White amateur teen shakes her booty

White amateur teen shakes her booty
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Jackie, Jenny's sister, had been gone for about two weeks when I saw Jenny at the apartment laundry room. Jenny had not spoken to me since Jackie and I hooked up on Halloween night, and I must admit, that white girl wore me out. We fucked Halloween night, and part of the next day before Jenny called her and told her to get her ass back to the apartment. I could tell by Jackie's expression when she left my place that Jenny was mad at her.

In the laundry room, Jenny was down at the dryers as I walked over to the washing machines. I could tell she saw me come in, because I saw her glance at me. I figured she was still mad at me for doing her sister. So I just minded my on business and started putting my clothes in the washer. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was Jenny.

She smiled at me and said, "Do you have any dryer fabric softener?" I told her yes and pulled out the box of fabric softener sheets and gave it to her. I then asked her if she was mad at me, she replied: "No, of course not, don't be silly, I glad you guys had a good time." Then, she quipped, "Oh by the way, I like the pictures you took, maybe you should become a professional photographer." Then she winked, turned around and sashayed that sexy ass of hers as she walked toward the dryer section.

All I could do was stared at that gorgeous bubble butt of hers; she had a pair of tight tennis shorts on and a polo shirt. Jenny had a bigger ass than her sister, Jenny's figure was more of an hour glass shape, and the though was running through my mind that her booty was made to be fucked by a big black cock. Then I thought about the pictures that I took of Jenny sucking and fucking my cock, and I thought, surly Jackie did not show them to Jenny.

Hopefully, Jackie just showed her the pictures that she took at the club we went to that night. While my mind was racing, trying to figure out what I had just heard, Jenny motioned for me to come over to the folding table.

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She had gotten her first load of clothes out of the drying and was starting to fold them. I walked over and she handed me the box of softener sheets and started folding her clothes. I looked into the basket and it was full of her lingerie, bras, panties and teddies.

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Jenny then grabbed a thong out of the basket and started folding it and said, "You gonna just watch me fold my panties?" It startled me and I blurted out, "Those pictures of Jackie's, you mean the ones taken at that Halloween party, right?" Jenny looked at me and started laughing. She said, "Ah Justin, don't worry, she deleted then." Then, she told me to finish folding her clothes while she checked the dryer. I could not believe what I just heard, as she walked away, I reached down and picked up the pair that was on top, it was a pair of white bikini panties made of all sheer fabric.

As I folded them and laid them down, I could not help but think how much I would love to see her in them. Next I picked up a bundle of fabric that was larger than panties.

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As I shook it out, I could see that it was a black opaque teddy. I held it up and saw that it had a unbutton crotch and a thong strap at the back, all I could think of was fuck, I would give anything to see her in this. Just about that time Jenny snatched it out of my hand and said, "I said fold them, not drool over them." Then she asked, "Do you like that?" Before I could answer, she said, "This is new, I have not even worn it yet, I always wash my undies before I wear them, even if they are new, you never know who's touched them, or even worst, tried them on." All I could say was, "Yea, I know what you mean." Jenny laid the folded teddy in her stack and turned and looked right at me and asked, "Justin you are good with computers aren't you?" I thought yea, but you know that, that is what I do at work.

But, I did reply, "Yes." Jenny then said, "Mine is screwed up, can you take a look at it to see if you can fix it?" I told her that I would take a look at it for her. She told me great, and asked if I could come up when I finished my laundry.

I told her yes and besides I had not seen Rick since Halloween. Then had just finished folding all her lingerie and got the rest of her clothes out of the dryer. Jenny then told me she was going to finish folding the rest upstairs and she would see me when I got up there.


She grabbed her baskets and walked out. I had so many thoughts racing through my mind. Did Jackie show her all the pictures?

Was she flirting with me when she told me to fold her panties? And, could I go up there and fix her computer and not pop a bone, especially since all my underwear was in the washer and I was commando in my jeans. I have to admit, I thought how hot it would be to go up to her apartment, peel those tennis shorts off her and pump her full of my black cock. After about an hour, my laundry was done so I grabbed my duffle bag full of clean clothes and headed to Jenny's.


I knocked on the door, expecting Rick to greet me. The door opened and it was Jenny. I asked her where Rick was and she said, "He's out of town all week in Atlanta." I walked in and started following her to their spare bedroom, which they had turned into an office.

It was all I could do to keep my eyes off that sexy booty of hers. We walked into the office and then over to the desk where her desktop computer was. She told me it was doing strange things, like no letting her go into certain websites and also getting a lot of pop-up websites. I asked her if she had virus protection and was it properly set.

She told me she did not know.

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Then she said, "Just fix it for me, please." She told me she had been working reorganizing her closet and now was going to put her clothes away as she walked out. I sat down in the chair and found the problem right off, the virus software had been turned off and the computer had a virus, so I ran the virus clean program.

While the program was running, I decided to snoop her computer. I went to her documents file and then to pictures file. There was a file named "Jenny." I clicked on it and fuck I almost fell out of my chair.

There were hot pics of Jenny in her panties and bra, bikini and in various stages of nakedness. All I could do was look at that killer body of hers. There was one pic of her naked bending over showing that gorgeous booty and I could see her protruding pussy lips. My cock started getting hard. I also noticed a file named "Jackie." I tried to open it, but it was password protected. Just about that time, Jenny hollered out, "How's it going in there?" I got scared and started closing the files and the pics because the way the desk was set up, my back was to the door and as soon as you walk through the door, you can see the computer screen.

The next thing I knew, Jenny had come back into the room and was behind me.

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I continued to stare at the computer screen that showed the virus cleaning was complete, afraid she had caught me looking at her pics. I felt her hand touch the chair and she started spinning it around. What I saw next got me completely hard! There Jenny was wearing the black opaque teddy that I was foundling down in the laundry room. She said, "Justin, you are the first one to see me in this; how does it look on me?" All I could do was stare at her hot body.

Even though the teddy was black, it was opaque and you could see right through it. Her tits were so big, I know she had told me some time ago they were 36c's they looked every bit of D's to me. Her areoles were huge and brown, they looked as big around as the bottom of a drinking glass, and the tit buds were sticking through the fabric at least a quarter of an inch. I looked down at her smooth stomach and her mound. I could see a closely trimmed thin strip of hair through the teddy and there was a bit of a camel toe as the teddy was up in her slit.

Then, before I could say anything, she said, "I saw you looking at my pictures." Then there was a pause, I did not know what to say, then Jenny said, "I wanted you to see them." Then she said, "Click on the file named Jackie and the password is Justin." I did and the all the pics that I took that night I fucked Jackie popped up, there were all of them, her sucking and riding my cock.

Jenny looked at me and said, "Justin, I have always had the hots for you, and you just don't know how many times I have wanted to make love to you &hellip. But you really pissed me off when you hooked up with Jackie, but I finally realized that was my fault for never letting you know my feelings." I asked her about Rick and she told me what he did not know would not hurt him.

I knew then that I was going to get to fuck this hot white girl as she stood there in front of me looking so hot. I was still sitting in the chair, and I said, "Turn around so I can see how this fits from the back." Jenny turned around and showed me that beautiful booty, the thong strip went down into the crack of her ass. Exposed were her white creamy globes that made up her gorgeous ass.

I thought to myself, this is an ass that was made for black cock as I vision myself fucking it from behind, my hands on her hips pulling that booty on and off my black cock. I started rubbing her ass and Jenny bent over and touched her knees giving me a full view.

Then she said, "Does it look okay?" As I stood up, I told her, "Jenny you have the most perfect butt I have ever seen on a woman." Jenny straightened up and turned around and I put my arms around her back and she put hers around my shoulders and we kissed. I put my tongue deep inside her mouth and she sucked on it.

Then she started kissing my neck and put her tongue in my ear. I was just about to rip out of my pants as I pulled her waist tight against me. I pressed my hard cock against her stomach and that's when I knew I was going to take control of this girl and bring her over to the dark side. Jenny then whispered in my ear, "Oh my, I think you have gotten excited." I told her, "Yes I have, what are you going to do about it?" She eased back a bit and said, "I am gonna show you which sister gives the best blowjob." In a flash, Jenny unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them down and grabbed hold of my cock as we kissed again.

She pushed me back into my chair, continued to pull my jeans down until they around my ankles. Jenny then crotched down and sat on the back of her legs and took my cock into her hands.

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The she exclaimed loudly, "Holy shit, this is much bigger than it looked like in Jackie's pictures, it's the largest cock I have ever seen." She wrapped her hands around it and just looked at it, kinda taking stock of it. Next she started stroking it, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head.

By this time, my cock is rock hard all nine and a half inches standing at attention, and I'm sitting here getting ready to have my cock sucked by Jenny, Jenny the sweet girl that I have dreamed about for years.

Then Jenny kissed the head and put her tongue in the eye at the tip of my cock, from that point she started licking up and down the shaft from the head to my balls.

She stopped and looked up at me, flicking her tongue around the head and asked, "Are you ready?" I just moaned as she took my cock into her mouths and started bobbing her head up and down making loud slurping noises. Jenny kept doing this and then periodically would switch up and deep throat my cock and shake her head quickly giving my cock the sensation that it was inside a pussy, she drove me wild.

My cock was soaked with her salvia; it was running all down my cock and balls.

Finally, I stopped her and told her that I wanted her to sit on my cock. Jenny took her mouth off my cock, and looked up at me and said, "Justin, I don't think I should do that here in Rick and my apartment &hellip.

But we will somewhere else." Then she mumbled, "Holy crap this is a huge cock" as she started kissing it again. She then said, "Justin I want you to cream in my mouth, I want to taste and swallow all of your sweet cream." I really want to fuck her so bad so I tried some psychology on her and said, "Jenny I don't know if I can cum unless I get to fuck that sweet pussy of yours." Jenny retorted, "Well, let me see what I can do to help you." From that point on Jenny attacked my cock, licking up and down it, she took my balls in her hand, and started sucking them while she stroked my cock.

Next, she told me to come forward in the chair, and she started licking underneath my balls, going further and further lower until I felt her hot breath on my browneye.

All of a sudden I felt her tongue flicker at my butthole as she continued to stroke my shaft, it was driving me wild. Next I felt the tip of Jenny's tongue press up against it, and then it penetrated my butthole, going in and out.

She was literally tongue fucking my asshole, getting it all wet and juicy. She did this for what seemed like 5 minutes, then reversed her field and before she took my cock back into her mouth, she looked up at me and said, "I am gonna make you pop now." Jenny wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking at the same time she pushed her finger into my asshole and started massaging my prostrate.

That did it, drove me crazy and I exploded pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. I thought I was gonna pass out. I looked down at Jenny and she was swallowing as much as she could, but there was cum and salvia dripping down my cock and out the sides of her mouth. It ran down her chin and dripped down onto her teddy around her tits. As my cock started to go limp, Jenny started licking all the rest of mixture of her salvia and my cum off the shaft and out from around my foreskin.

I just slumped down in the chair, completely exhausted. When I finally caught my breath, I told her I was sorry about getting her new teddy all cummed up. She looked up at me and told me now to worry about it; she would just wash it again. Then, she asked, "How long has it been since you blew a load? Holy shit Justin, you were full cream, I thought you were gonna choke me with all that." I was so spent, I could not say anything. Jenny stood up, reached down to her crotch and unbuttoned her teddy and said, "You see how wet you made me," as she put her finger into her wet clit.

I could see a big wet spot on the fabric as she pulled her finger out and put it up to my mouth so I could taste. I took her finger into my mouth and sucked her pussy juice off of it; she then leaned over and kissed me, putting her tongue deep into my mouth. The taste of hers and my cum together excited my taste buds and filled my nostrils with a strong pungent aroma.

Jenny pulled the teddy over her head and was standing there in front of me completely naked. I told her I wanted to make love to her, but she refused and told me I have to leave before she loses her will power.

I persisted, but to no avail. She told me to stand up and she pulled my jeans up, pushed my spent cock back inside, buttoned and zipped me up. Then she grabbed my hand and took me to the front door where my laundry was.

Jenny stood behind the door since she was still naked, kissed me again, opened the door and pushed me out. As I was almost out, she said, "I will call you." I had been home about 30 minutes and my cellphone rang.

It was Jenny. I answered it and she told me she wanted to meet me tomorrow at my place after work. The adventure continues more to cum &hellip.