Tattooed butt pirate Drac spanks his monkey all alone

Tattooed butt pirate Drac spanks his monkey all alone
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My wife has a medical condition that makes her promiscuous and an alcoholic, only adding to her promiscuousness. At times she acts like a real slut but at other times she doesn't remember a thing and acts like a nun. This true story is about one of the early times in our relationship where I got her real drunk and got her to agree to go to a strip club. I got home from work around 6 PM Friday.

I could tell my wife had been drinking since she was acting like a total bitch. She immediately got into my face and we got into a big fight. Then she ran to our bedroom and slammed the door closed behind her. I went to the door, opened it a little and peeked in. She was drinking straight from a fifth of vodka, her favorite. I knew how much fun she could be when she was really drunk, even passed out, so I softly closed the door and let her drink.

I went back to the living room and marked the time, 6:45 PM. I gave her two hours, until 8:43 PM (the last few minutes were agonizing since I was anxious to get things going) knowing this was enough time for her to drink herself into a slut or maybe unconscious.

I then went to check on her, with anticipation of the fucking fun I was sure to have ahead. She was laying in the fetal position on the bed. I could not tell if she was awake or not.

I went in and over to her. She was awake. I did not know what kind of mood she was in so I was cautious. She had calmed down and we started talking. She was slurring her words. She didn't remember a thing about our fight only two hours earlier. Then she started coming onto me for sex. My beautiful wife had gone from a real bitch to a good slut.

That's what alcohol does to her. I got a real fun idea and suggested that we go to a strip club where she could meet some really nice men. In her drunken slutty condition she agreed with a beaming smile.

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I then helped her change into something more…appropriate LOL; a black lacy push up bra, black lacy boy-cut panties, black thigh-high nylons and a garter. I then had her put on a white button down blouse and a micro-short tight skirt. The skirt was made from a stretchy material and hugged the smooth form of her tight ass.

Also, it was easy to pull up, giving good access to her ass and pussy. It was my intent that her black bra clearly showed through her white blouse. There were a few inches visible between the bottom of her micro-short skirt and the top of her lovely thigh high nylons.

They were black and had lace on the tops. And then black high heel shoes to complete the picture. She looked like such a whore! Then I helped her put on her long coat so that the neighbors didn't see her like that and ask her about it later, even though it was a little warm outside. I helped her into the car and off we went. On the way to the strip club we drove through some business areas in one of the worst parts of town; they don't exactly put strip clubs in good neighborhoods in our city.

I put my wife's electric window down and told her to take her coat off and put it in the back. She did. Then I told her to unbutton her shirt all the way. She did. As we were driving I saw a group of men standing in front of a bar at an intersection with a "red" traffic light. I sped up a little to get the most out of the red light. We stopped at the light and this group of men was about 6 feet away from my wife's car door. I then had my wife lean out the window a little and tell these men we were lost.

These men came right up to the car to "help". These men were all beaming horny smiles at my wife. There she sat dress like a whore with her shirt unbuttoned all the way. One man saw me but didn't care. He looked at my slut wife and asked her where we were going, staring at her tits the whole time. Then I spoke up, asking the men if they liked my wife's tits. They all liked them. I told my wife to sit back and I invited the men to feel her up.

Two men reached in, one reaching in on the left side of her window and another reaching in on the right. The man on the right pulled my wife's shirt open further, totally exposing her left tit in her black lacy bra and then slid his hand inside her bra.

There he felt, fondled and groped my wife's left tit and played with her nipple. The second man reached in and grabbing the bottom of my wife's skirt, pulled it up far enough to see about half of her black lacy boy cut panties. My wife spread her legs for this man and he cupped his hand and slid it palm first into her crotch, squeezing and rubbing her pussy.

I am sure the man could feel my wife's pussy lips opening and getting wet for him. There she sat, smiling at these two strangers feeling her most intimate parts. I got so fucking hard watching this! Then the light turned green.

At first I didn't think the men were going to let us leave but after a short hesitation they removed their hands from the car. As soon as they were clear, two other men stepped right up and took pictures of my slut wife, with their cell phones.

My wife just sat there with her shirt fully open exposing her nice "B" size tits in her black lacy bra and her skirt partially pulled up exposing about half of her black lace boy cut panties. My wife was being such a good slut that night. Off we went to the next red light with a group of men, or any light that even had just one man. There we repeated the fun. There was one stop, however, where one man told us that he did not approve.

I wasn't going to let this ruin my evening. After stopping at three exciting intersections (plus the one with the negative man) we arrived in the strip club parking lot. We had not even gotten to the strip club and 6 men had already fondled my wife plus 12 men saw her dressed like a slut with her bra and panties exposed some who took pics. I was going to love this night! I had my wife button her shirt back up to an "acceptable" level and we went into the strip club.

I paid the entry fee and we went inside. The two bouncers at the front door couldn't take their eyes off my wife.

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I just smiled and led her into the club. Once inside I told her to completely unbutton her shirt and open it fully to reveal her nice firm "B" size tits. She obeyed and did just that. On the left side of the room was a long bar against which men were leaning facing the dance floor, watching the strippers.

The entire length of the bar was taken by these men, so no open spaces, just one man after the other, about 9 in total. I pointed to the far end of the bar and told my wife Karen to start at that end and offer a hug to every man at the bar, working her way back to me.

I told her that when the men hugged her that she was to whisper in their ears asking them to feel her up, feeling her tits and ass inside her bra and panties and to have the men slip their fingers inside the front of her panties and into her pussy.

I also told her that when the men did this that she was to show gratitude and "thank them very much". With a horny and a little nervous smile she said "OK" and walked off to the far side of the bar. I watched as she walked up to the man at the far end of the bar, the first man. She talked to him for a few minutes and then I saw her put her arms around his neck and move her body up close against his. I watched as this man gave my wife a hug, his arms around her and his hands at the top/middle of her back, then a little lower onto the small of her back, and then finally sliding down a little lower just above her tight ass.

There he kept his hands, caressing her back up and down and all over as if asking if it was OK to feel her ass. She whispered into his ear. The man then slid both of his hands down right onto my wife's tight, smooth, ass. There he rubbed and groped her ass, caressing up and down from the small of her back to the intimate undersides of her ass cheeks.

He did this for some time while my wife kept her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his. The man's groping of my wife's ass grew harder and more intense. I could see my wife talking into his ear as he enjoyed her. Then the man leaned back against the bar, pulling my wife with him.

The man then got a firm hold of my wife by her ass; his fingers were solidly under her ass cheeks and his thumbs were firmly on top, his hands fully covering my wife's firm ass cheeks and squeezing hard. My cock grew so hard watching this! I watched as the man continued to feel, grope, and squeeze her ass as she continued whispering into his ear. Then she began to rub herself on him, her pussy up and down on his cock.

I am sure his cock grew hard. Then his groping of my wife's ass became harder and more firm. He leaned further back against the bar and pushed his lower abdomen out against my wife, his body almost perfectly straight from shoulders to feet. He had her in a solid hold by her small tight ass and guided her crotch squarely onto his.


My wife then lead back away from him a little so that she was standing more erect than he, with room between their chests but with their bodies meeting at their crotches. My wife's legs were open around him and hung down towards the floor. His legs protruding through her spread legs and sticking out away from the bar. In this position my wife's body weight was supported mostly by his hard cock, her pussy pressing firmly down against it, and her feet only providing some stability.

He continued to grope and squeeze her ass as he used it to keep her positioned on him, making her do gentle, slow gyrations up and down his hard cock. I could see his hands holding her by her ass, his hands pushing the bottom of her ass in and up and then down and out, grinding her pussy up and down along the entire length of his hard cock. It was as though my wife was riding at the top of a split rail fence, her legs spread around the top rail and slowly the fence moved her back and forth.

She couldn't stay positioned on that fence had it not been for his firm hold. The only thing about my wife for which this man cared was the area 3 inches above and 3 inches below her pussy and his movement of her body reflected this.

She was beaming a huge smile on her face. She loved this! My drunken slut wife was loving this stranger groping her ass and humping her pussy! With that smile I saw her say something to him and he slid his right hand up, into her open shirt, and onto her lovely left tit. Fuck this was great! I then watched as this stranger squeezed and groped my wife's tit through her black lacy bra with one hand while squeezing and groping my wife's ass with the other, the whole time humping her pussy with his cock and grinding her pussy onto him.

After a while he switched hands; sliding the other up and onto her tit and the other back down onto her ass.

Finally he slid both of his hands back down onto her ass.

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He grabbed the bottom of my wife's skirt and pulled it up to her waist. Her black lacy boy-cut panties were clearly visible now. He slid his hands back down onto my wife's ass and began groping it through her panties. He held her firm by her ass and continued grinding her. I just stood there, across the bar and watched this man humping my wife and groping her ass through her fully exposed black lacy boy-cut panties. Although he was not humping her fast he was humping her hard and I could tell that he had full control over my wife and was using her pussy for his sexual pleasure!

My wife certainly didn't mind and kept her legs open and slightly wrapped around his to make the contact between her pussy and his hard cock more pronounced. The man's grip on my wife's ass and the pressure he applied pushing his cock out to meet my wife's pussy continued to increase in strength until it seemed like he was using all his might.

After a while of this heavy firm grinding he gave a couple of quick jerking thrusts. Then he slowed down and finally stopped. I could see my wife thank this man and he kind of laughed and said something back to her that I was sure was like "you're welcome".

Then she turned to the next man. The next man had watched most of my wife's sex show. As the first man was grinding my wife's pussy up and down on his hard cock she noticed the second man standing next to them staring at her tits and enjoying the show. As her body was being used by the first man, moving her up and down on his cock, she began a conversation with the second.

It was as though the first man didn't care at all what my wife had to say, all he wanted was to hump her, and that he had! The second man talked with my wife the remaining time, staring at her tits the whole time as they bounced from the humping. Later my wife told me that they didn't talk about anything important, like where she was from and other meaningless things like that. The conversation was only so the man had an excuse to stare at my wife's tits. Now that the first man was done, she moved closer to the second man and continued talking to him.

He immediately put his hand in my wife's bra and began feeling, squeezing, and groping her tit.

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Then I noticed another man walk up to my wife and the man feeling her tit. I watched as he kept the second man from pulling my wife's tit out of her bra. I went over to see what was going on and he told me he was the manager and that she couldn't be naked.

I thought that was strange since it was a strip club and all the other women were totally naked. I figured it was because she didn't work there so I didn't question him but replied, "Then she can take off her shirt and skirt as long as she keeps her bra and panties on"? He replied "yes".

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I then told my wife to remove her shirt and skirt. She started doing this but with the second man's hand in her bra this was difficult for her.

So I removed them for her. As I did this the second man's hand never left my wife's tit, I think he was in love with it. LOL. My wife was now standing in a strip club in just a black lacy bra, black lacy boy-cut panties, thigh highs and garter, and high heeled black shoes, and letting a total stranger grope her tit. I took her clothes and went back to the far side of the bar. From there I watched as the second man fondled, groped, and felt up my wife, all over.

I watched as he slid his hand down the front of her panties and from the look of pleasure on my wife's face I could tell he had at least one finder in her pussy.

This man took a lot more time feeling up my wife before he started humping her. But finally after some good fondling foreplay the man grabbed my wife by her waist, leaned back, pulled her onto him, grabbed her ass firm and began humping her. He too humped her slow but hard. While he was enjoying humping my wife, she started up a conversation with the next man, who was also enjoying the show. Finally the second man was finished using my slut wife and let her go.

So she went to the next man. She worked her way back to me, letting each man do whatever he wanted; feeling her up and humping her pussy. There was one man in particular that she would rather have not met that night. He was a lot older and she told me later that he reminded her of her dad. But it wasn't like she had a choice; he grabbed her as soon as the other man was done and held her firmly and started feeling her all over, then humping her. She told me that he felt her up and got more excited more than any other man.

She got mad at me because she told me she kept looking my way and tried to get me to come over and rescue her. But I didn't. I pretended like I just didn't know this old man bothered her.

After a while of not being able to get away from him or get me to stop it she just put her thoughts elsewhere and let him do what he wanted.


She told me he came. After she had pleased all the men at the bar we went to leave. As we were leaving the bouncers invited my wife to a party after the bar closed.

She was up for it. She told them I was her husband and they said I could join them too. This was still early in our relationship and I hadn't taken things too far yet, so I declined.

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I took her home and fucked her as we talked about all the men who enjoyed her that night (except the old man who I had to secretly picture in my head). My cock got harder and I fucked her harder than I had ever done before.

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She too fucked me back harder than I had ever experienced before. She showed me a strength that I would have never thought she had. In fact she had me in such a firm hold and moved me in and out fucking her pussy so fast that it made me feel like her half pound dildo!

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The fuck was great! My wife slept in late as usual after a good night of drinking. After she was up for a while I asked, in a roundabout way, about the previous night. She remembered nothing.