I realized I had a raging hard-on. Yes, I wanked to the tape right there. Then I left the house, announced my return in my best Honey, I'm home voice. Hi honey, she called out.

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I'll be down in a minute. She came down in a short robe, was cheerier than I'd seen her in months, bubbly almost. She couldn't stop talking. Me, my blood was doing a slow boil.

What happened was, rage overtook me. Without thinking things through, I said I have something you have to see.


I walked her to the den. The TV was on, showing Tom fingering her, a blissful look on her face. I'm so sorry, she said, looking at the floor. She left the room, she left the house without taking a single object that she owned. She moved in with Tom that night, is with him to this day. I quit the rugby team, joined another.

The only time I see her is when we're matched against my old team. She cheers loudly whenever Tom knocks me to the ground.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY WIFE HAS A THING FOR VIRGIN TEEN BOYS We're a happily married middle-aged couple with a secret that would ruin us if anyone found out. My wife likes to take the virginity of teenage boys and I like to watch her do it.

We luv to watch amateur Internet porn. I'll surf the net, build a collection around a theme, burn a desk, take my laptop and my wife to bed. Doing this, Ive learned so much about what turns my wife on. Some months ago, I built a disk of amateur Russian milfs seducing teenage boys. to put it mildly, my wife went nuts over the CD.

She made me play it over and over as we mutually masturbated each other. Two weeks into watching these milfs with their young lovers, in the afterglow of a session, my wife said Honey, we've got to make this real. I've got to have a kids virgin cock in me, give him his first fuck. I quickly agreed with onecondition. I had to be there to watch.

I figured if she wanted strange cock, better it be with boys than men who might turn out to be richer, more powerful or better endowed than me. We hatched a plan. I put an ad on craigslist seeking a lawn boy. The boy had to have college aspirations, made it sound altruistic, that we wanted to help him reach his goal.

Had 30 inquiries in to days. We had it all scripted. When the first boy arrived for his interview, my wife was in the bath. She came downstairs in only a robe as I was interviewing the kid. She acted surprised that we had company. Playing hostess, she asked if the boy wanted a Coke, if I wanted a bourbon, got the drinks. When she gave the Coke to the boy, she bent, making sure he got a glimpse of her breasts down to the nips. She sat across from him, legs slightly parted. My cell rang. I announced I had to leave for about 30 minutes.

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In actuality, I never went further than the window at the side of our house, proceeded to watch. As my wife pretended to do the interview, her robe slipped off her legs for a second, enough that he got to see her bush. She refreshed his drink, sat next to him and like the Russian milfs, took control. She put her hands on his face, French kissed him. before he could react, she slid his hand under her robe, onto her breasts. He was hooked. They started making out passionately as she undressed him.

She got between his legs, took his penis into her mouth. I decided to make my reappearance. I figured there wasn't a male in the world who'd voluntarily stop this.

Don't stop because of me, I laughed. I bluntly asked if he'd ever gone all the way. A look of shock and awe. He shook his head No. Later my wife told me his fumbling ways confirmed the truth and the fumbling turned her on, terribly so.

My wife resumed her sucking. He quickly came. Exploded is more like it. My wife sat next to him, put a hand on his slick, softening cock. I said, "Kid, wanna find out how to please a woman?" He nodded Yes. Fully clothed, I sat next to my wife, put a finger into her pussy, said Kid, give me your hand.


He hesitated. Took his hand, put it over her pussy, took a finger and pushed it inside her. Found her g-spot. I put my finger behind his, taught him to crook his finger on the spongy tissue. together, we brought her to climax. Then I demanded he fuck her. Get her off and then you fuck her, she gets off again, I said.

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I could see he was hard again. His response time: 30 minutes. My response time: one day. She lay on the couch. He fucked her, humping, buckling like a yearling in the pasture.

He came inside her within a minute. As he lay on top of her, I pronounced the house rules. He could fuck my wife whenever he wanted but he'd have to book a time through me. He finally spoke.

No prob, he said as he pulled on his clothes, departed. As soon as he was out the door, I plunged my face between my wife's legs, scooped all the cum I could get into my mouth. That is my dark secret - a forever fantasy to taste cum inside my wife's sweet pussy. For a month, we 'interviewed.' She could tell if the kid had experience.

If she determined he wasn't virgin she'd give a handjob and send the little man on his way. But of the 30, 23 were virgins. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW I BECAME A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER The story I want to text to you happened when I was a senior in high school.

I participated in a gang rape. The whole thing got filmed and put on the net. We all got busted. I'm now a registered sex offender. It was a Friday night.

A cheerleader, Julie, threw a classic parents-out-of-town party at her house in the country. All the guys on the football team went. So did about 80% of the senior class. When me and my gf, Susan, showed up, the place was already packed.

My teammates had beers in their hands, looking wasted. Julie had wrangled a keg with her fake ID. She was charging $2 a cup. I didn't pay anything, saw that Julie was too gone to track her finances. She was kneeling on her couch, laughing hysterically while my buddy Eddie held her steady, copping a feel in the process. The place was wild. People were running up and down the stairs, screaming, yelling, spraying each other with beer, making out against the walls.

A bunch of kids were out back smoking dope. Susan and I began chugging, socializing r way through the house. We split, her with her cross-country friends, me with my football buds.

After the beer ran out, someone broke into the liquor cabinet. Kids with curfews starting leaving. By 1 am there were only 20 kids left. My girlfriend was nowhere to be found. When I said I had to pee, Mike said he did too. We hurried upstairs, found Susan hugging the toilet. We left her alone, pissed out Julies bedroom window. I noticed her PC was on, thought nothing of it at the time. When we rejoined r buds, we told them about pissing out the window, got a good laugh.

Suddenly, the for other guys wanted to pee out the window, 2. All 6 of us went to Julies room. Susan was passedd out on the bed. We shook her, called her name. She didn't move. The guys traded evil grins. ' Eddie said, "We could have some fun here." But the four guys needed to pee, took turns at the window.

When they finished they didn't put their cocks away. Eddie took his cock and bitch slapped Susan's face. I should have protected Susan but I didn't. Susan and I had not gone all the way. I had only seen her tits in the darkness of my car. I'd felt her pussy but had never seen it. I felt myself getting hard. I took my cock out, too. By this time, Eddie (who was Julies boyfriend) was unbuttoning Susan's blouse. Mike pulled her jeans and panties off. Eddie sat her up, undid her bra.

She lay there totally naked. We all stripped in a frenzy. Trevor mounted her first, said Goddam, shes dry. I'm ashamed to say I was the one who fetched the baby oil from the bath, handed the bottle to Trevor. He poured it on her pussy. Trevor tried again, got his cock a little in, said Goddam, she's cherry. Then he plunged in, broke her hymen.

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Susan grunted, her eyes opened wide but she was in no condition to fight the fucking. We cheered Trevor on each thrust. He didn't last long. When he announced he was about to cum, I said, don't cum in her, man. We can't get her pregnant. At least I spared her that.

He came on her face. From there it was a blur. No one admitted it, but I think for most of us it was our first fuck. No one lasted more than a couple of minutes. I went last. She reeked of the cum covering her belly, tits, neck, face. Susan had passed out again, so she didn't see what I did to her. Or so I thought. We ran from the room, left her there, dead to the world, virginal blood smeared on her legs.

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Julie found her later. Julie also saw the video that her webcam had recorded. It caught all, down to the expressions on our faces as we came, our voices as we tried to out-macho the others while fucking a pased-out girl.

Julie was enraged, at her boyfriend for cheating on her, at Susan for allowing the boys to pull a train. So she posted the vid on YouTube.

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The vid went viral before YouTube could remove it. You can find it on the net to this day. YouTube recognized the gang rape for what it was, traced the IP address, called the cops. The cops took the vid to the school. All six of us were quickly identified, arrested after the cops showed us the vid. The only saving grace in the whole awful affair was that because of the camera angle, you could see all of Susan's cum spattered body, the blood on her legs, but you couldn't see her face. Word quickly leaked though.

Susan and her family had to leave town, move thousands of miles away. Myself and the others got six months in juvie, and the sex offender label that will stay with us life.